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June 24, 2022, 05:07:26 pm

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Author Topic: Summoner to my Demon  (Read 876 times)

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Summoner to my Demon
« on: July 24, 2014, 07:22:37 pm »
So, I recently wrote up a succubus character, and I would like to find an rp for her. Simply, I'm going to post my character below, along with some basic guide lines on what I'm 100% not comfortable with. For replies I want to see who is interested in playing with my succubus, and proposals for a game for her (basically, you propose a scenario or a plot). You can either post your proposals here, or you can PM me. Likewise, if we get way too many proposals, we can always talk about doing a group thing.

=== === ===

Name: Eve
Age: doesn’t know
Species: Succubus
Sex: female
Appearance: Eve, as can be expected of a succubus, has a slender, typically beautiful hourglass shaped figure. Her skin is a beautiful gently tanned color, and is soft to the touch. The succubus is a bit on the short side, standing at only five feet even, and has an almost completely flat chest, which only contributes to her rather youthful appearance. Eve’s body is free from markings, save for a pair of demon wing tattoos on her back. Eve’s legs are ‘human’ shaped, as are her feet, but each toe ends in a long, sharp, hooked claw. Her legs are covered with black, coin-sized scales, which give the appearance of the succubus wearing long socks, while the inside of her legs are covered by smaller, lighter colored scales. These ‘long socks’ of scales reach up to her mid thigh. She also has a long, thick, prehensile tail, which is covered in tiny scales and ending in a diamond-shaped spade. The tail is thicker at the base of her spine, before graduating to almost a whip like thickness before forming the spade.

Eve has a pretty heart shaped face with, delicate features, and pointed, diminutive ears. Long voluminous hair tumbles down her back, reaching her bra strap in length. The hair itself is a brilliant fiery red, almost luminous in color. On any given day Eve can be found wearing it tied back into a puffy ponytail. Her almond shaped eyes are a similar color to her hair, being a red-amber and glow with a light of their own. As one can expect from a demon, Eve has a number of horns growing from her head (four horns in all). Two horns sprout from her forehead, and are conical in shape, about 1-2 inches length. Her second pair of horns is further back on her head and is much larger and curve backwards around her head in a ram horn-like fashion. Both sets of horns are obsidian black and ‘webbed’ slightly with hairline cracks down the length. These cracks glow a magma red.
-Shapeshifting! – Eve has exist for a long time and been summoned many, many times, and has a lot of spare time on her hands. She has accumulated a lot of costumes back on her plane of Hell, and has the ability to summon an outfit at a moment’s notice. Her outfits range from the practical, to the absurd, to the historically accurate. She doesn’t actually change her shape, although it’s impressive what she can do with clothes and make-up
-Pyromancy! – It’s actually gunpowder shaped in various packages, and some matches. She has a bunch of them on Hell that she can summon at a moment’s notice, but actually doesn’t have anything resembling fire magic.
-Demon Biology – When Eve isn’t in Hell, she requires life energy to manifest her form, without consuming the life energy of living creatures while on earth, she can suffer fatigue, illness, and eventually her body will die. For Eve, death means a termination of all contracts with mortals, and the forceful return to Hell. Once returned to Hell, her body will be regenerated, although, it will take a full 18 years before it is matured. Life energy itself can be obtained by making a deal with mortal, or by taking it forcefully from a dying or otherwise incapacitated individual. Deals which yield life energy can either be an actual agreement, or a deal for energy is implied with any sort of sexual contact. Energy taken forcefully doesn’t have as high a yield compared to energy obtained from a deal, and when taken forcefully, it is easiest to take when the victim is either asleep, sick, drunk, or already dying. All ‘deals’ or forcefully taken energy is sealed with a kiss, either on the lips or somewhere on the body. Similarly, while Eve can eat a small amount of human food, she can’t get any energy from physical matter, and can only had a small amount. Too much food in general can make her physically sick.
Bio: Turns out, Hell is actually a really lonely place. There are no sinners, there are no lost souls, no imps, no denizens, no devil… no features, nothing. The ground is a smooth, black finish, an obsidian-like material fused into a single flat sheet. It’s been estimated that Hell is about the size of Earth, but completely void of features, a perfect, smooth featureless obsidian sphere. The sky is constantly chocked with storm clouds, leaving the realm of Hell perpetually in a state of gloom. Occasionally the storms release their contents, a hot, sticky rain that burns the skin and offers little the way of relief. On the rare occasion that the clouds part, the harsh light of a super massive red star breaks through, striking the glass-like ground. Time has no meaning in this place, for everything is always exactly the same.

On this lonely, dull, empty world, there exists only one living thing, one creature, forever bound to the glassy sphere. A single succubus, the only creature to ever exist that fits the classification of a demon.

=== === ===

So, a few things to consider:
-I'm cool with any gender for any character and any gender for any player. That said, I do have a bit of a bias towards female characters.
-I'm okay with any sexual orientation. I lean pretty heavily towards lesbian myself, but I'll rp out most anything if it seems fun.
-I don't do the following: Gore (in sex), Scat, Hypnosis, any sort of Demeaning Play (in sex), extreme bondage. Beyond that, if in doubt, ask me.
-Be creative with your settings and ideas. I like ideas that are new and different. I also like ideas that aren't completely hinged around sex, this rp doesn't even necessarily have to have sex at all.
-I really like character interaction, much more so than action and adventure. I can be happy with a scene that is essentially just a group of characters in a bar talking so long as those characters are interesting.
-The character above isn't necessarily set in stone, if you need me to change her so the proposal works, we can definitely talk about that

So... can't wait to see what you guys come up with~<3
-I'm not interested in 'I like your character, but I can't think of a plot', the entire point of the thread