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June 24, 2018, 01:43:26 PM

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Author Topic: Maverick's RolePlaying requests  (Read 255 times)

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Maverick's RolePlaying requests
« on: August 26, 2014, 07:32:21 PM »
Well good readers and writers. I've came back and rearing to go! :D Glad to have you visiting. Hopefully you'll find something that interests you. If so have a look at my ons and offs and if your still interested, Pm me about which story you would like to do and we can discuss details on how to proceed with it. Always look forward to input to help improve a story or take it in a different direction. Also roles can be switched or tweaked to if you have a better idea or prefer something else. Any new ideas will be added here.

Generic Stories 

Sibling Love
When a 23 year old college student comes back from the out of state college he has been attending for a few years, he is happy to see his family after a long time. He hadn't came home since he left, feeling he needed space from his controlling parents. But he missed his little sister. He felt guilty for leaving her and wanted to make it up to her by spending a week with her during their holidays. He didn't know however how much his sister had grown up since he had left, which was going to get to know in much greater detail over their week of bonding.

Teachers Pet
When a student of his is not doing well, he decides to give her some extra help. Although she seems reluctant to study. Infact she has other ideas of getting her grades up and it didn't involve studying.

Best Friends Forever
With two friends being best friends since they were kids, it is coming to the end of their high school life. With both going to different Colleges, they decide to make the most of their time together. But when they do, sparks fly and their fun becomes more heated.

ADDED: 21/10/12
A Memorable Night (Short)
When two strangers meet at a time of stresses and relief, they decide to be be impulsive, and give into their desires. Will it be a night to remember? or will it be longer?

A love of loyalty
[Fantasy] With a war brewing between two kingdoms, the banners of the noble families are brought to the capital to begin preparations. In the mist of this war, the King/Queen/Prince/Princess becomes close to one person of a family in particular. The Lord/Lady of one of the Noble families. Will their love bring victory or defeat to this war?

Set Universes or Series

Game of Thrones
Mass Effect
Final Fantasy
Star Wars
Walking Dead
Sons of Anarchy
Bleach (Anime)
Code Geass (Anime)

A Knight and their Padawan
[Star Wars/Fantasy/Sci-fi] With the remnants of the Jedi Order in hiding, the Empire and the Sith have the Galaxy looking for the last of the Jedi to remove all opposition that may stand in their way. A Jedi Knight and apprentice managed to hide, after the transmission warning all Jedi to stay away from Courasaunt. From there they have to decide and find a way to survive this nightmare that has befallen them. (Also willing to have it that the Apprentice character is someone the Jedi meets/saved by who is force sensitive and offers to train them.)

Note: I've not written any stories for the series ones because depending if your interested in rping canon characters or make up our own. With a series with a basic story behind it, its not that hard to let the imagination run wild and come up with a good idea, especially when the parameters of characters and setting

Currently would love to do a Sons Of Anarchy rp, but of course happy to do anything else you would fancy doing.
Thanks for reading. :)