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Author Topic: Cupcake's request {{ MxM and FxF }}  (Read 1082 times)

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Cupcake's request {{ MxM and FxF }}
« on: September 25, 2014, 10:15:20 pm »
Hi, my name is Cupcakemon. Cupcake for short if it pleases you. Basically I am looking for MxM and
FxF threads. Dom or sub doesn't matter. I usually write anywhere from 1-6 paragraphs in third person. I can't write
in first or second, its too confusing to me and if we end up adding more characters then first/second gets even more
confusing. My O/O thread is here. Because that has my important info regarding kinks and the important information
you will need. Its best to read it.

So a quick way of contacting me here. If you see something that you like and you wish to do it with me
then the best way to let me know is PMs. Or commenting on here and we can talk. But PMs is key. As far as where the
rp is to take place I would prefer on site in threads. AIM is only for those I've talked to for a while. Please tell me which
pairing you would like to do. Also if you want MxM or FxF.

Please note I will only take two of each plot. One for each role. For example, older brother/sister x younger
brother/sister, in one game I would be the older brother/sister and in the other game I would be the younger brother/sister.
Both slots of that would be taken and the pairing/plot would be fully taken instead of one being bolded and green. This is just
so that I can get to be in both roles and have fun.

* - interested
** - Want
*** - Really want
****- Craving
***** - Seriously, badly want
Strikethrough - Already doing too many of said plot, or already doing said plot as one half, wanting to be other half.
Bold and Green - What I want to play, usually put because I'm doing the same plot but as the other person.
OMC - Original Male Character
OFC - Original Female Character

  • Father/Son ****
  • Older brother/Younger brother****
  • Older sister/younger sister
  • Twins *****
  • Uncle/nephew
  • Aunt/niece
  • Cousins
  • Teacher/Student ****
  • Teacher/teacher
  • Student/principal
  • Principal/teacher
  • Librarian/regular
  • Circus Ringleader/actor
  • war prisoner/captor
  • Slenderman/Victim *****
  • Scientist/experiment
  • Prince/Peasant
  • Witch/Human
  • Werewolf/Human *****
  • Werewolf/Vampire
  • Vampire/witch
  • Prison guard/Prisoner
  • Master/Slave *****
  • BDSM Dom/New Sub *****
  • Kidnapper/victim *****
  • Serial killer/cop **
  • Sadistic psychopath/kidnapped victim *****
  • Tentacle monster/Human or humanish creature ****
  • Alien/human
  • Cop/Troubled kid
  • Hit man/Target
  • Addict/Druggie/Rehab employee/Ex Addict *****
  • Son of a Gang/Mafia x Son of rival Gang/Mafia
  • Zombie/Human *****
  • Drug addict/Jock
  • Angel/Human
  • Demon/Human
  • Angel/Demon

  • Derek/Scott
  • Derek/OMC
  • Lydia/Kira
  • Malia/Kira
  • Lydia/Malia
  • Scott/OMC
  • Stiles/OMC
  • Malia/OFC
  • Lydia/OFC

  • Dean/Sam
  • Dean/OMC
  • Sam/OMC
  • Castiel/OMC
  • Dean/Castiel

Spartacus series:
  • Spartacus/Crixus
  • Spartacus/OMC
  • Aagron/Spartacus
  • Aagron/Nasir
  • Aagron/OMC
  • Crixus/OMC

True Blood:
  • Eric/Jason
  • Pam/OFC
  • Eric/OMC
  • Jason/OMC

Harry Potter:
  • Harry/Draco
  • Draco/OMC
  • Harry/OMC
  • Victor Krum/Ron
  • Ron/OMC

Z Nation
  • 10K/OMC*****
  • Cassandra/OFC
  • Cassandra/Addy
  • Addy/OFC*****

Beneath the ocean blue
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Character A is married off to Character C, a wealthy merchant. They travel by ship on their honeymoon and are struck by a storm. Character A is lost overboard and presumed dead but has been rescued by Character B, a Mer, who with the use of a magical artefact cares for him under the sea. Character B falls in love with Character A as they care for them. Character A begins to reciprocate the feelings but won’t act on them as they are still married to Character C. Character A wants to return to Character C and end things.

quarantine au. *****
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
our Characters are neighbors. have been for awhile. they say hello here and there. but, they really get acquainted when their apartment building is suddenly put on lockdown. no one’s getting in, no one’s getting out. they team up to try and find a way out of the building suddenly turning into a frenzied hell. old lady madeline down the hall just tried to eat off their ankles. they don’t particularly understand, but they are battling to get out. alive. together.

slave-ish au.   
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Character A has been wanted dead by a large company. they capture Character b as bait and use mind control on them, but Character A is the only thing balancing out their old self. they strike a deal with their boss to keep Character A alive. mostly unwillingly, they work under Character b.

dead island au. **** 
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
hey! what a nice trip this ISN’T. Character A is vacationing on a nice island when it’s overrun by people eating people. apparently that’s fun. they run into Character b after a narrow escape and together they work together to first, find a little refuge then find a way off the infected island.

paranormal activity   
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
my Character and your Character just move in together, whether it be as roommate or lovers when a bunch of strange occurrences start happening. starting with simply getting annoyed that the keys on the counter keep being moved. the entity starts to get more aggressive and starts terrorizing the pair.

