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Author Topic: How to indulge and excite a Soumis (F for M, mostly non-con and BDSM)  (Read 3089 times)

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My name is Soumis, and I'm looking for one or two roleplays to occupy my time. I really enjoy writing a story with someone, as there are so many interesting twists and turns that the story can take. I can usually post a couple of times a day, and try to post a couple of paragraphs for each post.

Here I'm going to list a couple of different ideas that I've been playing with. Of course, everything that's here is up for discussion. If anything interests you, please don't be afraid to shoot me a PM so we can hash out an idea. This thread will be something I'll continue to update with new ideas as they come along.

As far as what I'm looking for, I like a lot of different kinds of things, and I'll try anything once. Life is too short to avoid new experiences. I have a list of O/o's in my signature, but if you don't see someone and want to know if I'd be down, shoot me a PM. I love meeting new people.

Please, pretty please, don't post here! Send me a PM instead. Talking in private is always so much more interesting, wouldn't you agree?

10/15/17 - Back from a hiatus, and tentatively looking for new partners!

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Story Plots

Hades and Persephone - Greek Mythology is something I'm very big into, and I love the stories of Hades and Persephone. The story goes that Persephone was out with her mother, Demeter, in a beautiful field with lush flowers. Hades, watching from his throne in the Underworld, saw Persephone and fell immediately in lovel, and wanted Persephone to join him right away. In his haste, Hades opened a giant chasm in the field and captured Persephone, dragging her into the Underworld without so much as a "How do you do?". Determined to have her forever, Hades tricked her into eating 6 pomegranate seeds, meaning that she had to spend 6 months out of the year in the Underworld with him, winter, and could return to the world above with her mother for the other half of the year, spring. 

I think this would be so much fun to play. For this I'm looking for someone to play a male character that would start off the story as the Dominant character. Persephone would start off the story as a reluctant submissive to Hades. Eventually she would learn to enjoy her time down in the Underworld, and perhaps might even show Hades a thing or two.

Looking for: Someone to play a male switch character. To start, Hades would be the Dom and Persephone the sub. Once she starts to enjoy herself, there's no reason Persephone can't take the Dominant role, making Hades the sub. I'd like for this to be a little non-con at first. Perhaps in his excitement to woo her, Hades forces himself on her, forgetting that Persephone doesn't exactly feel the same way, and deaf to her protests. 

Queen's Consort - I'm also into an Egyptian phase right now as well. I love the idea of playing the Queen of Egypt, ruler of both upper and lower Egypt. It was rare for a woman to rule alone, but certainly not unheard of. Catering to the different priests and priestess', the foriegn dignitaries, and defending the boarders of her world keeps her busy, but even a Queen gets lonely. Perhaps your a stranger from a foriegn land, determined to make a good impression. Maybe you're the lackey of a religious faction, sent to find a weakness that can be exploited.

Looking for: Someone with a few ideas as to how to play this story. I would love to hear what part you would like to play, and how you would tie yourself into this fascinating, exciting world. Dom, sub, switch, I'm open to anything here! PM me with ideas.

Bubble bubble, toil and trouble! - You're a well to do local wizard, (less Harry Potter more Harry Dresden) with a fairly successful career finding lost keys and summoning imps to clean your house. Even though your life is pretty laid back, occasionally things get exciting, a rogue werewolf or out of control vampire needs to be banished. Although you're the head honcho for your area, there are always new up and coming wizards trying feats that are beyond their control. Late one evening one of your alarms goes off, and you're out the door trying to find the idiot that's messed up your quiet evening. Low and behold, some goofball with a book of spells has gone and summoned a demon. As you get ready to banish her, her shapely form and smooth talking make you think twice about getting rid of her. You and the demon quickly work up an interesting relationship, you keep her locked up in your basement, ready to use her resources to answer any questions you may have. It isn't long before you're tempted to take advantage of her, ahem, other resources. She's bound with your spells so she can't hurt you, but that doesn't mean she can't show you a good time!

Looking for: A switch to play a male character, while I play the demon. The two characters will switch back and forth, the wizard letting the demon take control one time, and the wizard binding her with spells to take advantage of her the next.

Daughter of Ra - As a princess of the Tuthmosis line, Amenia was used to a lavish life. Her husband, Horemheb, spent a majority of their marriage and his rule off fighting the Hittites, and Amenia spent her nights drinking, dancing, and smoking opium. She woke to worship, eat, and hear audiences from her subjects. The best of the best was what she was used to, as royalty born from the sun god Ra himself, she was no mere mortal. Her entire body was dusted with gold dust after every bath, making her dark skin shimmer and shine. Her eyes were covered with the dust from precious stones, matching whatever colors she was wearing that day. She was heralded as the most beautiful woman, even after Nefertiti. Being that Egyptian law states that the Pharaoh has to be married to the female of the royal line, she was the most important woman in the world, as far as her kingdom was concerned.

It made sense, then, that her husband's second in command sabotaged him while he was away fighting, ending his life. Forcing Amenia into marriage to make himself the Pharaoh, her life changed drastically. Her new husband wasn't afraid to keep her locked in their rooms until she saw things his way, and was willing to be a submissive, malleable wife.

