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Author Topic: Some New Ideas (M/M AND M/F)  (Read 1861 times)

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Offline Hue RanTopic starter

Some New Ideas (M/M AND M/F)
« on: July 27, 2014, 04:40:44 AM »
All My Stories can be M/M or M/F, but I will only play a male!

First off I should start by saying that I am Hue Ran (No that is not my real name  ;D). I have been roleplaying for close to 15 years so I consider myself advanced though even with that in mind I have moments of deflated muse, or even moments of exhaustion that at times can affect the posts that I send. Even so I always try my best and even on my bad days I strive to give what I get. My average post ranges from 3 to 6 paragraphs of large size (Normally) to large posts of 5 to 8 paragraphs of average size. I welcome you to ask for any posts that might help you get a better idea of my writing style and length and I will happily oblige you. However please keep in mind I do NOT post in the forum boards so no posts on there will adequately symbolize me as a writer. Also as I just said I don't post in the forum boards so if you wish to roleplay with me please keep in mind that this will be over the PM system.

I am now roleplaying on the Boards.

Now with all of this information let me explain myself as a roleplayer. First off I can be extremely detailed at times and other times I can lack detail, this all depends on muse and the amount of sleep I have acquired. My style normally differs from day to day, I can be both a uniquely emotional writer on some posts and sometimes a ambitiously action packed post, this normally always has to do with where I am in a scene and my mood can sometimes affect it. I have an adequate vocabulary that I try to expand frequently, and so is my grammar and punctuation. You can find more about me and what I want in my O/O section, you can find the link in my signature. If you don't know where that is scroll down to the bottom of my post and look for the hyper link at the bottom of my post.


Okay now on to the story. First off let me just say that normally I give out more complete ideas, but this is one of those few ideas where I want this world to be completely unique and created by both my partner and myself. So this idea may seem rather vague and general, but that is because I would like to have my partner help me to build this world from the ground up. This story will be one based on Gladiators and Masters and Slaves. It will also be best used as a multiple pairing type situation, where one pairing will be MxM of which you will play a Male Slave or Gladiator and I shall play a Male Gladiator. The second pairing would be FxM of which you will play the wife of the Master of the House, and I shall still play the Male Gladiator. Obviously my character would be bisexual, but lean more towards the Homosexual side of his Bisexuality. Now with this in mind I understand and encourage you to come with your own ideas, and even a possible third pairing if you so wish it.

Possible Settings for this idea:
Futuristic (Sci-Fi)
Historical (Roman, Greek, or any other.)
Fantasy (Vampires, Anthro, and so on so forth.)
(Pretty much anything though I would prefer if the characters are human or at least humanoid.)

So now that you have an idea of the setting and the general idea of the game letting give you some kinks that are likely to be involved in the game and then I will give you the general plot.

Kinks to be used (or can be used):
Anal, Vaginal, and Oral sex (Obviously ;))
Humiliation, Degradation
Discipline, Reinforcement
Caging, Bondage, Gags, Hands tied, etc
Forced Nudity
Fighting/ Wrestling
Orgasm Control/ Denial
Leash/ Collar
Flogging/ Whipping
Sex Toys
Exotic Cocks (If Aliens or Fantasy setting)
Branding (With a Master/Slave roleplay chances are it will happen)
Pregnancy (Possible but I would have to be convinced or if we did a third pairing)
Male Pregnancy (Possible with aliens or fantasy creatures, but would have to be convinced)
Inflation (Possible with Aliens, but would have to be convinced)
Stomach Bulging (Possible with Aliens and Fantasy creatures, but would have to be convinced.)
Transformation (Possible)
(Others are possible, but this is the list I put together thus far.)

Okay so we have possible settings and possible Kinks now on to the basic plot itself. First let me say that I would like to play the Bisexual Gladiator, and as such I would like my partner to play on of the fellow slaves or Gladiators that is a male, and these two characters would have a relationship. This relationship can be romantic, Dom/Sub, or anything else for that matter. Now I would like there to be a second character that my partner controls and that character would be the Master's wife of which has sexual relations with my Bisexual Gladiator, her reasons can be anything and so too can be her personality. Now this relationship I see as more vanilla then anything but I am up for suggestions.

