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June 19, 2018, 03:17:04 PM

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Author Topic: The Devil's Hollow [M lf F, NC, Fantasy]  (Read 241 times)

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The Devil's Hollow [M lf F, NC, Fantasy]
« on: August 06, 2014, 03:36:06 PM »
There are places where the Wild things still rule, and there are places where Evil holds dominance over creation. When the two meet nothing but horror can result.

Sometimes the demonic hordes don't kill their enemies. Sometimes they capture them, for torture and corruption instead. This is the story of one such victim, a nature spirit that fell to the darkness and was Corrupted for it. Now a Corrupted Satyr he was given a special mission, to spread his demonically tainted seed however he wishes among as many women as he can. And while he enjoys his task he desires to be free almost as much...

The Monster
Name: Kolag Na'al
Race: Corrupted Satyr
Age: Equivalent of 30's.
Rank: Tormentor
Ambition: Freedom. Kolag wasn't always a demon. The demonic power in his veins makes him feel powerful and strong, but he remembers when he could just go out into the woods and just run. He wants to have no master again.
History: The woods were never empty. There was a better time once. A time with nature in balance where things lived in harmony. For the most part. The Satyr's of the woods always were trouble makers after a fashion. Wild, lusty creatures- their dance and drink has charmed many women into their beds with the legendary Satyr fertility taking care of the rest.
When the demons came, someone thought to take advantage of that. Some of the Satyr folk would fall trying to fight off the monsters and be risen as monsters themselves. Dark reflections of their former selves, now they're savage brutes who rape and pillage at the will of their masters.

But some of them remember grass under their feet, drinks in their cups, and songs in their hearts. Some of them want that back- by any means necessary.

Disposition: Passionate is a word to describe it. For female flesh, for the hunt, for the kill, for freedom from the masters- he wants to fuck and rape on his own terms and nobody elses.
Method of Reproduction: Impregnation. Worth noting is that as a Satyr Kolag's fertility was supernaturally high to start with. Now with demonic power added it's a pretty safe bet that he impregnates the vast majority if not every time. It's also worth noting that, for a humanoid, his cock is huge even in terms of proportions to the rest of him.

This can be done in either a Modern setting, a Modern Fantasy setting, or a High Fantasy setting - it's negotiable.