My Cousin The Pimp [m/m and m/f]

Started by traci80, August 17, 2014, 12:30:24 PM

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  A teenage boy [Boy A] lives with his mom in a trailer park. At school he is a slacker making grades that just barely are good enough to avoid summer school. The 16yo is considering just quitting school. In an adjacent trailer park lives his tomboy cousin who plays the part of his best friend. She is busy trying to talk him out of his idea to drop out with little success. His best guy friend is a slightly chubby kid [Boy B] who serves as his video game nemesis, partner in crime [shoplifting] and form a tag team against the bullies.
  Boy A is bi tho prefers girls. Boy B is gay. Boy A's only experience with another guy has been with his chubby friend. Boy B is not someone that turns him on, but being his best buddy he has let him suck on his cock some. He has returned the favor once and took it out of his mouth when Boy B was ready to cum and beat it off to conclusion. Boy B is a kissing bug. Boy A will sometimes let him get away with that, but usually turns his face away after a short time.
  The tomboy is straight and a bit of a slut. She has sucked her cousin off on a few occasions, not to mention a number off other boys from school. She knows her cousin and chubby buddy do a little fooling around. She watched them kiss a little once. Boys doing boys turns the girl on. She wishes they would let her be there when they really go at it. Her cousin would freak if he knew what she fantasized other boys and men doing to him.
  The tomboy meets her mom's boss at work one day. The man is used to going after boys he refers to as trailer trash. Somewhere along the line he had seen the girl with her cousin. The kid isn't the hottest piece of ass, he ain't bad tho, but he knows that trailer brats can be had. The man hands her $50 and tells her he will double the amount if she can produce a video of her cousin jerking off. He would pay the boy the same. Now the only problem was convincing her cousin to do it.
  I can play Boy A, or all the others.