Now to make things fair I would have no problem playing a second character myself, I just haven't thought of where I could add another character yet. As I see this plot going I would like this to have a traditional Slave to Gladiator to Champion and then to Rebel Leader story line. My character being the Slave Leader and my partners male character being a Adviser/General underneath him. So since i want to take it to that point the female wife of the Master will likely die along with the Master and some other NPC's.

So if you want to create a world all your own and be able to roleplay a Master/Slave and Slave/Slave plot with MxM and MxF in it with possible other characters as well then this is a great story for you. I have left just about everything open so that we could create everything from the ground up. Feel free to send me your ideas via PM system and I will get back to you as soon as I am able.
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Offline Hue RanTopic starter

No Middle Ground (MxM)
« Reply #1 on: July 29, 2014, 05:43:36 AM »

Well I have come up with a new idea and this one is actually slice of life which I admit I rarely ever actually do, however I am making a rare exception because this happens to be one of those ideas that I can't get out of my head. So as I said in my first post I roleplay solely on the pm system or email though I prefer the pm system. Also my O/O link is in my signature so feel free to look at it and if you find anything you like send me a pm.

Now on to the idea. Like I said I rarely ever do slice of life but I am actually having a huge urge to roleplay this so I am put this up and hopefully I will find someone that wants to play it with me.

Character One (from here will be referenced as 1) is a normal 17 year old guy. He goes to school, gets good grades and has always been a go-with-the-flow kind of guy. He is the son of a devout christian women and the step son of a religious fanatic. 1 is one of those people that never seems to stand up for himself and struggles with all the things in his life. Depressed and meek he goes day by day just trying to get by. His step father is psychologically and physically abusive and though 1 has two sisters he seems to be the only one that ever has problems with his step father. His mother is blind to the abuse or simply ignores it altogether. 1 also has two sisters, the eldest moved out a while ago and happens to be the only person he can seem to talk to, and the youngest  sister is just as bad as his step father. Character 2 (referred as 2) is the opposite of 1, he is openly gay, he loves life and has an extremely supportive and loving family that encourages him to experiment and live his life the way he wants to live it. They couldn't be more different if they tried. 2 has just moved to the small town that 1 and his family lives in, new or a foreign exchange students he is shown around the school by 1 and finds himself oddly attractive to the odd teachers pet, so as 2 tries his best to beat 1 out of his shell and help him explore the world and all the wonderful things in it, he also discovers and inevitablably falls in love with him, and 1 starts to worry as his own heart starts to feel something for 2. Finally as 2 expresses his feelings to 1 he brings about a set of circumstances that 1 is not yet ready to face, not to mention all of the feelings as well. Afraid at being judged for being attracted to another male, and afraid his step father will kill him when he finds out he is gay, he does everything he can to start avoiding 2. Which leads 2 to realizing that he shares feeling for him, but can he break down the walls 1 has built and help him love and be loved on his own terms, or will the prejudice and abuse from his father and the other kids in the school drive 1 into a impossible grave of depression.
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Offline Hue RanTopic starter

The Blood Dealer (M/M AND M/F)
« Reply #2 on: August 02, 2014, 09:59:55 PM »


Kace Reynolds is a Vampire with exotic tastes, over the years he has developed a healthy love of BDSM. As a Vampire and CEO of Royal Labs, a hugely successful Pharmaceutical company that creates and utilizes blood substitutes. As one of the best companies in what it does, his company has a good Monopoly on secretly supplying Vampire's with blood and in doing so supplying humans with the highly addictive substitute that also just so happens to be vampire blood. Kace has it good, he never wants for anything and women fall to his feet no matter where he goes. Parties at night, and using a combination of false skin and lots of clothing he has even been able to figure out ways to go outside on sunny days. Though his life is never the problem, he has problems with reporters and human curiosity. Which is why he has to be extremely careful. YC should be some kind of reporter whom has been charged with getting an interview from my character, though MC is notorious for refusing any and all interviews and in most cases hires large amounts of security when he goes out just to make sure he doesn't have to deal with reporters. YC however is far more adamant then any reporter he has ever met before, so finally when he accepts your interview and you go to his house. Only to be stopped at the security gate and refused entrance, frustrated and possibly a little pissed, YC sneaks into the mansion, however what she finds inside is something she would have never expected in a hundred years.

