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Author Topic: Let's Write Stories Together: Urbanzorro's Illustrated Ideas(Updated 11-9-17)  (Read 5619 times)

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Hello all!
Where Have I Been?
The short (and somewhat boring answer) is that I have been away for a while, with an ailing muse and an overfull schedule.

The long (and hopefully more entertaining answer) is that...

With her powers waning and her health ailing my muse(yes my muse is female even though I'm better at writing males) knew that she could no longer continue ruling the kingdom of My Imagination in the way she had. She knew that she must try to change things, for even a quick death at the hands of failure was preferable a slow decline. And so she has had to go on a long self-searching journey of discovery, exploration, and danger. She has traveled from The Sea of Raw Imagination, through the vast emptiness of Idealess Wastes and even over the impassable Writers Block mountains. Until she finally found what it was she had searched for...The Fountain of Inspiration. Sadly, while she was gone My Imagination dwindled and remained inactive bringing progress on all it's projects to a grinding halt. BUT now she has returned in full form, rejuvenated, reinvigorated, perhaps even stronger than before, and ready for a new beginning.

 This means that I now find myself overflowing with ideas ;D and keeping with the current mindset of a new begging, I felt it was best to simply start an entirely new idea thread that can better encompass the focus of my imagination at this point in my existence.
As you probably already figured out, this is a list of any/all ideas that I have come up with and currently have some level of desire to play. I like to think that they are at least somewhat interesting. And hopefully some of you will too.

Before we get into the specifics of the ideas I'd like to say a little bit about myself (don't worry there won't be a test afterwards).
What I seek in a Story

•   Creativity: I firmly believe that part of the fun of role play is fantasizing about new things. So I’d enjoy a partner who can be creative and original. I want someone who will give me input, constructively point out the flaws in a story so that they can be made into strengths, and who will help both me and them self become better writers for it. With that in mind all of these ideas are open to interpretation. If you find yourself inspired but have issue with one aspect of the game or simply feel it would be stronger a different way I would LOVE to hear your idea.

•   Detail: I enjoy a pretty good level of detail. You don’t have to be a novelist or anything but bare bones posts aren’t what I’m looking for. I'm trying to push myself, I'm trying to become better at including enough detail to truly paint a picture with words. And with that in mind I will most be doing my absolute best to make the best posts i possibly can.

•   In General:  I’m looking for depth of character and development. I love to see how a character starts of as one person and winds up changed by what happens in the role play. In addition to this I don’t really enjoy the stereotypical cookie cutter characters. SO please keep in mind that we shall be playing people with emotions, thoughts, needs, etc. Not unchaining statues.

As far as content goes I’m pretty open for anything with regards to specific sexual acts go I don’t really have many limits. With regards to action scenes and the violence they entail I also have very few if any limits. With the one stipulation that the story should always come before simply depiction of something graphic, not the other way around.  Also I enjoy realism in the sense that I’m not looking for a perfect world, of kind good people I’m looking for well..…evil. I also enjoy twists, turns, and things that shake up the situation rather than allowing it to stagnate.

I've separated the stories into categories based on their general settings. The categories are as follows:

Modern Real World
Modern Fantasy/Sci-Fi
Historical/Alt History

Furthermore the following labels exist to help you see which stories are taken, in discussion, or I happen to be particularly craving.
Taken Meaning that I am currently playing this story in the maximum number of games I'm looking to play it at one time. I probably won't be interested in starting another version of it unless you have a different take on the game that makes it stand out from the other versions I'm playing already.
Craving I currently want to write this story quite badly and will eagerly pounce on anyone who wants to write it with me.
In Discussion This story is currently being discussed with one or more prospective partners, and assuming the discussion(s) go(es) well it will be listed as taken very soon.

***Note on the pictures. They are NOT necessarily what the characters will/should look like I’ve just always been more able to get into a story if I see a good picture on the cover. Hopefully anyone reading this is the same way****

With that having been said here are the ideas!

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Re: Urbanzorro's Ever Growing List of Ideas(Updated 7/21/14)
« Reply #1 on: August 06, 2014, 01:54:26 PM »
Modern Real World

She's Got It Going On
Setting:Real World
Time: Present Day
Elements: Forbidden Desires, Flirting, Consensual, Seduction, Tension, Possible Comedy
My Character(s): The Daughter's Friend, Possibly the Husband 
Your Character(s): The Mother, Possibly The Daughter
She was that mom. The one that every high school seems to have. The one who all the boys catch try to catch a glimpse of. The one who occupies several of their fantasies without even seeming to know it. The one who even seems to outshine her own daughter in the eyes of a least a few that see them together. He, was one such person. In his eyes she was the most desirable woman he'd ever seen. Ever since he'd gotten old enough to have such desires, she'd been the one they were directed at. It didn't hurt that he had always been close friends with her daughter, and as such was a common sight at their house. Now, in his last year of high school he was determined to to make something happen with her. He wouldn't, and couldn't, just move on to the next stage of his life without at least making his pent up feelings and desires known. Even if it didn't work, it wasn't something he could contain any longer.

Ok, so this idea draws some inspiration from a few, pretty obvious sources, the biggest of which is the song "Stacy's Mom" by Fountains of Wayne. The general plot would involve him expressing his desires and feelings to her and then follow where things go based on how each character reacts. Maybe she's recently divorced and finds herself feeling the same way? Or maybe she's still married and turns him down, only to have the idea planted in her mind and find temptation growing? Maybe her daughter has eyes on him and they wind up in situation where they must have a secret affair. Which they keep hidden from the daughter and the husband? Maybe conflict erupts when someone finds out? There's really a lot of different ways this story could go from a tale about a secret fling that gets out of hand and changes both their lives forever, or something lighter where they both have fun then eventually go their separate ways. I could even see it spinning into some kind of 'jackpot' situation for him in which he winds up with both the mother and daughter. Or even getting his ass kicked by the husband. Really what I'm looking for with this one is someone to come in with their own take and help decide where we want the plot to go so that we can create a story with romance, drama, fun, and maybe even a little comedy thrown in!

