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Author Topic: Sagrell's Dark Cravings  (Read 5162 times)

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Sagrell's Dark Cravings
« on: September 22, 2014, 05:01:43 PM »
Hello readers, I'm Sagrell and this my (newly cleaned up ;D) thread of Dark cravings. Welcome!

To start let me tell you a little about me and my writing style:
-I'm 22 years old college student (Graduating shortly, yay!)
-I've been role-playing for six years now

-I tend to write one to three paragraphs a post, occasionally they are bigger, I try to match what my partner puts out. (Give me six amazing paragraphs and I will eagerly return the favor)
-I'm not an English teacher :P, I make grammar mistakes and so does everyone, as long as the writing is isn't rife with them to the  point of making posts unreadable, its fine with me
-I prefer using IMs to the forum and pm's and I prefer pm's to the forum(I prefer the quicker back and forth nature of IM/PM rp's)

-I'm extremely flexible when it comes to roles, I'm willing and like to play a variety of roles(male/female/tg, dom/sub, etc...)
-I don't care whether my partner is male or female, if you've got a plot your interested in send me a pm ;D

-the main theme for the RP plots here will be interracial featuring either cuckolding/netorare or feminization, though it should be noted that I am quite open to anime based roleplays or more standard fantasy roleplays as well. So send me a pm if there's a plot here you like or you have a plot based on these themes you like.

I have few offs so its easier to list them than my ons, so anything not on this list is game.
-hard BDSM

Available Plots!


Title: Blackened and Bred by the Boss
Content: M/F/m, con, interracial, pregnancy, cuckolding, humiliation

Plot: An incredibly beautiful white wife and mother of two is feeling lonely as her husband focuses only his work and pays her no attention. While visiting her husband one day at his office, she hit on by his very attractive black boss, embarrassed and hesitant at first, she finds herself more and more responsive to his passes until she finds herself inviting him over, while her husband is left working all night. The two become lovers, and the husband is unaware until he walks in on them one night. From here their relationship progresses into a cuckold one as she denies him sex, humiliates him and has sex with his boss in their martial bed and even in his office, eventually becoming pregnant with her husband's boss' child.

Title: Jail story
Content: M/F, interracial, noncon to con, humiliation, cuckolding, pregnancy
Plot: A wealthy man gets arrested and convicted for insider trading, fraud, other white collar crimes. Thrown into prison, the man's cellmate is a very muscled and tough looking black man. His beautiful white wife comes and visits him, which gives his cellmate an idea, he threats the man to get him to convince his wife to fuck him. The man refuses and using his connections, the black cellmate has the white man beaten pretty badly. When his wife comes to visit again, she finds him brutally beaten and is distraught. The man tells her of his cellmates proposition and despite his pleading that she not do it, she does, planning a conjugal visit with him to stop her husband from being killed in jail. Shy, hesitant, somewhat unwilling, the prisoner soon converts the wife who can't resist his bbc. She soon finds herself visiting him more than her husband. When he gets out, she brings him into husband's home and soon forgets about her husband becoming the ex prisoner's white fuck doll. She soon becomes pregnant with his children, when her husband gets out, she humiliates him and kicks him out of the house which is under her name forcing him to live in the streets, while The ex prisoner takes his place.

Title: Black Only
Content: M/F, M/m, Interracial, cuckolding, feminization, humiliation
Plot: A young white boi thinks he's found the woman of his dreams, a beautiful redhead with a body to die for. Thinking he's in for the night of his life when she takes him home, he soon finds out he was wrong. She laughed at his penis and humiliated him for being a "little white boi," making it clear she only fucks black men. Still inexplicably attracted to her, he becomes her cuckold feminized bitch learning to serve the black men she brings home, clean her up, and become a gurl for black men.