Hades & Persephone **
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
character A is the dark God of the Underworld who falls in love with innocent Spring God character B. A kidnaps B and forces them to be their king. Even refusing to allow them above ground unless they’ve submitted to them.

THE PURGE: Killer Couple ***** { Killing }
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Character A and Character B love the Purge, it’s the one time of year they can be free and get revenge on anyone and everyone they believe wronged them. (Even if it was just giving one of them a bad look). They are the couple people avoid because they know Character A and Character B will slaughter anyone who gets in their way. From 7:00pm-7:00am, the two of them raise hell, and can’t wait until the next year where they can do it again.

Forced Incest plots ***** { Non-con, BDSM, Incest }
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
twins: Character A has always been in love with his/er twin. Always watched him/er, put cameras around in his room, the bathroom, and such. Anything s/he could to watch his/her twin, to lust after them. Until the day that his/her twin comes home with a significant other. As soon as the other’s partner is gone Character A drugs character B, knocking them out and taking them somewhere where nobody can find them. They’re determined to make their twin love them, no matter what. They keep them tied up or chained up, always forcing sexual acts on their twin until they can convince them to be their's.

Father/Son***** – Character A use to never think dirty about his son. That was until he had hit puberty. He began to see his son differently and secretly lusted after him. Since character B’s mother left it had just been the two of them in the house alone. Character B starts to notice the lingering touches his father starts doing. Then how his father began to touch him. He tries to brush it off but character A continues to do it, hoping to get a reaction out of him. One night character B comes home drunk from a party, character A gives him more to drink and from there he can’t stop himself from taking advantage of his son’s state. He makes sure his son is in his room with pants on before the morning so he doesn’t remember what happened. Every so often character A slips his son alcohol or drugs to get him to that state of forgetting. Slowly letting up so his son remembers and thinks that what they do feels too good to deny.

Older Sibling/Younger sibling- Character A has always been the bad seed in the family, always doing exactly what their parents don't want them to do. Character B is the golden child of the family. Lately Character A has been hiding things from the family, they've been whoring themselves out for a while now and nobody has any idea. Aside from Character B who takes this chance to blackmail their older sibling into what they want. It starts small, getting them thing, then turns into they want sex whenever and wherever they want. Character A has no choice but to agree because they don't want their family to find out and be disowned. They have to carry out whatever the golden child wishes. They had never known that their younger sibling was somebody who was such a slut. {This can also be switched so the older sibling is blackmailing the younger one}

Uncle/Nephew *****- He had always been jealous of his brother's perfect family and how often he showed them off when it came time for the family reunion. Not wanting to hear it anymore he gets his nephew to accept a job with him for the summer. Little does the nephew know but his uncle drugged him when he came over for his first day and he woke up bound to a bed, painfully aroused but unable to come thanks to the cockring around his manhood. His uncle tells him that he is so do what he wants or his father will find out. At first he is against everything his uncle does, making his uncle use constant force with him until he admits to enjoying it.

Aunt/Niece- Same as above but with the aunt forcing her niece into it.

Regular Incest {Incest }
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Older brother/Younger brother- Character A has always felt something towards his younger brother. Having helped raised him since their parents were always gone he tried to make the feelings go away. Character B always noticed the way that his older brother looked at him, having not understood it at first but things changing as he got older. It was hard to deny Character B’s feelings for his older brother growing. One day their parents leave the two alone for two weeks on a cruise. Character A accidently lets it blurt about how he felt about his brother. Character B admits that he’s curious as to what his brother has in mind. The next two weeks they explore each other, continuing in secret when their parents get home.

Harem { Requires multiple characters } *****
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Two friends have been captured by a crazed man who wished to have them join his harem hidden away from the public. Held against their will they are kept, meeting the other members. They are pleasured by all members, a way to keep them happy and to make them stay. The idea of leaving kept out of their heads the more they cum and the more they fuck. The two are too pleased to want to leave despite having been kidnapped by their new master.