The Things We Do For LOVE
Setting:Real World
Time: Present Day
Elements: Dubious Consent, Toxic Relationships, Desperation, Hopelessness, Addiction.
My Characters:The Boyfriend, Additional Side Characters
Your Character(s): The Girlfriend, Additional Side Characters
She was young, sheltered, finishing high school, and unprepared. He was older, a minor criminal, self serving, and uncaring. From the first time they met there was just something about him that drew her in. To her, they loved each other and nothing would ever pull them apart. To him she was just a nice piece of ass to have his way with. She couldn't resist even if she had tried to. He swept her off her feet, she fell both hard and fast. Despite what he expected he found himself feeling for her, if not love then at least possessiveness. Her friends disapproved, so she stopped talking to them. Her teachers and coach warned her of him, so she stopped listening to them. He family forbid them from being together, so they ran away. An ill conceived plan with no idea of what to do once they'd gotten 'away' that only worked because it was so unexpected. Before anyone knew it they had made good their escape to the west coast. Intent on disappearing and confident in their ability to succeed. But now, with their money quickly running out, and no steady income the question becomes. Just how much more will she sacrifice for him? How far will she let him pull her down? How much will she do for love?

Ok so this is basically my idea for a story revolving around a VERY toxic, abusive, and just generally horrible relationship between a naive young woman and a manipulative man. I see it as being a slowly progressing story revolving around her spiral ever downwards into the darker aspects of living poor and on the wrong side of the law in a large city. As far as where the actual story goes it is pretty open to debate. Maybe they stay together and he slowly transforms her into more of a victim than a girlfriend? Perhaps he decides to make money off her by having her strip then eventually pimping her out? Maybe he tries to get into the local crime scene and uses her as a bargaining chip? Or he may even get in over his head and she could find herself in the possession of someone new? She might even run away from him in time and wind up with someone actually decent? I like this idea because it has a lot of openness in possible directions to take the story. Really it all depends on where we'd like for it to go.

Modern Real World
The Mile High Club
u]Setting:Real World[/u]
Time: Present Day
Elements: Consensual, Airplane Sex, Servitude, Gangbangs, Comedy
My Characters:The Customers
Your Character(s): The Stewardess

Climax Airways is a closely guarded secret that is known only to the wealthy, influential, and lucky. The company's business model can be summed up in a single sentence "The customer cums first!" Those who travel via Climax Airways find themselves treated not only to extreme luxury in every facet of air travel but also to the talents and skills of the airline's beautiful and accommodating stewardesses who have all been taught to serve the client in any way desired.

Ok, so this is a relatively simple idea, and a bit more lighthearted than my other ones. The premise is simple enough, your character will be a member of the Climax Airways staff. The story will follow her along her misadventures as she fucks, sucks, and serves her way across the globe and back again. I'm looking for this one to be a bit more tongue in cheek than my other ideas, something not to be taken too seriously. Though if you'd like for it to take a more sinister tone feel free to run the idea by me.

Life At Reinhardt
Setting:Real World
Time: Present Day
Elements: Non-Con, Humiliation, Gangbangs, Slavery, Slave Training, Bondage, Schoolgirls, Boarding School Atmosphere
My Characters:Supporting Characters
Your Character(s): The Student(s)

To the public and most who have attended it, Reinhardt is one of the world's most prestigious and exclusive female boarding schools. A place where those with influence and wealth send their daughters to gain the highest level of education possible. But all of this while true, for the general population of the school, is also a facade for in fact, that a select few of the students at Reinhardt are there to be schooled in an entirely different kind of learning. For Reinhardt is in fact staffed by men and women who are all experts in the breaking, taming, and training of young women. For these poor souls, Reinhardt is in fact a prison, a place of pain, humiliation, suffering, and lost innocence. A place where they have been sent by their legal guardians to insure that they will return a docile toy to be used for the pleasure of others, while also maintaining face in public. Needless to say this is a closely guarded secret, with the staff willing to do anything to insure that word of what actually transpires within the school does not reach an unwanted ear.

Despite the risks Reinhardt has been in operation for several years without any problems. Now as another school year begins and the majority of the student body looks forward to enjoying their time at the luxurious boarding school, the staff look forward to return of the existing trainees and the arrival of new victims...

Schoolgirls in bondage... what's not to like? Basically I see this story as following one or two students as they are forced to endure taking part in the school's 'special curriculum' all the while having to hide it from the rest of the student body. I can see the game having lots of opportunity for group scenes/gang bangs, bondage, slave training, public and private humiliation, as well as emotional manipulation. Ideally I'd really like to find a partner who can help me to flesh the school out and really bring it to life.

Setting:Real World
Time: Modern
Elements: Human Trafficking, Slave Trade, Capture, Training, Sale, Auctions, Exhibitionism, Non-Con, Possible Body Modification
My Characters: The String of Masters, Traders, and Owners She Has
Your Character: The Victim

We don't think about it much now and days, or if we do we just choose not to mention it, but the capture of people for sale to those with wealth and power is still a business that is alive and well. Though it is no longer condoned by the civilized world, it is still a reality and for some unlucky souls it is a reality that they experience first hand...