This can be a kidnapping plot, where he refuses to let her leave, or her curiosity can lead her to agreeing to terms where she stays with him, but he will allow her to leave as long as she goes out with security in order for him to make sure she doesn't tell anybody. I see this being a possible hate-filled relationship at first where YC is scared of mine and disgusted by him when she finds out what he is, but as she stays with him and sees a much more romantic and love filled person then she expects she slowly (SLOWLY MIND YOU) begins to have feelings for him. This can in turn leads to him showing her his passion in BDSM which in turn can lead to a actually loving relationship.

Obviously for Kinks:

-Anal, Vaginal, Oral
-Bondage which includes Gags, Ropes, Collars, Chains, Handcuffs, any and all restraints.
-Breast and Nipple Play
-Biting, Spanking, Branding (possibly upon discussion between partners), Dirty Talk, Slapping, Hair Pulling, Humiliation, Kidnapping, Orgasm Control/ Pleasure Control, Roughhousing
-Non con (Possibly once discussed with partner)
-Blood Play (One word.... Vampire)
-Whips and Flogs
-Deflowering (Possible after discussion)
-Pregnancy (Possible after discussion)

List is too long, that is what I have so far and many more can be added. Please PM me if your interested in the plot.
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Pre Final Fantasy 10 Concept (M/M AND M/F)
« Reply #3 on: August 03, 2014, 09:09:57 PM »

Final Fantasy 10:

Am interested in doing something in Spira, but something before the events of FF 10. Now obviously this is more of a basic idea than anything, but it will keep us out of the canon Era, but we would still be able to use the Pilgrimage, Summoners, Aeons, all of the concepts of 10 without using the characters, well except for Sin obviously.

So YC will be the Summoner OR a fellow Guardian, that is your choice. The plot will follow a team of Guardians and their Summoner as he or she goes on her/his Pilgrimage. It will follow the Pilgrimage from the beginning of Besaid to the ending of Zanarkand. MC will be a Guardian, and the best friend of the Summoner (doesn't matter if you choose to play the Summoner or not). Blitzball is a possibility during the game but the main story will be the development of feelings either between the two Guardians or the Guardian and his Summoner, and obviously the journey as well will play a big part.

This concept can be with a Summoner that dies during the journey which will be the end of the roleplay, or with the completion of the journey and which will end with the Calm.
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Immortal Search
« Reply #4 on: November 01, 2014, 01:47:28 AM »

Romeo Agrevai is an immortal, a being of extraordinary power and an immortal life. Though the humans that surround him have no idea this gorgeous and extremely wealthy CEO and overall mysterious and dreamy guy is in fact a immortal. Having spent the centuries of hundreds of thousands of lifetimes building his wealthy and helping other immortals in successfully hiding among the humans, that was until nearly four thousand years ago, when he met YC. YC can be a Princess of a Ancient Civilization (Egypt, Mesopotamia, Persia, Greek, or any other), of which MC falls deeply in love with. (Would be nice if her name is Juliet, would make it better for my idea on their backstory). Their mutual attraction led them to disappear from the world and fade into the background. However the Dark Immortal's (for some reason which is discussable) go after MC and YC and in the fight that ensues YC is gravely injured and her memories leave her. Broken and without any knowledge of their shared past MC leaves YC in a nearby hospital and leaves YC there (reasons can be discussed).

Now it is nearly five years later and Romeo is in desperate need of a new Secretary and goes to a nearby Temp Agency to acquire one, but never in a thousand years did he think his past would come back to work as his Secretary.

Basically this story is about a Temp working for a mysterious employer, but what is even more mysterious then him is all the art and antiques around his house that look exactly like her. This story would need to be hashed out alot, discussing whether they are angel or vampires or some new creature we create. This idea is a huge craving for me so if it interests you shoot me a PM and I will get back to you real fast.
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Star Wars
« Reply #5 on: November 06, 2014, 02:36:37 AM »
Interested in doing a Star Wars roleplay. It could be within just about any Era (Old Republic, Clone Wars, New Republic, or even during the Rebellion Era).

