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Author Topic: Patricio Probing Potential Partners Seeking Swell, Sensual Stories  (Read 404 times)

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Offline PatricioTopic starter

I was recently approved, so for now I will keep this simple and just introduce what I am looking for / what I can offer.  I tend to play 'romantic dom' males for MxF pairings, men who are in control but focus more on her pleasure.  I also tend to focus more on foreplay than anything more hardcore, and softcore informality is actually a huge turn on for me.  And unless you just include light bondage and tickling, BDSM is not for me.  As one who play a GM/DM role in the past with male partners/characters, I am open to playing women, though naturally I prefer to play a guy as I am one.

I don't really do pairings, instead preferring to come up with ideas and run with that.  So here are a few!

GM/DM for Earthdawn's Barsaive

My preferred GM/DM setting.  It is an established and rich world created by FASA a couple decades ago. If you are familiar with it, good, I am willing to negotiate. But the truth is I rather play with someone who knows NOTHING about it. In fact, don't even look it up. What I want to do is to run a world around one character, yours, similar to playing a game like Skyrim for the first time.  And for you, it might have some surprises due to a few differences in that setting.  I have a fairly large document typed up for it, but I can't post external links, so just ask if interested.  Or till I find some other sort of work around.  But be forewarned Setting > Plot > Sex, so don't expect much erotica!  Romance is certainly possible, just realize the sexual content will be spotty.

Edit:  Here you go, over at the non-adult for reason I gave already.

Tentacle Pet

This is not your typical tentacle creature. Instead of raping and ejaculating every hole he encounters, the focus is more on humor than sex per se. He does ejaculate a lot though. 

Physical description: His actual body is a little larger than a large human male fist. Around his body is 8 tentacles: 3 for each side (which does most of his walking), a shorter one on one end (his 'front' side) and a longer one on the other (his 'tail'). However, each can operate for whatever he needs. Each have very tiny organs used for seeing, tasting, hearing, and smelling. He lacks a mouth, eating through his taste buds little amounts which is all he needs. All the sounds he make is more on the quiet side, though he purrs LOUDLY when content. This also cause his body to vibrate. While not slimy, the tentacles do have a light coat of liquid like sweat. It has no smell and disappear quickly if left on an other surface. Tough to hurt physically, he can take physical beatings and be okay. Emotionally though....

Personality: Curious and prone to item hoarding. He often like seeking attention and hate being bored. Very claustrophobic, and gets depressed easily. He judge his next actions on 'now thought' and his emotions. So if he is physically harmed, while it won't leave any physical damage, he will run and hide.

Sex related: He does like his tentacles rubbed, and may find ways to enjoy that 'feeling' of what happens when one is rubbed. He does ejaculate A LOT, and half way during it he will faint because of it. He will wake up 2-3 hours later on average with what is best described as a hangover. For that reason, he won't be doing this all the freaking time! 

Someone In Your Head

So you are a normal, average person (or not) with a normal and average (or not) life without any psychological problems (yet). Then one day you hear someone talking to you. But you can't see who that person is. Suddenly you realize the person talking to you is in your head. And worse, it seems to be able to make you see and hear things that are not there. For example, you might be setting down listening to a woman in a skirt, when a strange sound and motions seem to be coming from under it. And when she is facing away, she lets out groans.

Congratulations! You have schizophrenia!

It is just looking for heads to live in. Don't worry, it will make your boring and dull life far more interesting. And it promise to be friendly and LOVEABLE... unless you rather it just give you nightmares when you are awake. That's doable too!  By default, it will be ignorant hedonist.  It won't know anything, and its only motivation is to experience pleasure.

A character for the wanna-be insane seeking comedy, imaginary friends, horror, or any combination there of.  I prefer if your character starts out in a new area and I play everyone else.

Sentient House

Imagine you driving down the road at night in the woods. A storm arrives and a large tree falls down in front of you. Slamming your breaks, you find the situation just got worse as one of your car’s wheels scored a flat. The storm increases its intensity. Then you noticed a house just off the road. No lights are on. Calling it quits, you rush for it and find the front door is unlocked. There is some furniture, but overall the place seems abandoned. So you decided to stay for the night.

The house chuckles quietly. It has a new plaything!

This house is not in any way normal. It is a sentient creature that can move its physical appearance cross dimensions and change its appearance. Don’t want a modern setting? It may be a cave, a treehouse, or even a derelict spaceship! What is important is once you enter, it has you inside of it. And it will play with you. Oh yes it will play.

Both a character and a horror setting, expect both variety and a whole lot of impossible things happening to your character. Its been to many worlds, and inside it can be as big, small, or DIFFERENT as it wants to be. It has no consistent physical shape. Inanimate objects can move. Creatures from other worlds can come in. And if you stay long enough, it can get into your mind and torture you there.

Can be adjusted or accidentally turn into a dark comedy. There will be no perma-death, but if you want a more graphic RP, can do. But in general all physical damage is fake and it gets its glee from psychological torture. This will be slow played, not rushed, and once it does get deep into your character’s psyche, it will learn new things and use it. So this won’t be a one shot but rather more episodic. 

Ways how this can begin include:

  • Like the sample above, your character is seeking shelter
  • Your character is a run away and see this house in the middle of nowhere
  • So this house appeared, no one seem to have built it, and your character is sent to investigate
  • There are explorers in your world/universe and cross paths with the House. (Ideal for sci-fi and the house is a derelict ship, or historical settings)
  • “That house looks haunted. Lets see if it is!”

It's In A Book

What does The Neverending Story, the theme to Reading Rainbow, Final Fantasy Advance (and A2) have in common? Normal people in the real world being transported to another land with a book being the portal into that world. Writers I have an alternate idea, similar to Stranger Than Fiction or Delirious, a film with John Candy.

What I require from you is a modern or at least a historical character who loves to read, or a writer if you want to use that option. She or he will pick up a book (library? bookstore? gift? front door step?) and the events in the story will become alive. How and in what way will require some negotiating. For example:

- what does the book look like?
- will your character be able to read some of the story or not?
- will your character be instantly transported or will the events gradually find itself into reality?
- what genre? (Fantasy is most preferred, but historical or sci-fi is also possible)

I will base this on your character and my own likes. I will be playing a number of characters and building a world custom designed with what we both want. I am willing to do “inspired by” canon but I won’t do actual established characters or settings, and this assumes I know the source material, or at least can get an idea of it. Since stories may be over the top, the in-book setting may not always be very realistic, and I might be lampshading some things. For example, two male characters fight but there is no blood and the injuries are easily healed for sake of moving the story along. Or a character can’t say certain four letter words. Because everyone is different I won’t have specific things in mind nor will my lists be typical.

Writer Option

The situation is similar except everything your character writes tend to come true somehow. Characters within the story shows up and only your character can see them. Or the story is pretty much done yet she gets sucked into the story she created. However how she wrote them and how they act may be a tad bit different.

This option gives you more control over what is in the world. However, since an RP is done between two people, how you initially describe them and how I play them may not match up. The movie Delirious is a perfect example of this at work, where one writer of several of a soap opera is teleported into that soap opera. He then has to write against the other writers back in the real world.
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Re: Patricio Probing Potential Partners Seeking Swell, Sensual Stories
« Reply #1 on: October 13, 2014, 08:05:35 AM »
I could actually see the somepne in your head being highly comical in a group rp. Where only the schizophrenic character can hear "the voice" and all the other players must deal with what they observe being unable to hear any "voice."