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Author Topic: Jarulf's ideas thread  (Read 1244 times)

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Jarulf's ideas thread
« on: August 30, 2014, 08:06:47 AM »
Status and Recent Updates.
Current status: tentatively open
Latest update: March 26, 2018 - some details
Update: July 08, 2017 - edited The Island
Update: March 05, 2017 - added The Island
Update: April 22, 2015 - Added the Knight and the sister in-law story
Update: March 19, 2015 - added Underground and fiddled a bit with the layout
update: January 22, 2015 - clarified some things about Saraken
update: January 20, 2015 - added Saraken
update: November 19, 2014 - small corrections and status
update: September 7, 2014 - added Hidden Garden idea and Caught Jerking Off scene
update: September 2, 2014 - added Sword & Sorcery, reworked the text slightly

Quick Introduction.

Hello and thank you for taking a look at my various ideas for one on ones.

This list will probably not be very long, but hopefully there will be something to catch someone's interest.

I'm mainly looking for female partners writing smart women, at least if the story involves sex. If you like an idea, but if we can't explore it together for whatever reason, feel free to pitch it to someone else, though a quick mention where it came from would be appreciated, at least if it's different enough not to look like a dozen others. If I don't want to start a new game because I don't have a slot free, just let me know if you want me to drop you a PM when I have one available again to check if you are still interested.
You will find more about what I like and don't like in my O&O thread, linked at the end, but a short summary follows further down.
Whatever my current availability status, if there is something in this or one of my other threads, or in a story even, that interests you I always welcome a friendly PM.

I'm not really in a position to make strict demands when it comes to spelling or grammar, but I do ask that you check for mistakes in both before posting and that you know the difference between they're, their and so on. Too many mistakes make the story harder to read, and sometimes harder to understand.

I can normally post at least once a week, often more than that, but please see my Ons and Offs thread for more details on that.

Under this heading I'll list a few scenes I would like to explore at some point. Some of them could possibly be made into a complete story, but I suspect they would work best as one shots or included as part of a story.

The Camp
My character is out in the wilderness and comes upon a camp where two girls are having sex. He watches for a while, but his presence is revealed somehow and he is made a captive of the girls who proceed to use him for their pleasure. This is not a proper D/s type of story, though there could be some elements of it. I think of this as some sort of fantasy setting, the girls could be elves, dryads or amazons or just a pair wildlings.
There is possibly some potential here for a longer story.

Caught Jerking Off
The pretty neighbour comes over and sees my character jerking off. What does she do? Pretty standard type of scene, does she reveal herself and treat him to a strip show, give him a blow or hand job? Does she touch herself?

These are ideas for longer running stories, with proper plots (improvised or planned), and if we're lucky a proper ending as well. The smut is generally secondary to plot in these, even optional. I like character development, letting friendships and romances build over time and not rushing into the sex. Most of the items listed here are not fully thought through or very detailed and could be seen as a starting point for discussions, unless I say otherwise.

A noble daughter of the city of Meilan is sent to negotiate with the barbarian warlord whose armies threaten her home. But he will not see her, while her own advisors keep meeting with his and soon her handmaiden reveals the truth; She has not been sent to negotiate, but as a bribe. Her advisor is the real diplomat and has been keeping her in reserve, to present her at the right moment. Will she manage to persuade him to leave her city alone, and what will become of her? Has her own people sacrificed her for their own safety?

I am interested in some sort of power struggle between them, initially she will be completely at his mercy, and he will likely take advantage of that. He is not a brute though, he will be educated and more refined than his barbarian background would suggest.
The setting is something vaguely inspired by China threatened by Mongol hordes.

I am Marak'Sar. I am the Shadow of the god Sar, and God-King of Saraken.

The Moon hid the Sun today, and a young woman tried to assassinate me, she now sits naked before me - head bent but with fire in her heart. I do not need chains to hold her.
She is mine now, a god's slave.

