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Author Topic: Gunstar Autochthonia Campaign - Recruitment Thread!  (Read 6229 times)

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Gunstar Autochthonia Campaign - Recruitment Thread!
« on: August 30, 2014, 10:48:18 pm »
What is Gunstar Autochthonia?

Gunstar Autochthonia is an Exalted campaign alternate setting. If you are not familiar with the White Wolf roleplaying game Exalted, this is probably not the recruitment thread for you. If you are familiar with Exalted, but just don’t know about this campaign setting, have no fear! I will expand on it below.

One of the key moments in the history of Creation was the war with the Primordials. The Exalted types were created in order to combat the seemingly unstoppable force of these ancient beings, alongside their parents Gods. This is where the campaign setting takes a major turn. Despite the best efforts of the these heroes, the Primordials won the war. The Unconquered Sun and Luna were forced into bending the knee, then pledged their loyalty to the Primordials in the aftermath. Their first punishment for defiance was to turn on their children, and kill the Exalted men and women who had also defied the Primordials. The Gods adopted this responsibility with a religious zeal. Autochthon, the only Primordial who shared compassion and loyalty with the Exalted children let all of the different caste types retreat in to his massive body. Then, in a desperate attempt to survive, he launched up into the air and escaped the oncoming wrath of the Gods and Primordials by hiding deep in space. That was 1000 years ago, and the Exalted are still on the running. Though they grow more powerful, and more ready to turn and fight to take back Creation from their immortal enemies.

They live and work within what once was the body of Autochthon. Over the centuries the different Exalted types have transformed the enormous space station into a battle ship. It is capable of combating the enormous Primordial fleets that attack, but not strong enough to turn and go on the offense. The vast home they have made is run by a military structure, with the Exalted Deliberative governing everyone and everything.
What is the Exalted Deliberative?
This is a house rule of mine for story purposes. In the normal campaign setting, Solars are pretty much in charge with all other Exalt types having “influence” but nowhere near as much authority. Over the 1000 years that passed, it was eventually determined that inequality between the different Castes was a function of the Exaltations, classification by the deities that made them. In order to defeat the Gods, they put aside this magic determined caste system and made it to where rank and power was determined strictly by past deeds and competency. Though Solars hold the majority of high level positions (which is unavoidable), they do not control more than 50% of the high level positions.

What can you play?

With the exception of Abyssals and Infernals, all other Exalt types are applicable. This means Solars, Lunars, Dragonblooded, Sidereals and Alchemicals are valid characters to be created. There are a few things to keep in mind. My recommendation would be to decide what personality you would like to be before picking your caste. Solars have a predisposition to holding military command type positions. Lunars and Dragonblooded are the favored Exalts for the front line defenders and attackers of the Autochthonian army. Sidereals are considered the tacticians and battle coordinators. Lastly, Alchemicals are the pilots of the Gunstar, and often man the internal defenses during combat. These classifications are not set in stone, but you should have some element of these associations in your background. Meaning if you want to play a Alchemical war general, you need to go more in depth as to how a Alchemical holds a position that is fairly unusual for his Exalt type on the Gunstar.

Important Note:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
I do not have my books on me at this time. Everything I say is based on my pretty extensive memory of Exalted. But, if I make a mistake, please point it out. I will have my books soon.

Character Sheets and System

The characters that everyone will be playing are going to be considered ‘veterans’ among the Gunstar crew. When you create your character, they will be Essence 5 starting characters. For now, do not go above Essence 5. Among the crew, create your character under the assumption that you are one level lower than the top ranking officials of the crew. Not the Admiral, General, or a member of the Exalted Deliberative. But almost there.

I have not yet decided whether we will or will not be using the system in this game during combat. However, I would like everyone to create a character sheet. That way I have an idea of where your strengths and weaknesses are located. Also, what charms/spells you have at your disposal. When creating your sheet, go through the normal character creation process. You will receive an extra 500xp on top of the normal stuff. Please see the below rules for reference:

1)      You may not go above Essence 5.

2)      You will get an extra 10 Background points to spend. You may not purchase a level 5 artifact. Just 4 and up. You may create custom artifacts, just PM me for approval on your idea.

3)      If you are a Lunar, and want to grab a lot of Heartsblood creatures, I will need to approve them. The Gunstar has limited access to creatures, so you would need to have significant influence in order to have a lot of creatures in your menagerie.

4)      Use the Solar caste costs for bonus point expenditure.

5)      Everyone gets 3 Artifact points for every 1 Background point they put in Artifacts. The limit of no level 5 artifacts still applies. Dragonblooded will get 4 points per dot along with Alchemicals.

Please post your sheet for approval. Feel free to PM me with any questions!
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Re: Gunstar Autochthonia Campaign - Recruitment Thread!
« Reply #1 on: August 30, 2014, 11:19:56 pm »
Here are some inspirational images for Voidfighters and Autochthon.

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Re: Gunstar Autochthonia Campaign - Recruitment Thread!
« Reply #2 on: August 30, 2014, 11:21:12 pm »
Added a note about Terrestrials to the main post.

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Re: Gunstar Autochthonia Campaign - Recruitment Thread!
« Reply #3 on: August 31, 2014, 01:03:33 am »
One important note guys. You need to use the XP you have been given to purchase up to Essence 5. You may go lower than that if you'd like to distribute your XP elsewhere.

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Re: Gunstar Autochthonia Campaign - Recruitment Thread!
« Reply #4 on: August 31, 2014, 05:27:15 am »

Still very interested.  May not get to my aplication 'til I wake. 

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Re: Gunstar Autochthonia Campaign - Recruitment Thread!
« Reply #5 on: August 31, 2014, 05:31:13 am »
Just tiny note that in Gunstar canon Luna fought Sol Invictus as he bended knee and moved to exterminate the exalted host, so Luna bought time for exalted host to board Autobot and fly off. She was severly injured and Gaia took her in under her protection and launched herself also as comet (along with her dragon children). Neither Luna nor Gaia have not seen since. Not sure did you intent differ in canon in this regard. Anyways below is my char which I used in another Gunstar game two years ago. I need edit the charsheet area of the char (as you limited backgrounds to be universally max 4 and also need purchase my way to 5th dot from 2 dots of essence). Although I would like ask story/plot approval for 5th dot artifact which is the prototype voidfigther he is flying with. Also may need edit my background bit as you have house ruled that all exalts get top seats in government (but could also stay as it is as as most top seats belong to solars even if they got only 50% influence).

