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Author Topic: Aces & 8's Request Thread (M for whatever is story appropriate)  (Read 335 times)

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About Me

I've roleplayed a long time. 24 years to be exact. I started with 1st edition D&D and went from there. Now I collect rpgs and play them every chance I get. Some are good and some are bad but almost all have something interesting to them. There are some exceptions to that of course. Once I started playing online I tried my hand at freeform games. Both are cool with me as I have had great experiences both ways.

As for writing I have done that nearly as long as I've roleplayed. Reading and writing are two of my great loves. Horror, sci-fi, modern, fantasy, 'punk, sword and sorcery, superheroes... I've read and written it all. My tastes are varied and somewhat eclectic. I've even written fanfiction a few times.

Also - as a note to any potential writing partners - I do suffer some health issues and that does impact my posting some days. Suffice to say I have something of a degenerative nerve condition and it causes issues from time to time. (I call those times weekdays... and weekends and bank holidays.)

What I Am Looking For In A Partner

- Patience: It's the whole health issue thing. Some days I hurt too much, some days I'm exhausted because I can't sleep, and other days I just feel like shit. On those days I might not post. I need partners who will understand this and won't push.

- Literacy: As per usual on PBP I would prefer some command of the English language and grammar that won't make my eyes bleed.

- Creativity: This is a big must. I am terribly fond of unusual ideas and settings and characters. My partners must be willing and able to deal with that. The ability to roll with the punches is a good to have with me.

- Quality Over Quantity: Some people want 4 or more paragraphs a post. I would rather have two brilliant paragraphs over 6 mediocre ones.

What I Am Looking To Write

- Sexual Content: Almost reads like a ratings warning doesn't it? Due to the aforementioned health issues a real sex life is problematic for me and I do not have much experience writing such scenes. So I would like the chance to simply write these kind of stories. Both for the experience of writing something new and a little bit of frustration release. My O/O's are in my signature.

- Violence: I like writing violent stories. The first stories I can remember reading were Howard's Conan and Solomon Kane and Bran Mak Morn. These used violence as an emphasis. To say something about the character and the world. And I really fucking love that. That doesn't mean I want to use violence gratuitously or that I necessarily want to target my writing partner's characters. I just like dangerous stories. I can do realistic violence (Lord knows I have the experience to write it) or more cinematic violence or even over the top gore splattered decadent levels of violence. I'm flexible.

- Story: Now, while I want sex and violence, I want a story too. It doesn't have to be the most complex thing ever but it has to be strong. If there is no story or a weak story linking everything I'll get bored. I know. I've seen me do it.


- Fantasy: Whether Tolkienesque or inspired by Hindu or Norse or Aztec myth I don't care. I am a fan of all things fantasy. High fantasy, dark fantasy, sword and sorcery... it's all equal in my eyes.

- Sci-Fi: I am pickier with my sci-fi. Hard sci-fi isn't my thing because I would rather focus on the characters rather than the science. That being said I love alien species and psychic powers and exploring worlds.

- Urban Fantasy: Modern day with magic and supernaturals. Whether hidden or open. Think the Dresden Files or the early Anita Blake novels or - my personal favorite of the genre - Cabal by Clive Barker.

- Horror: I love me some horror. From Lovecraftian to Body Horror to Barker's more surrealistic horror to the classics. Vampires, werewolves, and the walking dead. All cool.

- Superheroes: Iron Age or Modern Age is my preference here. Original characters to established heroes and villains. Original or established settings.

- 'Punk: Steampunk, cyberpunk, gothicpunk, magipunk, chemicalpunk, punkpunk... all good. And don't bother looking up chemicalpunk. It's a term I coined for a setting I wrote. Possibly to be a book at some point.

- Post Apocalypse: Whether zombie overrun or an alien virus or Lovecraftian awakening I love me some post apocalyptic goodness. I will say that I prefer a supernatural or superhuman edge to my apocalypse. Oh and anything Fallout like or just the Fallout world.

- Western: Primarily weird west. Deadlands would be awesome.

Note: These lists are not exhaustive. I do like and would be willing to play in many other fandoms/settings. These are all I could think of currently but they should at least give an idea of what I am into fandomwise.