The party scene can be a fun place, it can be a world where you can let go of who you are and adopt a different persona, you can let go and just have fun. Secure in the knowledge that whatever you do tonight can be ignored tomorrow. At least that's what she thought, she believed that she wasn't at risk, that as long as she never got TOO drunk at a party she could just make her way home and be safe. What she didn't expect or plan on was to cross paths with someone who was a professional at spotting women just like her. Women with few ties to the world, women who's disappearances wouldn't be missed, women who could be taken easily and never be found again.

Now she was in the sights of one such man, and tonight was the night that he intended to catch his chosen prey...

So this idea is relatively straight forward, I'm looking to explore the idea of a woman's unwilling journey through the underground slave trade. The game would follow as she is captured, sold, trained, resold, retrained, etc. Ideally it would involve her being forced to serve a wide variety of masters/mistresses and as such would involve a very wide range of kinks and sexual elements. I'm open to discussion on much of this game, if you'd prefer to have your character be someone of means/wealth who is captured despite her status that is fine, additionally another interesting aspect could be exploring her possible escape attempts and the results of their failure (or possible success).

Riding Bitch!
Setting:Real World
Time: Modern
My Characters: The Gang
Your Character: The Captive

The Wanderers, were considered by most law enforcement officials to be little more than a myth, and urban legend, a boogie man that other criminals used as a scape goat in order to deflect blame from themselves and also waste the time of police investigators....But she knew better, she knew that they were not only real, but that they also had their hands in nearly every area of criminal enterprise imaginable. She'd figured out that they lived a nomadic lifestyle, traveling from one area to the next as they ran guns, drugs, women, and anything else that they could sell. Always managing to stay off the radar and making sure that there was always someone else to take the fall when the law came calling. For years they had duped everyone, but now it was time for that to end. All her hours of research had finally paid off, she was set to intercept The Wanderers as they conducted a drug deal in the small town of Ridgewood. By the end of the night she would have proof of their existence and a reputation making bust under her belt. Everything was going as planned.

Unfortunately she hadn't planned on being sold out by a crooked co-worker, nor had she planned on The Wanderers having set up the entire situation as an elaborate trap to capture her and make sure that she would never bring them to the light....

So the basic premise of this idea is that a dedicated police officer (or reporter or private investigator etc.) finds themselves taken captive by a ruthless group of bikers, only to discover that her captors aren't interested in money or a ransoms but instead in using and abusing their new toy. I see this game going into quite a few kinks as the bike gang passes around, humiliates, and dehumanizes our poor captive. I'm looking for someone to play the captive while I play the gang members. If you're interested please feel free to let me know and we can get started.

Big City Dreams
Setting:Real World
Time: Modern
Elements: Economic Survival, Hard Choices, Exhibition, Prostitution
My Characters: Those she comes into contact with
Your Character: The Struggling Actress

Anyone who tells you that it doesn't take more than talent to make it in this city is either lying, or selling you something. The truth is that even more than skill, knowledge, a pretty face, or even friends in the right places, it takes luck. A whole lot of blind, dumb luck. Some people who come here have it, others don't. Its the big difference here, it's what really separates the movie star or the hit singer from the men and women forced into 'less reputable' careers. It's what makes your dreams, or your nightmares, come true.

Sadly, she had been blessed by very little luck as of late. It had taken nearly all her money to get here and try to pursue her dream. But despite her talent, and the immense effort she had already put in she had yet to be noticed. Now, with her savings quickly running out, her options were becoming very limited. She would need to find a way to start making money, before she found herself totally destitute.

Luckily, or unluckily, there are always ways for a beautiful woman to make money in this town. If she's willing to swallow her pride....and her self respect.

The premise is pretty simple. A woman leaves her home town in search of fame and fortune in Hollywood as America’s next big starlet. But soon finds that making it in ‘The Biz’ isn’t easy. In fact she has yet to land any kind of job despite her so called agent assuring her that things will turn around. Now her money is running out and she has many hard choices ahead of her, from how to literally keep food on the table, (as well as how to keep a place to keep the table in), to how to get noticed in a city where everyone thinks that they’re star material.

This story would be more focused around the female character and her ‘saga’ to become a star, with you playing the main character and me playing most of the characters with whom she interacts/the world around her.

A Word On A Possible System
At this point I've got a very basic system figured out as a way to create a more 'natural/random' feel for the game rather than making it a 100% per-scripted chain of events. It can be used to keep track of

1. How much money she has

2. How much positive recognition/reputation she has

3. How much negative recognition/reputation she has

These three things can then be used to determine where the story goes. For instance when she begins to really run low on money she will find herself forced to make money any way she can and her decisions/interactions with the game's characters will influence how many good (or bad) opportunities open up for her. If you're interested in it (and want to have a look at what it consists of) then please click the spoiler below.

IF such a system interests you I'd be very eager to play a game using it. If not I'm still quite eager to play this game so please don't feel like it is a requirement.
The System
The money portion of the system is very simple. She will start the game with a certain amount of cash, depending on how quickly we want her to start encountering desperate situations this can be a moderate amount or a very low amount, or somewhere in between. Once we have her amount of money decided we will set the amount of money she needs in order to survive the week. This amount can (and often will) change from week to week. To represent having to pay bills, rent, etc. As far as how long a week in game is in the real world we can set a time scale that fits our posting patterns. For instance if settle into a rate of 2-3 or more posts a day a week could be as short as a few days real time. This element of the system would add a believalbe and tangible drive behind her slowly entering more and more questionable situations in pursuit of money. 

