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Author Topic: Some new offerings from Han!  (Read 624 times)

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Some new offerings from Han!
« on: August 18, 2014, 03:42:18 pm »
Story Ideas
Here are just a few ideas that I’ve come up with as well as some things I’m craving and would love to find a partner for. I’m flexible on a lot of it (within reason), so just shoot me a PM if you see something on here that gets your motor running. I’ve included some images that have given me some inspiration. A few of the images might also be tied to a plot concept.

Wants & Needs


DC Universe
I love pretty much every character from this universe and am willing to play multiple characters if need be. I’d really like to play the male character if this happens. Top preferences are marked with an “*” Some ideal pairings would be:

Wonder Woman x Superman - Cliché I know, but I love the idea of it. Maybe even some kind of love triangle?

Supergirl x The Flash -
A simple girl?
That's what has inspired me about Supergirl. The idea that's just a normal young woman once you get past all of the super powers and pressure to live up to her cousins example. With the Flash, I love the idea that he has to struggle to keep his life as a crime scene investigator and as a vigilante separate; even when they compliment each other. That being said, I kind of have a plot idea for this. The characters don't have to be romantically involved, though I wouldn't say no romance either.

Black Canary x Nightwing/Robin*

Aquaman x Mera (His queen) – This would have kind of a science fantasy vibe I think. What with Atlantis and all. Maybe their entering the international arena as a super power?

I love both the comics and movies so I’d be willing to mash them together if it gets me an excited partner. Some pairings I’m after:

Nova x Ms. Marvel*

Silver Surfer x Any appropriate female character*

Captain America (Steve Rogers) x Hawkeye (Kate Bishop)

Hawkeye (Clint Barton) x Hawkeye (Kate Bishop)* - Non-romantic, more of a mentor/pupil type of story maybe? Possibly combined with a couple of other characters. Captain America and/or Mockingbird….

Spider-man x Any female character? I’m open to suggestions

Daredevil x Black Cat – This could also go the route of a love triangle story if Spider-Man was included. I could play both members of Team Red if needed. This has been taken!

Any variety of Fantastic Four pairings? I know that might seem obscure, but I’m thinking more about the potential of the characters as a group versus the terrible movies that were made. I could see this including the Silver Surfer also.

I’d like to find a partner who likes characters from these universes, who are literate and won’t get caught up in the idea of mission, mission, mission. I really want a great story over all. The powerful and epic moments are made all the more potent by the simple and mundane ones.

Dune**** - I am a huge fan of the Dune universe. A massive fan really. As such, if someone wants to do this, it would take a ton of planning and collaberation. Dune wouldn’t really work with canon characters I think, so we’d have to discuss the use of original characters too I think.
That’s basically all the fandoms I’d be interested in.

Judge Dredd*** - I have read the comics and I love the movie that came out a couple of years ago with Karl Urban. Rather than play Dredd or Anderson, I'd really like to play original characters. There are lot of directions we could go with this world, so I'd love to work out a story with a partner. I'd even be willing to include Dredd or Anderson if that's what it takes to get this up and running!

Original Plots

Random Pairings

A few random pairings I'd love to figure out with a partner:

Ninja x ninja

Ninja x samurai

Medieval swordsman x farmer/commoner/slave - Either of these could be male or female, and the swords.... person doesn't need to be noble either. Perhaps something that proceeds the formation of the England, but follows the fall of Rome? Even pre-Arthurian? Maybe a Lancelot tale before Guinevere? All of the above? None of the above?

Mage x Cleric - Again, these don't have to be gender specific.

ANYTHING Renaissance era? Bare in mind I am wary of all things Assassins Creed.

Worlds Without End

For Emmet Tobert, images had been an all consuming force in his life. He lived to draw and paint, he’d even managed to make a steady living as a commercial artist; the pinnacle of his career was working as an illustrator for a series of young adult fiction books. Little did he know that the things he created for free simply because he imagined them would make his professional accomplishments pale in comparison.

Emmet had created world after world on paper. And on a grander scale, he had created actual worlds. Saddled up right beside the earth we all live on. But he wasn’t alone. Images alone are silent without words and motion. Motion that was given to the worlds Emmet had created by Joanna Wyatt. The girl who’s passion was words. She’d never been able to make much of her innate skill as a wordsmith; at least not in ways that she could see.  Like Emmet, she had contributed to the creation of not just worlds, but people and civilizations.