Possible Pairings could be:

Master x Padawan
Jedi Master x Senator
Master x Master
Grandmaster x Padawan
Sith Apprentice x Jedi Master
Jedi Padawan x Sith Lord/Lady
Jedi Padawan/Master x Royalty

Another craving I am having is a Fifty Shades roleplay. Preferably not with Christian Grey and Ana, I would prefer created characters. Anything you can think of would probably interest me so just send me your ideas.

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Naruto or Ninja Roleplay
« Reply #6 on: December 08, 2014, 09:07:36 PM »
Finished up the recent Naruto episodes up to 470, and they are AMAZING! So I have an urge to do something either within the Naruto universe or at least something with Ninjas.

I really would like these three elements inside the story:

First: Chakra, chakra is awesome to play with, and even with concepts like the tailed beasts it still puts defining limits on your character.

Second: Jutsu, all the elements. Obviously I haven't memorized all of the jutsu in Naruto so if we do it inside the Naruto universe I would have to find a list to keep up with all the numerous jutsu.

Third: Some kind of Tailed Beasts, I really like the concept of Tailed Beasts, or any kind of beast in any kind of world, add chakra to it and you can make a tailed beast concept right there, and then losing control sometimes when your emotions get the better of you, makes things all the more interesting.

Those are the three things I would like to have, so if you have any ideas with those three things in it then feel free to see if I am interested cause I am dying for something with Naruto-like concepts.
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The Speakers (M/M or M/F)
« Reply #7 on: January 02, 2015, 10:40:54 PM »

Nearly fifty years ago the world was thrown into chaos. Country attacking country, brother killing brother, a united front was necessary to stop the turmoil that had taken over the world and that came in the form of the United Military and Regulation Division. UMRD brought together a divided world and slowly they where able to implement a plan that helps to bring the world back from the brink of destruction. They called it the "Refinement". It was a complete remake of the world, governments united under one mans control with regulations at every level. There was no leniency those that stood in the way of the Governments control were dealt with harshly.

After the remake of the Government and the world, the five leaders of the world nominated the Leader of the UMRD to be the worlds light and it's united Ruler. Now known as the United World's Voice the leader of the UMRD, his name placed into the pages of history as the greatest that humanity has to offer... his name Joyce Yunhe, now known as the United Voice. He reformed the military and the local police into levels. He ripped up democracy and implemented a hugely Militarized structure that followed him and only him.

Each time a voice rose up to defend the people the great leader of the world, the United Voice, squashed it without remorse. He cracked down each and every time, making it impossible for people to meet together with others, regulated weapon control and kept any dangerous object out of the hands of those beneath him. He ruled with an iron fist. Then things began to change.

Fifty years after the "Refinement," a group of people calling themselves "The Speakers," began to slowly make appearance into the world. They hacked, killed, kidnapped, leveraged, anything they had to do to help and protect the people, but each time they did Joyce only tightened his grip on the world.

No one has ever seen a Speaker, no one knows who they are, or what they are planning. Some fear them, others admire them, but as it is their actions put many in danger as the United Voice cracks his whip.

(Love this idea, and willing to consider different ideas. If you have an idea for it PM me.)
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Project Chimera (Preferably MxM possibly with Mpreg)
« Reply #8 on: January 15, 2015, 01:04:45 AM »

It happened when we least expected it. It came out of nowhere and the destruction, it was impossible to run from the destruction. It started around 74 years ago. The super Countries of the world had an easy truce, it was simple "stay out of our shit and we will stay out of yours." A peace reined strong in the world, however all good things must come to an end. Deep in the 21st century the formed truce of the Countries with the world fell to rubble as a full blown nuclear war started. No one knows what started the nuclear war, at least not anymore, but the devastation was catastrophic. Entire cities blown to hell, millions perhaps even billions died in the war that followed a war that continues even to this day.

