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Author Topic: Fantasy RP Ideas. Light to Bondage (M for f)  (Read 532 times)

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Fantasy RP Ideas. Light to Bondage (M for f)
« on: October 07, 2014, 11:05:26 pm »
Hello! Below you will find my current fantasy cravings. They range from light stories between loving equals to more bondage themed dom/sub arrangements.

1. Keeper of Knowledge

Generations ago, as the land was plagued by demons and supernatural creatures, many believed this evil had reached their doorstep because of mortals tampering with magic. As such, they decided to destroy it. The great purge consisted of destroying magical texts, artifacts, and hunting down mages. They even went so far as to kill people with magical inclination, in the hopes of preventing future generations from having magic. It seemed to work. The attacks stopped and the supernatural beings that assaulted the kingdom slowly faded into legend.

The solution lasted until a few months ago, when demons and magical creatures started their attacks anew. The initial assaults took the kingdom completely by surprise, and the causalities were high. The king and queen were both killed in the opening assault, leaving their only daughter to become queen and lead her people through a threat none of them expected.

As the attacks grow worse, some start to question whether or not magic was the cause all those years ago, or if mages were actually helping to keep the threat in check. Perhaps a wizard is needed to turn the tides, only there are no more wizards. Instead, there is the keeper of knowledge, a lowly position started after the purge in case something like this happened. A man with no magical talent was selected to keep and study the remaining magical texts and artifacts. The idea was that one individual would have an academic knowledge of magic, but would lack the power to put that knowledge to use.

The current keeper of knowledge is Alex Vlas, a young man who only took up the position after the recent death of his master. Vlas has no natural talent for magic whatsoever, despite the fact he is descended from some of the first wizards. What he does have is a connection to several artifacts under his care. A helmet in the collection calls to him, offering him power beyond his dreams if only he puts it on. The helm is home to the essence of a grand wizard, and wearing it entitles the bearer to his power. It also places two souls in the same body, which runs the risk of insanity, corruption, or of Alex losing what makes him him to the ambitious personality of the wizard.

I'm looking to tell the story of Alex and another, either the queen or a someone assigned to him, like a servant or knight. As their relationship develops, putting on the helmet becomes more of a complex issue, but the kingdom will not survive if things keep going the way they are.

2. The Curse of Capture

If you believe the legend, there is a cave to the far north where a number of magical items are housed. Most people wouldn't know how to use them, but they are remarkably valuable. Kings offer a lordship, a mansion, and a considerable fortune. Fortune hunters have been looking for the cave for years, and one woman has finally found it.

In order to get into the cave, she had to get through a number of traps. She evaded most of them, but the final trap is an cruel creation the cave's creators devised. It is called the curse of capture. Once it is applied to an individual, that person's luck turns. People with ill intent are drawn to them and seek to own them. Essentially, once the curse is placed on an individual, the individual will frequently run into trouble, and will have a harder time escaping or fighting their way out of it. Rather than let the victim's enemies simply kill them, it compels them to take the victim alive, giving the victim a chance to escape and start the whole thing over.

The adventurer has a fortune in mystical items, but is far from home, surrounded by slavers, orcs, and mercenaries. With the curse of capture, the road home will be perilous indeed.

3. Her Protector and Master

An invading kingdom has destroyed the land's defenses, and it is only a matter of time before the Albiss is conquered. The enemy king has made it clear that he intends to arrest or kill every member of the royal family, except for their daughter. She will marry him to legitimize his claim to the throne. Desperate to save his daughter from such a fate, the king of Albiss goes to a mage to ask for help hiding her. After some convincing, and a huge sum of gold, the man agrees to change the daughter into a genie. As a genie, she could be bound to any object, allowing her to hide within the object until the danger passes. The king pays the fee and transforms his daughter into a genie, binding her to a mundane looking ring. She can hide inside the ring and only the bearer can summon her.

As they depart, the king's guards are attacked by the enemy. The king is captured, but not before he gives the ring to a young member of his guard, instructing the man to escape and keep the ring safe until things change. Once he is in the clear, the guard summons the princess to explain the situation, but finds the rules for being a genie are far from what he expected.

A genie grants wishes, but has no supernatural powers to do so. Instead, the princess is compelled to do as the ringbearer asks. While a genie, she has no need of food or nourishment. She can sleep, but doesn't need to. Each time she is summoned, she appears as the ringbearer imagines her. If he pictures her in a gorgeous dress, that is how she will appear. If he imagines her tied with ropes, she will appear that way. While in the ring, she has no concept of time passing. It is like going to sleep every time she is sent to the ring.

The most striking change is in her behavior. She is still her, but she feels a powerful attraction for the ringbearer. More than that, the ringbearer's every touch has a powerful effect on her. Even the smallest of touches can leave her feeling excited.

Even in the midst of trying to figure all this out, they are still being hunted. They have no supplies, no money, and an entire army of enemies.

4. Prodigy

From the time she was able to speak, her parents taught her how to use her natural talent for magic. She was a prodigy, though her skills were limited to certain types of magic. Her ability to heal others was unparalleled, and she was skilled at things like fortune telling or communicating with animals (we can discuss her specific powers. I'm open to suggestions) For all her strengths, however, there were certain parts of magic that were closed off to her. She cannot cast offensive spells, and her parents were never sure why. Given the peaceful nature of their work, it was never much of a concern.

When tensions started to build between the mages guild and the crown, her parents went to capital to discuss their concerns. Nobody is quite sure what happened after that, but the meeting ended with the king having the mages put to death, including her parents. The royal army was tasked with hunting down the rest of the mages guild, as well as anyone else who showed a talent for magic. All at once, she was a fugitive, hiding what she was as best she could and struggling to survive.

Eventually, her travels lead her to a small village where she encounters a young man, her own age, and instantly she can sense the same extreme level of power she possesses. He natural ability to manipulate the elements is beyond anything she has seen before, though the areas where she is strong are completely closed off to him. Recognizing that his offensive power could be the only thing that keeps her alive, she offers to take him on as an apprentice, promising to teach him all that she knows from the time she studied under her parents.

This could go a lot of different ways. Obviously one element I would like to explore is the mutual struggle for survival in a world that is hunting them. The idea of a teacher with limited training and none of the same power also appeals to me. I also like that romance could develop between two complete opposites. Through it all, she is the only known mage of the two, so the hunters who track them will be looking to capture her alive.

5. Captured

This one is pretty simple. A young noble woman, either royalty or just someone of high birth, wanders too close to a neighboring kingdom and is captured by a raiding party led by a commander of high birth. Rather than ransom her back, he decides to keep her, training her to serve and please him. This one would obviously fall into more of the bondage category.
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Re: Fantasy RP Ideas. Light to Bondage (M for f)
« Reply #1 on: October 08, 2014, 07:37:39 am »
Added a new idea.

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Re: Fantasy RP Ideas. Light to Bondage (M for f)
« Reply #2 on: October 09, 2014, 06:49:36 am »
Updated idea 1 (highly craving) and added a new idea.

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Re: Fantasy RP Ideas. Light to Bondage (M for f)
« Reply #3 on: October 09, 2014, 01:49:58 pm »
Added Prodigy.