Name:Jay Jadestar
Mortal Background:Son of dragon-blood ace pilot and mother a bar tender, had elder sister
Motivation:Be the best pilot ever in Gunstar
Intimacies:Cenjo/father (admiration), Mother (sorrow), Sister (disgust/pity), Racing (passion), Space Battles (passion), Gunstar Defense Line (dislike), Dylan Blade (hatred), Goldhammer (mild annoyance), Phoenix/Radiant (affection), His Circle (respect), Lunar Mate (fear)
Anima:A orihalcum furred wolf with blazing white eyes.
Anima Power:Can pay extra motes hide anima manifestation, 10m to get 1/2 essence as added internal penalty to detect his presence. In 11-15 anima display distinguishing features become completely shrouded.
Weight:180 lbs
Style:Wear pair of blue 'jeans' along with pair of belts and motorcycle boots and gloves along with studded leather vest. He has red dragon tattoo over his left arm and he wears simple silver necklace which is wrapped around a wooden icon somekind. Which looks like a chained nude female humanoid (closer inspection reveals it to bear resemblance maiden of battle).

Martial Arts2Performance0Investigation0


Craft Invested dots

Survival:Urban Environments1Ride:Motorbikes2

Old Realm (native)


Second Excellency, 2m/1 sux
Infinite Mastery, 2m+1wp
Trance of Unhesitating Speed, 2m or 3m/multi action
Flashing Vengeance Draw, 3m
Essence Arrow Attack, 2m
= Righteous Judgment Arrows, Dazzling Flare*
Phantom Arrow Technique, permanent (1m)*
Inexhaustible Bolts of Solar Fire, 8m+1wp*
Solar Flare Methodology, 3m+1 wp or 5m+1wp (summons a prayer piece called Seeker of Justice)*
Lambent Bolt of Annihilation, 5m (Lords of Creation+Scroll of Errata)
Golden Artillerist Method, permanent (enhances phantom arrow technique and Inexhaustible Bolts of Solar Fire, Scroll of Errata)

Heroism-Encouraging Presence, 5m or 5m+1wp (mass combat) (scroll of errata)*

Third Excellency, 3m/re-roll or average of dice pool added top of DV
Phoenix Renewal Tactic (valor), permanent

Ox-Body Techniquex2, permanent

First Excellency, 1m/1 dice

Second Excellency, 2m/1 sux
Surprise Anticipation Method, 1m

Third Excellency, 3m/re-roll or average of dice pool added top of DV
Shadow Over Water, 1m
Seven Shadow Evasion, 8m (valor)
Leaping Dodge Method, 3m
Reflex Sidestep Technique, 1m
Flow Like Blood, 5m+1wp
Refinement of Flowing Shadows, +3m or +3m+1wp (valor)

Second excellency, 2m/1 sux
Flawless Pickpocket Technique, 3m

Second excellency, 2m/1 sux

First Excellency, 1m/1 dice

Second excellency, 2m/1 sux
Space Ace Method, 3m (Salty Dog Method)
Void Explorer Attitude, 4m (Perfect Reckoning Technique)
Void Space Omniscience Intuition, 3m+1wp (Oceanic Omniscience Intuition, abyssal mirror: Sea-Scanning Glare)
Immortal Ace Advantage, Permanent (Immortal Captain's Advantages, Ink Monkeys)
Void Ambush Technique, 10m+1wp (Sea Ambush Technique)
Ship and Soul Union, Permanent (3m to activate Night caste power; +3 all stealth rolls and Void Ambush costs only 1 wp activate)
Fleet-Outrunning Voidfigther, permanent (Fleet-Outrunning Flagship, Thousand Correct Actions of Soldier)

Thaumaturgic Arts&Degrees
xxx (+x)

xxx, xxm

Allies2 (Goldhammer, orihalcum alchemical)
Class4 (his status wealth&influence plus followers)
Cult5 (highly celebrated hero of populate as Goldhawk)
Reputation5 (from his deeds as Goldhawk and his life as 'rebel solar')
Manse (personal manse)5 (Willstone of Strategos)
Artifact (transport)5 (Phoenix 5, Lightning Elemental Core 5, Motorbike 2, Orihalcum Hearthstone Bracers 2, Resplendent Personal Assistant 1)
Intelligent Voidfigther5 (resides in Phoenix)
Connections5 (Hadal) (Major contact; Raesha, female elder twilight solar who leads Solar Deliberate research branch for arms development&research and has specialized for voidfigthers specifically, Minor contact/ally; Goldhammer, orihalcum caste alchemical)

xxxx (xxx) (-xpts)


Virtue Flaw:Foolhardy Contempt

Defense Values (dodge):Physical:9 (10 vs projectiles), Mental:10

Soak:B2/L1/A0 (unarmored B2/L1)

Health Levels:-0, -1, -1, -1, -1, -2, -2, -2, -2, -2, -2, -4, incapacitated, x3 death
Seeker of Justice Spd 5 Acc +2 Dmg 10L* Rate 2 Range 50 Ammo ??
*=Aggravated dmg vs Creatures of Darkness


Personal Pool:25/25

Peripheral Pool:57/53

Other Pools:30 (sail charms)|


Bonus Points 18/18
Increase Abilities (2pts): Dodge to 5th dot, Melee 1st dot
Purchase Specialties (3pts): Pickpocketing (Larceny)+2, Parkour (Athletics)+3, Projectiles (Dodge)+1
Increase Willpower (5pts): Up to 10th dot
Increase Virtue (3pts): Valor up to 5th dot
Increase Backgrounds (5pts): Raise Intelligent Voidfigther to 5th dot

