Vigilante Siblings (M for F)

Started by Spear80, July 21, 2014, 08:32:40 AM

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Vigilante Siblings.  (Open again after a false start)

When they were younger they witnessed the murder of their parents, hiding from the home invaders they watched in horrified silence. They were found by the police and family services placed them with their uncle, who loved them but was unable to express that love in a normal way. He wasn't abusive or anything. He had them take martial arts lessons, took them to the gun range, taught them survival. He was a dangerous if controlled man, turning them into dangerous and controlled people.

They were unusually close, one never far from the other, considered weird by their peers. Befriending a few people, but even these didn’t get to close. Now they’re close to graduating, but rather than go to prom, they’ve decided to kill a dealer, that’s been peddling his stuff near their school.

This is where our RP would start, just before the kill, or right after with them standing over his body.

They’re admittedly a little damaged and the thrill of the hunt and the kill turns them on. Seeing how they’re unusually close, they turn to each other at that very moment. Their first kill leading to a night of wild incestual passion, (well away from his body) but also giving them a purpose in life.

Depending on how long we can keep the RP going, there might be more killings and nights of passion, they might graduate from killing small time dealers, to sniping mob bosses. All of this is off course open for discussion.

If the above interests you, please PM me.



There was another false start so, i'm bumping this.


I have to say, I like it. I'm interested in it.