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Author Topic: Lightning Warrior Raidy RPG (Revised, F/F, Light-NC)  (Read 614 times)

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Offline DarilTopic starter

Lightning Warrior Raidy RPG (Revised, F/F, Light-NC)
« on: September 06, 2014, 12:00:09 PM »
Update:  I already have one scenario going with Fana as Raidy's adventuring partner, but wouldn't mind doing a second Raidy verse scenario with one of my other fan made characters as Raidy's partner.  My preference would be to do one using Mirabelle.
Despite my past lack of success (at least some of which is probably my own fault) I am still hoping to get a good RPG based on Lightning Warrior Raidy going.  I'm looking for a partner who is familiar with the franchise (particularly the second game) to play Raidy alongside one of my fan made companion characters (see below for details).  Ideally this partner should be able to post on a fairly regular basis as I tend to favor a fair bit of back and forth interaction (my style tends towards occasional long scene setting posts followed by shorter posts for back and forth character interactions).

Stylistically, this RPG will be a bit like the games but will have much more flexibility and character interaction and a bit less of some of the more off putting fetishes (no enemas!).  There will also be lighter content in addition to heavy content (after all, Raidy has a cute companion this time around).  I'm hoping to find a partner who doesn't mind sharing the role of planning the story and playing NPCs with me -in fact this is essential for one of the possible scenarios.

Here are some of my possible companions for Raidy.  Two of them have starting scenarios posted and ready to go.

Fana (Taken)

The oldest of my fan made Raidy verse characters, Fana is an elven mage who has been doing the whole heroic adventurer thing about as long as Raidy has been alive and really loves it.  She's powerful, (over)confident, mischievious, and very flirtatious.  She's also a lot less shy than Raidy -she's much more open about her interest in other girls, and if one of her enemies starts flirting with her she's likely to flirt back rather than becoming flustered.  She's tends to be rather dominant but will likely show herself to be a switch if/when she gets captured.

Other images of Fana:

Bathing Fana(NSFW)
Cloaked Fana
Captured Fana (NSFW)

Due to the strong impression that the bathing image has left on me, I always start RPGs involving Fana with a scene where Raidy comes across her while she's bathing.  In most of my recent attempts I've tried to start things off with a misunderstanding -Raidy sees Fana's discarded clothes, thinks some poor maiden is in distress and starts skulking around looking for trouble, which nearly leads to her thunder-slashing Fana when she surfaces.  Fana will promptly surrender to defuse the situation, then invite her captor to join her.  ;)


Mirabelle is a half-elf thief.  She probably knows some magic, but she's not as powerful or experienced as Fana, and she's also much younger.  The images I have for her may make her look a bit shy, but she's actually rather bold and precocious (and probably somewhat mischievious).  Her main reason for going into dungeons is to get rich, but she's not adverse to rescuing a few damsels in distress along the way.

More Mirabelle
NSFW Mirabelle

The scenario I have for Mirabelle begins with her in the hands of a group of slavers she was trying to steal from while Raidy runs into an escaped slave girl in the woods nearby.  For this scenario is is essential that you be willing to share the role of playing NPCs with me.  I will be playing the escaped slave girl who runs into Raidy (as well as her pursuers) but I need you to play the slavers who have captured Mirabelle (one or two of them anyway -I may play one of them myself to help out).  So don't apply for this one unless you think you're up to punishing a cute half-elf thief.  ;)


I haven't posted a scenario for this girl yet, but she's another possible companion for Raidy.  I figure maybe Raidy can rescue her in one of the dungeons.  Alternately, maybe this girl fights and captures Raidy thinking she's one of the slavers, only to realize her mistake later on (possibly after her mistake leads to both of them getting captured -which wouldn't necessarily mean game over).

One of my biggest inspirational images for this character (NSFW)

Edit: I've been thinking of playing this girl as (non-Paladin) knight, or maybe a noble girl of some kind, possibly even a Princess.  Or maybe she's just a young maiden who decided to take up a sword for whatever reason.  The reason being that I want this character to be fun if I play her, and I'm concerned that a Paladin type would be too harsh/rigid/uptight.

I may add some alternative companions later, but I figure this is a good set of options to start with,  If you meet the requirements and are interested in roleplaying one of these scenarios (or have another scenario to propose) please post here or contact me.
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Offline DarilTopic starter

Re: Lightning Warrior Raidy RPG (Revised, F/F, Light-NC)
« Reply #1 on: September 21, 2014, 02:36:37 PM »
Adding another possibility.  Like the Paladin/Knight I haven't started a play thread for this character yet, and not everything about her is set in stone.


I'd been thinking this character might be a fighter or some sort, but now I'm leaning towards making her another mage character.  When she was a fighter I was thinking she might be boisterous or proud, but now that I'm leaning towards her being a mage I'm thinking that she's strong but also very gentle (except when she's angry at slavers).  Think of her as a kindly big sister type.  She'll probably want to be physically affectionate/intimate with Raidy, but she won't be as domineering about it as a character like Fana.

Story wise, I'm thinking Malka was part of a close knit group of girls (travelling entertainers perhaps?) who were captured by slavers.  She'd be rescued by Raidy, and then she'd ask for Raidy's help in rescuing her comrades who have already been taken elsewhere.  This quest could potentially take the two of them into hostile territory -perhaps lawless regions or a country where slavery is not illegal.

Offline DarilTopic starter

Re: Lightning Warrior Raidy RPG (Revised, F/F, Light-NC)
« Reply #2 on: December 06, 2014, 02:35:22 AM »
Bump for December.

I'd really like to do the scenario with Mirabelle, so if there's someone who doesn't mind playing some NPC slavers punishing a cute (and overly bold) half-elf thief in addition to playing Raidy please let me know.  ;)   Note I will be playing NPCs for Raidy to interact with as well so you won't have to do all the work.  Also Mirabelle can be a useful partner for Raidy after Raidy rescues her -I just want to start off with a scene where she's been captured by slavers.