A inventor by the name of Simeon Davis created Dome Shields, which was luckily able to nullify the Nuclear Weapons that had been frequently used in the war. Using the man's invention each of the countries had been able to protect their cities and population using the extremely power shields, however that meant that war had to be waged through other means. It all started 58 years after the Nuclear War started, the United Empire as it has now began to be called began a Project that they called Chimera.

It was a basic concept really, in order to get a step above the other nations they decided to try something that had never been done before... splicing. Their early attempts ended in complete and utter failure. Most of the subjects completely losing all humanity and taking on the nature of the animal they had been spliced with. Uncontrollable obviously but the Government didn't see it as a complete failure, they sent the "beasts" to the front lines and unleashed them. The death toll was unreal. Most of the subjects never survived eventually falling from a wide range of wounds and those that did survive were hunted like animals.

Learning nothing from this the United Empire continued their experiments, using orphaned child from the war as easy to get subjects, those that did not comply were killed, and those that lost their mind were quickly dispatched to the front lines of the war.
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The Traveller
« Reply #9 on: January 15, 2015, 01:41:02 AM »

"Huh. Where am I?" His voice echoed off of nothing, this great void that he was inside was both creepy and yet at the same time it seemed almost inviting. He was surrounded by a white light, he would almost say it was an angel, if he believed in Angel's but he knew better then that. No there had to be a logical explanation for something as crazy as this. Perhaps he had been blinded by something and this was his eyes way of dealing with it. Maybe he was dreaming. In order to prove himself right he pinched his hand the pain from it causing him to yelp and finding out that he clearly wasn't dreaming.

That's when he saw it, inside the big white light. It was faint, almost barely visible accept for the fact that it kept getting closer and closer. Wow it was coming at him really fast... perhaps a little too fast. Panic gripped him and he bolted the other way, but that was clearly futile as his steps took him nowhere. "Oh my GOD!" He screamed like a little girl as the green blur engulfed him, his eyes blurring together and soon the whiteness of his void was replaced by a void of black darkness.

"Uhh," he grunted his head felt heavy and his body felt like an elephant just sat on him. He had a headache that was off the pain scale, and his eyes could barely adjust fast enough so he could see what the heck was around him. His muscles so sore, and something smelt like.. wait a second was that bacon? Someone was cooking bacon? He grunted again, this time flickering his eyes open a few times to help them get accustomed to the bright sunlight that was blasting his face. Man times like this he wished he had a remote that he could turn the sun off with.

He noticed now that he was laying down in grass, green plush grass. Thank God, that freaky ass trip through white lights had made him feel a tad crazy there for a sec. Luckily he looked around and though he had to admit it was strange that he was waking up in a field it wasn't unheard of for him to... forget things. He took in his surrounded, they looked beautiful, elegant, and peaceful. Trees scattered around the area, and the sound of birds chirping filled his ear. Wow in all his life he had never felt anything so -peaceful.

That's when he heard it, a language he didn't understand, and it freaked him out that he would be hearing foreign languages in the small town of Wicksbury, actually now that he thought about it he knew everyone in town and all of them spoke English so what in the world was going on? Looking up he looked at a tough greasy guy running at him. His eye bulged in his head and the Fight or Flight instinct kicked in. He burst away from the man, running as fast away from him as he could.

(Basically my character somehow travels back in time, not sure where or when he is he is thrust into hostile conditions until he meets your character. Can be any era, any country, anything you would like. This can also be placed in a Fantasy type setting, or even science fiction. Perhaps he travels to another Planet altogether, or perhaps a different realm or dimension. Lots of possible ideas. Like the idea? PM me and we can talk further about it.)
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New Beginnings (MxM)
« Reply #10 on: January 17, 2015, 08:43:15 PM »
Human a naive young race of idiots and self absorbed cretins. They believe that billions of years ago a random God came from nowhere and created all living things, and those that don't believe in God's believe life just blasted into existence, such half-wits. To be able to live and happily accept such incomplete theories and to be happy to follow these theories and pray to these theories. Humans have always amazed me with their stupidity, but some amaze me in other ways.