Ideas in Blue are current cravings.

Settings and Fandoms - Anime

- Guyver: A great modern horror sci-fi/action conspiracy setting. Humans wielding organic alien battlesuits against the shapeshifting monsters of an evil organization. Just a lot of potential there.

- Attack on Titan: Another dark fantasy setting where humanity has been pushed behind walls to hide from the Titans. Giant monsters driven to consume humans. It's bloody and unforgiving and full of terrifying monsters. Oddly it also possess' some of the most realistic and well researched martial arts in an anime.

Plus one of the monsters is modeled after Brock Lesnar. It's not important but it's such a weird fact that I like pointing it out.

Settings and Fandoms - Video Games

- The Legacy of Kain: A dark, Gothic sword & sorcery fantasy setting where vampires are the heroes, humans are ruled by fear and hatred, and beings from outside the world threaten everything in their desire to be free. It boasts a rich mythology and many chances for a great story.

- Jade Empire: Pure wuxia action full of scheming demons, mystic arts, and over the top martial arts. A very rich setting inspired by Chinese mythology.

- Diablo: Another dark, Gothic fantasy setting full of bloody handed demons, light winged angels, and magical artifacts. Add a classic good versus evil storyline to well developed lore and you get something really interesting as a setting.

Settings and Fandoms - RPGs

- Planescape: Easily one of the strangest, most philosophy driven settings ever made full of strange and wondrous things. I loved this setting since I first played Planescape: Torment years ago and would love to really give it a go.

- Spelljammer: An insane pseudo sci-fi high seas space opera with hippo men and spacefaring beholders. I've never gotten to play it but I'd really like to.

- Warhammer 40k: The possibilities of a grim war story following the adventures of a squad of Space Marines are endless. Especially if you had a tight concept for everyone like they all came out of the same bunch of recruits and became neophytes together. Or an Eldar game could be awesome too. Could do some really cool stuff with the Imperial Guard too. But fuck the Tau, Ultramarines, the Inquisition, and the Dark Eldar.

Settings and Fandoms - Comics

- X-Men: I've been an X-Men fan for years. RPing in that universe would be awesome but just because I call it X-Men doesn't mean the characters have to be X-Men. Original characters are awesome. Want to be an Acolyte? Cool! Want to work for the Hellfire Club? Sweet! Want to be Morlocks? I'm down for that!

- Batman: I'm a Batman fan because of course I am. From these other entries can you not feel the strength of my geekyness? That being said I would love to try my hand at writing Batman or one of his villains.
  - Pairings I would Love to Write: Batman/Catwoman, Joker/Harley, Mr. Freeze/Nora Fries

Original Settings

- Underwater Fantasy: I've wanted to play in an underwater campaign for years. I'm fascinated by the ocean. I have a degree in marine biology for no reason other than my interest and a good undersea game would be awesome. Especially if I could do something with sharks but I'm imagining great drowned cities, colorful gypsy like dolphins, alien monsters from the Abyssal Plains, forests of kelp, and strange magics.

- Prison Planet Sci-Fi: Imagine an entire world used as a dumping ground for every form of criminal. You have terrorists and political dissidents next to serial killers and rapists. Unregistered psychics contend with assassins. Gangs vying for control of the supply drops and vast Vegas like cities built from the scrap dropped on the planet's surface.

- Sorcerer's Isle: A college of wizardry beset on all sides by rogue experiments, arcane greed, extradimensional horrors, foreign powers, and seemingly suicidal students. Less Harry Potter and more weird fantasy. Dr. Strange at it's best. Over the top incantations, larger than life characters, surreal otherworlds, and more.

- Flesh and Bone Modern Fantasy: Take the staples of the Paranormal Romance genre and turn them on their heads. Inject horror back into the genre. Remove the cheesy sexy and let it be thrilling because it's dangerous. Because it pushes into uncomfortable territory. Let vampires be rare and powerful cursed souls - people who earned their damnation. Let werewolves be carriers of a dark plague that turns killers into the beast inside them. Let demons be fallen fuck angels - alien rather than one dimensional evil. Let zombies be ghouls again - shapeshifting haunters of graveyards and eaters of the dead. Let gothic horror be  horror.

