Steele's True Modern RP Challenge {M for F only}

Started by steele, August 23, 2014, 03:56:31 PM

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Hello and Welcome 
I apologize for no pictures and fancy arts, I try to do that with my words.

I am wanting to do a story of a multiple personality disorder, one being a serial killer. The story will evolve with flashbacks, it will involve multiple roles, it will be more psychological macabre than anything I have since witnessed on this site.  Your main character would be the psychologist trying to see if mine is truly competent to stand trial.

There is oh so much, much more to this. This could include anything and everything from  vanilla to non con but not too exceed the limits of accepting partners O&OS . I want the story to be the thriller.

The main story is told in the institute with the psychiatrist trying to separate his personalities. (Just so you know there are 5.) The forum would be told through flashbacks and multiple characters. Your characters may  include, but not limited to  excerpts of his torrid past, for instance: his foster family, his wife,hitchhikers and one (Katy bar the door) lady cop who wants to do extraordinary things to find out his hidden secrets..

This could have lots of smut in it for different characters.
Or it could be a psychological thriller in fragmented details
It’s your call ..  Just no children, scat or bathroom stuff..

I don't wish to waste any of your time if this doesn't suit your interest. However if it does I would love to work this one out and it will be a really exciting long term RP with the right attention given to it.

Still interested there's even more to it .......

Shoot me a PM  please if remotely interested, nothing is carved in STEELE.

If you can put it off till tomorrow ..perhaps its not worth doing at all.

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C'mon Ladies  there has to be someone out there who loves to write as much as me and able to pull this off
If you can put it off till tomorrow ..perhaps its not worth doing at all.

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