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Author Topic: Beguile's Mistress Prompts and Circumstances~ My Try~ Loving Bells  (Read 846 times)

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Beguile's Mistress Prompts and Circumstances~ My Try~ Loving Bells
« on: September 10, 2014, 11:11:26 PM »
 1.  Waking to the sound of church bells and finding a note on your pillow.

Loving Bells
The sound of buzzing sound started to going off as a grown came from the body from the body under the covers. There was nothing that would change things for the very person under the covers. As the covers went flying to the end of the bed as if it was a snow that was just drop from the sky. A woman with long red hair as her face dotted with freckles all over. She slap at the alarm clock that was buzzing and woke her up from a sweet dream of a long lost lover that had been lost from a freak accent. She was slowly picking up the pieces. Though she didn't know that this was a very good day from changes as she didn't wanted to think about what the day was. It had been a year ago when James just up and disappeared.

No one knows what happened but Amber, yet she couldn't remember to tell the cops anything. It was like her brain and shut down when anyone says his name. As if she didn't wanted to remember. Some people hates her from this fact that she is running away from the very facts that could help her love one's soul to rest.  Amber believes that he was not dead just missing. He was taken from her by a bright light, of course people thinks she has lost her mind other thinks she was distress and depressed. She was meant to be in a group at this moment but she didn't wanted to go and watch even the crazy think she was queen crazy. As she pushed off the bed her pillow falls off the bed a grown rolled from her body as she picked up the pillow as she went to put it in place. She saw a piece of paper folded so neatly as if it was untouched by her rolling around. She touched the paper and shiver as she didn't understand how it had gotten there as the night before she had washed her bedding there was no way that it could had been there unnoticed the night before.

She picked it up and carried it off to the bathroom as she had to pee. As she sit down on the toilet as she carefully unfolded the note. She looked over it and over it as she shook more as tears started to fall. There was no way it could be him but the writing was just like his. It was a mess all over the place but it was how the way her name looked that gave him away every time. The a would be and over sized a and the rest of her name was written in the circle of the A.

My dearest Amber,

I am sorry that I haven't been around for so long but there hasn't been a day that I have not thought of your sweet lips on mine. The way your hair always seemed to smell oddly of peaches. How your deep blues always made me feel like I could jump into them and swim into the depth of your soul and write my name on your heart. There is so much I must say but this note can't hold everything in it. So meet me by the church down town when the last bell rings we will be together once more. Know that I haven't stop loving you.

Your handsome,

The outfit that is wearing.
Amber tremble as she looked at the note once more as she got up she looked at herself, "I am not crazy... am I?" she asked her reflection as she had thought of about going to the church it was the very one that they had talked about getting married at it was very nice church as well as the people there was so welcoming and caring. At one point Amber thought a little to caring much after James just disappeared. She took a deep breath as she went to her room once more and got dress into a deep green dress that James had always said was the dress that took his breath away. She slip on a shoes and smiled lightly at herself leaving her hair hang loosely over her shoulders. She didn't have time for breakfast she wanted to see if this note was worth anything. She hurry out of her little apartment she jump in her car and takes off.

{Not done.}

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Re: Beguile's Mistress Prompts and Circumstances~ My Try~ Loving Bells
« Reply #1 on: September 11, 2014, 10:06:59 PM »
The note dance around in her head as it didn't seemed to be right in her mind. He was gone there was no way for him to place a note under her pillow as she slowly drove along the streets to the sweet church that was in the middle of down town. It was white sandstone like color on the out side it was not very big but very cute hanging around the skyscrapers of business that seemed to only asking you to come in so they can take your hard earn money. Amber and James didn't wanted to forget about the slower pace of things.

She didn't stop where she was at. She parked as she slowly moved to the churches steps and sat down and bite her lips. She looked at her hands that was trembling, "He not coming... why am I even here?" she asked herself. She close eyes tightly holding back the tears as she knew that she was crazy to thinking that this was how going to spend her days waiting for whispers of him and running off to the very place that a silly little note told her to go. It was like hunting something that was never really there only a ghost of a man that she once loved. She knew that she had to moved on but she couldn't as her heart wont let her.

She looked up as she hear foot steps as she looked up as the sky was dark with star bursting all over light ghostly lights. "Follow..." said a sweet whisper in her ear. She shook her head, "Follow and wake in the morning light of a warm lover embrace." the voice called again. She shiver more as it felt lips was pressing against her ear but no one is there. As she couldn't stop her feet as they lift her body and slowly started to moved forward. As she shook her head, "He is gone!" she yelled into the darkness. She didn't understand she knew this had to be a dream there was no way for the night to over take the sky so soon. It was only noon when she sat down. There was no way this was just an odd dream as she slowly moved along as bright light burst right in front of her making her screaming out. The light was so bright at it seemed that it was burning out her eyes.

It was in this very moment as a hand took wrapped around her and pulled her into the light. The smell of Old Spice started to filled her nose as she gasping out more as she shook her head as she didn't wanted to open her eyes thinking that she wouldn't be able to see. "Open your eyes my Angle." said a rich smooth voice that sounded like James. She opened her eyes as tears falling down as she looked up at him as it was him. She shook her head as she couldn't believe it was him, "You not here..." she said lightly to him.

"Oh but I am." he said lightly kissing her lips. As tears filled both of their eyes as the held onto each other tightly, "You can come with me all you have to do is stay like this." he said wiping away her tears. As the sound of the church bell started to ring. She looked around as he tried to hold her tightly and still. "Don't move love... it will only last for a moment." he added as she held onto him. As the bells was ringing louder as if they was right inside of her ears as she shook more as she didn't understand why he was holding her so tight. She pushed away from him only to hear a sound of a horn going off. She was hit and went flying in the air she screamed out until she hit the ground. She shook more as tears falling as she lay there bleeding out as the bright light started to cover her again.

So yeah it not really being woken up by church bells but she was waken from the trance she was under so I hope that counts. And I am open to comments so please leave them if you don't mind.

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Re: Beguile's Mistress Prompts and Circumstances~ My Try~ Loving Bells
« Reply #2 on: November 02, 2014, 08:39:14 PM »
It's good and I liked it a lot. But you need to proof read it and fix your spelling errors and sentence structure. I often found I had to re read a sentence a couple of times before I understand what I think you had meant to write.