The ancient city of Saraken sits in an arid region of the world, half-desert surrounds her and protects her from those who would wish her harm. Many visit her, traders come with gold and ostrich feathers, rare spices and slaves, onyx and bronze. Foreign diplomats seek audience with the priests or the God-King himself to offer treaties, marriages or to issue veiled threats. Robed priests come to study at her temples to learn her hidden truths and secrets.

Saraken is a nexus of peoples, but stands apart in her traditional isolation of superiority. She does not reach out, in trade or in violence, the world comes to her. She lies by an oasis nestled among high cliffs of red stone, her houses carved into the rock itself. Fruit trees and strips of grain are nourished by the life-giving water and traders gather at the markets.

The people of Saraken are tall and proud, their skin a dark bronze and long hair fall in oiled curls down their backs. They clothe themselves in pleated linen, in wool and leather. My favoured wear silk from distant lands. Priests wear robes, priestesses too, but with one breast bare. Normal men and women wear little, only enough for modesty. A breach clout and a simple thin shift. Their black eyes glint with intelligence and the knowledge that they are first among men, the first given bodies, the first given breath and voice. I am their ruler, and the God Sar through me.

Three temples are famous in the world, all are here. Sar's temple sprawls atop the tallest cliff. It houses His priests who serve as clerks, judges and lawyers. They uphold the order of the world with their rites, the stars move according to their will, the sun rises and sets at their words. Near the oasis lies the Goddess, Ahana and her home. Young girls are trained here for the rites that ensure that water flows and the earth yields, some of them are my wives. Some I send to foreign lands as wives to lesser kings.
Of the third Temple I know little, no man does. Vanya, is the moon. She keeps secrets in the night, when someone healthy dies she has taken him. She knows magics and the mysteries of women. Fear her for she answers to no one.
The slave before me is her priestess.


This is a story about a young priestess of the moon who was sent by her superiors to kill her God-King. What she does not know, is that it was a magical ritual to decide which goddess should be Sar's consort. The girl failed and he now holds her trapped. Traditionally Ahana is the consort, but old stories tell of another age when Vanya sat as Sar's equal by his side. A full solar eclipse, the time when Vanya's power is equal to Sar's, would be the perfect time to attempt to reverse the roles of the two goddesses and so Vanya's priestesses saw it as a sign to act.
But the assassin not only failed but survived, not something her superiors had counted on. So which Goddess sits the throne the coming age is unknown.

What will that mean?
At first the assassin will become the God-King's slave, to serve him as he wishes. If she proves her loyalty and usefulness she could rise and become his bodyguard.  But will she be able to rise even further and become his Godess-Queen and his equal, and so fulfill her mission in spite of failing? Will Vanya's chosen sit beside Sar's Shadow? We'll begin with the assassination attempt itself.

The type of story I want is one with a lot of sensual description; light falling on bronze skin, cold obsidian, the faint echo of dripping water in an empty cavern, scents of cummin and cardemon, the whisper of fabric against soft limbs. Taste of salt on her skin. the sheen of oil in his hair. The explosion of a sweet fruit on the tongue. Things like that. I don't know how well I can do it myself, I want to try.

I will be playing Marak'Sar, and am looking for someone who would like to be my would-be assassin.

Note that this is not primarily a D/s story, though there would certainly be elements of that. It is probably a power struggle between the two though, but I would really like to discuss the themes and plot more before the game starts.  I expect the story to focus on the two of them and how their relationship develops, occasional scenes may include other important people of the city or his household, ministers, priests and slaves, both normal scenes and sex scenes. You should be fine with sex scenes involving more than one woman, and help me write those parts. Due to how the story starts, there could be some NC situations early on, but we'll discuss anything first. I will want some of both types of scenes, multiple girls and NC, but how much is definitely open for negotiation, as are most aspects of the story and setting.