My race is Begornian, we are a sentient race from the Omega Galaxy, a very long ways away. Nearly five billion years ago my great grandfather and a few other Begorian's set out to establish a colony in what humans call the Milky Way Galaxy, and when they arrived in this galaxy they found themselves unable to establish a colony anywhere other then what is now known as Earth. So here is where we remained. As we do whenever we start a Colony we created life forms that looked basically just like us in order to help our people adapt and grow, however something went horribly wrong. The Human's rebelled, their rebellious nature overwhelming my Great Grandfather and his followers, they fled the humans, of course my people being Pacifists stayed away from beginning a conflict with humans and so instead they ended up changing their look in order to better live among the humans, without them ever knowing. My people call it the era of Reformation, but most of my people see it as a day that we lowered our standards and became one with beasts.

Fast-forward five billion years and our integration into the human race has been near flawless, we are still a people separated. Most of us live in Coven's that are located in vast Major cities, few have had the courage to move to rural areas. My father's Coven, The Coven of Patience, is located in high society Manhattan, to the humans we are simply rich stuck up families, but underneath the fake fog we have surrounded ourselves in we are powerful Aliens, capable of moving things with but a thought of our minds, able to read the feelings of other simply with a touch, and feed our feelings to others by opening our hearts and minds to them. Our race is separate and different from humans, thus why none of my race have ever gotten close to a human before, but in my first day at Capricorn Academy things start to change, for the better or worst I am not sure, but they are changing.
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Magic's Heart
« Reply #11 on: January 17, 2015, 09:52:10 PM »
I am a huge Charmed fan, and though I won't play inside the Canon universe I have no problem creating my own plot inside the Charmed universe. So this idea would be after the Charmed One's have died from one of their numerous enemies, and now a generation past that of Wyatt and Chris will take up the mantle.

Phoenix, the son of Petro and Annabeth, he has seen plenty of things in his time. His father one of the last surviving members of the Charmed Legacy. All the others have been hunted down and killed. Petro hasn't been able to locate who exactly is hunting down the Halliwell line, but whoever is doing this is extremely efficient and has no problem getting their hands bloody. His 3 brothers and both of his sister have already been killed, he is the last member of the Halliwell bloodlines, besides his son of course.

The problem however is that Phoenix has no idea of his lineage. He has no idea his father is a member of the Demon hunting, and ass-kicking Halliwell family. For all he knows his father is simply a very paranoid Newspaper Journalist. He has no idea that he is the great great grandson of Pheobe Halliwell.

When his father is brutally murdered however Phoenix is thrust into this world of demons and villians that just a few days ago he didn't even know existed, and then he meets Kyle. Kyle is about as crazy as they come and at first he thinks he might also be suicidal as well, but as the two bounds and slowly get to know each other a bond forms between them.

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Sword Art Online
« Reply #12 on: November 09, 2016, 10:44:08 PM »
Jasper could hardly believe how real everything was, all the way down to the black cloak he was wearing being caught in the games soft breeze. The trees, the grass, he could even smell it. He could smell the nature around him, feel the sunlight on his skin. Man he could hardly believe that he lived to actually see the creation of a VR.

He was practically the first in line the moment the game came out, I mean how could you not be? His excitement when he heard about the game coming out was so much he couldn't even sleep and now he was here. In this world created from the imagination of hundreds of different people.

The breeze blew into his face once more, before he figured he should probably get going. Honestly he wasn't even supposed to be logged in right now, but he could hardly win against such temptation being place in front of him. Sure he had promised his girlfriend he wouldn't turn the game on cause he had promised to take her out, but he couldn't resist just logging in to take a peak and frankly now that he had he wished he hadn't. He never wanted to leave.

Moving his hands back and forth just so he could test the systems reaction time, and boy he couldn't have asked for better. His movements fluid and graceful. Jasper picked up the sword at his side, it was heavier then he had expected but he figured it probably weighed the same in real life. Ha, this was so freakin cool.

Enough play time though, he had to get back or else face the wrath of his girlfriend. Jasper lifted his hand out in front of him and drew it downwards, a menu formed where his hand had drawn it up and he clicked on the Sign out button, however the moment he did a error message showed up.