Title: The West
Content: m/f, interracial, cuckolding, impregnation, humiliation.
Plot: A homesteader and his family are threatened by some thugs from the local herding magnate. A black ex-slave and cowboy who happened to passing by, overheard and jumped to the defense of the homesteader and his family  driving the men off. Profusely thanked by the man, his beautiful wife, and their young son and daughter, and given food and lodging for night, the man intends  to leave in the morning. The homesteader's wife realizing that the men would be back and that her husband was not any shape to fight them off or even look after their land begs him to stay. The man extracts sexual favors from the dutiful wife and agrees to stay on. The men are fought off when come back and lose interest in the land while the homesteader's land prospers under work and sweat of the black man. Gradually the wife falls in love with him and the son and daughter grow to idolize and love the man more than their own father. When the wife becomes pregnant with the man's child, the husband finds out and is enraged, confronting the man. The confrontation ends badly for the husband who is beaten badly and humiliated, finding his family turned against him, and is summarily kick off of his property, the black man having taken everything except for the clothes off his back.

Title: A BBC Conversion
Themes: Interracial, Hypnosis, m/f, non-con to con, parenting
Plot: Single white father of a young daughter(16-18), down on his luck sexually and financially stumbles on to a website while looking for porn. The black sexual supremacy website fascinates the man, and one article in particular about getting ones daughter to go Black only both mesmerizes and sexually arouses the man who decides to follow the plan laid out and get his own young daughter to go black only.

Title: Out For A Walk
Content: interracial, forced M/M, MFM, cuckolding, possible pregnancy risk and impregnation

A young couple goes out on a walk in the park or in the city. Along their way the two get held up at gun point by a black man who demands all of their money first then takes the two to a secluded area. Be it an alley way, behind a tree, at a bench that isn't well lit, a van, an apartment or anywhere else depending on the story, then he proceeds to make the girlfriend go down on him and next the boyfriend.

I'm really looking to focus on foreplay with this because I see it as the criminal just wants to get off after getting his money. He doesn't need to get naked for that or have the couple get naked, he uses them for a blow job and hand job.

From there it can branch two ways:

a. This experience changes the girlfriends attitude towards her boyfriend, she no longer sees him as the dominant, protective, strong guy she first met. She even starts to fantasize about the hung man who used them and she starts to seek that out. It's not too long before she sleeps around behind the boyfriends back and eventually cucks him with other black men.

b. The criminal takes their license so he knows where both live, he revisits the two so he can make them both his fuck slave but he will mainly focus on using the girlfriend in front of the boyfriend.



Title: Africanized
Content: M/M, noncon to con, interracial, humiliation, feminization/sissification, age play
Plot: A young, very feminine white 16 year old boy is captured by a African tribe while traveling in Africa. Taken by the new chief, a man several years his senior, the boy is further feminized, fucked, and forced to become the chief's "wife," a prospect the boy grows to like and even crave as time passes.

Title: Welcome to Arabia!
Content: M/M, interracial, Noncon to con, humiliation, feminization/sissification
Plot: A feminine and girly 16 year old French boy joins the Crusades to prove himself a man, this backfires when the boy is beaten and captured by an Arabian sheik, who has quite an interest in the boy. The boy is humiliated, feminized, castrated, and forced to accept his racial and religious inferiority and the sheik's racial and religious superiority, ultimately becoming his sissy wife.

Title: Land of the Rising Sun
Content: M/M, interracial, Noncon to con, humiliation, Feminization/sissification
Plot: A gaijin merchant purchases a young, weak, feminine farm boy from his parents who desperately need the money to survive and on who the weak, feminine boy is just a burden. The man plans on making his recent acquisition, his wife, but some changes physically and psychologically must happen first to make the feminine Japanese boy his.

Title: BBC University
Content: m/m, anal, humiliation, interracial, feminization, emasculation, coercion/slight mind control/brainwashing
Plot: A young feminine white boy after a series of rejections from the schools he applied to, finally gets an acceptance letter from BBC University and decides to attend. Coming from an exclusively white neighborhood and town, the boy is treated to a surprise as he fines that he is the minority on a predominately black campus. After meeting with his advisor, the boy receives his university "required" classes for the semester: Black Anatomy and Sexuality, and The White Male? Fact or Fiction, and White Anatomy and Sexuality. The young boy goes to both classes only to find himself being the only student in the class. Gradually under the influence of his professor, who teaches all three, the boi finds himself gradually morphing into a white sissy for black cock, eventually dropping out and marrying his professor.

