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June 24, 2022, 11:05:22 pm

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Author Topic: Paige's Plots and Pictures (FxM, FxF, FxMMMMMMM, taboo, extreme)  (Read 3874 times)

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Offline Paige PersnicketyTopic starter

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Please IM me about requests for roleplays please.

Who is Paige Persnickety?
After much time perusing, perving and purveying the writing here, I've finally found the courage to create a request page (pun intended). Before I get into the variety of deviant ideas that dot my mindscape, I felt I should introduce myself a bit here. Or rather, I'll do my best to entertain you until the juicy parts. Without further ado:

I, Paige Persnickety, do solemnly swear
To provide the best and most profound roleplay to my partners.
At least to the best of my personal abilities.
I will honor and cherish each typed syllable.
In sickness and in health, so long as your AA's are properly maintained.
Or, maybe if you want to drop me a line, that'd be good too.
Until the death of one or both characters do us part.

Alright alright, that was a bit over-dramatic, but that is me. I have a flare for the dramatic, but thankfully it's almost always in a good way. I say almost as you should never commit to a trait when at any time in your life it could be proven wrong. I enjoy doing roleplays with people, smut is welcome as much as super dense plot heavy high fantasy scenes. It all boils down to the plot, the interest, and the willingness to proceed.

T.A.R.D.I.S. (LF Male partner)(P.S. If you don't know what that means, skip this post)
Although I'm not big on canon roles of any sort, I do love me some Doctor Who. The idea is far from fleshed out, but the general premise is something like this:

The Doctor finds himself on the hunt for a new companion. Every time before (save for Rose and the duplicate Doctor and River Song whose romance really was never explored), romance has always been skirted on and teased, but never fully grasped. I was wanting to have the Doctor lead his new companion through the TARDIS. Skipping past a few rooms, which she explores later, to find the Doctor really isn't always about helping others, but helping himself as well. The rooms can be a variety of things from a posh suite to a dungeon to a totally cliche 70's romance room, complete with heart bed and disco light. I would love to explore this idea further.

In the Hall (Smut based theme, M or F partner willing to play multiple roles)
This story is a darker theme, possibly NC/Extreme/Taboo. I'm not looking for nice, and not looking for a lot of depth. Seriously, it's all about the smut.

Everyone knows the saying, "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas." Below the strip there is a small club called The Hall. Nobody really knows about it except a lucky few as it is invite only. Each member is tested and vetted. The focus is on the story of one of the girls at The Hall. Two years ago her husband lent her to the club, he hasn't been back and she's accumulated quite the debt to the owners for her room and board. The women that work at the club almost never leave, and though she knows this, she is willing to do anything to get out, to pay off her debts. The happiest client is the one with the fewest restrictions afterall, so our girl is quite a hot commodity. The owners, of course, aren't eager to let her go at any sort of discount. Does she have the prowess to fuck the right big-wig, or do the nastiest things she can to pay her way out?

Your role here would be the various clientele she's servicing, perhaps the owners if you like as well. Depraved, dirty, video taping, whatever you want goes really. And in the end, well, it could be a happy one or tragic.

**CRAVING**The Coke Bottle Rumor (BDSM themes, heavy training focus roleplay, open for M or F)
As suggested above, this is a heavily themed BDSM roleplay. About the objectification of a slave into a toy. The roleplay is open to dominants, M or F, as the title suggests the end goal is a coca-cola bottle insertion. If stretching, extremely heavy training roleplay isn't your cup of tea, you may want to pass.

A rumor has been floating around that a wager is underway between the houses. The girls, of course, are excited, but one is dreading it. Slave 112, otherwise referred to as Angel, is next in line as a prop, but this is her first time. But rumor has it, all the houses have to choose a slave that is entirely untrained and unprepared for this challenge, to keep things fair. Once she is called before her owner, she is told of the task at hand, to be worked fastest without any medical incidents to be able to take not one, but two coke bottles, one per hole. The other option is to take one single bottle, but it be a full 2 liter bottle. Angel is unsure if she could handle it, but her owner assures her that she most definitely WILL handle the task and training starts right now.

Your part would be the Owner (M or F of course). There is a lot riding on the bet, loss of half the house (around 100 slaves from the slave house). Angel must be isolated, and all training is done by the Owner, or at least the rules call for as much. (If you want to play multiple characters I'm willing to adjust). Angel is a virgin (or can not be depending on your preference) and must be trained, within a month to be a depraved and dirty enough slut to take two bottles to the point the labels are hidden. I'm REALLY craving this one so I'm flexible as hell.

Under His Spell (FxM pairing, NC, possibly Extreme)
This is a fantasy based roleplay, very non-con. More plot based, but hope for heavy smut.

He would have her by the gods, he would. He spent weeks working on this spell, perfecting it. SHE. WOULD. BE. HIS. That was all there was to it. He'd obsessed over her since he saw her, and for whatever reason, something he couldn't fathom, she declined, over and over. Enough was enough. Time to take what was rightfully his, consequences be damned. After the spell was cast, he heard a cry from below. The dungeon. There she was, in chains. FINALLY! Nobody would doubt him now.. except he couldn't tell anyone. And now what.. how does he make people realize she wants him too.. Time to start working on more potions..

Your character is the wizard, mine the unwilling victim. Trapped under his feet (literally), she can't escape, magic binds her to his dungeon until he releases her. His potions don't work quite right most of the time, she is his guinea pig and fuck toy until he can work the perfect potion to make her love him unconditionally. You an be whatever you want, wizard is the simplest, but semi-god/god/devil/succubus.. whatever you're craving that has the powers to force her to do things against her will.


Picturebunnies (Very likely NSFW, view with caution)

Rape/NC/Possible BDSM
Bottle, beads, filthy girl
Fisting and bound
Forced down rough
Unconscious Boss
Bound Tight
Broken and Ready to Use
He's no knight of hers
Oh the bangs this gang will give
On the Rack

Sci-fi & Fantasy
Her new Master
The Cock Room
Off with their heads
Future Bondage
More Future Bondage
From both ends
You dropped the soap
The girl asked for it
Attack on the city!

It's too big (dog)
Beethoven is bigger than she thought
Slave to the whinney of the horse
Don't howl
A real bitch now
Let's hope they aren't electric
Ready to ride the bull