This element of the system would help to dictate just what sort of opportunities are presented to her over the course of the game. It would be dictated by her decisions and interactions with other characters and consists of four simple values, one representing the amount of good will another representing the amount positive reputation that she has garnered amongst the people in the business, and the others representing the amount of ill will and negative reputation she has garnered respectively. This would give her actions and choices some weight. For instance working a night at a strip club would probably cause her to gain more of a negative reputation but also could cause her to gain good will if she does a good job/impresses someone important in the crowd. Or refusing to take her turn on the 'casting couch' could gain her positive reputation but negative will. etc.

Teacher's Pet

Slacker, lazy, fool, shortsighted she’d been called all of these things but she didn’t care all she cared about was enjoying 'the best years of her life’ while she still could. And it had been an awesome ride but…the ride is slowly coming to an end. Senior year of high school has arrived and she is in danger of failing, she has a scholarship to the local college for her favorite sport, but she still needs to graduate on time to get it! It all comes down to one math class, which she is nowhere near able to pass on her own, she needs to find a way to get her grade up even if it means tutoring, even if it means her friends calling her the teacher’s pet.

*Notes* For some reason I see this one as a slow romance…. it is very much a ‘done before’ setting, though the teacher is usually portrayed as a lecherous bastard who blackmails the young student and takes advantage of the girl. But, what if he isn’t taking advantage of her desperation? What if he doesn’t intend to at all? What if after a while she wants him to? I think it could be a fun angle to an old plot. Hopefully you’ll agree

Setting:Uncharted Tropical Island
Time: Present Day
Elements: Possible Romance, Possible Non-Con, Survival, Power Dynamics
My Characters: Alex Mitchum
Your Character(s): Female Survivor(s)

Everyone had warned Thomas Oshay that today was not the day to fly over the Pacific for storms had been broadcast, especially for what could only be described as a 'pleasure cruise' but the billionaire media mogul hadn't listened. He had never been one to let the world decided what he did and he had refused to start. In fact, Alex Mitchum, Thomas's pilot, nearly quit rather than fly Thomas and his guests into a near certainty of bad weather. But a quick boost in his salary had quieted Alex's protests.

So it was that his small private jet took off from Hawaii, and was never seen again...

It wasn't pilot error, faulty parts, or a software malfunction that sent the plane down. It was just a bit of bad weather, halfway into it's trip the small jet found itself right into the path of a massive storm somewhere over the Pacific. As soon as he had seen it on the radar Alex had known that things were about to get very bad. Despite his best efforts Alex had nono way to avoid or outrun the wall of wind, rain, and lightning that swallowed the small G6 airplane. Forced to try and fly through the tempest, it didn't take long before the jet found itself struck by a stray bolt of lighting, sending its avionics haywire and frying it's broadcasting capabilities. Everything after that was a blur of warning klaxons, rain, shouting, and water...

The next thing Alex knew it was early morning and he was on a beach somewhere with the wreckage of the plane half sunk into the nearby waters. All that was left to do now was search for the others, and survive.

This one was inspired by a story I read, I didn't much like the second half of it as much as I did the first half. Ideally I'd like to see this story focus on the attempts to survive and make a  decent life that our characters have to go through as they deal with things like searching for food, water, creating shelter, and possibly even dealing with predatory animals. I'd love to find someone willing to play more than a single survivor but I can also play this out with only two people surviving the crash.

The Tournament
Setting:Real World
Time: Present Day
Elements: Slavery, Fighting, Physical Competition, Survival, Non-Con
My Characters: Supporting Cast
Your Character(s): Female Tournament Entree

Two small and uncharted islands somewhere in the Pacific Ocean.... Even though their exact location is unknown, in the right circles 'Devil's Island' is wildly regarded as the very best place to purchase sexual slaves of any race, gender, or other specifics that a buyer could want. Every year many men and women of wealth and power who look to make a purchase from Devil's Island. Secure in the knowledge that secrecy is assured, and that their product will be exceptional. In addition to these services, the man who owns the island holds many events for his secret customers. Providing them with opportunities for entertainment and experiences the likes of which cannot be found anywhere else on the planet.

Currently the man, known only as 'The Devil' is hosting The Tournament. An annual event in which his customers may enter their slaves in physical competitions. Ranging from foot races, to obstacle courses, to wrestling matches all of which are sure to end in humiliation and suffering for the losers. At the completion of the event, the owner of slave who is crowned the champion can look forward to an impressive prize in addition to the respect and admiration of his or her fellow owners. Needless to say, the competition in The Tournament is extreme, with those taking part in it being well aware of just how badly things can go for those who lose.

Ok, so this is basically an excuse(though hopefully a good one!) to play out a game with some fun scenes of scantly clad, or unclad, slaves forced to physically compete with one another and suitably punished for their failures. I can see it lasting a decent while as our main character endures each tournament event, sometimes winning, other times not so much. All the while having to endure the attentions of other masters/mistresses, the training and pushing of her owner, and the malice of the others who are in her situation.

Setting:Real World
Time: Present Day
Elements: Non-Con, Attempted Escape, Hunting, Slavery, Jungle Chases
My Characters: The Hunters/Supporting Cast
Your Character(s): The Prey

She had read the literature, all the warnings about watching your drink, making sure you were in a group, avoiding the 'bad parts of town', hell even the tour guide had warned them not to go out alone at night. But none of that had stopped her, once she could hear the music booming in club down the street from her hotel it had been too much to resist. That night was a fog of blurred forms, of faceless people and vague feelings of having fun.... Either way that didn't matter so much now, what did matter was where she'd woken up. In a dark room, locked in a cage and naked with the exception of a pair of socks and gym shoes.

