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Author Topic: Any of these ideas interest you? (M seeking F)  (Read 1832 times)

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Any of these ideas interest you? (M seeking F)
« on: October 08, 2014, 05:41:48 pm »
I am an experienced roleplayer. I play by private message on Elliquiy, on the forums or by email. I'm happy to write in 1st person or 3rd person.

Below is a list of ideas I am interested in that require a female roleplayer. I'm flexible and willing to adapt some of the details if you like the overall idea but want to change setting or something else. I hope something takes your fancy.

Abuse Of Trust: I would like to play a shy 16 year old boy. I want my character to become close to an adult woman who I trust and I'm not related to. She takes advantage of me and uses me for sex. Further on she introduces me to some of her female friends who all use and abuse me.

Bossy Escort: I need to hire an escort to pretend to be my girlfriend. I go to the high class agency where you work and select the VIP package. I fill in a questionnaire of what seem like random questions. I'm told the results will be analysed and I will be sent the perfect escort to fit my personality. What I don't realise is that means the girl I am sent will be dominant and bossy and make me live out kinks I've not even admitted to myself that I enjoy.

Business Mentor: I'm an ambitious young man who wants to get ahead. You're a successful woman who takes a shine to me and guides my career. In return, you want my obedience to do whatever you want, whenever you want.

Captured Spy: I'm put through a humiliating interrogation as you try to make me give up my secrets. Could also work with kidnapping or business espionage.

Catch Me Out: I want you to catch me doing something that I shouldn't. It could be anything you like. Stealing your underwear? Looking at porn? Taking money from work? What do you do with your discovery?

Female-led Society: My idea is there is a world like our own in many ways, but women have always been bigger and stronger than men. As such gender roles are nearly reversed (not totally, as women are still the ones to get pregnant, breastfeed, etc.)

Girls are the ones mainly interested in sex and wanting to sleep with as many boys as possible. Girls spend a lot of their time ogling the boys and making crude comments. Boys want to avoid a lot of sex so they aren't labelled as a slut. Some girls think it's ok to grope and touch the boys.

I'm interested in exploring any ideas set in this world. It could be something as simple as a school or office scene or something more elaborate.

Human Slave Farm: You are the farm owner where humans are put on display, trained, milked, used for breeding and for (cock) riding lessons and anything else you can think of.

Method Acting: A woman is corrupted to become a dominant bitch by the role she plays in a production put on by the amateur dramatics club she attends. She has the part of a female SS officer who is in charge of prisoners of war. (Can be about ordinary prisoners and guards if Nazis offend you.)

The woman takes the uniform home to make some adjustments. Whilst trying it on, her husband starts fooling around making stupid stereotypical WW2 jokes. She takes part in the joking by putting on a stern German accent and acting aggressively towards her husband. She is surprised to see he develops an instant erection.

The plot is based around the development of their new found kink. We'd explore how it affects the wife and husband and how perverted they become. It would start out playful but spiral to become more and more kinky and blur the lines between fiction and reality.

It could also include other characters. Maybe someone at the drama club who the wife confides in, and encourages the wife to follow the path to deviant corruption. Maybe the wife along with a group of women kidnap the husband and hold him prisoner. (Idea is borrowed with permission from another writer.)

Mind control: A major technology company has just released their pair of smart glasses. It allows you to make calls, take pictures and get information. Also, it monitors your vital signs to improve your health. An ingenious app developer (you) has discovered a few other capabilities in the developers guide. Instead of touching the device or voice control, some functions can be done just using thought. However that leads you to discover that you can also read people's thoughts and fantasies whenever they are wearing the glasses.

Misogynist Behaviour Correction: I have been given the choice of attending a Behaviour Correction Facility or lose my high powered executive position. I have elected to attend voluntarily, rather than jeopardise my career. How bad could it be?
I am looking for a dominant woman to enforce Behaviour Correction techniques by any means she deems necessary. I dare you to turn my smugness into submission.
Please PM me if interested to discuss further details of my treatment.

Naughty Salesgirl: Looking for some fun in the changing room of a store. Several different ideas based on this:
You could be flirty to make the sale or spy on me getting changed.
You could be very persuasive and get me into revealing outfits or wrap me around your finger and make me cum so I have to buy the clothes.
My girlfriend could come along and annoy you so much that you sneak into my cubicle and make me cheat on her.

