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Author Topic: Demon Days [Van]  (Read 607 times)

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Demon Days [Van]
« on: September 16, 2008, 06:35:37 PM »
Demon Days

A troubled man with a vendetta against the demon entities makes his home a monastery at the base of a towering mountain. He isnít a priest or a monk, simply a wandering gun wielding samurai who has been asked to protect the temples from creatures bent on pain and destruction. Things grow quiet when he begins to get comfortable, a few killings here and there but ultimately the guard dog has done its duty. Even the Youkai(Demons) Kings who had once pressed to have him killed stopped their murderous plots. The silence is eerie, he knows that the inscription on his gun has the power to awaken and put to sleep great evil if spoken out loud. The only explanation is that they (whoever they are) are pooling their resources to send some terrible foe his way. About the time that another small demon army has set it sights on the monasteries treasures the alcoholic samurai begins to hear a voice.  It plagues him during conscious hours making it difficult for him to do his job and awakes him from his nightmares making it difficult to sleep. This voice makes him recollect days when his world was painted blood red, days when he was the victim and not the hunter.

Eventually he has to heed the call and heads off in the direction of the sound, up the mountain, even after he has been told that a terrible demon resides at the top. This voice is beginning to make him plum crazy and shows no sign of let up. When he gets there he finds a young woman trapped behind stone bars, if the rumors were true she had been there for almost five hundred years. He frees her and would have given her a piece of his mind for plaguing him for weeks except she seems fragile, a porcelain figurine easily shattered. She begins to follow him, a steady frustrating presence always a step behind. He canít be toting a girl along, not when there was a chance that danger preceded him, so he tells her off and hopes that she goes away. Not seeming phased she follows claiming to be lost.

When they get back to the monastery she still looks utterly confused so he takes her and hides her in a woodshed until he can figure out what to do with her. Days go by, he brings her food and water, company for the time being and she stays docile waiting each day for his return. On one particular evening he is sent out to take care of some business in a city a day away. When he comes to tell her of his departure she is sleeping and he doesnít want to wake her so he leaves her with food and water hoping she will stay put until he returns.

Upon reaching the city he asks about her and gets the same response. She is supposedly supposed to be a hidden evil from the top of the mountain. Afraid that she just might be this hidden evil he rushes home to find her cornered by the monks like a feral beast and ready to slaughter her way out. They had thought she had snuck in to kill them while they slept so sought to dispose of her before the situation got out of hand. Even though he explains that she is a friend the monastery cannot house her and so the Samurai decides to take her into the city and leave her because he can think of no better solution.

The journey too the city is much more troublesome then he anticipated, it takes nearly seven days to make the trek. The demons had finally come out of hiding and were ready to smack down. And when he finally does make it too the city he intends to leave her but finds that he has grown attached to having somebody around. Nevertheless he sets her up in an apartment and leaves her with necessities and money before heading back to the monastery. But days and nights at the monastery grow cold and dismal, without the voice calling to him his home seems empty. He finds himself making up excuses to go into the city until he is spending more time there then he is the monastery. When he has spent so much time in the dark it is natural for him to be drawn towards the light. He is conflicted by the fact that she is a demon and coming to visit goes against everything he once thought was right.


Not quite sure where to take it from there. We would be starting at the beginning and after that point they will end up going on some kind of quest.

I am looking for somebody to play the Alcoholic Gun wielding Samurai. This can either be MxF or FxF pairing, I am up for either.

This will probably be [Van] although I am up for other suggestions if somebody is interested in taking it to a darker level.

At your leisure, meaning that there is no press for time, once a week is enough to satisfy me.

Other then that if you have questions or comments PM me.

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Re: Demon Days [Van]
« Reply #1 on: September 17, 2008, 09:15:22 PM »
Argh. This looks like a GREAT story.