What about the girl?
In my head I see her as fairly young, inexperienced in many things, but trained by her temple to fight, using any means available. Stealth, seduction, influence - all are tools in her armory. She may even have some form of magic at her disposal, these are some of the details we'll need to decide on. It could be interesting finding out if she is loyal to her temple, even after finding out they half-expected her to die, her king, or the city itself. Or just to herself.

The Retainer
Another fantasy idea. My character is a retainer of your noble girl, asked to escort her on a long journey. Your character has had a crush on him, or develop one during the journey while my character is mostly just fond of her and very reluctant to act on any feelings. This could entail an age difference, seduction, action/adventure. While she could be young, I don't really like naive characters or ditsy bratty princesses.

The live-in help
Your character has applied for the job as live-in help to mine, the details can vary. She could be a personal assistant, secretary, maid or even nurse of some sort. My character obviously has the money for this, or someone else is footing the bill, unless she is doing this for other reasons than money.
This could develop in a few different directions I think. One being some sort of light D/s relationship, where she is somehow forced into this situation. Another option is letting it evolve into a more regular friendship or romance, sex would certainly be optional in the first case.

The Wildling Girl
This one is partly inspired by the Mythago Woods series by Robert Holdstock, an old folk tale and my own ideas of general sexiness. Set in medieval times, real or fantasy, my character is living alone in the deep forest. One day when he comes home, someone has tidied up in his house. This happens several times at irregular intervals until one day, lying in wait, he catches a glimpse of a wildling girl as she leaves and vanishes into the forest again. Who is she, and why does she do this?
What I'm mainly looking for here, apart for the mystery of the girl herself, is the dark mysteries and grandness of nature, very possibly with a supernatural touch. The deep untamed forest is dangerous to man and he can get lost there in more than one sense. And yet, man is still part of nature and it sometimes reaches out to him.


It was a slow sound at first as stone reluctantly grated on stone. It struggled as if caught on something then with a sudden crack something gave and a heavy bang stunned him for a moment. He turned fearfully, shocked and in the weak light from his sputtering lantern he looked back at the doorway he had come through only minutes ago. It was gone. A stone slab had dropped down and blocked it completely. Trapped.

He had come here, after years of research in the old archives at the Academy and elsewhere, he had found the old city everyone had thought lost. All the forgotten lore and teachings of the Shadowdancers waited to be recovered, but instead he would die here from thirst in a few days.

Another sound then. Metal on stone, high up on the wall to his right and he thought he could see a brief flicker of flame before it vanished. Someone was there.


This is a fantasy story, where an explorer (aka adventurer) goes in search of, and finds an ancient city which was the headquarters of a mysterious group of magical warriors, the Shadowdancers. Assassins, warriors and magicians, they were a stealthy group with an agenda of their own, but with the fall of the empire four hundred years ago they vanished into legend.
The city is abandoned and in ruins, but in the vast underground complex below it lives a girl. Who is she? Has she wandered in here herself, is she the last Shadowdancer or something else? And why has she trapped the explorer in the dark?

I'm looking for a story that explores these two, romance and sex are both on the table but not a requirement. I imagine she eventually frees him, or he manages to escape, and they explore the complex together. While the girl is obviously up to my partner to define and detail, the girl in my head is lonely, perhaps she hasn't even seen another person in years, and may be a little erratic in her behaviour.
My character is around thirty, a scholar and swordsman who stupidly came here alone. He doesn't trust easily, as so never told anyone where he was going. Not that that would have helped much anyway.

The knight and the sister in-law

A young woman goes to live with her sister and her husband, a knight in a far off corner of the land. Since her sister's wedding she has had a crush on him, but he loves his wife and only sees his sister in-law as a child. He is now her legal guarding untill she marries.
Two girls, incest, possibly NC and older man - young woman.

