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Started by Batsose, October 05, 2014, 12:02:33 PM

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New Ideas

From the Window

A woman catches a man spying at her from the window undressing.  At first she is appalled, but over time as her own relationship seems to dwindle she she becomes intrigued by it.  He too is suffering a poor relationship and finds himself looking for her and then is surprised when she seems to be inviting him to watch.  I am open to where this goes.

TAKENThe Landlord

A young women who is sort of bad girl lives in the building where the landlord lives upstairs.  He is an older man who seems to be recluse, but she can tell he has secrets.  She is hanging around a bad crowd and one night this guy stalks her home and tries to force his way into her apartment and the Landlord ‘handles’ the situation and saves her.  Now she is really intrigued but he still acts aloof.  Then she gets into some real trouble and people are looking for her.  She goes to him seeking help. Turns out he is ex-cia and he knows how to help her, but it she is in too deep and he suggests she leaves the country,  She freaks out and he agrees to help her.  The rest of the RP would involve them being on the run and developing feelings for each other.  I am very open to suggestions.

The Trickster Demon
A women is in a dangerous situation goes to a local shaman for help.  The Shaman gives her a way to summon a demon to help her but there is a price.  She summons the demon as she is desperate and a suddenly her problems are solved, but then he has a demand for his services.  She must  compete task that are sexually humiliating like going from bar to bar offering a blow job to the bartender for a drink until she gets drunk.  She is totally not into this request and refuses, but then the problem comes back worse than before, so she eventually gives in.  The task is completed, but then the Demon says if she is willing to do more similar task he will help her in her life.  Her life is hard and she wants success and besides she kind of liked doing what he asks.  The RP continues with her doing more and more acts of deprivation, but the rewards are greater and greater and she slowly becomes addicted.  I am open to how it goes from there.

PM me if interested in any of these

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