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Author Topic: Pokemon: The Poluke Isles (M for F, BON or possibly NC, Closed)  (Read 558 times)

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Pokemon: The Poluke Isles (M for F, BON or possibly NC, Closed)
« on: September 22, 2014, 06:20:37 pm »
The Poluke Isles are cluster of five large islands, each one with diverse habitats, Pokemon, and cities. Despite having very little contact with the outside regions of the world, the Poluke Isles has an advanced culture, its technology levels on par with the rest of the world, perhaps even greater. All the pleasantries of other regions can be found in each city of every isle: A Poke Center, a Poke Mart, TMs, HMs, berries, and Poke Balls of varying styles. Each island is an adventure to explore all its own, as well, with forests, jungles, plains, mountains, deserts, and tundra. To anyone from the outside, such varying climates in such a relatively small area would be impossible, but to the natives, that's Poluke.

Much like with the rest of the world, trainers from all over Poluke Isles aspire one day to be the Poluke Champion of the Pokemon League. Their system is rather unlike the rest of the world's, however. Instead of eight, there are ten gyms which each trainer must conquer to earn their badges. Only once they do can they enter the quarterly tournament held every four months for their chance at the championship. In each tournament, the winner gets a chance to beat the current champion. If victorious, the new champion is automatically placed into the next one as the final opponent for the next winner. Being the champion is a very lucrative position in the Poluke Isles, with money, fame, and adoration for the current champion, as well as all previous champions.

However, a recent phenomenon has started to spread across all the islands. For an unknown reason, Pokemon evolutions are sometimes altered, making affected Pokemon more anthropomorphic. While it doesn't seem to hinder or harm the Pokemon, they seem to be more affectionate towards their trainers than most others would get. Male Pokemon affected lose any sheathes they may have had and leave their penises exposed, while female Pokemon grow breasts and human-like nipples. These sexual attributes are even more pronounced on Pokemon that are already human-like, yet all Pokemon affected by this strange evolution exhibit similar growths. It is very uncertain why or how this occurs, though some studies seem to indicate that Pokemon with strong emotional bonds to their trainers of an opposite gender to themselves are more likely to evolve in this fashion. While a few trainers have accepted this as just a natural form of Pokemon evolution, the majority shun both the trainers and the Pokemon, with a popular belief among the public stating that it's a sign that the trainer has had sex with the Pokemon before evolution. Studies have shown this is not the case, but public opinion has yet to be swayed. The trainers that decide keep these mutated Pokemon often keep it a secret, refusing to send these Pokemon out to battle. A faction known as Team Ero have shown great interest in these Pokemon and their trainers, and accept volunteers for study, though some members are under suspicion for kidnapping Pokemon and trainers. While mostly seen as a group of perverts, their true intentions are unknown.

It is in this world that two new trainers start their Pokemon journey. Childhood friends from Ho'omaka Town, they have aspired together to take on the League challenge, aiming that one of them become the champion. Their quest will certainly be unique, an experience that can either draw them closer or tear them apart.

This will be a long-term game following the adventures of two friends as they explore the "world" of the Poluke (pronounced "pole-loo-kay") Isles, roughly based on the Hawaiian Islands. I plan for these friends to be roughly the same age (around 16-20ish). This game will be a freeform sandbox game, where outcomes of Pokemon battles will be determined ahead of time as they come up in the story. The driving focus is that the friends want to become the Poluke Champion, though there will be obstacles that neither of them could have foreseen. Team Ero, the criminal organization of this game, will certainly get in the way, as well as the mutations in evolution of Pokemon. I will attempt to steer the story in a direction from time to time, but otherwise it is mostly open-world, with my partner able to make decisions as the story goes along.

This game will contain Pokephilia with anthropomorphic Pokemon, as well as possible elements of bondage, power play, and kidnapping. Sex will be a focus in the game, though not a driving force. Darker elements such as rape, torture, and such are highly discouraged, though if they fit into the story, I will give it a try. Please ask ahead of time if you want to add such an element to the game.

Starter Pokemon will not be limited to the ones found in previous games, though you can still pick them. For story reasons, any Pokemon that has the potential to evolve and has a gender will be viable choices. Legendary Pokemon are out of the question as starters, though they may make appearances as the story progresses. Other Pokemon may be caught throughout the journey, of course, and we can sandbox what Pokemon are where.

My preferred method of contact about this game is through PMs. Please use this when asking questions, giving your own ideas, or presenting your characters. If you have your starter in mind, please run that by me, and if you have an image of what you want your anthropomorphic end result to look like, all the better. I certainly have my own ideas in that regard, and will certainly run them by you. This thread will be locked when a definite partner has been found, so as long as this is unlocked, the spot is still open.
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