He repeated the action over and over again, but to no avail. The same message continued to pop up each time he hit the log off button. He was starting to feel the sweat dripping down his face now, his girlfriend was going to murder him. That was hardly his biggest problem however. His biggest problem was that he couldn't log out!

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The Middle Realm
« Reply #13 on: November 10, 2016, 02:03:01 AM »
The fiery inferno spreading as far as the eye could see. Souls, demons, the fallen, all of them scream in agony. Their voices a sweet nectar for Anthros, he took joy in the simple things. The sweet screaming he could hear coming from the depths of hell. The singe  of burning skin wafting through the truly parched air. Of course as the Go-to-guy for the Devil there was nothing so great as screams however. It was the screams that gave you a good idea of where you are. No man, woman, or child could survive here without screaming for this was the great fuel of hell.

The fire bellowed around him, his intimidating figure standing over the vastness of this depressing setting, and yet he would not ask for more. Well maybe for more toys for him to play with but other than that he could not be happier. "Anthros, come to me," came the booming and commanding voice of the very Master of Hell himself. Although his body was not here, in this realm he could command the very stones to speak for him should he wish it.

As an order of the Great Master, he had no choice but to tear his attention from the torture of others and towards getting his presence in front of his Master. Anthros' wings burst out from his back and within moments the Demon was soaring high through the sky, his target, the dark home of the King of Sin himself.

"My Master, what can I do for you," he asked with a obvious lack of interest. The Dark Lord himself was sprawled out of his throne playing with a human, Anthros' hardly kept up with whom the Devil had chosen as his plaything this week.

"I sense a change in the energies on my father's realm. Something has changed and I am unsure what it is exactly. I want you to go to Earth and figure it out for me. Something has weakened my father, and I wish to know exactly what that thing is."

(So basically a Demon goes to Earth and preferably comes into contact with a Angel, which is where the interesting thing comes into play. Perhaps he captures the Angel, or is captured himself. Perhaps this Angel is on Earth to investigate something as well and recruits the Demons help. Lots of different ways to play this. Message me if interested.)
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Sibling Rivalry (MxM or MxF)
« Reply #14 on: November 16, 2016, 01:39:53 AM »
Looking for a story with a very vicious sibling rivalry between a Step-brother and his new step-sister. I am borrowing this story from sockfiend, but I loved the idea so much I just couldn't help wanting to roleplay it.

School Daze

She's one of the most popular girls at her prim and proper Catholic school, she does everything she should do. She's beautiful, smart, responsible and outgoing. She's marked for great things, after all, her parents are successful and loaded. Nevertheless, in spite of all that promise, she's an absolute monster. She's a bit. Selfish to the core. Lies through her teeth. And rules the hierarchy with a fist of iron. They say her nastiness is born of boredom, that she's too smart for the school and isn't challenged. That she'll grow out of it. But mainly the reason she's not called on it is because she's manipulative as Hell. Nothing sticks to her. She's a beautiful, teflon coated nightmare.

He's new. His family came into some money, or rather married in, and he's transferred to school in their final year to finish it out and get better college prospects. He's gone from living in a one bedroom apartment deep in the city with his mother and little sister, to living in a beautiful seven bedroom house nestled in a idyllic suburb. He doesn't want trouble. He doesn't want to stand out. He just wants to put his head down and get through the school year so he can go back home, to where he fits in.

Unfortunately, he new step-sister has very different ideas.

She wants him gone. Out of her school. Out of her home. Out of her life. And so she sets about making his life as Hellish as humanly possible.

What I'm looking for here is a serious clash of personalities. Two seventeen/eighteen year olds are forced together against their will. She's a controlling bitch and he's a slow burning canon with a record for some pretty violent outbursts.

It all comes to a head one day, they're screaming at each other, and he decides to do what her parents clearly never did. He grabs her, puts her over his lap and spanks her so hard that he doesn't think she'll be able to walk straight.

She likes it.

Something ignites.

And so begins. Their battle for dominance, hers in the school, his in the bedroom begins. They hate each other, they really do, but the line between love and hate can be blurred so very, very easily.