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Author Topic: Ada's Awesome Ideas (f/f)  (Read 1012 times)

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Ada's Awesome Ideas (f/f)
« on: September 03, 2014, 11:21:24 PM »
Not currently accepting new RP.

I'm very PM friendly, feel free to contact me about any of these ideas or anything else you think might tickle our mutual fancy.

So! Here are some story ideas I'm knocking around. Very PM friendly if any of these strike your fancy or if you look at my O/O and think we might be a match.

Looking strictly for F/F scenes at the moment, sorry fellas!

This list will grow and these are just the start of ideas, please feel free to offer your own twists or versions of these if you should PM. I'm good anywhere from 2-6 paragraphs typically and will try to post daily or more, depending on some variability in my schedule. New ideas at the top!

Mommy's Good Girl
incest, mother/daughter

Okay, this is a kind of depraved one. It involves a mother who's been divorced from her dear daughter's father for years and as her own daughter has begun dating, she's started to see someone as well. It turns out the person she's seeing is a woman and they both share some hidden fantasies about the daughter. The mother's girlfriend starts to dare her mother to dress more skimpy around the house, to steal her daughter's used panties, to start to leave the door open a crack while she pleasures herself at night, all kinds of naughty things to try and plant the seed in the daughter's head that her mother is a sexual creature. Where it goes from there...well who knows?

I'm looking for a series of short scenes at the start, slowly building tension in the house. I think I'd like to play the mother in this scenario and for my partner to be the girlfriend. Either of us might end up writing for the daughter (maybe both/shared) or this could be used for a group scene. This obviously isn't a slow burn scene, but I would like for the development into direct sex between the mother and the daughter to be rather slow.

That Girl Down the Street
slow burn preferred

A new girl moves into the well kept neighborhood of <insert pretentious name here>. Sure, her parents are alright, but there's something about this teen (16+ of course) that makes it hard for you to look away. Maybe you're shy but you keep bumping into her at neighborhood functions. Maybe you're a mom that needs a little help in the garden, but oh, would you she like to come in for some lemonade? It's so hot out in the garden. Maybe you're a grade ahead or behind her and one of you needs help with some homework and isn't it nice how the parents arrange for that to happen? Lots of places you could take this, but I like suburbia based settings.

What's It Like?
incest, sisters, slow burn (don't rush this one)

Two sisters reunited after the older one comes home for the summer from her first year at college. One of them (younger or older) is a bit of a tom-boy and has been experimenting and starting to play with other girls. When the two of them start to talk and share things the tom-boy confesses she's into girls and the girly sister wants to know more and more. The questions get dirtier and dirtier and suddenly there's a tension between them. Do the questions mean girly sister is into girls too? Are all the dirty details turning them on? Maybe the girly one is getting confused and wondering if the fact that she's turned on means she's into girls? Or does it just mean that she's into her sister? But as long as things don't escalate, it seems like girly sister's questions are unending.

They work together at a family business, so even as their own activities might draw them apart during the summer, they're thrust back together at work and exhausted after a long shifts together. I can see this bringing a lot of drama and slow burn to the scene.

Captain at the Helm
smutty or slow burn

You're a rapscallion and a scoundrel and all those other disreputable descriptors. You've got a junky old ship and a cargo hold half-full of junk that you're going to pawn off on some sucker. You can make these runs around the galaxy yourself but the distance between stars is long and you could use a hand loading and unloading the cargo and hey, if she can tune a hyper drive, even better. Those long trips with nothing to do but watch the stars drift by...surely a little company would be nice and who knows what might happen to those two girls, drifting around the galaxy. For short hops, maybe you're comfortable putting your feet up on the console and making little adjustments while your new crew member is under the console and has her head between your legs. Someone's hailing you? Don't tell me you've never taken a call while a girls gone down on you. Just a silly little idea I had!

The Smuttiest of Plots

Not into smut? Stop reading. Still reading? Okay, here goes: This girl is a total slut. She likes her pillow princesses and she's got a list that like to call on her when the itch arises. Today, the stars seem to be aligning because she's going to lick a lot of pussy. Going from one girl to the next, she'll make her way around town. From the girl she woke up next to, to the busy executive who just needs a little distraction from the conference calls she's stuck on, to the hippie who likes to meet in the park, to the bartender who likes a little fun in the back room. Short encounters, one of us playing the same character again and again and one of us playing the myriad of women she comes into contact with.

Scene ideas that would require a bit more work as they're currently "taken", though I don't mind duplicates of some ideas as long as they're a bit different:
Taken Scenes
Nothing here at the moment!

Other pairings you could mash up with the above list or we could brain storm around: Teacher/Student, Mother/Daughter, Sisters, Cousins, College roommates, Stranded Woman/Tow Truck Driver, Bartender/Flirty Patron, Band Member/Groupie, Summer Camp Counselors, Professional Wrestlers (Okay, maybe not that last one).

I'll play butch girls or girly girls with equal enthusiasm for each and playing opposite either is good too! If one girl isn't really sure she's into girls, or she's sure she's not into girls but doesn't mind getting pleasured by one, that's fun too!

I'm flexible on setting but tend to default to modern suburbia.

Please ready my O/O's and most importantly, just be nice, but don't be afraid to say hello!
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Re: Ada's Awesome Ideas (f/f)
« Reply #1 on: September 10, 2014, 02:17:43 PM »
The Gallery

These are just girls that I think are lovely and wouldn't mind playing as or against. Maybe this will provide some inspiration! :)

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Re: Ada's Awesome Ideas (f/f)
« Reply #2 on: October 14, 2014, 01:54:03 PM »
Bump with a new story idea and a little shuffling of old ideas

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Re: Ada's Awesome Ideas (f/f)
« Reply #3 on: June 19, 2015, 07:35:55 AM »
Now accepting new RP again!

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Re: Ada's Awesome Ideas (f/f)
« Reply #4 on: May 12, 2017, 10:22:23 AM »
Bump after a very long absence. Would love to hear from old friends as well as new ones.