That was when the voice had begun to speak. The voice had explained that she was on an island, a very private island which consisted of a single villa surrounded by lush jungle. The island was a form of resort for the rich and the powerful a place where they could live out the experience of tracking, catching, and using another human being. Telling her that she had been kidnapped, and was no longer a free woman, that she was owned by the person attached to the voice, and perhaps most frightening of all that her purpose was to be hunted for sport!

So this is my idea for a little bit of a twist on the genre/theme/trope of humans hunting other humans. Rather than hunting your character with the intention of killing them, my character would instead be seeking to trap your character with the intention of having their way with your character. For this game I'd probably wind up playing several different characters, basically the hunters who come and go from the resort and make use of your character.

As far as content goes the story would obviously include the hunting process, non-con scenes when your character is trapped/taken down, additionally we could get into the process of how she is taken back into captivity after the hunt, trained in between hunts to make her a more challenging target, and obviously used by the staff/owner of the island in between being used by hunters.

The Cabin
Setting:Real World
Time: Present Day
Elements: Non-Con, Humiliation, Gangbangs, Slavery, Forced Exhibition, Possible Pet Play/Dehumanization
My Characters:The Captors
Your Character(s): The Captive

It was supposed to be a couple of weeks away from it all just her, by herself, away from all the hustle and bustle of day to day life. A chance to enjoy mother nature without having her phone ring every five minutes. It had been a good plan, however it didn't include them... The strange looking guys she had seen ogling her when she'd stopped for gas. Nor had it included those same men following her, breaking into her cabin, and making her their prisoner....

Now she was stuck in the woods, held captive by a bunch of depraved hillbillies and forced to take part in their humiliating games, all of which seemed to be focused on using her for their own pleasure.

Ok, this is one is pretty straight forward. I'm looking to play a group of men (somewhere between 5 and 8 characters in total) who take your character prisoner in a cabin deep within the woods. With no likelihood of getting caught, nor any real way for their prisoner to escape the men will set about attempting to break her into a docile toy/pet. I can see this one involving a large number of group scenes as well as having our captive character forced to preform and be humiliated in front of the men for their amusement.

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Re: Urbanzorro's Ever Growing List of Ideas(Updated 8/6/14)
« Reply #2 on: August 07, 2014, 01:46:00 PM »
Modern Fantasy/Modern Sci-Fi

The Perfect Wife
Setting:Real World With a Hint of Sci-Fi
Time: Modern
Elements: Non-Con, Eventually Dubious Consent, Body Modification, Possible Bimbo Transformation, Marriage, Training, Slow Brainwashing, Resistance, 1950's Gender Roles
My Character: Maximilian Davis (The Husband)
Your Character: Mrs. Davis (The Wife)
There's had been a marriage of convenience, Max had the skills and desire necessary to turn a small amount of wealth into a real fortune. She had a good name, and was lucky enough to have inherited a small amount of wealth.  They met at a party for a mutual friend and had no trouble seeing that their goals aligned quite well. Within a year they were married, within three years Max had taken the money they started with and turned it into a particularly impressive fortune, within four years they were both growing tired of one another. Neither one of them wanted to be the one to file for divorce as their prenuptial agreement started that whoever did so would forfeit their rights to the majority of their money. It seemed like they would both be forced to live a life of wealth and luxury at the cost of a satisfying marriage...

At least until Max heard about 'The Agency' that is. One of his friends had told him about it on the golf course, the man had bragged about just how well it had improved his own marriage and claimed that it could do the same for Max. Initially Max had just taken the brochure and written it off as some new aged form of couples therapy, nothing more than sitting in a room and talking.

However, one night he happened upon the brochure while going through his golf bag and paused to take a look at it. As he read a smile crept over his face, this really was the answer to all his problems...

Ok, so this is basically Stepford Wives meets BDSM lifestyle. I'd be looking for this idea to explore themes of brain washing, slave training, gender role training, and body modification as the wife is slowly transformed into her husband's idea of the perfect woman. The story would consist of both the times at which the wife is taken by the agency and modified/trained/brainwashed as well as her reactions to it in the house as she attempts to resist the changes happening to her in any way she can. As well has having to deal with the new ideas her husband has for her day to day life.

Your Reach Exceeds Your Grasp...
Setting:Real world with a dash of fantasy.
Time: Modern
Elements: Seduction, Power Struggle, Clashing of Wills, Corruption, Manipulation, and much more...
My Character: The Demon
Your Character: The Summoner

Often it is the quest for power that drives us. The possibility of gaining power can easily motivate a person much more effectively than the promise of success, riches, fame, or even love. It can drive men and women to scheme against their best friend, to plan the destruction of a complete stranger, to manipulate the mind and emotions of those with less will power, and even harm those they love. The bright possibility of what can be gained blinds them to the costs of their actions, it deafens their ears to the cries of those they wound.

But what happens when the quest for power goes too far? What happens when someone who's only goal in life is the acquisition of power, finds themselves reaching for something they cannot control? Do they realize their mistake in time to save themselves? Or does the promise of ever increasing strength blind them to the danger they face? Does it deafen their ears to warnings that are better headed than ignored? Are they even capable of stopping, or has the quest for power already consumed them so fully that nothing else remains?

Ok, so the basic idea here is that our female character is someone who is seeking more power than she currently has in life. Maybe she is a business woman, or a student, or just someone who isn't totally pleased with her lot in life. Either way she has discovered what she thinks is the answer to her problem in the form of a secret and possibly ancient ritual that she believes will allow her to summon and control a demon. However, something goes wrong during the summoning, perhaps she accidentally calls forth a being of greater strength than she expected. Or perhaps she simply makes a  mistake somewhere. Either way the end result is that the demon is not entirely under her control. He is unable to physically harm her and is forced to obey her commands when her mind and will are focused on controlling him. But otherwise he has much more freedom than she ever intended him to. She must now contend with this creature and attempt to find some way to either reign him in, banish him, or simply learn to live with him. For his part the demon sees her as a key to remaining on this world. He has his own plans and seeks to gain full control of their now symbiotic relationship.