Experience 500/500
Attributes (60/60): Wits to 5th dot, Inteligence to 3th dot, Perception to 3th dot, Stamina to 3th dot, Strenght up to 3th dot
Abilities/Specialties (103/103): Athletics up to 4th dot, Archery up to 5th dot, Presence up to 5th dot, Survival up to 4th dot, Integrity up to 4th dot, Ride up to 5th dot, Stealth up to 5th dot, Awareness up to 5th dot, Larceny up to 3th dot, Martial Arts up to 2th dot, first Resistance dot and up to 3th dot, Purchase Speciality; Resistance (Poisons)+1, Resistance (Sickness)+1, Increase Speciality; Voidfigthers (Sail) up to +3
Charms (221/221): Refinement of Flowing Shadows, Phantom Arrow Technique, Inexhaustible Bolts of Solar Fire, Solar Flare Methodology, Lambent Bolt of Annihilation, Golden Arttilerist Method, Surprise Anticipation Method, Ox-Body Techniquex2, Heroism-Encouraging Presence, Phoenix Renewal Tactic, Ship and Soul union, Fleet-Outrunning Voidfigther, Leaping Dodge Method, Second Sail Excellency, Salty Dog Method, Perfect Reckoning Technique, Oceanic Omniscience Intuition, Immortal Captain's Advantages, Sea Ambush Technique, Flashing Vengeance Draw, Essence Arrow Attack + Dazzling Flare (extra trick with essence arrow attack), Infinite Archery Mastery, First Athletics Excellency, Second Stealth Excellency, Second Larceny Excellency, Flawless Pickpocket Technique
Backgrounds (36/36): Purchase Reputation and Connections (Hadal) up to 5th dot each, Allies to 2th dot (Goldhammer, orihalcum alchemical)
Essence (72): From 2th dot to 5th dot
Jay Jadestar is son of Cenjo Jadestar, a veteran dragon-blood soldier who served in Gunstar Defense Line army as a ace pilot in company known as Brilliant Blades. His mother was Tuya and they lived in Claslat where she worked as barkeep in bar called Racing Star. Jay also had elder sister, Vneya. She was understudying with mother to both aid and continue her work in the bar which attended to needs of populace and rare exalted guests. Jay dreamed to become someday a soldier, ace pilot like his father which he much admired and he had deep respect for Gunstar Defense Line and thinked all of them as heroes like his father descriped the bunch to be. His father always left his wooden/silver medallion of maiden of battles to Jay whenever he left to work, saying it would be Jay's job to protect home while he is gone and giving medallion as link to guidance when time comes to protect what is precious. Cenjo promised return always retrieve it from Jay when he comes home and so take Jay's duty off him and so he did for many years. It became a ritual shared between Cenjo and Jay.

However, Cenjo one day did not come back home. He died on duty when Jay was a ten year old. From Brilliant Blades arrived Dylan Blade, the company's solar commander to deliver his condolences to Tuya and to rest of the family. Jay saw him near instantly start court and flirt with mother.....Jay did not like it but seeing mother happy instead crying was better deal in his opinion so he did not say anything. Later on Jay felt it was perhaps lucky Dylan ignored him entirely and left him linger on background. However relationship lasted a year, during that time Jay's mother and also oddly sister got odd bruises and both told Jay it was because of 'falling down the stairs' altough bruises appeared in odd spots and Jay did not see them even once fall down stairs in home.

Soon when mother saw sister had also bruises they started shout angrily on each other which resulted Jay's elder sister, back then 17 in age, leave home and literally quit studying the running a bar and ceasing to come to bar help mother. Jay watched more bruises come to mother but she seemed happy somereason. Then one day Dylan came drunk and Jay's mother asked him that they go outside but he refused and then Jay learned where she had got bruises.....Dylan beatting mother up! Dylan struck and mother did not defend herself, receive beatting and nasty words along with nastier activity following that. Jay, a brave altough incredibly foolish young eleven year old boy, screamed and charged to try kick Dylan's ass! He felt this is what he should had seen happening and interfere since start! Try keep promise for his dead father even if he is just eleven years old! But mom, probably had forehand guessed what was about to happen and probably for Jay's own good and to protect from drunken solar grabbed him up from behind and dragged him to his own room and locked the door so he could not get out and he was reduced to listen the lustful activity occuring outside his room and sound of smacks from beatting occuring.

But mom smiled after she got the beatting and she forced Jay to swear never to tell anyone about it! Jay, taught by his father since childhood to honor promises sacred gave angirly his word. However after year of abuse Dylan dumped mother completely off cold...called her being worthless and being only a good lay, slut and so on. It crushed mother's self-worth, more so when her husband had died so recently and it made mother cry and become depressed. She lost interest and will to run the bar and so Racing Star was closed. After long silence in mother's part, days after Dylan had spoken and bar closed she hanged herself on appartment and Jay was one to find her.

Jay then met with local district champion; Goldhammer (orihalcum alchemical) and Jay told him full story (as investigation for her death must be thorough and so it forced/freed Jay from his promise) and he expected Dylan being persecuted or very least punished for his actions. Goldhammer was symphatic for Jay's story and he went all his lenght to send his report in, but he was convinced by one Dylan's friends in bureu of investigation that the case is unfounded and that Jay's (a child) testament is merely for Jay looking someone blame for mother's suicide. Goldhammer bought the story and he told Jay to give up on blaming Dylan when is not responsible......this enraged Jay how fucked up the system was! As the system seemed protect Dylan (when in truth it was Dylan's own clever work ensure such scandalous immunity). It was outright unfair and not right in Jay's opinion! It made him despise Gunstar Defense Line instead admire it, it literally crushed all remaining admiration he had. Thinking Dylan was just one rotten apple from the rotten tree but Goldhammer's explanation made him grew spiteful towards Goldhammer who did nothing for Jay's mother who's suicide clearly was related to Dylan's actions. Same spite spreading to go rest Gunstar Defense Line, as he no longer viewed them as noble heroes.....but bunch of crooks clothed as heroes and only true hero was his father which he still deeply admired.

Because of the law he was send to where his elder sister was....and discovered Dylan had been there and dumped her also and she had lot more bruises but instead doing suicide Vneya handled the break up better in her own way. However Dylan left her influence, or determination, to seduce and whore herself to solars until she finds her perfect match and get elevated from her position?! She had forsaken all ideas to run bar like mother did and did not care for Racing Star and she instead gave the property in return for some fancy clothes and comforts?! Jay was disgusted with his sister, loosing mother was hard blow on Jay but he saw sister was in her own way changed more selfish from the kind sister what he had.....and in way it was perhaps better mother killed herself instead succumb to undergo same change caused by Dylan if this is alternative! However Jay had no other place to go so he stayed with his sister and watched her transform more and more ruthless and cold blooded in her pursuit, it becoming a single minded obsession to her to point she dated any solar and bedded any one of them! Despite the looks and mannerism or treatment what she received in bedroom, so long solar looked her favorably was enough and it sickened Jay watch this.