The two artists, somehow, had created a living, breathing cosmology; without having ever met or even know about eachother. As they ply their abilities to further create a grand world, they unwittingly are drawing that world towards destruction at the hands of a brutal and elusive foe - a foe that seeks to keep the two apart. For their unseen nemesis knows what they really are… they are Makers. And if they meet, they might actually stand a chance of saving the world they’ve built.

The basic idea here is that the two of them have a creative power that affects other worlds. Other worlds in which they will eventually be drawn into, and discover that in those worlds, Emm and Jo have no more power than anyone else. I have a vague idea about the worlds and story, but really want someone to work on it with me.

Her Majesty’s Superior Service
Captain Atlas, Champion of the British Empire, leads an elite group of extraordinary individuals to do the Queen’s bidding in defense of the empire. The Superior Service does not function to help expand the empire, but to protect from unimaginable (but very real) threats both from outside the confines of the Isles and within.

With the aid of heroes such as Artemis, The Mesmerist and The Falcon; Captain Atlas has brought to ruin monsters from the briney deapths of the seas and colossal automotons piloted by crazed German’s bent on the destruction of London. Whenever they have been asked to do so, they have put their lives on the line for Queen and country, which has made them beloved members of British society, especially amongst the people. The lord’s and ladies of the land however, mostly disdain the Superior Service and what it reprisents, the growing strength of the common man as a populace.This is seen in the acceptance of the first member of the Service who is does not come from a respectable noble family or from a highly regarded college; but from the mills and factories of a small English city.

The greatest critic of Her Majesty’s Superior Service, Lord Lewis Cromwell III, sees the acceptance of this most common of extraordinary people as the beginning of the end for the way of British life that has stood for centuries. In order to prevent the decline of English society, Lord Cromwell has begun to gather a small following of extraordinary individuals who see things his way. Who see a future without Her Majesty’s Superior Service, replaced by his own Superior Service. His Majesty’s Superior Service, does have a certain ring to it. Doesn’t it?

One part James Bond, two parts Marvel’s Avengers, Throw in a dash of steampunk. This is Her Majesty’s Superior Service. I would say that a strong understanding of what steampunk is would be vital for this to work. I see it as an ensamble cast of characters where we’d share the load of playing the charcters. Steampunk has sort of evolved into something a bit away from the plausible reality that we saw in early steampunk works; so I’d like to try and get back to the roots of steampunk. Basically, this would all be taking place in a world that is believable, but still extraordinary.

The plot would possibly begin Cromwell’s plans to dethrone Queen Victoria and take the crown for himself; allowing us to establish the members of the Superior Service. I do see the newest member as one of the characters as well…. eventually. For the more visually stimulated, seek below!

Steampunk Speedster

Steampunk Avenger

Steampunk Crusader

Steampunk Spider.... Does whatever a steampunk spider can...?
More Than Meets The Eye
In the year 2063, mankind has become comfortable with the technology of robotics that has steadily evolved since the 1960’s. But as technology (especially computing power) continues to change at greater and greater speeds, so has the fear of many people of AI. Robots are becoming more and more humanistic in their attitudes. Since people understand enough about humanity and it’s proclivity for destruction, this has begun to make people scared. Scared of what may be or what might come.

Riding at the forefront of the changes that are advancing is a brilliant roboticist. Who’s research and controbutions to science have included the centralization of all emergency services, law enforcement, and resource management in the city of San Francisco to be monitored and maintained by one of the most sophisticated robot brains every built. They followed up that project with the creation of a line of prostetic limbs and organs that were based heavily on robotic principles. These devices has all but completely replaced organic transplants and given wounded civil serveants a second chance at life. The program was highly successful and gained this researcher enough respect to begin a daring project.

The construction of the world’s first android; a robot that could pass perfectly for a human! This truly unique machine would contain a hybrid nervous system and brainl; making it more human than any other robot ever built. Assisting in this project is a team of diligent scientists, including a robotic psychologist to help easy the android into human society in a way that will help it relate to it’s human counterparts and show the world they have nothing to fear.

