Cupid's last bow( m xf)

Started by seeker619, September 06, 2014, 04:12:04 PM

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It is a post apocalyptic period where earth is finally gathering together the survivors and forming small communities.  However, it is a time of ruthless men raping woman and stealing from the weak.

Cupid is tired.  He has been through using his bow to ignite countless post pubescent romances, star crossed lovers, and bringing together couples that have been intimate longer than most have been alive.

He wants a woman of his own and he knows woman as he has watched and studied them for thousands of years.  His new lover will eventually fill his shoes as match maker also.

The one he wants is one who has come of age now and at age 17 many men have tried to bed her and many have died.  She has long red hair and takes shit from no one.  Adorned now with nothing but a  loin cloth and a matching cloth covering her breast.  However she also has two sharp blades in each ankle tied to a holster and a sword which she uses like a lethal bolt of lightning. 

She will always obey him when she knows he means business but even then she will put her two  cents in.  She will fight him tooth and nail on some things but always wind up obeying.

It Will be interesting to see how she goes from a lawless woman obeying none to one whose love is so great that she obeys despite her misgivings.  But only because she has never know such love existed.

I would love to discuss this with anyone interested.