Jay and his sister had break out when he was 17 when he had grown sick of her behavior completely. He had not never seen his sister again after that. He has pondered few times on the future years how she eventually ended up but he never pursued to confirm any of it. Only confirm was few years ago that she had died but he did not attend on her funeral nor visited her tombstone even once. Fearing what he will see or learn about her. Jay, who disliked the whole caste and hierarchy of Gunstar became then a rebel. Jay never commited serious crime but he stole what he could get by as he refused to work in shifts in local factories (as he lacked training for any specialisized field) and his numerous thefts and misbehavior draw ire of Goldhammer and they both started despise each other and they saw regularly over the years for antics what Jay did. He hated Gunstar Defense Line pilots with passion, but knowing it's suicidal to attack them head long so he instead went indirect route; pranks, sabotage their bikes, pour liquid waste on them when they left from tavern (and one case succeeding dump the stuff on Dylan himself; which earned a everlasting enmity from Brilliant Blades from doing that and Jay was very lucky run alive that day). Whenever Jay was caught, Goldhammer dragged him to work in factory as laborer and forced to work there until Jay one way or another slipped free whenever he was not watched by shift chief. He was officially branded as lumpen after his third arrest and forced instalment to work in factory waste section and branding was done by Goldhammer who had given up for Jay learn his lesson and his place in Gunstar society. Becoming lowest low caste in Gunstar. But Jay did not stop; he went further disgrace himself and keeping running off and then Goldhammer decided this was enough and he called for a fellow alchemical to bring in personality changing spike. As Goldhammer personally dislikes using that charm because of his personal ideals and refuses implant it on himself, but it is final method in his disposal and he uses it only these extreme cases of misbehavior.

Jay was in factory when fellow workers started talk about a infamous soulsteel alchemical; Inquisition without Mercy, showing up and many wild theories were thrown around but one stuck out; that she had come to rewire one lumpen workers to more proper behaving. jay, guessing correctly him being target ran away from factory and instead sticking in his normal territory he went to reaches themselves, there at least he could live free from Goldhammer and from the damn system nor get his personality stolen! He learned to scavenge for food from wastes and occassion make daring thefts but overall he no longer lived in civilization anymore. Living in constat fear for gremlins and what else lived in dark glooming urban wasteland. In there he befriended a gang, Blood Dragons, which was made up from similar outcastes like Jay was. Lumen who refused to work three shifts a day nor wanting get themselves personality rewired completely. They wanted only simple thing; freedom from the oppressive system. Jay was accepted in the gang and he bears even today the dark crimson stylisized dragon tattoo over his arm as memory for them. Soon after joining he found out they had stolen motorbikes! Shocked from revelation the gang told that couple years ago they got lucky and hijacked few bikes from Gunstar Defense Line, stealing their patrol bikes! However problem was they lacked essence to power them up. However, a somekind exalt approached them (none was sure who/what this mysterious figure was). However figure gave them deal; he/she offers special artifacts which allows power up the bikes (it was not everlasting, as these artifacts worked like essence batteries which ran out eventually). In return the gang members would hold highly dangerous daredevil races to entertain vain members of exalted host who would witness these races in private channel (which no doubt figure asked high fees to watch). If races were entertaining enough they get also food or some minor left over luxuries (which gang called 'bread crumbs from shiny tables').

Jay, as part of gang, was given his own motorbike. A spare one which had remained collect dust in one hidden carages in reaches where even champion patrols would not come investigate or try locate just handful missing bikes from years ago. Jay, who had very much already given up ever become Gunstar pilot had tears of unsuppressed joy when he started the bike and drived with the gang! Of course life in reach was not picnic but the gang sticked together and worked together and had figured best spots find secure rest locations and food in reaches and bikes gave them advantage when it came to running off from danger if they were cautious. Jay after month of practicing became one best bikers in the gang. He joined the races and he did not care did he win or loose the races, he enjoyed the thrill of driving in dangerous and risky situations. It was only true joy what he had left in the world besides feel of freedom what he had in reaches. Altough how costly that freedom was. He expected to die any moment, either by reaches dangers or during the races but he did not care. He was now thrillseeker like the gang was and the gang gave feel for family what he had lost, they were his siblings who all enjoyed same things with their own quirks in their characther.

But then when Jay had turned 29 year old (ten years living in reaches) they decided do a amazing shocking stunt to hold race in the Yugash! Whole gang involve in it! They spoke the idea had been, appealing to mysterious identity who promised some generous bonus if they pull the race succesfully. With promise for some serious luxury for their wicked lives they drove in Yugash, and started the races in there on less occupied and patrolled streets in the lines. But they were caught off guard by sudden thought-ligthning from Autochton which happened outside normal pattern and it chased after them! The lightning started fry one by one the gang members! Jay, who had lived years mocking death now first time faced it for real.....and he was scared! He did not want to die! He cried in anquish when gang members got fried one by one in painful fashion. Him surviving because he was fastest and ahead of the gang. Driving top speed in hair lenght's away from deadly ligthing, all gang members dead he shouted that he will live for them rest of his life best as possible manner he can if he survives this day! And so he exalted on the spot with that promise which he meant by his full heart. He started elusively dodge the ligthning with his motorbike, moving smooth grace and survive the near death experience thanks his exaltation as a solar. In thrill of the moment he did not realize it until he saw everything glowing gold....and see from motorbike's reflection castemark in his forehead, framed by his lumen brand tattoo.

Loom of Fate detected his exaltation and he was soon tracked down by recruiter from The Academy of Celestial Refinement where his education will be held. Jay felt this was big change for him, but still he disliked solars in general because of Dylan and them being immune or rather above the common laws which apply to mortals and so he could not but laugh on the offer and irony of whole situation. But he joined the academy altough he was listed one most laziest and uncooperative students in there. Along his joining his lumen tattoo was removed but it did not remove spite what Goldhammer held towards Jay whom he thinks does not deserve being a solar (and Jay did not improve his statement by showing tongue at him). Biggest shock for Jay however was that Dylan had actually died heroically in battle years ago while he was in Reaches! So any dreams to get back on Dylan now that he was exalted would never come to be....and it left very sour and bitter taste to jay's mouth. When graduation eventually happened eight years later, they prepared grand banquet for him and even visit on the Malki archives in Sova to meet his earlier exalted incarnation. But he skipped the whole dinner sneaking out the place and racing out with his bike and returning to Claslat! He was few solars ever in Realm history to skip the graduation dinner and ceremonies! The other expections were based on national emergencies or such giving reason ignore the tradition but he did so willingly and on purpose. His reason being simple; he hated solar society and the influence solars have and he so thought all of them being one way or another rotten and he does not want associate with people like them nor live like them! This enraged many solars who had came to attend and disrupt them from their duties or their own plans. It also included his own circle who had came to attendance specifically and also his lunar mate who all felt properly insulted by his childish behavior.

