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April 12, 2021, 02:59:38 pm

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Author Topic: Blue Eyed Demon [[looking for M character]]  (Read 702 times)

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Offline sansaTopic starter

Blue Eyed Demon [[looking for M character]]
« on: August 08, 2014, 11:05:23 pm »
Hi! So I just finished an interesting movie starring Brooke Shields called "Sahara" from 1983. There isn't much info on it if you wish to look it up so really you just need to watch it if you're interested. You do NOT need to watch it in order to play this game with me. Below is going to be a quick summary of what has happened/will happen and who my character is. By NO means am I describing your character- only who he is.

Here's what I am looking for:
I am looking for a male character to play the Shamara Lord of the Sahara. He is a young warrior of the desert who fancies my character. Be it her looks or her attitude is completely up to you but she will be like no one he has ever seen before. Fair skin, blue eyes, and lighter hair. He knows her language (how well is completely up to you though) but maybe doesn't understand her customs. I had a few ideas on what his culture is like (based off the movie really) but honestly I am completely open to ideas.

Sex? I'm not into just mindless "cyber" stuff. I love stories, character development, and literacy. I am not asking for a novel, I certainly do not want a sentence. I just want to see the scene go somewhere and our characters  grow. This isn't to mean I don't want our characters to have sex, I just do not want that to be the focus because in this setting, there is so much to work with- culture shock, language barriers, politics within the tribe, etc. I must say this though, when it comes to sex and our characters having sex- my character, Maya, is a feisty american so she isn't submissive. However, she is not dominate in the bedroom. Does this make sense? I hope so. I can clarify if not. More or less though my character has no say on what is going on. She can either stay a slave to Rasoul or become the Lords bride. To them perhaps she is making a choice, but really there is not much choice.

Any way, read on and let me know your thoughts. If you like the setting or the theme but wanna change things up a bit, that's cool too. Also I'm open to playing more then just these two main characters. I can play Rasoul, or you can, or I can a slave, Maya also has her two friends, etc. There is plenty to work with!


The setting is in the year 1927. After her father dies, a young American heiress, Maya disguises herself as a man and takes the place of her father in an international car race through the Sahara with her two male friends-very much like brothers to her. But trouble stirs when she takes off her helmet to proudly let her hair fall free- exposing to her competitors that she is a woman. However it is not only her competitors that witness this... A Desert Warrior also sees this foreign blue eyed beauty and when her and her team lay to get some rest before the next days start on the race, they are taken prisoner by Rasoul- a desert warrior.

"A woman unprotected by blood is free to be claimed." That is the way of the desert..

Forced on to Rasoul's horse, Maya is taken to his camp to learn her fate. Dropping her into the sand he speaks with a heavy accent "I am Rasoul, servant to Lord "_____" and Warlord. You are privileged to be among the strongest tribe of the Sahara, the Shamara! You are my slave. You should be proud to please me." Before the feisty American heiress can speak, an order to his men was quickly made and she was rushed off to his tent...

Once night fell, Rasoul finally came to her offering an apple but was denied with a sharp tongue. Untying her bonds, he attempts to kiss her but only to be caught off guard by her quick hands grabbing for his knife. Angry now, they fight in his  tent, running about until she causes a fire from a candle to break out. Quickly, she runs away as the men panic to aid their warlord.

Alone and dizzy in the desert, Maya finds her self exhausted from the running, lack of water, and the intense heat. The warriors were out to find this demon and even Lord "_____" came to search for the Blue Eyed Demon. Noticing a small figure baking in the sands, Lord "______" wakes the girl when she feels the shade of his horse towering over her. Their eyes meet but only for a second... she belongs to Rasoul and he has not forgotten the shame she has bestowed on him. Jumping off his horse, he lifts the girl to her feet by her hair and strikes her multiple times against the back with a cane while shoving her along back towards her horse.

"Uncle!" the Lord finally calls out.
With a huff, Rasoul glares "She shall not cause trouble again."
"You seemed to think that once and she burned your tent."
"If she resists me, I will cut her throat!" he declared with the scrambling girl in his arms.
"So for a moment of pleasure you would risk the Americans causing war with us? Put her in my tent." The Lord decides.
"No! This one is mine!"
"You seem to forget uncle that nothing in the sands is yours unless I say it is."
"She is mine by law!"
"Not if I take her as a wife." the Lord announces leaving everyone stunned and to ride back in silence with the girl tied up and sent off with a young warrior to take her safely back to camp.

If he wishes to take her from his uncle, he will have to marry this "Blue Eye Demon"- A nickname given by the Shamara because of the spell she seems to have cast on their Lord. But her rejections are shameful and not even Shamara Lord can force her to marry him. He wants to save her from his uncles greedy hands..yes for his own greedy desires but to make an advance for marriage and be denied would be shameful! Rasoul is the Lord's uncle and despite his anger, he will force this girl to go crawling to the Shamara Lord to beg for forgiveness and his marriage. How? By making her watch her friends suffer in pain until she submits. Maya will be expected to dress as the Shamara, endure a strange and foreign wedding with a stranger...

"You will go to his tent. You will go to him."


And scene!

If you are interested, please PM me!

Offline sansaTopic starter

Re: Blue Eyed Demon [[looking for M character]]
« Reply #1 on: August 19, 2014, 10:50:43 pm »
Update: I'm looking for a Male character. It's perfectly fine if you are female.
Also, the relationship I'd like to see this take is starting out as a non-con situation because she is very much opposed to this but we can see if anything comes of their relationship!
Message me!