Looking for victims of Tentacle Monster Roleplay

Started by Barnacleg, August 23, 2014, 01:39:19 PM

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Looking for someone to play the victim in a NC tentacle roleplay. 

The story would have a strong horror tone, as new monstrosities keep appearing, and her poor body is ravaged and transformed.

Elements that would be amazing are:

Rapid pregnancy
Breast expansion
Body inflation

While I like the character to be a woman at some point, other elements I enjoy are transformation and gender bender. A man turning into a woman, and then ravaged by tentacles would be a dream come true. As such, men and woman characters would both be interesting.


Fantasy setting: perhaps featuring a powerful and proud warrior, who is completely overwhelmed by a tentacle beast

Sci-Fi: an unwilling person is abducted for an experiment. To see the effects of them being the victim of a tentacle monster assault.

Mystical: an angel, or being of light, is corrupted and assaulted by a tentacle demon, and turned into a sucubus

If interested, please PM me, and we can discuss further details. I am initially thinking this would be one-on-one, though based on the response, it could be done as a small group. For instance, if the fantasy setting is used, it could center around a band of heroes. We can play it by ear.

Thank you