New Idea - looking for dynamic writing partner (M for F)

Started by Drenlai, August 25, 2014, 10:54:39 AM

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I got a new idea. PM me if you're interested.

Premise: The police receive a call late at night from an anonymous number about noise disturbance. When they arrive they find the house a bloody mess. The husband had been torn to pieces and the wife just sitting quietly. As they investigate they find evidence that the wife had been having an affair. It seem like an open and shut case until an mysterious man shows up with a team of lawyers.

Setting: Open to discussion. Can be realistic or have supernatural setting.

Theme and kinks: Open to discussion.

Posting: 3-5 Paragraphs per post.


The Assistant DA: A young woman from a small town. Her past was not great, but she worked hard her entire life. She is a driven A type personality that never likes to lose and earned a reputation for being vicious both inside and outside the court room. The only thing in her life is her work and her pet cat in her studio apartment. To her the idea of a family or romance is a waste of time – her past a constant reminder of how things will end in pain. This is her first high profile case and her chance to truly get out from under the wing of her mentor (the DA).

The DA: He is the picture of the perfect pedigree. He came from the prefect old blood family. He attended the right schools. He got the right connections. His win ratio is incredibly high. He is handsome, charming, and cool headed. The crime rate in the city has never been lower under the beloved DA. There are rumors that he is looking for a position in the senate and perhaps even a presidential run later in life. This case is his last case and the prefect ending note for his record.

The Cop: She had always been a tomboy. Her father was cop. Her grandfather was a cop. Her brother was a cop. Everyone in her family had been a member of the thin blue line. She hot headed, reckless, and passionate. She made it all the way to detective, but one day she knocked her superior out cold after he made a grab at her ass. It was his word against her own and she lost. She was busted down to being just a regular patrol cop now and given a rookie as her partner.

The Rookie: This wasn’t really his choice of career. His father is the police superintendent, but he is the son of a mistress so he doesn’t share the same name. No one in world except his father and he knows they are related. He doesn’t want this path, but it was the only one presented. He has what the department calls ‘The Queen Bitch’ as his partner. She goes in, wrecks things up, and leaves him stuck with the paperwork. Yet the blood runs through him being the highest rank of his graduating class.

The Girl: Her husband was murdered inside of their home. The police arrive and arrested her as the main suspect. There was evidence she was having an affair and the story is painted as the girl killing her husband to be with her lover. Little is known about the girl, but she had remained quiet to all questioning.

The Man: No one knows who he is. The case was supposed to be an easy open and shut case until this man suddenly appeared and brought with him a team of lawyers. The simple case has now become a nightmare for the DA’s office, but neither the DA nor the assistant DA are willing to back down.