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May 16, 2022, 01:05:01 pm

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Author Topic: Something Dark and Twisted (M for F mostly) (mostly noncon)  (Read 554 times)

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Something Dark and Twisted (M for F mostly) (mostly noncon)
« on: August 20, 2014, 02:58:34 pm »
First of all, hello, and thank you for taking the time to look at this post.
A few things before we get to the meat of things
  • If you like anything here, please PM, don't post in the thread
  • Feel free to pitch ideas at me, if you like what you see here but none of my prompts are quite it, send me a message, and we can talk

About Me/What I'm Looking For
Ideally, I'm looking for a good story. I like smut as much as the next guy, but smut by itself is boring. I want a plot, I want excitement, I want character growth and change. I want living, breathing characters that behave as such. Most of all, I want my writing partner to bring their own ideas to the table. Before the RP proper starts we'll hash out most of the details of the setting and get a broad idea of the characters and we'll go from there. Bring twists, ideas, plans and goals, make complex characters and you will indubitably ensnare me.

I'm also looking for someone who doesn't hesitate to communicate and who is willing to PM me with concerns, discussion or just to let me know they'll be unavailable for some time. I make an active effort to stay in touch, I'd really appreciate the same from my partners. Even a "hey, busy with school/the dogs/things/running a crimesyndicate, won't be able to post for a while".

If you lose interest in the RP or feel we don't match as writers, no hard feelings, PM me and we'll part ways amicably. I'll do the same if I find the RP is just not working. Not all writers necessarily mesh. I prefer to write longish posts, with enough detail to sink your teeth in, and one liners drive me up the wall, especially as a reply to a long post. I'd much rather that my partner take their time writing than deliver a single line. I'll do my best to give you long satisfactory responses, I'd like the same.

On that note: posting frequency. My free time is sporadic, and my muse fickle, but I try to get a response out every 2-3 days, and if I can't i'll let you know. I'd appreciate a similar pace, or at least warning if you're a less frequent poster than I am. I don't mind waiting, I do like to be warned. I do not communicate by means outside of elliquiy, and PMs are the best way to reach me ^_^

Also important is that I make an effort to use proper English and grammar. Writing is difficult, so I often fall short, but I expect the same earnest effort from my partner. (Also you should feel free to correct my grammar, it's never offensive and always appreciated)

Finally, this should go without saying, but I feel the need to say this explicitly. I am not my characters. Please don't confuse what happens in an RP with reality, I've had it happen before, and its unpleasant to say the least.

About My RPs

You'll notice a running theme in my ideas, that is they all seem to be non-con, or at the very least straddling that line. When I rp, I'm particularly fond of playing "evil" or at least grey characters. I enjoy playing the Black Knight, the Demon, the person who abuses his position of power, and almost any non-con idea will grab me.  While I'll happily play the caricaturishly evil character, if you offer me a chance to play a "grey" character, dancing in the shadows between good and evil, I will probably jump at it. Complex characters with motivations and opposing goals make the best stories, conflict makes for the best plot, and its what I'm looking for.

All that said, I do occasionally revel in playing the "evil for evils sake" character, and a few of my plot ideas will hinge on that.

As far as genres go, I'm super fond of sci-fi and fantasy, but I'll happily play in almost any setting. I tend to avoid fandoms, (especially ones I'm closely familiar with, like dr who), and historical settings where my partner expects perfect historical fidelity. I do make an effort in historical settings, but not to the point to devote hours of research to pettycoats and the like. Homemade settings that we conceive and work on together are my favorite.

As for my fetishes and the like, you can check my roleplaying preferences, but generally its going to be very character dependent, I'm usually willing to indulge stuff that isn't entirely my cup of tea, so ask if there's something you consider integral.

Some RP Ideas

Green means the plot is open
blue means the plot is taken, but I would like to run another instance of it 
Red red means its been taken

The Rise of Darkness
Plot: In the lazy town of Griffonford, all is well. That is until they invoke the wrath of the Guild of Mages. Gerard the Vengful arrives, sent by the guild to assume control. At first the village resists, but the wizard's power is too much. He feasts on power and slowly his demands become more and more unreasonable. Worst of all, he has taken the Mayors beautiful daughter a his slave, and as his power madness grows, so does his cruelty...
Pairing: MxF, I would be playing the evil wizard, you the mayors daughter, we'd likely take turns controlling the villagers as necessary.
Tags: Non-con, Forced Marriage, Humiliation, Bondage, Pain, possible impreg.