Not An Internet Stranger: We chat regularly on the internet about sex and our fantasies and kinks. One day you work out that the stranger you have been chatting to is actually your housemate (or someone else you know). How would you make the most of your discovery?

Paying Off A Debt: I owe you a lot of money. I become your slave or am under your control until I pay off the debt.

Revenge: After humiliating you in the past, you get an opportunity to get your own back.

Royal Slave: You are the queen or princess of a small country. All the boys turning 18 are brought before you for you to select your pleasure slave. What would you do in public or private when you can get away with almost anything?

Sibling Rivalry: We're the same age and step-brother and step-sister. However I'm the favourite with our parents. I'm seen as the perfect child, getting good grades, good at sports and never in trouble. You just can't compete and no matter how well you do, you never get the same praise. What annoys you even more is that you know my reputation is not justified. I've been with a string of girls, I'm always partying, and I drink alcohol with my friends. You also know that I am into some very kinky things. You've had enough and decide that it's time to do something about it.

Submissive Training: You're a pimp or dominatrix. You train me so I am prepared to cater for all the needs of your female clients.

Teasing Housemate: You are the girlfriend of the person I share a house with. You are often at my place. You like to get me hot and bothered without him knowing. You tease and entice me until you get what you want. Can also be done with any situation where two people share a house.

Undercover Journalist: The newspaper I work for is investigating rumours of a female sex ring using boys at a boarding school. You are one of the chief suspects. I'm one of the youngest journalists at the newspaper so I'm sent undercover to investigate. What will you do if you catch me? Will I find out first hand how you treat certain boys at your school?
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Offline chyoosterTopic starter

Re: Take my roleplay cherry (M seeking F)
« Reply #1 on: October 13, 2014, 05:50:36 am »
I'm still looking for writing partners on here. Adding this picture prompt.

Offline chyoosterTopic starter

Re: Take my roleplay cherry (M seeking F)
« Reply #2 on: November 19, 2014, 02:47:52 pm »

Name: Fun in the changing room

Content: FFFF/M, Light or Bondage

Scenario: It is after school hours. The boys' and girls' sports teams have finished practice. Almost everyone has gone home. Only the 4 girls and my character remain. The girls decide to play a prank and steal my clothes while I am in the shower. I have no choice but to enter the girls' changing room and try to get them back.

Setting: Girls' Changing Room

Requirements: A female roleplayer to play the four girls. Someone who likes to take control and enjoys teasing and playing with a boy. It can be playful or more femdom.

Offline Gail Warning

Re: Take my roleplay cherry (M seeking F)
« Reply #3 on: January 03, 2015, 10:13:44 am »
Hi Chyooster.

I see that all your plots have a dominate female character. I do have a plot in mind that you maybe interested in.

It involves a newly wed couple who move to a large city for the husband's job. He finds he has a female boss who also works for a powerful crime organisation.
The woman acts as a recruiter, identifying people to be ensnared in the organisations vice trade.

After meeting the husband on his first day at work she sees a picture of his wife and decides she is an ideal target to be recruited. In order to prevent any unwanted interference from the husband she decides he should also be recruited, maybe as a gay or transsexual.

The story would be how the husband and wife are corrupted and eventually turned. I could play both the female parts or you may wish to play both husband and wife.

Hope to hear from you.


Offline chyoosterTopic starter

Re: Any of these ideas interest you? (M seeking F)
« Reply #4 on: September 19, 2015, 08:56:34 am »
Looking for new roleplay partners. I'm very message friendly and flexible with the ideas. Send me a PM if any of these ideas takes your fancy.

Offline chyoosterTopic starter

Re: Any of these ideas interest you? (M seeking F)
« Reply #5 on: November 03, 2015, 01:54:13 pm »
A couple of my roleplays have recently finished so I am looking for new roleplay partners. I'm very message friendly and will reply. Send me a PM if any of these ideas takes your fancy. Even if you just like part of an idea, I'm flexible and willing to discuss any changes you want to make. Waiting to hear from you.