What if You Met a Heartless Killer?

Started by Edgar, September 22, 2014, 03:02:56 PM

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Salutations, everyone!

First off, please note that the character of Edgar as well as his original back-story are taken and adapted from some of my copyrighted material; they are borrowed from a medieval novel in progress.

Secondly, the reason I am taking the opportunity to post what looks like a character presentation without an actual story per se yet is that I’ve already created many RPs in the past, most of them on a MIRC-based (online chat) applet; I thought it would be an interesting change not to necessarily be the story provider for once. Also, it would allow me to evaluate people’s interest for such a character and to see how he develops in various contexts.

You will note that my preferences goes to the building of intense, dark stuff that doesn’t always has to lead to sexual context. First and foremost, it is the psychological aspects and powerful stories that interest me.

OK, now to the general presentation of my fellow. It is intentionally open in terms of time frame and the like to allow for a greater variety of stories and interests; for that reason, I have left certain details of the original concept out to avoid making make things too restrictive.

Finally, Edgar can be played at any age, within the legal limits of this site.


The man
He’s the kind of individual no one notices in public. Unobtrusive, quiet, a little taller and stronger than average, his darker complexion and nondescript attire are reminiscent of a construction worker that allow him to easily melt in a crowd and go about incognito. Until you come face-to-face with him: then you have the misfortune to realize how disquieting he truly is: for if you end up in front of him, it is because he didn’t do anything to avoid it. If his hood is pushed back, you’ll see a thick mane of unruly, straight black hair (not like the avatar: he also has an uneven fringe); black stubble adorns his face; but his most upsetting features, apart from his stony expression, a rigid, slightly awkward demeanor and presence, are his unnaturally staring black eyes. A combination of such minute details conveys the odd impression that this guy isn’t familiar with the status of human being; although he speaks with a British accent, British people will detect a foreign accent impossible to identify. On the whole, Edgar Golham looks foreign wherever he is.

An ultimate jack-of-all-trades, he’s a tough fellow who has done countless jobs, from harvesting in orchards to construction work, bouncer in bars and bodyguard, hit man and… executioner. He can teach lessons to the most hard-core survivalists with his rough outdoor living… speaking of which, a youth spent in tough neighborhood streets have made him a skilled MMA-style fighter; on several instances, parkour has been a life-saving device to him rather than a hobby. So yeah, next to him, Chuck Norris is a cuddly teddy bear. That being said, this tough fellow does have a soft spot inherited from early childhood: he’s a natural drummer and no one knows. Music has been the one way his father once found to get through to him as a little boy who was… too different to understand.

For Edgar would undoubtedly be labeled as a sociopath. Even though he desires to be loved and accepted like any other normal person, his social skills are disastrous. Further, he often is unfeeling. His ability to display the darkest sadism and evil without a hint of remorse makes him curious about other people’s conscience tormenting them. “It must be like seeing a person contort in pain without knowing what pain is”, he thinks. Vaguely concerned that it may be a handicap, a flaw in him, he has become aware that it can also be his best ally, a strength that few others have; blind people often develop an extremely sensitive sense of hearing as a compensation: he figures he did the same with his own inability to do better than mimicking the tribulations brought on by the eternal confrontation of good versus evil.

To him, everything there is but one God named Fate If someone dies at his hand, it is because of the decisions they have taken that have led them to their own lethal ends.


The background
As odd as it seems from the look of things, Edgar is the son of an English aristocrat. Unfortunately, he also is a bastard. His father had an affair with a Turkish girl who tried to escape an arranged marriage. All three of them were, in a way, sacrificed to the noble family’s reputation that had to be cleansed and the affair was duly concealed to the public’s eyes: the Turkish girl was swept off to a miserable flat with her son, who, to top it all, had started to show several behavioral problems at an early age. He was apparently suffering of Affection Deficit Disorder with possible Asperger’s… the diagnosis was not taken very far and the boy was institutionalized in his early school years. He was taken from psych ward to specialized schools and foster homes, as he would escape on a regular basis…

…Until his mother decided to take matters in her own hands and went back to Turkey, taking him with her. It was a bad idea. A fatwa had been on her head ever since she had fled; as soon as she was found, her family stoned her to death before her son’s very eyes. Her uncle got rid of her traumatized bastard by selling him to a terrorist organization that would provide for his “schooling” and needs.

And it was exactly what happened: Edgar underwent an extreme physical training, indoctrination and mental conditioning that would make him become not a soldier or a human bomb, but an assassin.

It was while he lived there that our anti-social fellow experienced is one and only relationship with a woman who was much older than himself: he nearly got killed by the cuckolded husband.

Meanwhile, his father had hidden a project from his family: having initiated a search for his son, it took several years for him to be found and taken back to England. By then he already was a man by Turkish standards, but still a youth by those of England; he had nevertheless had time to become an executioner. And no one ever knew that it was then that he had found out about what human conscience actually was.

Maladapted to either world, felling forsaken by both genitors and relatives, he managed to complete high school and as soon as he reached majority, he gave himself a new surname and decided to start a new life in the United states.

That didn’t worry him the least: had he not always been alone and without friends?


Have you ever asked yourself: “What would I have done if I had been to school with Cho Seung-Hui? What would I say to a hangman? Can the Stockholm Syndrome work both ways? How can we make an evil person redeemable?”

One important requirement: realism. I don’t play in fantasy-oriented games, with the exception of some based on Harry Potter (I’m a fan) and themes featuring time-travel. It’s stereotyped, I know, but what can I say, I love it!

Reminder: I can play him at any age, within this server’s legal limits.

Keep in mind that most of his background is out of character information and would not be necessarily known by protagonists.

I don’t mind involving S&M or Gor-oriented themes; further, I tend to privilege very dark stuff at times, up to actual medieval torture if it’s your thing. However, I would never go there without y RP partner’s consent and desire for it.

Play doesn’t have to include or exclude the deaths of characters (that can be revived once the story is completed, of course!).

A few quick story ideas (any other suggestions are welcome! Please post in this thread)
- Edgar is hired as an English teacher in a school (a tough school or a quaint little private Catholic one, up to you).
- The other way around: he’s a newly arrived badass student in your school.
- A medieval/modern-day assassin/executioner story
- Time travel: either your character to the Middle Ages or my medieval one to modern time or another epoch.
- An abduction or hostage taking.
- A street-gang story, which can involve him as a medieval character victim of a quantum leap
Oderint dum metuant (Let them hate me, as long as they fear me).