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Started by Almost An Avenger, August 02, 2014, 01:31:49 PM

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Almost An Avenger

My name is Elli, I’m 26 and I work in immunological research, because of this my schedule can be a bit insane. I teach as well so it can be like WOAH some weeks and dead other weeks but I will normally let any partners know this in advance. I like to think of myself as a creative person, I love to write. I love to make things. I hope we'll create something wonderful together.

I enjoy writing female characters leaning towards the submissive side. I like to play intelligent females who are strong, I believe that you can be submissive and still retain that strength and intelligence. I'm comfortable with both f/f, f/m, transgender characters, and multiple thereof, the more the merrier.  I also really like to play female characters who are less experienced, I really enjoy playing characters who are out of their depth or comfort zones experiencing something for the first time or having little control over the situation they are in. Generally these characters are in their early 20s and short and petite.  Power plays are another big thing I really enjoy writing power imbalances, so student x teacher, little sister x big brother, employee x boss, those kinds of situations are serious turn ons along with being dominated by a larger character, the physical differences which can be dominating itself. 

As for the dos and dont's they are pretty simple. I expect reasonable attempts to match post sizes, if I give you 3-4 paragraphs it would be nice to have similar back, I invest a lot in my posts and I really love putting a lot of detail and thought into them it would be nice if it was reciprocated. If you reply to a post of 4 paragraphs with 2 sentences we won’t be continuing. I know that most people won’t do this but it’s happened before and there’s nothing more efficient at killing the mood for me. Good spelling and grammar is a given, sometimes I drop the ball on that one. I am dyslexic so sometimes I miss stuff or I just screw up. I’m sorry in advanced.

So if you are interested please let me know, I would be great to have a chance to RP with you. If you are interested please PM me or reply to the thread. I don’t bite so you can come and ask! I’d love to talk to you and work out a thread that we’re both happy with!

The On’s: Dirty talk (from your character, not necessarily mine) / taking verbal abuse – the dirtier the better. Reluctance (from my character) – I’m not into straight rape, I am not into real life harrowing trauma but reluctance and force is a major turn on. Rough sex – spanking (receiving), whipping (receiving), scratching, being choked, gagging, and hair pulling. Dominant partners. Suits – like seriously a well tailored suit can do wonders. Power imbalances. Being punished.  Face fucking. Throat fucking. Vaginal and Anal sex. Double penetration. Multiple partners.

The Offs: Genuine non-con. Extreme BDSM. Toilet play. Major injuries. Illness/Disease. Bestiality. Furries/Animals.  Slow burn that goes nowhere.

Ideas, these are all open to males or females.

Caught in the act: TAKEN Abi has always been told that she never to go in that room. One day curiosity gets the better of her and she’s caught red handed in the door way in awe, wanting a taste of the devilish delights inside. Your character can be a stranger, family member, friend, boss etc. We can decide exactly what it is she’s seen as well!

How much do you want it: Katie has always wanted to be a rock star, onstage she’s the fierce red headed front woman of punk pop band….off stage she’s quiet, polite, and likes the quiet life. Going on stage is like being set free! If only someone would set her free in others ways, when her bands offered a record contract and asked to show just how much she wants it. She gets her chance.

Not quite the holiday I’d planned: Ali is young, innocent almost, vanilla and inexperienced and just broken up with her only boyfriend. Ali and Jack were together for five years, high school sweethearts, long distance college relationship gone wrong when he cheated on her. She laments that he was boring in bed, unexciting and she feels as if she’s missed out on exploring herself.  A friend takes her away to a cabin for the weekend, far away from prying eyes for a weekend of learning and fun.

Lessons learned: Sammie is a good girl from an overprotective household. Everyone thinks she is, she goes to church on Sundays with her family. She sings the hymns. Prays. Every Friday night she sneaks out of her parents house to go out with her friends. She likes to drink, make out with boys and run around town wild. That is until she’s caught out in the middle of the night by her priest…

Almost An Avenger

So I have rewriten this page entirely, added some new ideas, if you would like to RP don't hesitate to reply or PM me :)