I see this as being just as much of a social science fiction roleplay than a hard science fiction one. I am willing to play the android, its creator or the psychologist. I would like to explore the idea of a possible romance between the android and either it’s creator or the psychologist. I’ve got some images I came across that inspired this idea. I see them as more of a spark rather than anything else.

Man VS. Machine

Beauty is only skin deep?

One of these things is not like the other...

A machine can do anything a man can do.

Keep Your Enemies Closer
In a world where superheroes and supervillains have become the newest form of law/military enforcement and terrorism respectively; costumed individuals interacting with the civilian populace has become the norm. Costumed heroes still have their critics, but the criticism is more about public damages or underexessive force rather than calling for abolishment of the laws allowing these individuals to continue their work.

Standing at the forefront of this opposition is a powerful and wealthy corporate icon that sees the need for more civilian oversight of superhuman operations and more reform in the management of their authority and government funding. It is ironic, that this person is not just the greatest embodiment of superhuman opposition in the modern age, but one of the greatest superheroes in the United States if not the world. It is the perfect cover afterall; calling for tighter control of superhumans allows them to distance themselves in the minds of the civilian populace and government.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is the biggest supporter of superhuman law enforcemen; a citizen journalist who writes for a small indipenent newspaper with a large national following. Through the press, they are call for more support of the heroes. Not just from the people, but from the government and their varied agencies as well. The support that they are able to gather works to the advantage of their true agenda. As money floods into the superhuman section of law enforcement and international peace keeping, their equipment is made obsolete. The result is that old but still useful and powerful equipment and tools flood the black market and facilitate the actions of supercriminals and superhuman terrorist cell, as well as the designs and needs of supervillains, such as the nation’s biggest supporter of superheroes.

Great villains hide in plain sight. The greatest villains do so while making you think they are your ally. As poolitical tension between the two camps continue the costumed egos of the journalist and corporate mogul meet for the first time. By night, they battle eachother in the streets of Chicago. By day, they make a public display of expressing their oppinions through social media, news networks and debates. Eventually they meet and the faintest hint of chemistry can be felt. Or is it tension?

Either way, sparks will fly in more way than one.

Like More Than Meets The Eye, I’m willing to play either character. Ironically, I don’t have much in the way of visuals to stimulate the imagination. I kind of see this going a few different ways. Maybe the two meet at a debate and while they disagree about superhuman rights and reform, they hit it off. Could also be that things end up getting complicated with their costumed lives. I’d really like to plan this out in greater detail with someone. So please message me if you’re interested!

The Book-man
This has been taken!

She saw him in her favorite place; the old bookstore at the corner of Jones Ave. and Hallmark Way. He rummaged around in the messenger back that rest by his hip. He removed a packaged wrapped in brown paper and tied with twine; it was like something out of an old movie. He handed the parcel to the owner of the bookstore, watching as the owner removed the wrapping with eager hands.

“I’m sorry that it took me longer than planned… she just really needed some TLC.” He stated with a smile, the corners of his mouth causing the outter edges of his eyes to wrinkle as his lips pointed upward.
The owner held the contents of the parcel in both hands; an old book bound in red leather with gold lining the outter edges of the pages. Ornate scrollwork wandered around the covered, dyed a deep blue color and accented by gold the same hue as the page edges.The shopkeeper turned the book over and over in his old and weatherd hands. His smooth, callused finger tips played over the celtic knotting that made the engraved scrollwork of the cover and spine.

She couldn't look away from the scene. Her eyes flitting back and forth between the beautiful book and the handsom young man who had delivered it. She weatched the two men from behind an old copy of The Three Musketeers, her baby blues slowly tracing the lines of his well defined jaw and the delicate linework of the front that lined the spine of the book; alternating between the two.The top half of her head clearly visible as she watched the exchange with rapt attention.

The shopkeeper’s eyes drifted from the book to the young man who stood before him, “Thank you so much. It’s perfect….” As the older man searched for more words to express his gratitude, the other man gently shook his head as scratched at his jaw through a thin layer of facial hair.

“You’re welcome.” Was all he said before shaking hands with the bookstore’s owner, “Let me know if there is anything else you need from me. I’d be happy to help.” He offered as he adjusted the strap of his messenger bag at his left shoulder. As the shopkeeper found his composure and began to speak again, the man with messenger bag looked to his right; a feeling of being watched washing over him.

