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Started by CouldveBeenKing, September 30, 2014, 03:10:45 AM

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Welcome to the Sundered World of my Imagination

About Me:

So, I’m a 21 year old penniless writer with sheets and sheets of contrived poetry and half-made ideas neatly stacked in boxes somewhere. I do love words. And, unfortunately, I’m a novelist by heart which means I will occasionally disappear into descriptive rants and utilise all sorts of wonderful wording wizardry every now and then. I aim to grow my ability as a writer, and convince myself of that fickle notion known only as ‘dedication’. I have not roleplayed with anybody, ever, but can write fluently in first and third person and – with a little guidance and patient understanding – I believe I should be able to pick it up rather quickly.
I am equally happy to let a story take its own direction or structure and create an entire universe unto itself. Quick and dirty, long and lustful; the more variety the better. I write almost every day, so should be able to reply promptly and liberally. Please be mindful of my O/O’s. And we should be able to create something awesome together. Following are just a few of the many, many, MANY ideas I have floating around at the moment and I’m always open to suggestions. If you see anything that you think will be fun to roleplay, let me know via PM and (if everything works out) we’ll start immediately.


~Here there be monsters~

Sword Art, With a Riposte

I’d really like to do a story where the characters are trapped in a Game World. Any game world, I’d prefer something fantasy oriented like The Elder Scrolls or The Witcher or Dragon Age. But I’m open to suggestion.
The basic concept is that the characters are part of a developer team working on enhancing virtual reality. One member of the team (The Big Baddy) betrays the others and traps them all in the new invention, planning to claim the invention as his own and reap the benefits. The Big Bad occasionally visits the game world to tweak and adjust certain aspects of the game or just to live out his fantasy, while hardcoded to be immortal. He would also ensnare others that displease him in real life, like an ex-lover or unwilling investor.
The characters, initially terrified, slowly find their feet in this new world, armed with knowledge of how the events will play out. They find each other, work together and wait for the moments the Big Bad enters this world and attempt revenge, and if lucky, escape.

The Great – Who?

Let’s attend one of Gatsby’s infamous parties; extravagance, intoxication, hundreds of rooms hiding secrets that are just waiting to be discovered. Rich or poor, saint or sinner, they all end up at Gatsby’s eventually.


Okay, these are a bit of a rarity. Garth Nix is the author of The Keys to the Kingdom series and the Abhorsen series and The Seventh Tower series. Anybody even tangentially familiar with any of his books should hit me up, immediately.

Viva La Revolution

19th Century France was a beacon of art, technology, science and literature. The allure of a new world drew many of the greatest minds to a country that was secretly racked by constant revolution and rebellion. Political powers shifted overnight and opportunities for domination abound. In this war torn world, can hope prevail? Is there a future for the unfortunate souls born to become martyrs and madmen, outlaws and secret manipulators? Would you die for your ideal?

Dreams of Victoria

A romance/tragedy set in Victorian England. Life is short and sacrifices must be made. Can the love between two soul mates endure countless hardships? They are tested when a rich businessman sets his eye on the beautiful new bride who, although deeply in love with her husband, is tempted by the wealth her body can bring them.

The Inheritance Cycle

It is the eve of the great Dragon War. Alliances are being formed, strengths and loyalties are being tested and the fate of the free peoples of Alagaesia is in the Dragon Riders hands. Magic and might, love and hate. Who will you side with in the fast approaching apocalypse? We know how the story ends, let’s discover how it began.

Throat of the World

There are so many options when it comes to fantastical Skyrim. I'd love to explore it all! Only thing is; it can't be over the top. I like my fantasy served with a couple of teaspoons of realism. If that sounds like something you'd be interested in, PM me with a plot idea. Otherwise, i have plenty in store for you to choose from.


There’s nothing wrong with a quick, dirty fling that ends in sweat and sweet climax. So, without any further niceties, here are a few scenarios I’m eager to run through:

The Gift
Guy works hard for a living. His wife, Sara, is a kind, loving housewife who appreciates everything her husband has done for her. They live happily, healthily, and rather comfortably. But there is one thing that Sara can’t do for Guy; she can’t bring herself to provide that ONE taboo naughtiness that her husband craves in the bedroom: anal. So she sets about finding someone who is young, sexy, and willing.

Coquette Coterie
Annaleigh has just transferred to a new University. She is young, determined and intent on her studies. She isn’t exactly innocent, but tends to stay away from the drinking culture that surrounds her. Despite her better judgement she is enticed in and quickly finds herself at the heart of a very free, very sexually charged clique that plan on teaching her a thing or two that isn’t part of the curriculum.

Shelly is from a wealthy, influential family who are disappointed in her lack of direction in life. Fortunately their local Country Club is holding a tennis competition in a few months that would be perfect for jump-starting Shelly’s, thus far, inactive lifestyle. Begrudgingly she agrees to start taking lessons, the only problem is, the instructor is panty-droppingly gorgeous and she can’t help but fantasize about the trouble the two of them could get up to together.
*This can easily be switched. Male instructor/female instructor, male/female protégé.

Universes I'd like to Explore:
-Mass Effect
-The Witcher
-Star Wars
-Steam Punk
-Elder Scrolls
-Hayao Miyazaki
-Myths & Gods
-Harry Potter
-Lord of the Rings
-Dead or Alive
-Dynasty Warriors
-Gundam Seed
-Marvel and DC
-High Fantasy
-Low Fantasy
-Cyberpunk and Dystopia
-World of Darkness

If you think, for whatever reason, that we'd make a good match but have an idea of your own PM me.


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