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Author Topic: All of my desires ( F/F )  (Read 590 times)

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All of my desires ( F/F )
« on: August 21, 2014, 06:09:55 AM »
Hello forumers! This unrepentant obscenity is my idea of a good time. At present, there's an undercurrent of group sex and incest, so if you like those things, maybe you'll find something that interests you.

First let me tempt you with the (historical, fantasy, contemporary) stories that are not fandoms.

Adventure Is My Aphrodisiac
Contains: Group sex
Four adventurer girls, high fantasy tomb raiders, set out together for riches and glory in a gauntlet of dastardly traps, deadly hazards, and tests of character. Each of us controls two characters boiling over with sexual tension from too heated a tavern drinking game the night before, and this is the dungeon where it all comes apart at the seams, where we live out the fantasies that don't involve mountains of gold (or maybe they do).
For an added layer of complexity, maybe this is a story within a story, told by a pair of D&D-playing college girls as a shy way of flirting.

Always interested in mother/daughter stories. Here are some ideas.

Give Me A Sister, You Bitch
Contains: Incest, futa, humiliation, degradation
I play a spoiled girl born with something extra, now a high school or college student at the height of her sexual frustration. The secret of her hidden cock must be kept from all her peers, but mother knows- so it's mother's body she takes out all her frustrations on. Though it never quite satisfies her frustration, princesss twists their once idyllic home life to suit her indulgent desires. Mother is her slave, once the two of them are alone in the house together, and she'd better give her princess a sister if she knows what's good for her!

Dead Autumn
Contains: Incest, zombies (peripherally)
An aloof career-minded mother and her slutty, stubborn daughter are spending the most time they've spent together in years on the eve of a zombie apocalypse. While conflict and fire are consuming the city, they at least have each other, even if they've never found a way to connect. Maybe they've tried to bridge their differences, but that taboo sexual chemistry a mother and daughter shouldn't share always drives them apart again, screaming at each other. Now they only have each other, and nobody in the world to judge them. If this is the end, then why not?

Sixgun Wedding
Contains: Gangbang, NC
A notorious bandita and her all-girl posse have rolled into a quiet little old west town loaded with stolen gold and armed for bear. When the law comes gunning for these gals, they hole up in the old church up on the hill, and take a wedding hostage. With bride and groom, priest and a handful of witnesses at their disposal, they're going to keep the law at bay as long as they can. But the bride-to-be looks so beautiful in her white dress, the banditas might just have another use for her.

When the Cat's Away
Contains: Gangbang, sexual slavery, smoking
The ladies on the homefront are doing it for themselves. American women are leaving the comfort afforded by their menfolk and joining the workforce. Social mobility is at an all-time high, and an insular suburban gated community has just been joined by the fresh face of a can-do gal awaiting the return of her hubby.

But sin has already infiltrated this social circle, and tawdry experiments into pleasure between women in victory rolls and queue curls has already been taking place in secret. The problem has been that there's just too much history between them, too many secrets and betrayals. The new girl is quickly caught in their web, and it will certainly help if she's submissive and unfazed by the natural growth of a woman- this isn't Paris, after all. Passed from one repressed and sexually frustrated mistress to another like a bag of sugar, dehumanized in grocery stores and gas stations by her inescapable peers, will she ever be able to return to her humdrum former life?

Sounding Belle
Contains: Urethral penetration
A dreadful accident befell a sweet southern belle while riding horseback at daddy's estate six summers past, and ever since, she's been mostly numb to the God-given pleasures of a woman's sacred flower. Mostly, but not completely- there is a spot, which she can't quite reach herself, a spot only stimulated through urethral penetration. As if the culture of sexual shaming weren't frustration enough for her corked appetites! She is of course much too squeamish to inflict this on herself, so what she needs is a crass, naughty harlot with long fingers to push past her discomfort to what has eluded her for so long: release.

Moth Women from the Moon
Contains: Futa, gangbang, soft NC, hypnosis
This is a story about a futa gangbang in the 1950s.
Citizens of earth, beware! Once every ten thousand years the moth-winged women of the moon fly down to Earth to slake their unspeakable lusts. On a dark and windy autumn night, one apple pie-loving, god-fearing damsel (that's you!) lies in the path of debauchery such not even the Communists are capable.

Gaze not on the scintillating wings of these creatures, good citizens of earth, for they have a power known to lure young women into unbarring their doors and joining their moonlight reverie. Unspeakable abuses no doubt await all who fall prey to the clutches of the moon women, and if her form pleases, these jackals may abscond with her through the chilly air of outer space to their queen's palace on the dark side of the moon.
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Re: All of my desires ( F/F )
« Reply #1 on: August 29, 2014, 07:33:54 AM »
And these are my stories which are fandoms.

All My Forest Friends

This is a smutty story about bestiality in a fairy tale world.

Snow White has always been a friend to the animals- and sometimes more than a friend. What comes natural to the woodland creatures comes natural also to the gentle soul who sings to them by day and sleeps in a lonesome little cottage by night. She might have lived out her days in this happy existence, were it not for an arrival in her corner of the forest by a kindred spirit, a shy and pretty woman who's friend to all the animals, but only a friend.

(For this role I like the idea of a humanized Fluttershy)

Human relationships have always been too intimidating for Snow White's new love interest, but although she has the gift, she's never tried to cross that tremendous taboo before. And even though they have each other now, Snow White is going to be her new friend's guide to the pleasures of the animal kingdom, from the smallest sparrow to the thickest stallion.

If you like additional plot with this smut, we could attach something more to this story- maybe Snow White and Fluttershy need the help of the animals to stop a logging operation, and this is the way they do it? Maybe there's an animal pageant but Fluttershy is having trouble getting her entrants to follow directions?  Maybe there's a special animal in the forest, but in order to tame it Fluttershy is going to need some help?

I'd like this story to contain tongue in cheek, almost cartoonish bestiality, living insertions, possible unbirthing, and of course the main ladies are going to have sex because that's kind of my thing!

Panty & Stocking With Turtleneck

Panty Anarchy and Stocking Anarchy are a pair of lascivious angels, kicked out sent from heaven to purify the earth of evil ghosts. It sucks! Stocking would much rather tuck into a caramel banana split milkshake, and Panty would rather add another notch to her goal of fucking 1,000 earth hotties, but this joyless priest Garterbelt is riding their cases. Whatever!

Enter the Geek Girl. Sure, she has a name- Melva? Salma? Something like that- but the important thing is that she's Geek Girl. For some reason, Geek Girl fancies herself a ghost hunter, although she's really only a liability as far as Panty and Stocking are concerned. Surrounded by wanton destruction of property, teased by angellic sisters, hunted by a pair of succubi after her virginty, what's a junior detective to do?

This story is a Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt / Scooby Doo crossover. I'm looking for someone to play the role of Velma (only- no interest in the rest of Mystery Incorporated). I'll be playing Panty and Stocking, and probably their demonic counterparts Scanty and Kneesocks, and also the ghost we will be hunting. The setting I have in mind is an abandoned amusement park. The characters go in each hunting ghosts, meet for the first time, Panty and Stocking tear the place up, and in the end an evil ghost is vanquished!
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