Setting:'Zombie' Apocalypse
Time: Modern
Elements: Non-Con, Survival, Zombie(ish) Survival, Action, Combat, Adventure, Drama, Possible Romance
My Characters: The Infected/Possible Other Survivors
Your Character: The Survivor
August 8th
-Las Angeles reports instances of  "riotous behavior" from their population.

August 9th
-The 'riots' continue in L.A.
-New York City and Chicago also report 'riots'
-Rumors of extremely strange behavior from the rioters begin to surface

August 10th
-Several more cities within the U.S. begin to report similar riots to those taking place in L.A., New York, and Chicago
-France, Spain, Russia, and China all confirm similar events taking place within their own boarders.

August 11th
-Early in the morning reports of an as of yet unknown disease emerge from Dallas, Tx.
-The Center for Disease Control (C.D.C.) holds a press conference that afternoon, confirming the discovery of a new disease which has been classified as Rabies Type II
-Reports of Rabies Type II throughout the United States continue to pour in at an ever increasing rate.

August 13th
-There are outbreaks of Rabies Type II in all major U.S. cities
-The C.D.C. holds a press conference in which it admits that very little has been learned about Rabies Type II thus far. The few details they do know are symptoms,  suspected transmission vectors, and that the disease has been proven to only effect males.
-Rabies Type II is reclassified as the Male Specific Aggression Virus(M.S.A.V.)

August 14th
-Early in the morning President addresses the nation from the Oval Office, during his address he declares a State of Emergency and calls for "calm and order during this time of national crisis." he also assures the general public that the situation is "in hand" and that it will "not deteriorate further"
-Attempts by civilian authorities to control the situation are met with failure.
-The President makes a second statement from the Oval Office, this time declaring marshal law.

August 15th
-Attempts to control the tide of infected continue to fall short.
-The President and his family are seen boarding Marine One, his personal helicopter, from the lawn of the White House. The general public does not see or hear from him again.

August 16th
-Efforts to contain or control the spread of M.S.A.V. have completely failed.
-It has become evident that anyone still surviving is going to have to continue to do so on their own.
The Male Specific Aggression Virus (M.S.A.V.) is a viral infection that is most similar, in it's overall effects, to the Rabies virus. For unknown reasons only males are susceptible to infection. The symptoms of M.S.A.V. are as follows:
Loss of Higher Brain Function: Due to changes in brain and body chemistry those infected with M.S.A.V. suffer from degradation in the neural pathways governing much of the brain's higher level functions. This means that the infected tend to lose most if not all memories, the ability to understand the concepts of right and wrong, as well as much of their self control.
Highly Increased Aggression: The infected also become much more aggressive towards uninfected. This aggression manifests primarily in the urge to violently attack anyone they perceive as not also being infected. But can also cause infected to fight amongst each other, attack inanimate objects, and display other unusual behaviors
Increased Muscle Growth: Muscle growth within the infected is increased markedly, with many of them displaying abilities well outside the norms for someone of their size.
Sterility: All those infected with M.S.A.V. lose the ability to procreate, their sperm cells being unable to fertilize a female's egg cell
Near Pathological Desire to Mate: Perhaps as an instinctual response to their sterility, the infected are possessed with an alarmingly powerful desire to mate.

It's 'Attack of The Sex Zombies!' which actually sums up this idea decently well. I tried to come up with a situation where the idea of mixing a zombie apocalypse with large non-con scenes didn't involve actual dead bodies (or parts of said dead bodies) and this is what I came up with. Basically for this idea I'm seeing the game play out as one (or more) woman's tale of survival in a world overrun with crazed men who above all else seek to force themselves upon her and any other still breathing females. It would chronicle her successes, failures, meeting other survivors, etc. If this interests you please let me know and we can get to planning things out.

The Maze
Setting:Real World With A Fantasy Twist
Time: Modern
Elements:Horror, Survival, Monsters, Non-Con, Action, Desperation, Creeping Madness
My Characters: The Monsters, Traps, and Other 'Goodies' That Populate The Maze
Your Character: The Victim

Ever since mankind was first granted the secret of fire, he has almost constantly sought more. More experiences, more knowledge, more understanding of his the realm within he exists. Scientists, explorers, philosophers, and many more have made it their life's work to push the boundaries of humanity's understanding ever further, to reveal the next secret, to encounter the next creature, and to catalog the next facet of reality. But, there are things that mankind was not meant to know, things that the human mind simply cannot understand. In the grand scope of all that exists there are sights better left in the shadows, there are sensations that are best never felt, there are ideas that should never be thought, there are corners which should remain unexplored. For in such corners monsters await.

It had taken years of dedicated research, and hundreds of thousands of dollars in field work to finally reveal the location of to what the ancient Mayans had called 'The Door of Souls' but it in the end it had finally been done. The legends spoke of the door as being able to open the way to "The Gods" which was believed to be some form of ancient religious complex. A holy place of ancient culture sure to be rich with priceless artifacts and great insight into the beliefs of a long dead culture. Needless to say the opportunity to be among the first researches to ever set foot in such a place was a prospect that had many within the archeological community practically salivating at the mouth. It was a chance to really discover something new, to be the first set of eyes to gaze unknown wonders. It was something so important that anyone asked to join the expedition would have to be a utter fool, or total coward, not to accept.

