Return of the Masters (Male for female, furry)

Started by IrishWolf, September 20, 2014, 01:10:55 AM

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In the early days of mankind's expansion across the stars, travel across the galaxy was slow. Huge vessels would sails through the darkness, packed with settlers in survival sleep. Because of the huge risk in life and investments, when setting up a colonization effort, it was standard practice to send ahead a smaller party, in a smaller vessel, to prepare the new colonies. These people would start terraforming planets, building up food stocks and getting all the other projects for thriving human settlement. In an effort to save a little money on the insurance for such people and the cost of transporting them, some companies or private groups would send ahead only a few people, with the equipment to grow clone workers.'

Such was the case with the forth planet in the Omicron Atheni System, referred to as Waturn. However the private group running the operation was shaky. Funds seem to go missing often and the people signing up for the colony, some did not exist. It all seemed about to fall apart, when a handful of genetic technicians applied for the prep mission, offering to bring along their own equipment and DNA samples. Without taking a moment to think, if they should should look this gift horse in the mouth, the Colony organizers send their volunteers into space. While the techs slept, the follow on mission fell apart, they would stranded alone on Waturn, forgotten and near to see another human again.

However, this had been expected. You see, the genetic technicians were not interested in creating a small army of clones to prep a colony but rather wanted to get out from under the thumb of law, to be allowed to create new races of beings, using human and Earth animal DNA. A shaky colony mission to a habitual planet, seemed the perfect thing for their goals. Finding themselves alone and abandoned, they went to work, crafting their dream.

A few thousand years later, the planet of Waturn is home to dozens of thriving civilizations, filled with humanoid beings, with a tech level something around that of Earth in the late 1800s early 1900s. Their creation myth, the tale of the furless Makers, all but faded away but for the first time in many many years, a hidden code in their DNA, will awaken. The genetic technicians, who created them, worried about what would happen if humanity ever found this lost world and thus decided to code them with an urge to obey, should their creations ever find themselves making human contact. It was hoped that this trait would save them from destruction.

However, the first human to find them, after the death of the Makers, is not some avenging law keeper or xenophobe but rather a man who skirts the law. A rogue merchant and planet surveyor, who makes his living exploring new worlds and selling goods to and buying them from underdeveloped alien races.

So did that catch your interested? If it did, send me a PM, so we can plot and plan!