This could play out as a short story focusing on the sex, but would also work well in a longer format. It could then include life in the castle or keep, the surrounding areas with bandits, hunting in the forest, visitors and whatever else we come up with. Dark gritty fantasy, high (pseudo-)historical age of chivalry or anything in between. I'm open to suggestions. You will have to be willing to write multiple parts as needed by the scene, both for sex and otherwise (as will I of course).

The Island
A middle-aged man has arrived on a remote island for a vacation, to put some distance between himself and a situation he needs time to think through. He has rented a small cottage for a few months, and it has been strongly suggested that the small village nearby would appreciate it if he took someone on to help clean and cook, or perhaps help with the large garden. That's where your character comes in. Would you like to play someone from the village, or perhaps someone else visiting the island for an extended period of time? Someone young or nearer his own age?

Plot is important here, where their relationship develops and matures - neither may be interested in any sort of relationship at first, but then they get to talking a little and that first awkwardnes gets better. This does not have to involve smut, I would be perfectly happy for this to evolve into a sexless friendship, but slowly rising tensions would be fun too. This would be a story with a lot of talk, and less action.

Vague Ideas and more.
Here I'll put those ideas that are barely worthy of the name, things that could possibly be worked into a story or scene with love and care. I expect most of these will just be a word or two to a short sentence.

A harem - what can I say, harems are hot.
Always interested in gritty fantasy
Some sort of Sword & Sorcery story
A hidden garden is larger on the inside than it appears. What dwells inside and waits for my character when he enters? Fairies, dryads, elves?
Slavegirl - The idea of having my own, legally owned slavegirl is intriguing. Not quite sure what to do with her though, apart from the obvious... Probably fantasy.

Some quick O&O comments.
I'm a straight guy, and pretty vanilla in my tastes when it comes to sex, but I don't mind exploring some things I might not enjoy in RL. I like to rp foreplay and tender moments a lot, have a thing for threesomes with two girls and like some soft bondage and D/s play as well - though I'm not really into that scene as such. I'm not fond of extensive piercings and tattoos.
Vomit, vore, snuff, scat and similar things on the extreme end are definitely out.
As I said above, don't be afraid of sending me a PM for whatever reason.
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Re: Jarulf's ideas thread
« Reply #1 on: August 31, 2014, 04:48:42 AM »
Updated with a clarification or two and the Wildling Girl idea

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Re: Jarulf's ideas thread
« Reply #2 on: November 19, 2014, 01:48:39 AM »
Status update and some corrections.

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Re: Jarulf's ideas thread
« Reply #3 on: January 20, 2015, 03:56:49 AM »
Added Saraken, it's the only story I 'm interested in right now.

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Re: Jarulf's ideas thread
« Reply #4 on: March 19, 2015, 02:47:52 AM »
Updated with new story; Underground and started using spoilers since some of the ideas are getting wordy.

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Re: Jarulf's ideas thread
« Reply #5 on: April 22, 2015, 03:43:36 AM »
Updated with new story, The Knight and the sister in-law. Changed availability in a probably rather confusing way.

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Re: Jarulf's ideas thread
« Reply #6 on: May 21, 2015, 01:22:45 AM »
New story; Beseiged and updated status

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Re: Jarulf's ideas thread
« Reply #7 on: March 05, 2017, 02:53:25 AM »
I think I'm allowed to bump now.
I may be interested in one of the simpler ideas, such as The Retainer, but if anything stikes you as interesting feel free to drop me a PM..

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Re: Jarulf's ideas thread
« Reply #8 on: June 08, 2017, 11:45:26 AM »

I am open to one more story. (I'm in one using email so you can't find it here, but I could always PM a sample post if anyone wants to check out my writing).
Would love something that build a relationship slowly, doesn't have to have any smut, or leave it open.

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Re: Jarulf's ideas thread
« Reply #9 on: March 26, 2018, 05:14:54 AM »
Time to get back into things, so I hope to take on one story.

Right now I'm mostly interested in the stories 'The Retainer' and 'Underground', or something based off of those, but feel free to pitch me anything.