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June 22, 2018, 12:21:03 AM

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Author Topic: Crew and or Guild sci-fi based story (M for F)  (Read 249 times)

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Crew and or Guild sci-fi based story (M for F)
« on: July 27, 2014, 07:33:12 PM »
Hello there everyone!

I've recently been inspired by the idea of stories based around a group of cooperating characters. Things like .Hack, Fairy Tail, SAO, and the like have always had me intrigued by the idea of guilds and interactions between characters of a group or crew. Recently however with previews of things like new Star Wars material and majorly the new game Destiny, I've been really into the idea of crews and guilds and I'm currently really inspired to create a world of such things with heavy inspiration from the latter.

Issue here is I have no particular plot set, so here I would like to build a world or more so pitch some ideas for a world and any interested partners should PM me so that we can add to, finalize, and or tweak the world ideas and come up with a plot together set in said world.

A bit about myself and what I'm looking for in a partner; I am on fairly often, in fact my only slow days usually are Friday and Saturday currently and most days I'm on all day on the side of whatever I'm doing so I'm usually good about posting rapidly and moving a story a good amount in a day. As such, this time around I'm looking for a partner who can, instead of quantifying their posts by a small amount per day or per week, can get a story moving a good amount in a shorter amount of time. That said I don't expect so many posts every day, it's just that I have so many amazing stories right now going on that get posts maybe only a couple times a week if that and while I don't mind waiting, I'm a patient man, I am looking for something to fill down time and given that this world would take some building, I'd rather not take weeks or months to plan before even getting started. Point is, I would much prefer to have a confidently active partner accepting this request.

I'm in to most anything, there are few things I won't do and my O/O's can be found in my signature. I'm pretty adaptable to my partner, this goes for not only ons and offs but writing and planning style as well as writing length as well. I can write as much as my partner will give back to me to work with. Some of my stories have gone down to a few lines which I'm not picky about as long as the substance as there (not to mention sometimes short posts are necessary during quicker action between characters) but as long as my partner keeps giving me large amounts to work with I'll continue to do so in return. I'm able to put in what I get back, basically.

Now, onto the story ideas, shall we? (Note: Pictures here are just for fun and don't reflect what I have in mind for the story just yet)

Building A World

So my ideas are a bit basic at the moment but I will add to them as time goes on until I find a partner for this. So far what I want is an even mix of sci-fi and fantasy, unlike Star Wars where the setting is of a massively sci-fi universe with a minority theme of the mythos of The Force, I would like an even split between the two themes in a sort of magic meets science world or whatever it may be sort of what it seems like the aforementioned Destiny looks like it'll be going for.

I'm considering a setting spanning a single Solar System, probably not ours in the real world, maybe one in place of ours or one neighboring ours. I'd like something along the lines of the age of man being one where humanity finally has branched out and explored/colonized/terraformed/lives on other worlds and intermingles with alien species. I'd like to keep the idea realistic, not where there are so many millions of alien races but just a few other equally/more advanced races alongside humanity.

What I picture is a solar system of perhaps ten to eleven or so planets with worlds varying from natural to terraformed to manmade perhaps. Some would be completely explored and perhaps some have barely yet to and are in a sort of outlaw west type of era. Each with their own traditions and styles and themes.


The timeframe I'd like for this story would be far after man had left Earth. I would like the colonization of planets and the like to be history so in this story travel between planets would be normal. Along with the mysticism mixed in with the sci-fi I'm imagining some sort of universal threat eventually emerging but perhaps something else is a constant threat giving need for and a main job to guilds and crews. I imagine a governmental system operating around guilds, perhaps a guild per planet or something of the sort but the point is I imagine a system of guilds who assign crews or crews gather themselves to do jobs pertaining to this threat. This is one of the more basic ideas at the moment so it's a little vague for now, something to be built with an interested partner.

For now all I have in mind past that is the idea of a crew being built throughout the story. Once again I'll add to this idea as inspiration comes but if this is enough to pique your interest then please send me a PM and we can build this story together~

Hope to hear from you soon!