Jay then became a wandering solar in Claslat, doing nothing to contribute on the Realm and holding the daring race stunts to get some food to get by while he slept in ruins or in unfinished buildings. Doing his reaches harnessed urban survival combined with basic pickpocketing to survive. He got caught dozen times red handed by alchemicals and dragon-bloods who grew disgusted that one Realm brightest stars, a solar, was living in such conditions. despite being caught the deeds were not publisized and any rumors were denied, as any confirmation of such tales would lower image of all solars! This bad the situation was and the local law office was stressed to keep things only local level known instead spread it over as common knowlegde. Jay had been offered nice apartment and room and food in Claslat.....but he refused it. He felt it was betrayal for his friends from reaches if he lived in such condittion without honestly deserving it (instead auto granted just because he is solar). He did not live where he should be and where he got food but he continued live like he had before he had been recruited upon the academy! Goldhammer who's dislike only continued grew and he could do little to stop Jay from continuing as he did expect a night in restriction cell whenever he got caught in theft and so earn ire of locals. Only way how he spended his wealth at all was weird tailor made clothes which were not uniform alike at all....but simply weird fashion and he did it so he can even passively defy the present stuck up social structure of Gunstar by dressing against 'the norm'.

However his behavior had drawn attention of Raesha, a female twilight solar who was a brilliant engineer and weapon designer. She had researched his piloting skills were top notch in academy and in practice how he eluded peacekeeper patrols with daring stunts with outdated motorbike model. He had little to no connections to any solars, nor apparent any grand ambitions for that matter and he had disliked to Gunstar Defense Line. Raesha then contacted Jay and introduced him to her secret project....orihalcum Phoenix, a top of the art voidfigther designed specifically for celestials to use. She asked obligation and also eclipse reinforced oaths be silent about the project and in return Jay would get his long awaited dream come true; fly a voidfigther and battle enemies of Realm in space. While not be part of Gunstar Defense Line which he disliked or hated depending day of the week. But rather as part as Raesha's private testing group which occasions cooperates with military but is not part of command structure (expects hers personally and she has enough influence and weight around to keep military out from her labs and her people). Jay agreed on the terms and so he became test pilot for Phoenix and during a day lasting meditation he formed link and connection to ship's AI which is called Radiant. Jay formed team with four other dragon-blood pilots who belonged to Raesha's staff and after several weeks of tests, training for war stragedies and aerial combat and he showed naturally fast progressing talent to pick up piloting voidfigther craft. After final adjustments the ships, the squad entered to one conflict zones to test the ship....and it left their target audience; Gunstar Defense Line military and folks in Realm slack jawed when they saw Phoenix in action. However part of the deal was for Jay work under a alias and not reveal his real name nor face while wearing full body helmed pilot suit. So he is known only by his code name; Goldhawk. For a decade he would remain as unknown pilot and in decade he had formed solid fan base as Goldhawk.

Jay continued live at first like he did before; stealing, living by carbage send to farms work as biological fertilizer and sleeping in ruined city blocks. However his lifstyle was known by mortal family who had served generations Jay's exaltation loyally since beginning of Realm history was highly distressed for his situation. It also included his lunar mate who was pulling all strings she could keep it as secret and she tried locate Jay and talk sense to him but he eluded her very well. As lunar mate could not contact solar deliberate to correct this error as if it was found out Jay had lived already month like this.....they may decide execute him to avoid public embarassment! Jay had even skipped one solar deliberate meetings where it was wondered where he was and was searched for a hour before meeting proceed without him! Lunar mate, who was pressured by all fronts to ask where Jay was went only source of help what she could trust on; to Jay's circle eldest solar Reflections of Serenity. Reflections of Serenity, then upon learning that Jay was more than just rude....but outright disgrace and rebellious solar who clearly had no idea of his responsebillities or idea that his actions will affect more than himself!

So Sapphire Wind digged out Jay's movements with his contacts in subtle manner and learned he had frequently visited Rhaesha's labs in past. He went there and asked what Rhaesha was up to as Jay was living like a slummer. Rhaesha, who was annoyed that another elder solar started snoop around on her business now turned her ire on Jay. She wanted a social outcaste as test pilot as then no one would discover what she is doing, but Jay was pulling his act too far! Also she had mind use Jay in future to advertise success of her project, so his present behavior would not do nor prepare for such high profile life. So she used her own staff locate Jay and send Reflections of Serenity on him, Reflections of Serenity found him on old abandoned storage house drinking stolen booze and he was then dragged by Reflections of Serenity (figuratively speaking) and same time tongue lashed about his behavior. Jay may be stubborn hothead but even he is not immune for well build lecture where he then feels guilty for his behavior as he did not know his lunar mate and mortal family who had attended centuries before him his exaltation were having trouble. He so far had selfishly thinked only to answer on himself and himself only for his troubles.

Back at Rhaesha's lab Rhaesha gave Jay a ultimatum; he either improves his behavior or he is cut off the project for good! Pressured by his own dreams to become ace pilot stacked over his own stuborn nature (which was beaten down by Reflections of Serenity already) and so Jay agreed on the terms. He started live on literally on Rhaesa's lab; some her workers had rooms in the lab and there was spare one which small very spartan in furnituring. He ate same breakfast as workers did and he goes get evening meal by dinning outside with small amount of money and eats same dinner what workers have in lab. Rhaesa did not complain the arrangement and Radiant was actually thrilled for it as it allowed her interact and talk to her pilot more often. It did not remove distress from lunar mate or family entirely but no longer Jay was slumming and so it was big relief know he now had even semi-proper place to stay and eat regularly. So after tough month the rumors of 'slumming solar' became a local urban legend instead of fact, only very few know the truth (including Goldhammer). He was dragged to solar deliberate meetings by Rhaesha but he mostly absented from votes expect the critical decision making where he took same vote as Rhaesha did. Some elder solars could predict pattern in his votes but they never learned what connection Jay had to Rhaesha until a decade later.

Jay however continued keep his profile up as local troublemaker by visiting Claslat daily and often stalked and patrolled by peacekeepers and Goldhammer to wait just Jay to steal something....but as he had no longer need to steal live by he did not. But he more often than not started break local driving codes with motorbike to rouse peacekeepers and Goldhammer into chase where he kept his driving skills sharpened with the daily exercise. But eventually Rhaesha decided it was time to unveil her project and then she waited for a major battle.....then decade later there was one where Goldhawk and his crew proved their mettle in heroics which are even singed today. They drived to the Gunstar Defense Line and there the crew was greeted as heroes and there they took their helms off.

Then many who knew Jay were surprised to see his face under the helm and it was revealed that years he had kept his appearance as vagabond to keep project details secret until development was complete. So many who knew but did not know Jay well started treat all his antics just a extreme means to keep project secret and in actually heroic achievements! Becoming a new milestone to many inspiring young solars to take example when it comes devotion to duty. Only one who was not convinced about that was Goldhammer who knew Jay had always been rebel and that some his actions were not act but he decided be silent about it. Also some elder solars knew about Jay's rebellious nature and easily see through the common lie, but decide to leave it be as it polished and improved solars reputation to keep the lie as fact than tell actual uglier truth side of it.