Cheaters***** {Requires multiple characters. OR can be done with 4 people. }
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Character A and Character B are happily married and have been for a few years now. After having met at a party when they were much younger they decided it had been time to get married after high school. But now things seem different between them. They still seem close but Character B seems distant. Secret is that he’s been sleeping with his secretary Character C for the past few months. When Character A’s best friend Character D comes in to stay with them for a while Character A finds himself attracted to him and Character D to him. They start having their affair whenever Character A is gone. Out on his “business trips” and at work still late at night. Well one night Character A comes home early from a secret trip with his secretary to find Character B terrified because Character D has gone ballistic on him for saying he wanted to stop what they were doing. Character D is kicked out and Character C takes him in. They then decide to blackmail the two into doing as they want. While Character A and B must figure how how to fix their now broken marriage. {Ending is able to change. Completely up for it to change }

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Plot 1 - One day while walking home from a friend’s house late at night a boy finds himself approached by a male. Planning to just pass by him he then finds that his mouth and nose are covered and he is knocked out. Waking up he finds that his foot is chained to a wall and he is stuck in a semi dark room. The man he had walked by is there as well. He tells him that he’s keeping here as a pet. He does that, doing whatever he wants to the boy. Could there be love in such a twisted way?

Plot 2 - Character A had suffered being kidnapped years ago by some man who is still nameless to him. After being dumped on the side of a highway and found a day later he was never really the same. Getting home one night he sees the man who had kidnapped him years before when he was younger. It seems he had sold him off to some man { Character B } and kidnaps him again to fulfil the deal with Character B. Being given to Character B, Character A to let him do anything to him. Not that it stops the man half the time. Character B wants the company of Character A, to have somebody that is his own. It was why he let the kidnapper repay his debt with Character A.

Ice Prince:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Everyone knows of the famous Ice Prince. The one who no one wants to be servant for. He’s known or doing bad things to his servants, forcing them to do as he wants. Most have either run away or killed themselves while being in his so called care. It was heard of once that he had been a sweet male but betrayed by a servant he had been close to. Now the Prince needs a new servant and a boy is selected at random. He is rough around the edges really. Not wanting to be servant but determined since he doesn’t want the Ice Prince to get his hands on anyone else. So he stays, no matter what the man puts him through.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
When they were younger Character A had moved in with his parents. Right into the house of his cousin Character B and parents. Since they were having problems involving money and needed a place to stay. Character B seems a bit clingy to his cousin Character A after they start to spend time together. No one ever really knows why but they find it cute and such. Character A has always been older than Character B by a few years and understands things a lot more than he does. So one day he proposes to his cousin and promises when they're older they'll get married. Promising that every day until the day they get married he'll give the other a bracelet, as a promise. But soon Character A moves away and so they are stuck writing to each other. A few years latter Character A returns, remembering his promise, only to find out that Character B has completely forgotten it and is with someone else.

Zombie/Infected x Human *****
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Plot 1- Character A was infected with the virus a long time ago, but scientist had gotten to him before the infection could fully take over. Getting it under control he can still function in society. But he still craves human flesh and every so often indulges himself in it, making it so he has to move. Entering into a new town he gets himself into high school with no issue. Only as soon as he enters he finds a smell that he likes better than anything else. Turns out that smell is Character B. Character B is a quiet human, not talking much and usually taking care of the house since his parents died from an infected a few years ago. He has no idea about the condition of Character A and A keeps it hidden. Following him around Character A wants to make Character B his next meal, meaning that until he feels ready to eat him he keeps him protected from other dangers. Not wanting Character B to end up dead before he's ready to eat him.

Plot 2- Character A is a human who lives within the zones built to keep the infected out. Having been there since he was little he hasn't seen the outside, just knows that there are infected out there. One night he and his friends sneak out to the outside, wanting to kill some zombies just to say that they had. Only they run into trouble and have to run before they can get caught by infected. Character A gets separated from his friends and is about to be attacked when a fast moving infected saves him. Character B is a special type of infected, faster moving than the rest and better on his feet that his brethren. The infection in him changed him differently, making him more skilled for hunting humans. Character B hasn't had human in years and takes a chance when Character A gets separated to make him his meal. Fighting off the others he drags Character A to his hideout and keeps him there until he decides he wants to eat him. Or at least until the other infected forget that he has a human.

Intruders plot ***** {Based off the show on BBC }
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Character A and character B have known each other for a long time {we can decide their relationship} lately character B has been acting odd, acting different than how they usually do. After a few sudden disappearances they start to refer to themselves in their person, insisting they are somebody else. Somebody that Character A doesn't like but refuse to leave Character B. They are left at their mercy, doing whatever the other wants to try and get the person they once knew back.