It had taken the team several weeks to finally reach the area where the abandoned temple that housed The Door of Souls was located. It had taken a full day to climb the temple, enter it, and descend to the site of the door. In part due to the need to document all the vague descriptions of what could be found behind the door, many seeming to warn against entering it for fear of "The Gods' Wrath." that were spread all long the temple. But now it was a new day and the door stood before the team, ready to be opened, ready to be explored, ready for each excited member of the expedition to finally see what they had traveled all this way for.

....But what if the warnings were more than just myths? What if the warnings that had been written off as simple Mayan religion in fact had a core of truth? What if what lay beyond the door was something that would make all who passed through it regret their decision for the rest of their, possibly short, lives?

This is an idea that came to me recently, and one that I think has a lot of potential for exploration of just how people react to horrible situations. The basic premise is pretty simple, your character is part of an expedition to The Door of Souls. They are there to document the mysteries of an ancient civilization, but once they pass through the doorway they don't find an abandoned temple, or a burial ground, or anything at all like what they had been expecting. Instead they find themselves suddenly trapped in a mist filled maze. With no way of knowing how large the maze is or what the correct path out is. Even more troubling is that the maze isn't empty, it is stalked by monstrous creatures and filled with bizarre traps that will do unspeakable things to any who enter their realm in the effort of slowly driving those within the maze utterly insane.

The game would follow your character as she tries to escape the maze with her mind intact. I'm toying with the idea of using a VERY simple system to help determine just how long our character can last before her mind finally shatters and how well she can survive the elements within the maze, though I'm also open to playing this out entirely free form. If a system interests you please look below to see what I have in mind for it. Hope to see some interest in this one!

The System
They system is VERY simple and meant to feel entirely free form to the players.

The system will have 4 statistics, each one meant to represent a different way your character can(or can't) deal with danger within the maze. These stats are as follows:
Strength: How strong your character is, which represents if they can manage to overpower a monster or device they run into. It is displayed as a number between 1-10
Agility: How fast your character is, which represents if they can outrun a monster that's chasing them. It is displayed as a number between 1-10
Perception: How easily your character can notice things which represents if they can notice a trap before stepping into it. It is displayed as a number between 1-10
Willpower: How much mental stress your character can take before going mad. For the sake of the game this stat will act as a 'health' stat.  It is displayed as a number between 10-100(It takes the stat value you assign and multiplies it by 10)

Each character is given 22 points to distribute between their stats as they see fit. With the minimum for each stat being 1 and the maximum being 10.

The formulas behind the game are very simple and involve you simply making a post stating your intention of what to do when you encounter something. Such as "My character sees the monster and turns to run from it" or "My character stands their ground intending to fight the monster." (Hopefully in a bit better detail than the examples though ;D )This will be followed by a quick D6 roll (made by the GM) to determine if the attempt is successful or not. The result will then be played out in a free form manner. Each time your character falls victim to a trap or creature they lose a bit of their willpower(how much depends on what they fall victim to) and once their will power runs out they go insane.

It is possible to win via your character finding their way out of the maze. I've actually drawn up a maze that I intend to use for the game and your ability to escape it is based purely on the decisions you make with regards to which directions to send your character, and which ways to react to what they encounter.

The Arklay Incident
Setting: Resident Evil Universe
Time: The Year 1999
Elements: Survival Horror, Zombies, Monsters, Herbs!
My Characters: NPCs, Monsters, other S.T.A.R.S. Officers
Your Character: S.T.A.R.S. Officer
July 24, 1999
Racoon City is a quite Midwestern city built near the Arklay Mountains, recently a number of grisly murders have taken place on the outskirts of the forest surrounding Racoon City. The victims have all been attacked in their homes by what appears to have been a group of assailants. The crime scenes have also show evidence of cannibalism by the attackers. Baffled by the strange nature of these cases the Raccoon City Police Department (R.P.D.) has sent in the Special Tactics And Rescue Service (S.T.A.R.S.) to investigate the mysterious events taking place near, and in, the woods. The S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team has been dispatched to the Arklay forest. Their mission is to track, locate, and subdue the people responsible for the attacks.

Ok, so this is my idea for a non-cannon game set in a slightly altered version of the Resident Evil universe. Now before you read any further you should know that when I say ‘non-cannon’ I don’t only mean that the game’s players will be using non-cannon characters. I also mean that the specifics of some situations will be different and that actions taken by the player characters will alter the history of major events in the Resident Evil universe. As for exactly how these events(and thus the history of the series) are changed… that is entirely up to the characters’ actions. SO basically I’m proposing a game that offers us the ability to actually have a ‘real’ effect on the course of events in the Resident Evil universe.

With that having been said here are a few general guidelines to give you an idea of the feel I'm going for:

1.       I’ll be going by the video game universe as opposed to the movie one. This is simply because I grew up on the games and they to me are the true Resident Evil.
2.       I’ve got a long term story, taking part over several chapters, in mind for this game. Which could span the majority of the history of the Resident Evil games so there is a lot of potential to make it a very long lasting game with an in depth story.
3.       I’m going to attempt to capture the spirit of the original video games/universe as much as possible. This means that the games will involve suspense, mystery, in depth stories and characters, and even puzzles that players will solve using their characters and their wits.

I'd also like to point out that we will be playing in a slightly altered version of the Resident Evil universe. In this universe the outbreaks happen a year later than they did in the cannon universe (1999 as opposed to 1998). My reason for this is to allow us to make changes to the setting as need be and for those changes to be easily explained as things that would have happened should 1998 have proceeded without incident.

With all that out of the way I'm looking for someone to take on the role of an original character who is a member of the S.T.A.R.S. Bravo team and help with controlling NPCs as needed. I will take on the role of the majority of the game's NPCs as well as the monsters/world your character interacts with.