Drat! She’d thought as he spotted her. She offered a closed mouth squeek as a salutation to the man who watched her curiously. Scramble! Was all she could manage to think as she darted to the left; still holding the book to her freckled nose. She turned on her right foot once she was out of view behind a nearby row of books; her orange hair cascading about as she turned and leaned back against the shelf. While she was unable to look around the corner at the two men, she was more than able to listen in on their conversation.

The nameless man looked to the older man, running a hand through a head of neatly trimed chestnut curls. “I’m really glad that you like it so much. It means I did a good job, which means more to me than anything.” The two men looked at eachother, the elder nodding softly.

“You are the best book binder I’ve ever met Ted.” The shop keeper declared. “After the fire, I never thought it could be fixed.” He added softly, “Thank you.”

Ted. His name was Ted. She thought as she continued to eavesdrop. Theodore? Her thoughts continued. Teddy… Haha, no. He mind continued to ramble as the men finished exchanging pleasentries. After a moment, the bell to the door rang and she chance a quick peek between the shelves to see through into the large open area of the store that the men stood in. A shining brass cash register glimmered in the late afternoon sunlight that shone in through the store front window. She could see through the large window that made up the store front.Ted was walking away through a busy sidewalk, his grey p-coat swishing a bit as he turned to slip between a large mass of walkers.

She ended up buying the copy of The Three Musketeers she had been hiding behind. The book that had been repaired by Ted was out of sight. For whatever reason, it was clear that the shopkeeper valued the book greatly. She didn’t have the courage to ask about the book, so she just handed her credit card over to the bookstore’s owner. While he pecked at numbers on a credit card reader keypad with his index, she watched him; certain there was some story behind the book that she wanted to know.

She stopped staring at him, the exposed field of flesh at the top of his head glimmering in the soft light of the bookstores antique lights. He was slipping the old book into a paper bag; she was playing with the frilly cuff of her blouse sleeve.Becoming lost in thoughts of the handsom book-man, Ted. The more she stared at her sleeve, the more she thought about the pattern in his light green button up shirt; she’d just barely seen the collar of it.

She was pulled from her revelry as the bag with her book was held out to her and the clearing of a throat. The shopkeeper’s throat. She offered him a sheepish smile and made her way out of the bookstore, she paused in the door and turned back to the counter with antique cash register, “Excuse me?” She inquired.

The shopkeeper looked to her from a row of old and rare books that filled a set of shelves behind the counter, “Yes?” He replied, eyebrows lifting just slightly in an inquisitive manner.

“That man who was here before…. May I ask how much he charged to fix that book of yours?” She saw the man’s brows knit together a bit. She hurriedly added, “I didn’t mean to overhear. I just… have a book that needs to be rebound.” The last part was a lie. The first part was a half-truth.

“Oh.” The shopkeeper said, his expression softening. Obviously her explanaition helped him put two and two together. “He didn’t charge me anything.” He added with a faint smile.

The young woman blinked. Nothing? She thought, lower lip bit between her teeth faintly as she pondered why someone would do something like that. The level of craftsmanship that had been shown in the book repair was… amazing. Why would someone who could do that… do it for free? “You don’t have his card by any chance do you? She asked, hopeful.

“Sorry no.” He said with a shrug, “I gave it away.”

She nodded and smiled, “Well thank you. Have a nice day.” She turned back towards the door.
The bookstore owner went back to his shelf of rare books with a faint grin. Wondering what she would do when she found Ted’s business card in the book she had bought. While he hadn’t acknowledged her gawking at the two of them, he wasn’t blind.

Hopefully she wound find the card that he’d tucked away behind the first page of the book…

This is a story I want to write so badly. Obviously, I'd want to play Ted. The girl doesn't have to be exactly as describe in the passage above. It's just.... how i see her. So if there aren’t any takers who I feel are just right; I might just do it as a solo project. Below are the pictures that inspired me.

Book Worm



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Re: Some new offerings from Han!
« Reply #1 on: August 18, 2014, 10:24:51 pm »
* Added Judge Dredd to the fandoms section.

* Added a few random pairings to the original plots section.

* Cleaned up a BUNCH of broken links.
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