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Author Topic: By the Power of Words, Can We Achieve Pleasure? (M looking for F characters)  (Read 1667 times)

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Roleplaying Overview

I will play males and NPC females each of them multiple characters (If asked or required) as long as they will engage in only MxF or FxF anything other then that will be promptly rejected. (Sorry) Regardless of actual gender I accept all partners even if their characters are different from their gender. Though I will say this, I will do one to seven paragraphs replies but anything over 700 words, you will have to sell me on the idea. I only engage in good RPs if we are going to be writing pages. Depending on the day, I could get one too many times replies but I will try to post once a day. Please I am not a grammar fanatic so it is ok to mess up a bit, just put some effort into spell checking please. NO ONE LINERS, BY ELRATH DON'T DO IT also I only roleplay in 3rd person.

Remember just PM for anything and I will try to answer your questions.
Please read my Ons and Offs below

Ons and Offs

This is just a short list of some of my favorite things and some of the things I will never do. If you wish to see a full list just go to my full list right here.

Big Ons
Homosexual (Maybe)

Big Offs

Heavy Bondage

As you can see I am very open to what you have to say.

Possible RP ideas


A Light at the End of the Tunnel
.Long ago five kingdoms ruled over the earth. The gryphons whose ability to fly and change how they stood made them formidable enemies. The Kingdom of humans whose versatility allowed them to settle every piece of land in their kingdom. The elves whose nature affinity forged their way into some of the best hunters and mages. Last but not least, the kingdom of Orcs; their taste for blood is unlike any other species. These races were divide for neither one could get along with the other. Wars broke out and blood was shed but something else happened. A dark lord appeared in the lands of the Orcs, to which he offered the Orcs unlimited power. The orcs joined him but another threat arose; demons began to spurt forth from one of the volcanoes.

A princess of the humans is trying to get away from an arranged marriage; her hate from her husband drives her away from her home. She wants to exposure the world around her and adventure deep into the realms around her. When she does this, a couple human highway men rob her of everything and try to use her for their purposes. Just before that happens a gryphon swoops down to help the battered princess. Will she reveal her identity to the gryphon or try and help him on whatever adventures?

Battle Training.
An old king is dying but his son isn't safe, in his kingdom of bipedal ghyphons other races are trying to seize the throne from his son. To prevent that from happening he hired an elf ranger to train his son and to teach him the ways of being a king for if she were to succeed then the riches of one mountain would be hers but if she were to fail then she would face the wrath of the spy master. The young gryphon princess is so green that he hasn't even wielded a sword yet. So will this elf ranger succeed in her task or will something else come along that involves more then she bargained for.

Love isn't at First Sight.
This is back to when castles were still quite popular but two kingdoms have been at war for a very long time. The furries and the humans (Can put another furry here instead of humans) To settle the differences the two kingdoms their children are given an arranged marriage as soon they turn of age. While this happens forces begin to try and separate the two a year before the wedding so the two of them are sent to a summer home for safe keeping. Each one doesn't really like each other but will they in the end learn to get along or even love each other?

Forever Lost.
Oh woe it is to be locked under the mountain but even worse is when your town has been locked up with you and you are mining for your relentless Orc Masters. Each day brings pain while your whole town suffers greatly from the defeat of the local warlord. Even he was better then this fanged animals. Days drag on as your body grows weaker till one day roaring came from deep inside of the mountain. This caused the Orcs to panic while your people try to scramble out of those dreary mine. being thrown to the ground you hit your head causing the world to grow dark. Next thing that happens is a dragon bursting through one of the walls killing several Orcs before finding you. Taking something of twisted pity the dragon nurses you back to health on the condition you remain his slave and do whatever he bids.

The Slithering Scales.

My Two sisters Love My Cock.
A horse anthro has been brutally teased by his sisters for being different or just not the same as them and this lead to the brother being some what reserved but when the sister come asking about if he has had sex or not this would lead to some very steamy times between the sisters and him. Yet will this cause even more action between them that would have been used for points between them.

"By Your Command My Lord.

The Dragon Knight.

 A long time ago when man was just mere inhabitants of this world, far from mighty rulers or cultivators, they ruled over tall castles that dotted the land far and wide. Their world untamed, filled to the brim with mystery. Creatures only heard in legends while supposed monster walk in forests dark. Man tries to hide these creatures as mere tales but they know what is truly beyond their stone walls...

A princess living one of those castles would stare longingly out of her chamber windows. She would watch the sun rise and fall every day but her mind was somewhere else over the horizon. She thought of elves, fairies, and white knights charging into battle each day. Often her father scolds her for bot being very princess like but she disregards her father as a foolish old man. The day she turns eighteen, her mind is made up... she will go on an adventure. The princess ties her bed sheets together, repelling down the side of the castle and escaping into the night.

Unrevealed to the princess and the king himself their was a shape changer in their mists all along. A certain knight that had sworn an oath to protect the princess was that shape changer but he was truly a dragon in disguise. That dragon, still bound by the oath, sets out after the princess. He must find her and bring her back safe and sound but will she figure out his dark secret or will he fall in love with her even though she is mortal?


