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August 19, 2022, 09:15:57 pm

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Author Topic: Incestual Inclinations Club ~ Male > Seeking Females (Incest done right)  (Read 1090 times)

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Hello, ((** Adding this right here.. No smoking in any posts we do, no feces play, not into golden showers or pain for pain and gore + vore))

     You know if you clicked the post and are reading this, the idea in the subject line caught your attention. Do not be afraid to admit it, there is nothing wrong with having incestual thoughs.. there is not something wrong with you, you are just much more open minded and it is why we are here at Elliquiy. This is a safe place for us to explore all those ideas and thoughts and images.

     I am not going to bore you with the history of Incest, nor why it is right or wrong. As with anything thing done there are degree's and if you want to read more on the subject and history here is a wiki link.. (Gotta love the internet).
     Now having put all that aside I know I am one of those people who find the idea of pushing the boundary, hell of breaking it and enjoying sexual acts of various types and kinks as well, thus I have no problems imagining a relationship with someone who you are so close to such as a Sister, Aunt, Cousin, Mother or Daughter. That is as long as it is 'concentual' and both parties wish it and enjoy it.

    With this in mind I have collected a number of ideas with some 'images' to go along with them. I include the images to help light a fire under the imagination as it has often said 'a picture is worth a thousand words'.. however to me some could be a full novel.


First I labeled the post the Incestual Inclinations Club.. why I chose this I am uncertain save to say that I know I am willing to write multiple threads with many different partners so bascially you may think of this as a 'club' of like minded writers here on Elliquiy I am starting so I am also going to encourage people to reply to this thread perhaps sharing your views on the subject, that is if you approve of it. If you do not than please do not ruin this for those of us who enjoy the idea and are just a tab bit more open minded... it is why we are here after all.


1st Up the Classic Brother and Sister ~ Weather older or younger siblings from a close relationship especially if close in age. Attraction can and does occur and I would be willing to explore this idea on so many levels I am not even going to bother to try and list them.

Please feel free to PM me if interested and share with me your vision.

2nd - Son and Mom ~ How can there not be a bond between the two and what male has not seen a freinds Mom and some time and though my god she is lovely.. I mean hello Mrs. Robinson was a movie.. and more often now we live longer and mothers look a lot hotter , hell there is a commercial where a bunch of woman sit around and a boy jogs up they do not see his face but all check him out and he turns and says "Oh Hi Mrs. Walters tell Tim I said hello" obviously this is a friend of there son and they all check him out.. so MILFS can also have urges and younger males do have more vigor..

Feel Free to PM me your vision.

3rd Option - Ahh daddy's little girl is all grown up, and who has been there to take care of her to watch over her to protect her? Hell why should they not love there Dad and boys.. come on they are boys and do not know what to do .. so why not a man and if a man it is to be why not THE man who you know loves you and would do his best not to hurt you?

Again PM me if interested and you wish to attempt this I would be willing to discuss this

4th Option - Aunty dear Aunty and the thing is now A days thee are so many twists as hell your Aunt could be YOUNGER then you, and for some it is easier having the idea of an Aunt who is a lover than it is a Mother , or Father or Sibiling..

Please once again.. as I keep saying PM me if interested ...

5th Option 'Cousins' - this is another one that a lot of people have an easier time writing, I mean cousins are close and family but they are not really family are they? How often are you stuck having to deal with them being forced to be together and as you get older maybe being forced is not so bad?

Please PM me if this is he one for you...I think this is one of my favorite ideas and the pics I found COULD be cousins...

    To also help out as I often say a picture can covey a 1,000 or 10,000 word clicking below you will find some .. incest incentive? Feel free to pick on that catches your eye for a  Brother, Father, Nephew, or Cousin thread.. if some of the seem too much to consider we could cut it in half.. LOL... not literally of course.

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