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Author Topic: Cryptic's Crazy Collection of Croissants - Seeks Creative Females  (Read 465 times)

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Offline Cryptic AnomalyTopic starter

Rather then fill this with all my ideas, I will just start with one for now, if this interests you please PM me, if you want to know more about me and my writing style here is my O/O's.

I like story line, emotional and psychological depth and emotion, I am not interested in smut fests even though this idea is dark and of course would involve smut of various kinds.

Second Best

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A male has the hots for his female friend. She knows this and plays on it just giving enough attention to keep him interested. One day he starts showing interest in another woman, YC feels threatened and offers him a Second Best type scenario, dry humping etc etc no sex, no nudity on her part.

The Train Ride

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Train Ride - Two people get on a crowded train, the train bumps etc and they bump and grind into each other, shyly at first but the become more at ease with it. The next day they look for each other and do the same thing, they never talk or exchange names. I was thinking this could lead to a situation where they start arranging to meet each other in public and semi public places to engage in acts that could be full on sex or just heavy petting etc. Still no names, no talking.

The Rape Surrogate

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In this idea a woman (YC) works as a rape surrogate, it is her job to provide herself as bait for rapists to rape. Each rape is different etc I play the different men who employ her service, they could be men who wish to do this but not break the law or mess with people, men who want the thrill etc etc.

Why can't you be like that?

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This could be done a number of ways depending on what path we choose. The idea is that a man (husband, boyfriend or admirer) has a wife, girlfriend or female interest who loves romantic/saucy novels she loves the language and the eroticism blah blah blah anyway she gives the man a hard time about it always wanting him to be that way himself.

So he writes a novel. He writes an extremely hot one to suit her tastes, maybe in part form which gets published in a newspaper. She still gives him a hard time as he writes it anonymously.

So yeah a weird one and we could make it that she likes erotic Role Plays so he starts role playing with her. So yet another Role Play within a Role Play idea that I like so much.

Meet Your Daughter

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I play a man who is around 40 years old, back when he was 18 or so he donated sperm and never looked back. He meets a younger woman (how is open for discussion but I was thinking a Sugar Daddy site) and they bond well and make love. They notice little quirks in each other that reminds them of themselves but they brush it off, even physical similarities.

Somehow (open for discussion) they find out that she is his daughter. What do they do, how do they respond, does it matter???


It's just a game.

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This idea is pretty dark, it is basically a RP comes to life type of thing.

My idea is that MC takes yours hostage, whatever he does, the kinks etc can be worked out between us to suit our tastes, anyway the basic plot is that along with whatever he does to YC, he makes her play a RP online about it as well, so he writes what he does to her and she responds with how it makes her feel etc.

The dark sadism of course being that YC is crying out for help but anyone reading it just thinks that she is really good at playing the RP. [/s]
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Cryptics new plot - Incest with a Twist
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Meet Your Daughter  & Why Can't You Be Like That? plot added above.
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Updated with "The Rape Surrogate"

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