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Author Topic: Nakama  (Read 740 times)

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Offline RebelJap8O8Topic starter

« on: September 05, 2014, 04:28:43 AM »
(via PMs)
[Also...NOT a One Piece or Fairy Tail story]
Definition of Nakama: A Japanese word that describes friend(s), buddy(ies), crew, ally(/ies), or comrade(s). Due to the popularity of Japanese Culture through Anima and Manga's, the definition more closely resembles Friend, Buddy, and Comrade more than anything else, and in a way where it feels more closer to Family.

First and foremost I'd like to say that this is NOT Gun Gale Online (The VRMMO introduced in Sword Art Online's Phantom Bullet Arc).
GGO is only being used as the base of the VRMMO I'll be using here. I'll still keep the bullet lines, PvE, and what not, but there probably won't be flashy light saber play or any of the characters from the Show/LN.
Base?, you ask.
The VRMMO I bring to you is going to be more reality based. Basically if Infinity Ward and DICE put aside their differences and mushed Call of Duty and Battlefield together you'll get what I'm about to type up here.
Also, due to work, it'll be posted in increments.
If you like it, thanks.
If not, then...well...

I'm writing this out to stop my mind from imploding with ideas and what if's and all that.
Also, don't worry about being confused with the dialogue.
I was born, raised, and still live in Hawaii. The language is...different.
Some of the characters will be based off of real people.
I plan on copying and pasting this once it's done, but, until then, I figured I'd entertain some people.
Might add more later.

Another element I'm deciding to add in is that...yes, the Players will get stuck in the game itself.
However dying via game will not kill them outside in the real world or log them out.
They'll respawn.
Though, to make things more interesting Dying will be...painful.

Contains swearing, blood, and violence.

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Re: Nakama
« Reply #1 on: September 05, 2014, 05:37:11 AM »
"Honolulu Ground. Qantas 7-5-5-0, requesting Push and Start on Spot 4."

"Qantas 75-50. Cleared to Push and Start, Pilots Discretion."

"Copy, Ground. Pilots Discretion, Qantas 75-50."

It was just another day at Honolulu International Airport.
Another Freighter flight serviced and ready to go.
Sitting at the Drivers seat of an Aircraft Tractor sat a big-bodied 6'3" Asian young man with short black hair, small goatee, and tanned skin. His brown eyes watched as a red light blinked at him from underneath the 747 he was about to Taxi out. His finger flicked a switch near the steering wheel which turned on the strobe light atop the Tractor.
The young man's eyes wandered to the left and right of the Aircraft to make sure his Wing Walkers were in place.
Next to him sat a dark skinned old man wearing a similar dark blue with red border Uniform as he, under a reflective vest.
On the sleeve it read "Swissport" the company the two men worked for.

The young man watched as his partner spoke into a cup-styled mic connected to his headset. His index finger pushing down on a red button as he did so.
After about a minute or so the older man looked towards the driver and gave the go ahead to Push the aircraft.
The driver stepped hard on the foot brake, released the parking brake, and switched to 2nd gear.
He let the Tractor moved forward until it stopped before slowly pushing the Aircraft out of Spot 4 and onto Runway Zulu, Tail East.
After everything was all said and done, the young man waited on the side with his Tractor with the others scattered around the area as they waited for their Aircraft to leave.

"Honolulu Ground. Qantas 75-50 Heavy, requesting permission to Taxi."

"Copy, Qantas 75-50. Continue onto Zulu then turn heading Romeo, Alpha, hold short 8 Left."

"Continue onto Taxiway Zulu, then Romeo, Alpha, hold short 8 Left. Qantas 75-50 Heavy."

They all heard the familiar whine of the Jet engine spinning up, but that was all they heard and everyone took a last look at the Aircraft beginning it's Taxi before they drove back to their Operations building.
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Re: Nakama
« Reply #2 on: September 06, 2014, 03:20:22 PM »
Upon reaching said building, each person went about putting away their equipment.
The young man in the Tractor parked the heavy vehicle in its parking spot, and shut off everything from the Strobe to the iCom IC-A210 VHF Air Band Transceiver used to listen in on the frequency used by both Tower and Aircraft.
Grabbing his High-Visibility Day Wands, shutting off the engine and removing the key to the Tractor, the young man stepped out of the vehicle and closed the door behind him, before making his way towards the area leading to his Job's office.

All around him was a bustle of activity as Ramp Agents from different Airlines went about their day.
Behind him he heard some yelling and crashing, only to look behind and see that some FNG Hawaiian Airline Ramper had pushed an A-K-E Baggage Can into the empty space below the raised Elevator of a Main Deck Loader.
The young man gave a silent chuckle, shaking his head, as he continued on his way.
Walking into the next Gate adjacent to his Office he was greeted by several different people.
Aircraft Mechanics, Japan Airline Engineers, other Swissport Rampers - his coworkers, and as he continued on, Swissport Ground Equipment Mechanics.

One in particular approached him.
A short, scrawny, black haired, young man, who stood an easy foot shorter than the other.
In fact, he was so short one would find it hard to believe that he was actually older than his six-foot counter part.
Wearing the same type of uniform as he, but covered from head to toe in Oil and Grease, approached the other and they bumped fists.
"Sup Ty. So what? We playing tonight?"

"Yeah." The Bigger young man replied. "I talked to Lono and Keenan already, they'll meet us in the same place."

It was all that was needed to be said.
The two could go about their business.
Meet up later for a cigarette and talk about the day's events.
No they couldn't.

