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April 23, 2021, 02:17:46 am

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Author Topic: Sandy Terrace Naturalist (Nudist) Family Campground ~*W.I.P.* ~  (Read 1017 times)

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Sandy Terrace Naturalist (Nudist) Family Campground ~*W.I.P.* ~
« on: September 23, 2014, 07:56:45 pm »

     First this is a W.I.P.(Work in Progress) 'Group Request Thread' .. I ask that any questions be sent to me in a Private Message and not posted here, I also ask that if your are interested you send me a Private Message, and last when I get more info posted such as 'Family Profiles' you use the template I will post fill it out and Private Message it back to me complete and if approved I will post it to This Thread for others to view. By the way in case you did not get it please do not post to this thread but 'Private Message Me' 
Oh and Click Here to Private Message Me (if it works)

    Now having said all that,(and hopefully not upset anyone or made them run away before reading this far) let me start by saying this idea has been in my head for a few years, and recently I have started to work things out off Elliquiy and think I can make this a long and enjoyable thread for many writers here. The basis and background for the resort is based off a real place in Marstons Mills, Maine so I do not have to spend a ton of time finding pics or maps.. however instead of running this thread now in 2014 I am going to set it up as a 70's thread.. the time of 'free love' *grins*, however every family who is a member of the Camp is respectful and not simply there to have sex like bunnies. In fact some are just practicing nudists who enjoy the idea of the freedom of moving about without having to wear clothes.

     I realize that perhaps what could help is people understanding the History of Nudism or Naturalism though it is not necessary save perhaps to help any who need to get into the characters I hope they will create, and I do mean Characters for this is going to be a thread for 'Open Minded Writers' who will write as a Couple or a Family. Yes People I am asking for whomever joins to to write as just a male or female but at least a 'couple', I also am going to open this up to same sex couples. If you are writing as a 'family' we will skirt any children under the age of sixteen in the more erotic areas of the posts. The Camp has several areas and the families all tend to work together so 'non-sexaully-active' NPC's can always be found to take care of little one's if you want to be a young couple with a few younger kids. BUT at no time will be break the rules of Elliguiy on age so the 'Minimum age for any male or female to engage in the sexual aspect of this thread is 16'.

     Okay before I go too much further here is a wiki link for a bit of info on Nudism / Naturalism

     Weather you go and look at the link or not, I shall continue on if you have read this much you must be intrested I just hope I do not loose you with my next comment. This thread is not about Incest! (you still there?, . Seeing as I am asking for you to play the entire family it would be a bit hard to write incestuous encounters unless you want to  write some erotic solo to get others members going a Brother and Sister have fun etc.. BUT of course I can also see said Bro and Sis teaming up with another writer and than going at it, but you are still going to be responsible for writing both incestuous parts. Of course if two writers agree to be related and have families say a Brother his Wife go the camp, and join his Sister and her Husband and Kids that could throw the incest idea in. But this would mean two players wish to work on this, and I do plan on creating a thread for 'character conception and development' so we can talk and ask questions or ask if someone want to play your brother or sister with a family I do not want them to be part of the main family. As you can see this can get complex so I would really prefer that we tried NOT to go that route, instead why don't we embrace the real idea I am hoping for with this group 'SWINGGING' or having them as 'SWINGERS'.

    *Smiles* of course some people have varying ideas of what this means so I am going to include a nice link to an article I found so you can read a bit about the history of swinging and I really hope to find several people here who love this idea and want to commit and enjoy exploring it with me and others.

     Well I think I fried my mind for the night with this idea so I am just going to stop now and jump back in tomorrow, so if you made it this far take a look below at the camp and by all means feel free to 'Private Message Me'.   
Oh yes he did, he put it up again. (if it works)

     Below is a link dealing with the history of The Actual Camp and the far bottom is Map of the Camp.

** If you see this and put Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in the subject line of the PM saying you want in.. you get bonus points **