New Girl
Plot: Transferring to a new school as a senior can be nerve wracking. Transferring to a new school as a Senior is even worse. Transferring to a new school for rich preppy schoolkids on a scholarship is even harder. What happens here is the new girl is quickly singled out and bullied by a particularly nasty bully, who's brutality keeps escalating, and that grows distinctly sexual. All the new girl has to do is survive the year, but with the bully determined to abuse her as much as possible, it may well prove impossible. 
Pairing: MxF or FxF, I would play the bully in this rp, and you the victim. (Not that this is an endorsement of bullying, but this fantasy is a huge craving of mine)
Tags: Non-con, humiliation, blackmail, abuse

The Damocles
Plot: The tensions between the Republic of The Horn and The Union of Stars are on the rise and its only a matter of time before war breaks out. The inteligence agencies of both groups fight a hidden, silent war, laden with plots and counterplots. On Anges Prime, capital of the Republic, two Union agents are tasked to infiltrate the Damocles, the Republic research vessel that intelligence reports have revealed is carrying a newly discovered "superweapon". If this is true, then the Union must find out what it is and obtain it for their own. What the Union doesn't know, is that one of their two agents is compromised, and that this "incident" could be the excuse necessary to spark a war. Not to mention what will befall the loyal Republic agent...
Pairing: MxF or FxF, I would play the traitorous agent, and the rp would take us through the heist, betrayal and interrogation. For added drama, the traitor is the junior agent, so the senior agent has information the Republic would rather like...
Tags: Non-con, Interrogation, Torture, Rape.

Plot: Briarhollow, a sleepy town in the US midwest, where nothing exciting happens, ever... except for mysterious disappearances no one seems to remember, odd traditions, and a creeping knowledge that something is wrong. Now, a small independent reporter expecting to make it big by unveiling the mystery of Briarhollow moves in, undercover, hoping that this will be her big score. Little does she know this will place her in mortal danger...
Pairing: Here, I would play the village and its residents, and you would play the female reporter.
Tags: Horror, Rape, possible violence. This is a horror rp after all, any sex would likely be non-con. Will need to hash this out pregame.

Sorority Row
Plot: Alpha Phi Kappa is known to be one of the most demanding and elite sororities at the college. Joining them involves bizzare rituals, having a sparkling resume, and of course brutal hazing. Sometimes they offer membership to a girl that is a social outcast, if she can just put up with their hazing and do a few tasks for them. Naturally they don't intend to really admit her, but the girl winds up caught in a web of blackmail and nightmarish tasks that will utterly ruin her life. The lucky ones drop out. The unlucky ones wind up in a cage in the hidden basement of the Phi Kappa house...
Pairing:Here I would play the sorority girls and you their victim, while we'd split the miscellaneous characters.
Tags: Blackmail, Hazing, Forced Sex, Torture, Group Sex, BDSM

Teacher's "pet"
Plot: College is hard. Especially for clever girls who've managed to avoid studying their whole highschool careers by virtue of being pretty and smart. Now one such girl is failing a vital class, hard. So she attempts to "convince" the professor to up her grade. What she doesn't know is that the professor is more than willing to use this to ensnare her in her own trap. Before she knows it the professor is making her do more and more perverted and humiliating things, expanding his blackmail library and she has no option but to go with it...
Pairing:Here I would play the professor and you the student
Tags: Blackmail, BDSM, Humiliation, Coercion

Nightmare Without End
Plot: Ever been caught in an nightmare? One that keeps getting worse and worse? One that you cannot escape, and that feels like reality? One that gets sexual and more and more horrifying? The landscape shifts and there seems to be no escape...
Pairing:Here I would present the dream scenario and play the monsters, and you play the female trapped dreamer.
Tags: Horror, Rape, possible violence. Maybe Impreg. Possible Monstrous characters. This is a horror rp after all, any sex would likely be non-con. Will need to hash this out pregame.

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Re: Something Dark and Twisted (M for F mostly) (mostly noncon)
« Reply #1 on: August 21, 2014, 05:54:39 pm »
Added three new plots