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April 19, 2018, 12:26:20 PM

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Author Topic: Sleighbells Ring, Are you Listening? -The Santa Clause- Request  (Read 695 times)

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Offline SweetSerenadeTopic starter

Many do not know this, but I have a severe soft spot for a movie from my childhood. Ever since I was small I have had a love for 'The Santa Clause'. Yes, the movie with Tim Allen as Scott Calvin. But it is not that character I have always been drawn to, in fact the one I love is the most prickly of all of the characters in that movie. I have always had a soft spot for Bernard, and that spreads even to the roleplay world.

A long time ago I had a roleplay of this, it was one of the best I have ever had and it made my roleplay heart soar. Now I am seeking another one of the same ilk. I want a roleplay that is full of all the light and fluffy goodness of Christmas Holidays. I want a roleplay that makes me feel like I need to take a shot of insulin to counteract the cute fluffiness of it. I want something that makes my teeth hurt with the sweetness of it.

I want a roleplay with a partner who can play Bernard. I want a roleplay that gives him a shot at something that he probably never really has had a true shot at.

It is quite obvious that Bernard is the odd elf out, as the Arch Elf for Santa's shop he is a step above the others. He is also almost two feet taller than most of them, and as a result probably feels quite out of sorts. I imagine he has had a fling or two, but he has never really found true love. He has spent so much time dedicated to his job, several hundred years from the sounds of it, that he has probably never had a real chance.

That is what this roleplay is about, and it also adds in sweetness from many other angles.

Winter Solstice, a young woman who has been alone for a large portion of her life. Her mother a Defense Attorney, and her father a Criminal Psychologist, both of them from high powerful families. They married because it was a status boost, they do not even love each other and often spend time with their various lovers. All of Winter's life her parents flaunted the lack of a true family unit, it was at three years old that she learned the truth that they did not even really love her - she had been a status boost for them. A child they could mold and prepare to marry into another large house. For her life was one not meant to hold love, and for a very long time it did not.

Winter grew up lonely, she did not attend public schools till she was much older, she never had her parents around when she needed them. She was raised by a plethora of nannies, and life was lonely. One Christmas that changed, one Christmas she saw a young boy - Charlie Calvin - visited by his father. His father who had taken over the position of Santa Clause. Winter had just been about to lose faith, after many years of lonlieness, and then she saw Santa and his elves. It changed her life forever, and she remains a true believer even to this day.

She is now in her early twenties, and she still sends letters out. She still hopes and prays that someday she will not be lonely, that someday she can be loved.

I want a roleplay that focuses around these two individuals finding this thing, I do not want sex to be the first and foremost factor in it. I want a soft and sweet week before Christmas played out, and then I want a heart wrending time period on Christmas Eve - when Bernard will have to go back home. I want a roleplay where the characters feel true emotions...

What do you want? Let me hear, I am willing to discuss many things - so long as it seems to fit.

I am willing to double in this roleplay, I can play Charlie for a lucky Lady if they so wish. But I still demand Bernard for my little lady.
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Offline SweetSerenadeTopic starter

Re: Sleighbells Ring, Are you Listening? -The Santa Clause- Request
« Reply #1 on: December 01, 2014, 01:41:36 PM »
I have one of this kind of roleplay running, bbut I would like at least one or two more. One that is relatively active at least three posts a week. As well as possibly one that would get daily posts, if I find the right partner.

Though I will admit for the right writer I am willing to wait at least a month for posts, but you need to make sure it is heaviy detailed and worth the wait. XP

Offline SweetSerenadeTopic starter

Re: Sleighbells Ring, Are you Listening? -The Santa Clause- Request
« Reply #2 on: December 04, 2015, 11:54:25 PM »
With the holidays upon us - I am flaring this one up again! <3

Offline SweetSerenadeTopic starter

Re: Sleighbells Ring, Are you Listening? -The Santa Clause- Request
« Reply #3 on: October 21, 2017, 11:49:16 PM »
With the Holidays approaching I'd love to add another one or two of these to my roleplay log. <3