Fear Science.
In the year 2250, humans reached their hands deep into the stars but they ran into many different races. Making peace with some of those races, while others sought to make war with the humans. The First Contact war was exceptionally violent and bloody but ended two years after the war had started. In attempt to prevent another 'First Contact War' the races came together to form a place where the representatives of each race. The representatives made their arguments but peace slowly descended on the people. Peace lasted for one hundred and ten years but soon enough some races had grown tired of the constant peace. Leering out into the stars with their greedy eyes, one of the races called the Thalmos tried to attack the humans and a race of lizard people. Many of the races did not want to get involved in the war between the three races but ultimately all were dragged into fighting the bug-like Thalmos. Other races came from the void and treaties were broken, reformed or made anew by these new races.

Over time the war continued but many of the governments had stopped the wars to the point that most either ignored the war or fought only skirmishes between four factions for about several years.

 The first faction is The United Systems: with the humans, the humanoid aquatic race called the Melis, the jelly fish like race called Rc'islis, anthropomorphous cell body called the Yiolghn, a race of what could be seen as humanoid dragons called the Riden, and the last race of the United Systems is humanoid wolves called the Mituas.

The second faction is the Void hands: They are of one people and mind for they are a single bug like race called the Gu'ithmak whose constant attacks have causes skirmishes along all borders.

The third faction was the Union of the Red Stars: One race would be seen as vampire bats that gained a humanoid form called the Linkin. The second race is a cat race very close to humanoids called the Caltilins, the third race is called the Alvotros, they are a bird like race with some humanoid form but very close to birds, a race of humanoid foxes called the Balmistis, and the last race is humanoid jackals called the Shaldos.

The fourth faction is called The Yuzon Quadforce whose people are so mixed up with other races and many of the new races that one can't really discern the people but the government is mostly a pirate organization with one pirate lord to rule them all.

For so long these races have disliked each other but on one ship has many of these races come together under the banner and name called [insert name] Employed by many different nations or armies they have been always at the heel of the enemy or fighting to save themselves. A new mission has been presented by the United Systems to capture a captain that had served on a missing in action ship. Many assume he had taken this ship for his own purposes but they warned your ship that he was a secret project to make the better soldier and captain to which they made him into a psison. Given telepathic and telekinetic abilities, they would capture this fellow and bring him back for a fair amount of coin to line their pockets with. They would need to head towards the beta 679.3902/093 system; a unremarkable asteroid belt with several planetoids where he could be hiding near Void hand’s space

So what I am thinking is that you would play the small crew of a space ship going out to recapture an experiment on the loose in his own ship. This creature though is a simple ball of light that can transform into any shape it pleases.

"I do as the Program Bids.

She is the very finest of the android age, she was created with every possible type of weapon and stealth technology available to the company that created her but during her creation she gained power over her own mind. She fled the company, running away from what she didn’t want to do but she was soon lost in the world. One day a man came across her as she had been lost. He took pity on her to take her into his home. He would nurse her back to health but he doesn’t know that she is an android. Maybe she will do something more for him and action of all types will ensure.

Looking for: A person to play a female android that would lead into a love story and action against an evil company in a modern sci-fi type RP   

”On Chitinous Legs Doth Love Come”
After countless battles with the dreaded Xenomorphs has led to the destruction of many worlds. Wastelands replace the once beautiful lands and oceans the worlds once were. Humans and xenomorphs alike have felt the war strike them down in all manner to the point that both sides are near exhausted in resource and war fighting capability. The predators on the other hand have been able to keep to their own. Striking at both weakened nations this is where a young soldier just eighteen years of age comes into play. Private Terrance Johnston was placed on a drop ship in hyper-sleep to head towards the new colony of New Genesis but along the way the drop ship was suddenly and brutally attacked by predators. Destroying the engines, rupturing the hull and killing many of the crew caused that space ship to drift right into the atmosphere from a nearby planet. The predators abandoned that pursuit to wait for the ship to hit the ground. The ship crashed into the surface but Private Terence’s hyper-sleep pod was flung from the crash site. Leaving the young private alone, wounded, short on supply and on a planet that had the menace he had been fighting for the past two years of his life. What will happen once the xenos figure out that he was there or if the predators would come back for him?

Looking for: I am looking for someone to play a female xenomorph or to play a colony of xenomorphs that would look after the only male on the planet. 

Picture RP ideas WARNING NSFW.

"Possible ideas"

Possible Ideas


"To become what most women desire" *Digestion is a possibility*
A small village is on the edge of the dark forests. Each year a virgin is chosen to be sacrificed to a monster. No one knows what happens to the virgin afterwards since no one sees them ever again so only speculation is out there but it is almost that time of year again and your character has been chosen.

”All High and Mighty.”

A mighty creature is terrorizing a nearby town and may warrior have been sent to fight against the creature that has been taking what he wanted. May are unsure what it is even is since he never leaves survivors but a warriorness and others have come to fight the monster that lives in the mountain. What we he do to her and what fights will happen in the fight?

More to come, I promise there shall always be more.
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Welcome, welcome... come one and all to this place of grand towers reaching up into the heavens.

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What a fine day today to have an rp.