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June 19, 2018, 02:11:31 AM

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Author Topic: How to indulge and excite a Soumis (F for M, mostly non-con and BDSM)  (Read 3260 times)

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My name is Soumis, and I'm looking for one or two roleplays to occupy my time. I really enjoy writing a story with someone, as there are so many interesting twists and turns that the story can take. I try to do a post a day and aim for a couple of paragraphs for each post.

Here I'm going to list a couple of different ideas that I've been playing with. Of course, everything that's here is up for discussion. If anything interests you, please don't be afraid to shoot me a PM so we can hash out an idea. This thread will be something I'll continue to update with new ideas as they come along.

As far as what I'm looking for, I like a lot of different kinds of things, and I'll try anything once. Life is too short to avoid new experiences. I have a list of O/o's in my signature, but if you don't see someone and want to know if I'd be down, shoot me a PM. I love meeting new people, and promise to reply to every message even if it's a "No thank you."

I'm currently working on overhauling this thread, hopefully adding some new ideas and reorganizing everything! Please, pretty please, don't post here! Send me a PM instead. Talking in private is always so much more interesting, wouldn't you agree?
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To me, there has always been something so incredible about mythology. As a child and even today as an adult I eat up stories, no matter the origin. The amount of creativity and imagination it took to spin a tale to explain why the sun rose and fell, or why flowers bloomed in the spring time is incredible. Then to think that these stories have survived hundreds of years, passed initially by word of mouth... It's awe inspiring. Today these stories are still so enthralling and I absolutely adore putting a spin on these classic tales that is all our own. Here's a couple of ideas for you to skim through, but if you have something that you're dying to play please shoot me a line!

Forged From Revenge: He was not destined for the same greatness as his brothers and sisters. From birth, Hephaestus had always been the least, the ugliest, the deformed one cast out from Mount Olympus. The ugly duckling of a perfect, golden family. Content with his forge and his solitude, he spent his days creating beautiful, deadly things from the fires of his forge. He'd been forced to take a wife who didn't want him, the cruelest joke he had ever seen. Paired with Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, who spent her days in bed with Ares despite their marriage.

But that would be ending soon. He had a plan that would trap the two of them in bed together, an open target for the laughs and ridicule that accompanied such a compromising position. She was his wife, damnit, and one way or another she'd be coming home with him. Finally, she'd be his. Hephaestus had a whole forge at his disposal that said she'd be playing the part of his wife, whether she liked it or not.

Looking for: Someone to play the part of Hephaestus, a Dom M in this story to my Aphrodite. There are so many different ways we can take this story! Does Ares show up to rescue his lady love? Does Aphrodite eventually acquiesce, or does she fight him tooth and nail? Maybe she has a few of her own tricks up her sleeves, we can figure all that out together!

Combing the World Over: The age of old tale of Persephone and Hades has always been a favorite of mine. A beautiful woman kidnapped and forced into marriage/love in the underworld... What's not to love? That being said, I think switching it up a bit may be fun.

Let me set the scene for you. A modern time, where dieties walk among the humans but the mortals are none the wiser. The gods and goddesses have had to change with the times to keep from being forgotten, and they've done it very well. Persephone is a trendy young woman, living in a big city. She frequents juice bars, teaches yoga, and has a smile like sunshine that warms you from the inside. Sure, Hades could rip apart the city sidewalk and swallow her up, but that was a trick better suited for times long past. He has long preferred to remain in the Underworld, sticking closely to his very lonely comfort zone. Perhaps it was a bet from Zeus that he couldn't woo her. Maybe he just became so eager for companionship that he decided to try something new. But either way, Hades finally decides to join the world of the humans in order to make Persephone fall in love.

Looking For: I like the idea that Hades can hide his aura from her, so that she doesn't know right away who he is. I think this story has so much potential! How does Hades do on Earth, trying to win over the woman destined to be his wife? What tricks does he use to bring the two of them together? How does Persephone react when she finally figures out who he is? Let's talk about it and make something happen!


