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Started by Inferior Rabbit, August 05, 2014, 11:51:25 AM

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Inferior Rabbit

Hey y'all, how you doing? I'm currently looking for a cyberpunk story that will involve a good mix of corporate espionage, funny situations, sexy time, and lots of drama. Ya gotta love it. Below is my idea, so shoot me a PM if you're interested.

So this story is set in the near future. Twenty or so years later, humanity has advanced beyond anything anyone could have ever imagined. The earth now runs on fuel from other planets and stars, rather than our own home, though this is only because we've used it all. There is now a cure for any disease you may think of, if you have the cash to buy it, and the global economy has never been better. Of course, with all this progress, there had to be a cost. The world is now choked by pollution, rendering entire continents, such as Asia, completely uninhabitable. This means a concentrated population in certain areas of the world, which also means plenty of crime. Such as the city of Chicago, which now houses some of the finest police forces in the world, to fight some of the worst that the criminal world has to offer.

In the background of all this noise, a rising power in the biotechnology industry known as Gateway Corporation is busy at work on creating something that would revolutionize the medical industry; cloning. Many would consider this inhumane, not the subject itself, but how it is done. Men, women, and children from all over the world have been kidnapped, and experimented on, in their quest to find someone that could possibly be cloned. The reason it was so monstrous is because in order for the clones to survive, brain tissue must be extracted from the original.

This is where you come in. A researcher with a guilty conscious decides to try and expose what the company has done. In an act of sabotage, he releases a batch of successful clones, helping them to escape as best as he could. Needless to say, he was caught almost immediately. He was executed, right there in the lobby. The clones are all caught as well, save for one. This one managed to stumble into an alley, and out into the street, into the hands of my character, a detective. The story would center around him trying to find out where she came from, and ultimately expose Gates for who they are. The catch is that at the beginning, the clone is as smart as a newborn child. This is the way she is built, but as the days go on, she will exponentially grow smarter, until she can function like you or me. 
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