But eversince his unveiling it resulted in explosive popularity to Jay. He was instead stalked by fangirls (both dragon-blood and mortals) who had got decade to admire Goldhawk's aerial battle stunts and brilliant tactics! Secret identity had been long disputed rumor among the fans and Jay was striking person both hot looks and bit bad boy personality, a very attractive combination. Jay however started to be scared about his obsessive fangirls than ever from Goldhammer or Peacekeepers or ever being caught by Brilliant Blades who still remember the kid who soaked their much admired hero. Second effect was that because he gained so much reputation from this, he became highly wanted and invited guest to the parties. Rhaesha, who was enjoying height of her success in recogniction and now many factories are starting copying her prototype. However she wants her project further promoted and advertised by her test pilots and knowing jay's dislike for 'dress gala' parties of solar circles she pulled strings to get Jay's decades old nemesis; Goldhammer, assigned as Jay's personal assistant to make sure Jay attents in all critical parties. Both Jay and Goldhammer were shocked but neither could object for varied reasons, and so Goldhammer became Jay's assistant and person to keep Jay socially in line.

Third and most important factor was that Jay got to meet with his circle first time in two decades since he exalted, it was highly awkward meeting for him considering he had insulted his circle decade ago with his graduation and Reflections of Serenity had witnessed Jay during his most lowest bottom period of his life. But Reflections of Serenity had succeed talk everyone meet their circle member and smoothen over hurt feelings and consider the meeting as fresh start over for everyone and for Jay. Jay expected decadence, arrogance, pride and other awful feelings related to solars. However he was surprisingly shocked from experience which opened his eyes first time that he may had been wrong all this time regarding solars (altough Reflections of Serenity wisely told all solars are not nice people like them but they are expection than norm). Jay thanks effects of his circle started less dislike the solars and society overall, but he still disliked to dress up into galas so Goldhammer (sometimes loaning Jay's dragon-blood crew) to check Jay meets proper time his tailor and dress ups and gets into party in time. Jay may not care much for presented glory of his crew but his dragon-blood crew who had served under him decade wants to dress up and get finally enjoy fruits of their hard work!

However, even he now actively spends his wealth more than usual he still refuses live in splendid manor dedicated for his exaltation. Still live in Rhaesha's labs and even his recogniction had positive impact on his mortal staff who upkeeps the manor in his absence are still wondering (and guessing) why he does not come 'home' that he no longer needs act up as vagabond? Same question is pondered by his lunar mate who wants meet him but Jay keeps eluding her best of his abilities and now she is starting loose patience on said subject. It's matter of time before Jay is forced to meet her. Reason why Jay avoids her is mostly on fear; she is older, experienced and fears she turns him into full blown solar fitting on society. A something which Jay is correct about as Jay finds her strikingly attractive and some memories in his shard are influencing his own feelings and empowering the attraction.
Statitics for Orihalcum Phoenix (unique voidfigther)
Speed: 60/120 mph
Maneuverability: +S3 (Lore 2, Sail 2, Occult 2)
Endurance: Need powered by +5 essence core heartstone. Needs maintenance from every 20 hour of use. Repair 4.
Crew: 1/1
Cargo: 1 passenger or equivalent of cargo
Armor: 25L/30B (Hardness 12L/15B)
Health Levels: Ux10/Mx5/Cx4/Ix2/D
Integrated Artifacts
Solar Slicer: Speed 6, Accuracy +1, Damage 20L (piercing), Rate 1, Range 600. Each shot costs six motes. Each shot consists of wave beam which is 600 yards long and can be from two to fifty yards wide. Because of razor sharp structure of the beam it is considered piercing attack and it drops opposition's armor by -4. It is meant to clear cluster of enemies in single close range blast or hit massive targets several systems and blocks all once.
Long-Ranged Twin Lightning Ballista Cannons: Speed 6, Accuracy +2, Damage 25L, Rate 2, Range 1,500. Each shot costs three motes.
Nova Warheads: Speed 5, Accuracy +0, Damage 30A, Rate 1, Range 1,000. All ships within 100 yards of the initial point of detonation are damaged if their DV is lower than the pilots attack roll. Charging a nova warhead costs ten motes.
Intelligence: Orihalcum Phoenix houses a intelligence similar what is found in intelligent royal warstriders. Statistics in below;
Measure The Wind, 1m
Amethyst Awareness, 6m
Tracking, 5m
Essence Bite, 3m/scene
Uncanny Prowess, 2m
Donning Spiritual Armor, 5m/scene
Essence: 3  Motes: 30
Private Auspicious Relay Node: Works same as normal Auspicious Relay Node, expect it goes in separated wave length compared to other voidfigthers in Gunstar and so is more private. It's attended by chosen of battles who is under command/service of Raesha.
Celestial Resonance Engine: Unlike standard voidfigther the core of the voidfigther has been rebuild entirely to host a celestial core made from orihalcum sphere with moonsilver links towards starmetal chips which communicate with adamant core inside orihalcum sphere shell. Overall it provides 30 motes essence use for Phoenix's weapons and systems but powering none the charms.
Environmental Shielding: A voidfighter gunship’s hull provides full protection against the hazards of exposure to hard vacuum. The ship is also capable of producing an unlimited supply of air, synthesizing it from Essence drawn out of its celestial core.
Integrated God-Machine Grid: The grid contains the installed machine god's charms which are alchemical in nature. It has slot for total six charms which can be removed and replaced by other charms while ship is docked in dock bay and download needed programs use the charms. So far Raesha has not been able expand slots any further than this but it goes above average standard voidfigther. The qualifications for each charm is based on driver's own attributes than attributes of the awakened god in voidfigther.
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Re: Gunstar Autochthonia Campaign - Recruitment Thread!
« Reply #6 on: August 31, 2014, 05:39:10 am »
Right now I'm toying either between Steel Orchid, the Dawn I played in the other Gunstar game, or trying to build Infinite Sky on here.  Right now, Steel Orchid is winning.

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Re: Gunstar Autochthonia Campaign - Recruitment Thread!
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One initial note Zaer before I go through your sheet more in depth. Backgrounds as a whole are not limited to 5,just Artifacts.

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Re: Gunstar Autochthonia Campaign - Recruitment Thread!
« Reply #8 on: August 31, 2014, 07:50:10 am »
I read through your back story Zaer and I will say that I am on the fence about approving the character you have created. Primarily because he is very clearly built to be a solo type guy, and obviously not a big team or Deliberative player.

Since this is a group game, it requires that your character voluntarily want to band together with the other group in a very proactive manner. I don't see this guy as being someone who would do that. Do you disagree?