Looking for: Someone who isn't afraid to take on the challenge of putting a Queen in her place, which just so happens to be beneath him. A dominant male to play the part of my character's new husband and Pharaoh. Conquering a kingdom and a woman is a worthy conquest... Who's up for the challenge?

Not a Good Witch Anymore - She was small of stature, almost like a beautiful, blonde, little porcelain doll. In this world of men, she'd been taken advantage of too many times because of how she looked. She looked easy to push around, and for the first half of her life she had been. Before she'd turned to magic she'd been a mousy little girl but now she had the world at her fingertips. With just a snap of her fingers and a mumbled phrase she could get whatever she wanted, and now she wanted revenge. She had a specific subject in mind, he'd tormented her for years and even raped her a few times. Now it was time to turn the tables. He'd become her slave, and she would enjoy every second of it.

Looking for: A submissive male willing to play the sex slave to the knowledgeable witch. You've wronged her, and now that you're all settled into life with a wife and a decent career she wants what you took from her, and she's going to take it from you.

Gone With the Wind - "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn!" But what if he did? Scarlett O'Hara was the belle of the south, with a 17 inch waist to boot! She was spoiled, cold hearted, mean spirited, and vindictive. But boy, was she beautiful, and she had realized a little too late that she had found a kindred soul in Rhett Butler. He didn't mind that she was spoiled, and in fact, he spoiled her even more! The two of them were sweeping the south, and making a pretty process in the process. But Scarlett had spent the best years of her marriage lusting for another man, and realized a little too late that Rhett was the one she wanted. Rhett had had his fill, and uttered those fateful words before turning his back on her. With a scream, Scarlett threw herself down and prostrated herself on the floor, promising Rhett anything he wanted if he'd stay and give them another chance. This made Rhett stop in his tracks, and turn around with a wolfish smile on his face.

Looking for: Someone to play a dominant Rhett Butler to my Scarlett. I'd like Rhett to really put Scarlett in her place, after making her promise to do anything he said. I want him to use her as his sex slave, collar her, and turn her into the perfect wife, using any means at his disposal. Humiliate her, Non-con, bondage, whatever your fancy is.

Ganglands - You and I are the leader of rival gangs in the same city, and have constantly been at war since as far back as anyone can remember. You're furious over the recent killing of some of your members, and feel that killing some of mine isn't good enough to make me pay. You have an idea for payback that you've been working on for a while, and now might just be the perfect time to enact the plan. After a couple of weeks with no response from your guys, I'm still highly suspicious, but going about my normal business. Returning home after a long day of work, your guys have been staking me out, and kidnap me. Taking me to you, I'm officially at your mercy.

Looking for:Someone to play the male rival gang leader, and to Dom my character. Maybe down the road, they develop a switch relationship, but at first my character would definitely be the sub to yours.

Daddy Dearest - I'm a sucker for a good Daddy-daughter role play. However, I want something as twisted and dark as possible. Whatever the situation, father and daughter end up in the house by themselves. Mom moved, died, left, whatever. Daughter is an 18 year old recently graduated beauty, disrespectful, and does whatever she wants regardless of the reprimands. Her father is strict and tries his best to discipline her, but nothing works.

Unbeknownst to her, daddy dearest has been pretty heavily involved in BDSM since even before his wife left. It's always been a dream of his to have a true sex slave, especially one he trained himself. One day after she ignores curfew again one and one come together. Wouldn't she make the perfect slave? She looks like just her mother, has an attitude, and is expected to live in his house anyways. Really, it's perfect, he doesn't know why he hasn't thought of it before.

That night when he makes dinner he slips something special into her drink, and she's knocked out before she can even take the first bite. He's been working into turning the basement into a bona-fide dungeon, and has spent all week ordering chains, shackles, and lots of fun toys that fit her exact dimensions.

Through the use of drugs and alcohol, extreme bondage, pain, and anything else our hearts desire he starts to train his daughter to be the perfect sex slave.

Looking for: A dominant male willing to play the father to my rebellious daughter, who's interested in making this extremely extreme! Non-con, drugs, abuse, etc.

Growing Together - My character is a wealthy heiress who is coming of age. Living in a modern world where slavery is accepted and encouraged, my character has never taken much notice of the slaves around the house who waited on her hand and foot. They'd become part of the house, like a piece of furniture that followed her around and asked her if she'd like a cup of tea. With one exception, the boy she had been raised with. It was her family's tradition that every heir was paired with a slave child of the opposite sex to grow and learn with. Eventually, when they come of age, together they'll explore the strange new world of sex and lust, and who better but with a best friend? He's expected to do as she commands no matter what, and with the added physical activity between them their bond grows even closer. What happens when she's forced to marry to further the family, and how will the two young lovers face the challenges ahead?

Looking for: A male submissive to take the part of my character's slave. I imagine this being very slice of life, the two of them learning and experimenting together, and falling in love.

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Re: Indulge me (a little bit of something for everyone so please, take a look)
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Added a new story and changed a few things around!

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Re: Indulge me (F for M, mostly non-con and BDSM)
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Two new plots added, pictures included!

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Re: How to indulge and excite a Soumis (F for M, mostly non-con and BDSM)
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Back after a hiatus!