From Son to Secretary
Content: m/m, humiliation, feminization, interracial, coercion
Plot: Recently promoted to regional manager at a corporation due to a combination of connections and charisma, Latrell earns the dislike of many at office both for being an upstart and as the only African-American in the office and at his position. While coming into work one day, he spots a picture of what he thinks is a hot young girl, who as it turns out is actually his employee's son. Regardless, Latrell takes an interest and offers him an offer he can't refuse to have his son become Latrell's personal secretary.

The Maid
Content: m/m, humiliation, feminization, interracial, coercion
Plot: A young foreign exchange student from Europe or Asia in desperate need of a job signs on to become an au pair/maid for a wealthy African businessman and his children, unaware of his designs on them and the new role he has in mind for them.

Content: feminization, m/m, noncon, anal, interracial, spiritual/demonic possession, coercion
Plot: a young boy(16-18) hears a rumor about a haunted house not to far from his home and goes to check it out. The house was apparently owned by a young woman who was killed many years ago on her wedding night for being in interracial relationship. The young boy explores the house and comes across a large antique mirror. Looking into it, he's startled to see a beautiful, young woman staring back him, with predatory eyes and the hint of a grin. Before he can process everything he finds himself knocked out cold. Coming to the next morning with no recollection of the previous night, the boy heads home unaware of the new guest residing in him and her plans.

Title: An African Prince's New Bitch
Themes: Interracial, non-con to con, m/m, feminization, racial and sexual domination
A racist 16 year old white boy gets into a fight at his private school with the new African transfer student. As punishment, the school principal mandates that the two spend alternating weekends at each other's home so that they can better under each other's culture. The white boy's parents wholly approve as does the African Boy's parents. A hard lesson in culture will severely change the white boi's life.


Dark/More Extreme Plots

Title: A Scandinavian Conquest
Tags: Interracial, racial humiliation, cuckolding, impregnation, non-con, age difference, religious conversion, breeding, Possible feminization
Plot: A conservative politician of a traditional small village in a Scandinavian country is forced by the national government to start settling refugees in the village as part of the government attempts to present a good face and be progressive. In order to appease the government, the politician makes the political gesture of accepting only one refugee, but settling that refugee in his own home. That political decision backfires tragically for the white politician and his family and marks the beginning of a major demographic shift in the small town.

Title: Sex Education
Tags: Hypnosis, cuckolding/netorare, impregnation, deflowering, interracial?
Plot: An ugly but well endowed student gains the power to hypnotize people. Using this power to become student council president, at school-wide assembly he hypnotizes the student body into following a new sexual education program that would see any would be couple come to him for sexual training. Such training includes his taking of the woman's first time while her boyfriend watches and masturbates under the pretense of educating him and repeated sessions with girl until he can confirm their pregnant at which point he sends the girls back to their boyfriends to have sex, tricking both into think that it's the boyfriends child and not his.

Title: Drugs, Breeding, and the Class President
Tags: Drugs, breeding/impregnation, cuckolding, criminal activity, body modifications, bullying, non-con, abortions
Plot: The gorgeous and perfect student council president upon hearing that her boyfriend is regularly accosted by some delinquents everyday decides to go and address it herself. Making a tragic mistake, the student council president finds herself drugged and violated multiple times. The incident becomes reoccurring with the once pristine class president becoming addicted to the drugs given to her by the thugs and having to have several abortions under her weak boyfriend's nose. Eventually she is forced to keep one, convincing her boyfriend that the child is his, forcing both of them to drop out of school and derail their career plans. While her boyfriend works hard to provide, she continues fucking the thugs and getting pumped out by them, another bun in the oven guaranteed.
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Re: Sagrell's Dark Cravings
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Re: Sagrell's Dark Cravings
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Bump! Lots of plots available and an eager potential partner. Reach out to me with your own ideas too:)