"Brah! Fuckin last night was BAD!"

"Fuck yeah! We're...what? 40s now? And this shit took 8 hours?"

"Oh no no. Me and the other guys were on for a couple hours more after you left. But, yeah. Level 42. I think Keenan got to 45. We had to stop cuz the Sun started coming up. Plus it wasn't the same without a good Sniper."

"I keep telling you. It's easy. Just need Practi-"

"Yeah, but you get em already. Playing Battlefield all the time. Might as well take the spot since none of us can do em. Taking out that guy at, what? Over a Thousand Meters, with a Rifle Spec'd out at only 800."

"Just gotta set the range to the max and arc your shots. That's it."

"Yeah but. You get the feel for em. I couldn't figure it out, and you took him out in one try. See? You're the perfect sniper!"

"Fuck. K, fine. We get on tonight, make this Squadron, and start recruiting. I'll take the space until we find someone on par or better."

"See? Easy right?"

"Shut up, Uncle."

"Fuck you!"

The two laughed for a little bit as they finally went their separate ways.

12 hours later

The bigger young man from earlier got home and did the things he normally did.
He took a shower, ate what little food his Parents had set aside for him, and then spent a few minutes with his newborn Niece.
Afterwards he said "Good Night" to everyone, claiming he was tired, before closing his bedroom door and turning out the lights.
Standing in the Pitch Black room he let his eyes adjust to the darkness before he retrieved the Virtual Reality Head Gear from under his bed.
Powering it on, he let the Gear do its Systems Check before signaling that it was ready.
"Link Start!"

His eyes suddenly blanked out as if he had lost his vision. But upon opening them, he saw that he was back in Gun Gale Online. Back in the Market he had logged out from this morning. Turning to look at himself in the reflection of a shop window he crossed his arms and grinned.
The avatar showed that he was most certainly a big person.
Tall, Muscular, but unlike his real body, in no way Fat. His Brown eyes, and short Black hair stayed the same, however.
And the Blue Tiger Fatigues he wore, from the vest, to the gear, to the Kevlar Helmet, to the weapon hanging from his shoulder screamed Military.
Of course, the Blue Tiger Fatigue was his "casual" and "urban" wear.
He had enough change of clothes in his inventory to match any terrain or situation as he saw fit.
The M40A5 Sniper Rifle he was using the previous night still hung from his shoulder, as well as the Five-seveN Pistol holstered on his right hip.
Letting his mind wander he thought of something and quickly headed towards a certain shop, completely forgetting about meeting with his friends.
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Re: Nakama
« Reply #3 on: September 26, 2014, 05:31:32 PM »
As James' Avatar appeared in the Virtual World, he too immediately checked out his physical appearance. Like his friend from earlier, he too looked like an older, more in-shape version of himself. But unlike his friend, his clothes looked more along the sorts of an African Guerilla.
Cut and frayed M81 woodland pattern old BDU pants with the sleeves cut short to be worn like Shorts.
Boots. A Red dirty shirt. A cut, frayed, and faded BDU Jacket worn like a vest, and a dirty red Bandanna tied to his head.
As James checked himself out, he continuously unsheathed his Knife and got into a Fighting stance, doing this over and over and over, as fast as he could.
As he played Call of Duty most of the time, his Fighting Tactics could be said to be more of the Hit & Run side, as well as the limited use of Firearms.

Seemingly satisfied with himself he turned to walk away only to freeze in place.
Standing in front of him were two men that James seemed to know.
There was an awkward silence amongst the three, and enough time passed for James to recover from his shock. "What!? I look cool okay!?"

One of the two bystanders, the slightly shorter one, also had a bandanna on his head but, unlike James' one, his was blue.
But like James he looked like some sort of Freedom Fighter. Lacking protective headgear and wearing a Vest loaded up with 40mm Grenade pouches.
A name was printed on his arm, "Lono".

The other bystander looked more like a Modern Cop in Urban Gear.
Boots, Jeans, a Gray shirt, Ammo Vest, Shades, and a reversed black baseball cap.
He was taller of the two, much skinnier and had a sort of mischievous smile on his face.
"C'mon Bro. You're not a noob. You're supposed to do it on your own and take pictures so you can look at em later." And then his hand reached out and summoned the menu.
James watched his friend play with the invisible menu for a while until something showed up.
"But just in case. I took them for you."

Screenshots of James posing to himself had been taken. But instead of the cool ones James had in mind, these were the mess ups. Or one's that were taken at a bad timing and made it look like he was doing something else. "HEY! That ain't funny Keenan!"

Keenan started laughing as he made the Screenshots spin and rotate in mid-air, and then even harder when James finally got fed up with the taunting and took a swipe at the floating images, only for his hand to go right through.
Then James took a swipe at him and the two took off running. One chasing the other.

Lono stood on the side and chuckled a little until something caught his eye.
He looked up at a large screen floating above them, and watched the clips play for a little bit before catching the attention of the other two with his words.
"Or you can forever have your name on a Day's Highlight Board, like someone we know."

The other two stopped running around and looked up at the Screen.
The Screen showed a vast open space shrouded in an Orange Sun-set like color.
It changed to a scene in the middle of this open space and showed a Firefight between two sides, one vastly outnumbered by the other.
Three men fighting against Ten were yelling at each other about picking fights and what happened to all the boasting from earlier.
The same three men who were presently in the market watching themselves on the screen.