Story Ideas

- The Crusade: Inspired by Diablo and Warhammer 40K. Gothic styled Dark Fantasy. M/F or M. Possibly even more than 1 writing partner. The base idea is that it's a dark, dangerous world. Decadent and demon haunted with a corrupt church. Standard paint by numbers dark fantasy. Would like to avoid Tolkienesque races. So mostly human unless you have a really cool idea. My character is a crusader. A member of an order that passes it's ranks from master to apprentice. When the master dies the apprentice takes his weapon, armor, and name before taking up the crusade in his name. A holy order that answers to the church in name only.

Basically I want adventures in a bloody, sexy, and darkly magical world. To feel like a crusader fighting the good fight but not necessarily being a good person. Outside of those required traits the world is very much up for discussion. You could be a fellow member of the order or a companion of his. Whatever really. Sell me on a character idea for you.

- Strange Allies: Inspired by... no idea really. Dark Fantasy. M/F. My character would be a mage (of whatever variety but probably necromancer or an old school Elric styled sorcerer) who was imprisoned some time ago for crimes against the crown. Maybe he was genuinely a criminal or maybe he was dicked over by the old king. Whatever the case something forces the new queen to come to him for help. Releasing him and securing his aid.

I want to play a classic arrogant sorcerer/mage type. More Elric of Melnibone or Thoth-Amon than Gandalf. Powerful and dangerous. Who the queen is, what kind of country she runs, his history with the crown, and even the nature of the crisis that forces her to come to him are all up for discussion.

- Real Fighting (In Discussion): Inspired by Warrior, Raging Bull, Rocky, Champion Joe, Hajime no Ippo, and more. M/F but a male writing partner is cool too. It just won't have the possibility of being sexual in this one. Multiple other writers can be done too. Modern but can be swung to Fantasy or Sci-Fi or even Post-Apocalyptic. Let me start off by saying this is a dream rp of mine. I was a fighter once. Multiple blackbelts, Golden Glove boxer, and even competed for a spot on the US Olympic boxing team... before being crippled. I can't even train now. Most days I've made my peace with that. So yes I will be using this game to work out some issues. That doesn't mean I won't treat it like any other game. I will be using an Author Avatar effectively but not a Mary Sue. Just like real life how someone reacts to loss and hard times is more interesting than the other way.

What I want to do is play out the life of a real professional fighter. The ups and the downs. The sacrifice and the sweat. Realistic fighting is a must but it can be damn near any kind. MMA (preferred), boxing, judo, grappling, brazilian jiujitsu... doesn't matter. I know my fighting. Now while I primarily see this as a modern day game it can be swung different ways. All the idea requires is a professional hand to hand combat sport with a championship to exist. Whether that's in a fantasy kingdom's capital or on a space station or something else doesn't really matter.

I will be playing a once promising amateur fighter who was badly injured and is trying to make his comeback. See what I said about working out issues up there? You can be a girlfriend or a trainer of his or his physical therapist or a fellow fighter. I'm open to damn near anything.

- The Diablo Run: Do I have to say what it's inspired by? Dark Fantasy. M/f, M/M, or threesome. Multiple writers welcome. This is basically just writing out the Diablo series of games with plenty of artistic license. Blood, violence, magic, demons, and more. Flesh out the stories and add some sexy time. Start with the beginning of Diablo 2, make some characters based off the lore of the setting, and then go from there. That's all there is to that one really.

- Hellbent for Leather: Urban Fantasy. M/F. Sons of Anarchy meets Underworld. Our characters are bikers who happen to be werecreatures (bonus points for shifters other than cats or wolves!) on the road. Lots of road adventures. Enemy biker gangs and other criminal organizations. Run ins with the law. Fierce battles with territorial shifters. Maybe it's just the two of us. Maybe we're part of a full biker gang. Maybe we're the only shifters and maybe the whole group is. Everything is up for discussion.
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Re: Aces & 8's Request Thread (M for whatever is story appropriate)
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Updated with several Story Ideas.

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Re: Aces & 8's Request Thread (M for whatever is story appropriate)
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Updated with Hellbent for Leather and several pairings for Batman fandom games.