@Andy, whichever is your preference. I haven't read through Steel Orchid so let me know what you are going for first. That way I don't dig through her another and stats if you don't plan to use her!

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Re: Gunstar Autochthonia Campaign - Recruitment Thread!
« Reply #9 on: August 31, 2014, 08:35:37 am »
  Atarn and i are brainstorming ideas. 

  Red, do you want Void Fighters to be a major theme? 

  Ideas Atarn and I have thrown around include a pair of dragon blooded twins who are ace voidfighter pilots.  Another idea--I'm not quite sure how it would work--involves Atarn running a voidfighter pilot and I running a sidereal who uses the loom of fate to support him--perhaps including a sort of ethereal projection of a beautiful girl appearing behind him, offering counsel and aid. 

  In either event, we're still very much in the brainstorming phase.  I've been thinking a lot about the Prismatic arrangement of creation  martial arts. 

  I've also been thinking that--if Andy prefers Steel Orchid--i might consider a magitech engineer.

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Re: Gunstar Autochthonia Campaign - Recruitment Thread!
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Good question Muse. Void Fighters will only be as prevalent as the number of characters who actively do it. A lot of the game will also take place on other planets or small moons they explore. Borrowing heavily from Battlestar Galactica, much of the plot will revolve around us trying to find a means to return to Creation. Now that we are near strong enough to fight back.

I lean more towards your DB character than Sidereal. Though primarily because you would not be able to use the Loom for the purpose you described. The Loom in this is going to be treated almost like a unimaginably powerful super computer that can allow Sidereal to discern events and the future. The information it gives though is fairly vague.

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Re: Gunstar Autochthonia Campaign - Recruitment Thread!
« Reply #11 on: August 31, 2014, 09:10:01 am »
I read through your back story Zaer and I will say that I am on the fence about approving the character you have created. Primarily because he is very clearly built to be a solo type guy, and obviously not a big team or Deliberative player.

Since this is a group game, it requires that your character voluntarily want to band together with the other group in a very proactive manner. I don't see this guy as being someone who would do that. Do you disagree?

The earlier ST had similar question and being on fence about approving my char. However I convinced him that he will be team player and the time the game lasted he was team player. Now hear me about second as I explain bit about Jay Jadestar as personality;

Overall background wise he has been loner and a rebel, he has been alone and surviving and so called 'fighting the social caste' system. As mortal he sink lowest low, he became literally a human trash in eyes of the Exalted Deliberate and overall society and he lived off as outcaste. However, in the moment where he was supposed to die for amusement of the corrupt citizens who watched death races, he wished for survive, somewhere in his heart he wished for more albeit he could not shape nor name that desire.

Because of that and his determination to survive and figure out what for he is living for...he exalted as a solar. Now it did not change who he was, he still had hang ups with the system but once he realized he wanted to be best pilot in Autochtonia then came conflict of desire and interest; to become top tier recognized pilot he would have to work with military but as early background shows he has lots of negative vibes entirely about military structure. So his rebel attitude conflicted with his dream to become a pilot.

Now Rhaesha, the solar in background becomes a big major shaper of Jay Jadestar's life. His solar status gave him some perks but he out of rebelling attitude refused use them, he refused to be 'become one of them' (indicating bureaucratical assholes in the system). Instead contributing to society with his solar powers he did not want any part of it because he had fear it corrupts him and thus betrays his own ideals.

So Rhaesha gives him means to achieve his dream; become voidfigther while not part of military structure. Overall in said career as test pilot and building his legend Rhaesha was forced to make Jay Jadestar more socially involved or less troublemaker and as Jay Jadestar had got taste being pilot he was hard pressed by continuing it comparing to continue to rebel. So along with the process he became less rebel and became more cooperative.

Now, as test pilot who was listed anonymous in battlefields and became a legend and a hero idol, when he unmasked himself after project was concluded as a success it brought big change in his life. He was no longer 'trash solar' but a recognized and respected one. Based on things what he loved to do. Now he cannot anyway shape nor form argue he haven't deserved the 'respect' he is getting by his own merit (instead him being just a solar). But it same token makes him uncomfortable about it but he is forced endure the discomfort of the fame best as he can. Also his years interaction with his wingmen (DB support pilots) he has learned he may had been too harsh for members of his circle or other exalted people in general sense (kind judge all as if they had been made from single mold).

So the game would start from point where future is laid open for Jay Jadestar; he has no seat nor any 'political' position in Exalted Deliberate nor any military nor government duties. However he is highly recognized celebrity, a battlefield hero who owns a prototype voidfigther who by his own free will joins to defend Autochton and the city because he loves aerial battles than sense of duty. He had long time hang ups avoid socializing with other exalted host (besides the ones involved with Rhaesa's secret project), but he has realized he had those walls and he is lowering them down in this point in his life.

So in short the concept what I try bring with Jay Jadestar is; A dare-devil rebel pilot with a golden heart. You can note that he has compassion 3, so he does care about other people but he may have harder time show it thanks his life what he has led. Reason why he is not socially awkward (social attributes and presence high) is because he was groomed into captain, a leadership position, under Rhaesa's care and taught responsibility. So he is far cry from being anti-social.

However, with temperance 1, performance 0, socialize 0 and investigation 0, means that he is completely uncomfortable in high social gala settings even with his presence 5 which just allows him make strong impressions, both good and bad as his temper can flare up and lead him do something rebellious or foolishly daring.

Anyways sorry for long winded explanation but I can understand why my background screams a 'loner', 'solo' and so forth. But that's just his past life, not what he is now in present and in future. I added all those quirks and hang ups as means to make him interesting and bit a challenge compared to make a typical solar who gets along with everyone and has no hang ups nor problems to team with anyone for anything.
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Re: Gunstar Autochthonia Campaign - Recruitment Thread!
« Reply #12 on: August 31, 2014, 09:17:46 am »
Very  good explanation Zaer, you convinced me! I like where you are going with this concept.

Since you are volunteering to have 0 social status with your character in the military and thus no authority (which I am granting everyone for free) I will approve your Prototype Void Fighter artifact. Just understand that every other party member will outrank you, and be able to order you to do things like a superior officer would. That is sort of the price you are paying to have a stronger artifact than everyone else. One that only you can pilot.

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Re: Gunstar Autochthonia Campaign - Recruitment Thread!
« Reply #13 on: August 31, 2014, 09:29:32 am »
Good you understand my idea better now :). However does 0 social status mean 0 class rank? Just note a low class low-trade commoner has class rank 1 in Autochton. Jay Jadestar has lived as class 0 rank (which is the social outcaste life he lived as death racer).