This is a genre that I'm starting to dip my toes into! It's not something I'm super confident about, so we would need to really hash it out before hand. I am not a huge fan of canon stuff, simply because I don't have a lot of experience with it. I ask for a touch of patience if this is a route you would like to go, I'm going to be asking a lot of questions and would like to do some pretty heavy world building before we get started!

The Power of Suggestion: She had come from absolutely nothing. The poorest of the poor, she had clawed a place for herself in this awful world. Sure, the magic helped. Specifically, the amulet helped. While she was wearing it, everyone around her would have no choice but to do her bidding. If she suggested an idea, it was law a moment later. It was how she had gotten herself in with the wealthiest family in the land, a slight push that they should really be treating her as their daughter. As they had no children of their own, it was the best idea they had heard in a very long time! Boom, princess. Things were better then she could have ever imagined.

Enter your character. For some reason, he's immune to our little lady's charms. Maybe he has an amulet of his own, maybe it's a gift he was born with. Either way, he's the first person in years to blow her off. Things probably would have ended there if she hadn't tried to kill him for his troubles. Better then leaving someone alive who wouldn't bend to her will, or so she had thought. Now he's after her, and he's a lot bigger then her. Perhaps he's always wanted to live in the lap of luxury himself, but without any powers of suggestion that hadn't been a option.

Looking for: I'm not really sure where I want this to go, and it's going to need a lot of fleshing out! Does your character gain control of mine, and forces her to use her amulet to give him the life he's always wanted? Maybe he marries her against her will, and he uses her to make him very powerful. Let's figure it out together!

Taming an Elf: She wasn't supposed to be seen. That was what the survival of her race depended on, and in one stupid, unlucky, moment she had blown it. Immediately she implemented the protocol that had been put in place just for such an occasion; any words spoken to her were not understood and she played as dumb as possible. Any efforts to touch or manipulate her physically were met with wild fighting, almost feral in nature. She did not cooperate in even the slightest way. The humans, thrilled with their unusual finding, carted her around from city to city on a tour for the masses to participate in. The elf was kept drugged so as to keep her as docile as possible. Eventually the money from this stopped pouring in thanks to pictures on the internet, circulated on social media and in newspapers. So the decision was made to sell her to the highest bidder to do with whatever they chose.

Here's where you come in. Your character is the highest bidder. A bored, filthy rich, man who has nothing but time on his hands. Time to train and mold his exotic slave to his express liking. She hasn't spoken or interacted with anyone since she was captured, surely he has a way to break her.

Looking For: Someone to play a male human (or just different race than the elf) who becomes the owner of my character. My character is determined to keep her race and everything about them a secret, nor does she want to react at all to the prompting of her captor. Undoubtedly your character wins out, but how?

Modern Day

Right here is where I feel most comfortable! I get such joy from playing out stories and fantasies that could happen in everyday life. There are so many fun scenarios that can be thought of that would normally never happen in every day life. Of course, these are stories that can be tweaked into whatever we decide.

Daddy's Girl: She has been misbehaving in every way possible. Long nights spent away from home while her father worries about her whereabouts, a truck load of drugs coursing through her pretty little body, more dicks filling her than she could have ever dreamed. Every parents worst nightmare. It was the only way she could think of to cope when her mother had passed. She was spiraling and the only person who could catch her only knew one way to do it. With a heavy history of BDSM, her father knew that structure and discipline would sort his daughter out, and her hot little body didn't hurt either.

He hadn't had the chance to sleep with anyone since his wife passed, and honestly he hadn't wanted to. His little girl was the spitting image of his late wife and imagining all the different things he could do to her was the only thing that had stirred feelings in him in quite a while.

Looking For: A player for the father to my daughter. I'd like to keep this story pretty extreme and am open to many different kinks here. Beastiality, knife play, drugs, alcohol, all things we can discuss!
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Added a new story and changed a few things around!

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Re: Indulge me (F for M, mostly non-con and BDSM)
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Two new plots added, pictures included!

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Re: How to indulge and excite a Soumis (F for M, mostly non-con and BDSM)
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