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August 16, 2022, 10:34:58 am

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Author Topic: Looking for F towards M NC.  (Read 863 times)

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Looking for F towards M NC.
« on: September 16, 2014, 01:45:14 am »
Hello there folks, I have been really looking for someone to play a female character to rape the opposite male. I have a few plotlines to get things going, as well as some variations. If you're interested tell me, but I am making the exception:

I am wanting to play the male character and it has to be a female performing the rape.

Quite tired of Male/Male and tired of being the dominant one. I am refusing if the one performing is Male, Futa, Tentacle or any idea of penetration. I want enveloping rape, not penetrative. Everything else is rather open and penetrative could be involved but enveloping is the focus of it.

NOW! A few, general plotlines and variations:

1) A woman has been inflicted with lycanthropy. The sickness causes her to turn to a werewolf and she violently attacks those near her home. However, not only does she attack, possibly even killing and devouring those not able to escape, but she also forces herself, sexually, upon those she would want to, with the lycanthropy causing lax inhibitions in terms of violence and sexuality.

-She could be in various settings: Modern-City, Fantasy-Medieval, Sci-Fi on a ship, etc.
-Lycanthropy could just be some madness-inducing illness that increases strength and lacks inhibitions. Could be alien host, could be actual werewolf, could be just insanity.
-More in-depth: The woman could have been a puritanical widow (Husband lost during a fight/war), though quite lustful, but able to hold back. The lycanthropy with losing the inhibitions causes her to be hyper-sexualized and focus on men she had her eye on. For one of my own kink: This could include her own son.

2) A woman had become obsessed with a certain man (At her work? At school?) And manages to get him to go out with her. (At first it was just to 'get her off his back'). Unfortunately for him, it was her plan to keep him around. She could have ended up drugging him, causing him to be groggy and barely lucid, using the excuse that she needed to take him home. But it was for HER home.
-Could be with bondage or not.
-Could involve hypnotism
-Could have multiple characters she 'captured'.
-Could be a variant of a 'monster hunter' type thing where the male is a non-human (Pokemon? Monster? Alien?)

3) An alien force wiped out an entire human civilization. There did seem to be a few survivors and a clean up crew for the last bit was sent out. The one sent for one of the last marines decided to have a bit more fun than just getting rid of him. At first, it was mainly trying to scare him, watching him squirm, but then it was some curious attraction. (Maybe she went into the alien's brand of 'heat'?) And she decides to have sex with him, instead. Maybe if she likes him well enough, she would let him live.
-Could be sent to capture for the PURPOSE of breeding instead of to kill. Could involve a reverse gang-bang.