Bioshock plot *****
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Character A has lived in RAPTURE all their life, injected with Plasmids and altered to fit this underground society they have lived in. They have managed to hide and stay hidden from splicers, big daddies, little sisters and the works. That is until they run into Character B. Character B had been in a plane crash above the ocean and found their way down below. Having run into splicers and been injected with a Plasmid. It is a world they don't understand but they follow Character A in hopes to survive the world they've mistakenly entered. They have no idea what this place in but all they know is that they trust Character A since they seem to know their way around.

Mob leader x Victim
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Character A is a powerful mob boss, one that all others know not to mess with. They are the ones that people are scared of even going near. Character B owed one of the mob leader's guys money but couldn't pay. Character A decides to make character B their pet until they've deemed that the debt is paid for. Character B has no choice but to do as they want when they want and however they say. Character B hates it but knows that they have no choice but to be the little slave to the scary mob boss. Character A is ruthless in making Character B their pet, making sure they know never to owe them money again. No task is too much for character A to dish out and Character B tries to make it through each one to prove they can handle it. Even if at the end of the night they just want to give up.

Hunter x Werewolf***** -
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Character A has been hunting for years, taught by their parents and grandparents. They are the most famous hunters in the supernatural world. Character B is a werewolf from a long line of werewolves, also rather famous but almost impossible to defeat. Character A has decided that to take down the family they must take down the next Alpha of the family, that person being Character B. Character A is doing anything they can to get close to Character B, even pretending to be somebody they aren't just to get them to like them. But Character B feels like there's something off, what they don't know, they just know. There is something different about them.

Drug addict x Drug dealer *****
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Character A has been too much on his own. He has become a foul-mouthed addict that lives on the street. After a particularly blurry and disjointed night, he wakes up in a bed that doesn't belong to him. Character B wakes up in bed with Character A. Character B is a dealer and part of the Russian mob, he has never once admitted to being gay out of fear of being disowned by the family. Character A becomes Character B's new client for drugs and pet for sex, the two never thinking that it would get past that.

Bad Cop x Good Cop {Noncon, BDSM, kidnapping} *****
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
YC has always been a dirty cop and while not everybody believes it MC knows it. They just need a way to prove it. After stumbling onto proof that YC is a bad guy and deciding to go public, YC takes MC hostage. YC decides to try and force MC into submission, make them their puppet and doing whatever to them as much as they want. Its just a game to them, to make MC become YC's slave.

Thank you for takin' your time to read this and I hope to hear from you if you're interested in rping.
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Re: Cupcake's request {{ MxM and FxF }}
« Reply #1 on: October 06, 2014, 12:08:47 am »

A quick post for people who want to know what I am really
craving at the moment.

-Something where I am submissive. I have a bit too many rps on here and other sites where I am the dominate partner
-One one character being used by multiple characters
-Bad cop x Good cop { SERIOUSLY CRAVING }
-Twins, always twins
-Father and son plot
-Zombie/Human plot
-Anything with forced incest
-Something with lots of bondage
-10K/OMC [Z Nation]
-Addy/OFC [Z Nation]
Something smut heavy
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Re: Cupcake's request {{ MxM and FxF }}
« Reply #2 on: October 10, 2014, 03:01:22 pm »
Updated with Fandom pairings and Hunter x werewolf plot

Offline CupcakemonTopic starter

Re: Cupcake's request {{ MxM and FxF }}
« Reply #3 on: October 16, 2014, 03:43:47 pm »
Updated with Z Nation fandom pairing list and Forced incest plot of Older sibling/Younger sibling. Will be adding Uncle/Nephew and Aunt/Niece later tonight.

Offline CupcakemonTopic starter

Re: Cupcake's request {{ MxM and FxF }}
« Reply #4 on: October 22, 2014, 05:25:31 pm »
Updated with:

  • Cravings section
  • Angel/Human pairing
  • Angel/Demon pairing
  • Demon/Angel pairing
  • Uncle/nephew plot in forced incest section
  • Aunt/Niece plot in forced incest section

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Re: Cupcake's request {{ MxM and FxF }}
« Reply #5 on: December 28, 2014, 11:36:14 pm »
This is a bump for the first time in a while

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Re: Cupcake's request {{ MxM and FxF }}
« Reply #6 on: January 27, 2015, 05:52:17 pm »
Removed a few plots/pairings
Added Bad cop x Good cop plot
Updated cravings list.

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Re: Cupcake's request {{ MxM and FxF }}
« Reply #7 on: March 01, 2015, 08:35:00 pm »
This is a scheduled and random bump