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Author Topic: [F for M] Japan-centric foreign exchange student ideas  (Read 653 times)

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[F for M] Japan-centric foreign exchange student ideas
« on: September 05, 2014, 09:59:35 pm »
These are a few ideas I've been wanting to do for a while now. My ideal partner would be someone who's wanted to be a foreign exchange student to Japan, or who's wanted to host a foreign exchange student from Japan, and is interested in creating that experience in detail, along with all the exciting scenarios that could happen both in romance and daily life. I'm hoping we can really craft a realistic scenario, which will make the pay-off all that better. Even after the characters eventually have sex, it'd be fun to explore how that affects their day-to-day lives. NPCs can also be used to add detail to the world, but I think the main romance should revolve around our two characters. Also, I'm looking for anything extreme or BDSM related for these RPs. Non-con is also out, although "conflicted, but ultimately saying yes" is OK. Inadvertent teasing and sexual tension are two big turn-ons for me, as well as culture shock in sex - what is considered normal to do during sex for certain cultures.

Japanese Student in the US

1. Japanese Exchange Student in the US (Me: Kurumi, You: Host Dad)

Kurumi is in her last year of high school, and she's finally gotten a chance to study abroad with a host family in the US. Not only has she wanted to visit the US and see what it's like to live with an American family, but her parents divorced when she was young, and she just lives with her mom now, so she's really excited to bond with her 'American dad.' She experiences a lot of culture shock, but her host dad helps her through it, and slowly, the two bond...

Below are just some sample ideas for episodes that could happen. Not all of them have to happen, and I would love to hear new ideas!

*Dad takes Kurumi shopping for her first American clothes.

*Kurumi buys a dress so she can go to the American prom, but she doesn't have anyone to take her...

*Kurumi and the family go to the beach, but Kurumi is too embarrassed to change into her swimsuit in front of everyone...

*At a new year's party that the family attends, Kurumi dresses up in a traditional kimono to commemorate the occasion. Dad can't help but show her off a bit... and later his co-workers at the party come up to him and tease him about how it's not fair that he has a cute Japanese girl all to himself. Kurumi accidentally overhears...

*Kurumi accidentally walks in on dad while he's changing, or vice versa.

*Dad spies Kurumi's clothes in the hamper, and can't help but wonder what kind of underwear she brought over from Japan...

American Student in Japan

2. American Exchange Student in Japan (Me: Kumiko, You: Host Son)

Kumiko is a normal, middle-aged Japanese woman who married young and did her best to raise her two daughters. Her only regret is that she's never had a son to call her own. Then, one day, in order to get a discount to send her eldest daughter abroad, her husband says he's decided to take on a foreign exchange student from the US. Kumiko is excited at the prospect of finally having her own son to look after, even if it's for just a little. When the student arrives, she's amazed by how well-behaved and good-looking he is, and he seems to be a very sweet boy. She does her best to provide for him everything he needs, and as they struggle through their cultural differences, they bond...

Below are just some sample ideas for episodes that could happen. Not all of them have to happen, and I would love to hear new ideas!

*Kumiko takes her son shopping for clothes, and as they're looking at model posters in the mall, she asks him what he thinks of Japanese women.

*Kumiko takes her son along with the family for his first 'onsen' (hot spring) experience.

*Kumiko changes her son's sheets, and finds big stains on them...

*Kumiko's son's classmate gives him a Japanese porn DVD as a joke, to help him 'fit in to the culture,' and she accidentally finds it in his room, much to her surprise...

*Kumiko accidentally walks in on her on son masturbating, and is shocked by what she sees...

Japanese College Student in the US

3. Japanese College Exchange Student in the US (Me: Chiaki, You: American Student)

Chiaki is a slightly nerdy Japanese college student who's studying abroad at an American college for a year. She comes from a very strict, sheltered upbringing, so she experiences a ton of culture shock when she ends up in the middle of an American 'party' college. Through the chaos, she manages to make friends with an American student who's a total otaku. Whereas his interests and likes would freak out a normal American girl, Chiaki isn't fazed a bit, as it's mostly things that any normal Japanese guy would be into. He's very nice to her, and she trusts him, so she's happy for his friendship, and he does his best to honor that, despite his Japanese fetish. Gradually, though, it gets harder and harder for him to suppress his feelings, especially with the way she inadvertently teases him!

Below are just some sample ideas for episodes that could happen. Not all of them have to happen, and I would love to hear new ideas!

*While walking downtown, Chiaki gets hit on in a derogatory way, and her friend stands up for her.

*Chiaki joins in on a get together with her friend and his friends, who are surprised that he befriended such a cute Japanese girl. Through the conversation, they start teasing Chiaki's friend because they know he's still a virgin. Chiaki stands up for him by saying that she's still a virgin too. What's wrong with being a virgin?

*Chiaki joins her friend and his friends on a trip to an American anime convention. She's done cosplaying before in Japan, so she's happy to cosplay a character that fits their time. They even book a hotel together, and her friend does his best to protect her.

*After getting caught in the rain on the way back from class, Chiaki dashes into her friend's apartment, which is way closer than hers, and asks if she can take a shower so she doesn't catch a cold. He also gives her some of his clothes for her to change into until she makes it back to her own house.

*Chiaki accidentally finds her friend's porn stash... and she's shocked to find out it's nothing but Japanese and anime porn...

Please PM me if you're interested. If you need any clarification, feel free to reply and I'll try to add whatever information is necessary. Thank you.