Or is 0 social status more as actual influential rank in government/military? I am fine with that in return with the perk of the prototype vessel. However it needs 5th level hearthstone to work (power it up) so need invest some background dots to get suitable Nova Battery (or get manse).

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Re: Gunstar Autochthonia Campaign - Recruitment Thread!
« Reply #14 on: August 31, 2014, 09:34:28 am »
In military rank influence wise. He is still a celebrity among the people, so he would be quite well off in his general lifestyle.

I am adding a note to the rules informing everyone that you do not need to take any points in Class. I'm basically granting everyone for free a high Class rank because you are all important military officials.

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Re: Gunstar Autochthonia Campaign - Recruitment Thread!
« Reply #15 on: August 31, 2014, 09:49:59 am »
Ok, so we get Class 4 for free for everyone for various reasons? But for actual military ranks and such folks need to take Backing background.

Anyways do you approve the statistics of the prototype vessel? It has basically 6 charm slots like alchemicals do have so it can be custom fitted with various implantations. However the qualifications for said charms are based on pilot's stats. But ship has essence core which gives 30 motes to power weapons or alchemical modules (but not spirit charms, ship has 30 motes in itself for those).

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Re: Gunstar Autochthonia Campaign - Recruitment Thread!
« Reply #16 on: August 31, 2014, 10:16:12 am »
I lean more towards your DB character than Sidereal. Though primarily because you would not be able to use the Loom for the purpose you described. The Loom in this is going to be treated almost like a unimaginably powerful super computer that can allow Sidereal to discern events and the future. The information it gives though is fairly vague.

So there are no Auspicious Relay Nodes in your story, Red? 

Auspicious Relay Node: A clockwork assembly of starmetal housed beneath the control console of a voidfighter maintains a constant uplink to the Loom of Fate, allowing the Sidereal Exalted to synchronize with the ships of the Gunstar Defense Line. A Sidereal in Hadal using a Loom terminal may attune his senses to multiple voidfighters, committing a single mote for each ship he wishes to focus on. While he maintains this commitment, the Sidereal can telepathically communicate with the pilots of those ships, and simultaneously experiences everything they see. He can also activate any Sidereal Awareness Charms he knows on behalf of a pilot, allowing them to benefit from it as though they had used it. Charms used through an Auspicious Relay Node still follow all normal rules for Combos, and both the Sidereal and the pilot must take any actions needed to use an activated Charm.
--Shards of the Exalted Dream Page 20

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Re: Gunstar Autochthonia Campaign - Recruitment Thread!
« Reply #17 on: August 31, 2014, 10:33:52 am »
Yeah, my ship has specific version of that Relay Node which is separated from Gunstar Defense Line (it's private line).

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Re: Gunstar Autochthonia Campaign - Recruitment Thread!
« Reply #18 on: August 31, 2014, 02:23:25 pm »
@Zaer, I have not yet approved the stats for your Void Fighter, only that it can be a Artifact 5 and not a normally capped Artifact 4. I won't be able to run through whether I think it is too weak or too strong until I have the chance to look at it with my books.

@Muse, I would not be taking those out of the game. However, I have not yet decided on whether or not we will be using the actual Exalted system for combat. We may just roleplay out fights and I will gauge what everyone does and whether or not it works based on what I have for your stats vs. how powerful I think the enemy is. I wouldn't want anyone to base a character around a system-fighting mechanic and end up not actually using the system to fight.

Basically if I took the system out, roleplaying wise the Auspicious Relay Node is just a communication device that allows you to "enhance" the other player during combat. It wouldn't be very interesting for you roleplaying wise because you would not be directly in the knitting gritty of the fight. I may say instead (if we end up not using the system) that the Auspicious Relay Nodes allow you to take control of Void Fighters as a sort of VR from the safety of the Gunstar. You would not be as fast, or as maneuverable as a normal living pilot in the cockpit, but you would be safe.

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Re: Gunstar Autochthonia Campaign - Recruitment Thread!
« Reply #19 on: August 31, 2014, 02:40:47 pm »
Hey guys, based off Muse's suggestion I am going to allow everyone the ability to select 2 Artifact dots for the cost of 1 Background point.

Dragonblooded will get 3 along with Alchemicals.

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Re: Gunstar Autochthonia Campaign - Recruitment Thread!
« Reply #20 on: August 31, 2014, 03:18:30 pm »
The original setup gives everyone 3 points per dot of Artifact.  Is that being lowered, so that non-DBs or alcs only get 2, or raised even higher so that it ends up being actually 6 for most and 9 for DBs and Alcs?

Artifact: The magitech infrastructure of the Realm
makes it far easier to mass-produce personal artifacts.
An Exalt gains three dots worth of artifacts for each
point of the Artifact Background he buys. The Exalted
may even raise their Artifact Background all the way
to five dots without using bonus points, paying only
one Background or bonus point each for the fourth
and fifth dots.

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Re: Gunstar Autochthonia Campaign - Recruitment Thread!
« Reply #21 on: August 31, 2014, 03:22:42 pm »
@Zaer, I have not yet approved the stats for your Void Fighter, only that it can be a Artifact 5 and not a normally capped Artifact 4. I won't be able to run through whether I think it is too weak or too strong until I have the chance to look at it with my books.

Ok, so that will be on hold on bit. Anyways starting figure out and calculate how edit my charsheet numbers wise. Also double check that I don't have former game freebies floating about.

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Re: Gunstar Autochthonia Campaign - Recruitment Thread!
« Reply #22 on: August 31, 2014, 03:29:11 pm »
The original setup gives everyone 3 points per dot of Artifact.  Is that being lowered, so that non-DBs or alcs only get 2, or raised even higher so that it ends up being actually 6 for most and 9 for DBs and Alcs?

If the actual campaign setting says that people get 3 for each point, then we can run with that. My intent is to give Dragonblooded and Alchemicals more artifacts to start with that Solars, Lunars, and Sidereals to account for the DB and Alc. having weaker charms overall. So that being said, if we want to go with 3, I can give the DB and Alc.'s 4 if everyone prefers that method.

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Re: Gunstar Autochthonia Campaign - Recruitment Thread!
« Reply #23 on: August 31, 2014, 03:54:53 pm »
I am okay with that.

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Re: Gunstar Autochthonia Campaign - Recruitment Thread!
« Reply #24 on: August 31, 2014, 05:43:16 pm »
Wait.  Back up.  What're we doing with Artifacts, now?

Also, quick question to the crew.  Which Social ability would be more useful for getting information in an...*ahem* private setting?  Presence or Socialize?