Mystics, Spirit Watchers, Ghost Hunters, Crazies, no matter what you thought of them the Ghost Watchers were one thing above all else... successful. Every since they had managed to sign a contract with one of the major broadcasting channels they had known financial success and fame fare beyond what they had originally expected. Fans often spoke of how they enjoyed the team dynamic as portrayed through the show, as well as the fact that they always managed to provide a reasoned and logical argument as opposed to just taking things on faith. All in all it was a good time to be a member of America's favorite ghost hunters.

Their newest assignment was a place called Hornwell House, an old mansion on the east coast which was built in the 1920s, tales of disappearances, injuries, and even deaths involving the property were well known by everyone in the area and an overnight stay within it's walls would make the perfect season finale. The team would go in, record their night and any spooky events which took place during it, then emerge victorious and get to enjoy some down time before the next season started filming. It was a great plan, what could go wrong?

Ok, so this is my idea for a bit of a horror story, basically I'm looking for someone to play one or more member(s) of the team while I play the part of the house around them and the spirits within it. The basic premise is pretty simple, over the course of the night the team will come to realize that they have bitten off more than they can chew and be forced to endure the horrors and humiliations heaped upon them by malevolent entities that have waited far to long for their next treat.

Stories Yet to Be Fleshed Out

Setting:Real World
Time: Modern
Elements: Economic Survival, Hard Choices, Exhibition, Prostitution
My Characters: Those she comes into contact with
Your Character: The Struggling Actress
Cut Off

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Historical/Alt History

Setting:Alternative History Earth
Time: World War II
Elements: Action, Adventure, Intrigue, Occupation Resistance, Possible Romance, Possible Non-Con, WW2 Era Super SCIENCE!
My Characters: GM Role & Member of the Resistance
Your Character: Member of the Resistance

July 1940
Events have thus far transpired in an identical manner to our world's timeline.

August 1940

August 24th: Clear skies insure that all German bombing missions strike their intended targets there are no bombs dropped on Coventry or any other major British population center.
Luftwaffe air operations continue to be targeted at RAF airfields and fighter wings.

August 30th: With RAF fighter command strained to the breaking point Winston Churchill orders the bombing of Berlin as a desperate gambit to goad Hitler into changing the focus of his air campaign in order to give RAF fighter command much needed time to regain its footing.

September 1940
September 7th: Hermann Goring manages to dissuade Hitler from making a major misjudgement and shifting the Luftwaffe's focus from the RAF airfields to London. His success means that the RAF's airfields and fighter wings remain the Luftwaffe's primary targets in the Battle  of Britain.

September 8th-17th: As The Luftwaffe continues to pressure RAF Fighter Command the RAF's numbers of British Hawker Hurricane and Supermarine Spitfire fighters, as well as the pilots and airports needed for them, continues to drop daily. In desperation the RAF begins to refit and modify its remaining bombers and air transports in the hopes of using them as flying anti-aircraft batteries.

September 18th: The Luftwaffe launches a massive air raid aimed at destroying the final RAF airbases still in working order and wiping out the RAF's fighter wings once and for all.  Three hours of near continuous air combat ensues.  When the dust finally settles the RAF is not completely destroyed but its numbers are now so small that it no longer poses a strategic threat to German air operations.

September 19th: Preparation of forces for Operation Sea Lion, the Nazi plan for the invasion of Britain, begins. Churchill declares that Britain will "Never fall."

September 21st: In order for it to take part in the upcoming offensive, the battleship Tirpitz,  is pushed into early completion at the cost of some minor combat systems and much of the ships planned crew accommodations. Alongside it's sister ship, the Bismarck, the Tripitz and its escort fleet make for German held French ports near the English Channel.

September 22nd: Allied spies report ever growing numbers of German soldiers in Bruges, Dunkirk, Calais, Boulogne,  Cherbourg, and Le Havre

September 23rd: Reacting to word that Germany's two largest battleships are making way for the coast of France the Royal Navy sends several battleships including the HMS Hood to attempt to intercept them.

September 24th: Royal Navy ships attempt to engage and sink the Bismark and Tripitz roughly 30 nautical miles off the coast of France. The HMS Hood, and HMS Prince of Wales are sunk during the engagement. Enjoying heavy fighter cover from nearby airfields the German battleships are un-phased by the horribly out of date torpedo bombers launched at them from several Royal Navy carriers.

September 26th: Operation Sea Lion takes place one day ahead of schedule in order to take advantage of exceptionally good weather. Landings are made near Ramsgate, Dover, Bexhill, Brighton, Ventnor, and Lyme Regis.

September 29th: Despite determined fighting by Allied land forces, and a nearly successful attack on the German beachheads by the Royal Navy the German invasion continues to gain ground

October 1940
October 4th: The first advance elements of German Army Group A enter London's Suburbs. The British government begins to prepare to evacuate London

October 17th: Under the protection of The Royal Navy, British transport and cargo ships begin to evacuate as much of Britain's population as possible.

October 24th: The final elements of the Allied ground forces in Britain have either evacuated, surrendered, or been defeated

October 30th: The British, Free French, Polish, Belgian, and other Allied governments in exile seek and find sanctuary within the United States

November 1940
November 1st: With winter quickly approaching and the possibility of any real counter attack unlikely Germany begins to fortify its new holdings.

December 1940-February 1943
Years pass, while technically at war, the United States and Germany both seem unwilling to launch a major offensive action. The Atlantic proves thus far to simply be too large an obstacle to overcome. A time of near Cold War envelops the globe. As the United States and the Allies attempt to regroup and prepare for what will undoubtedly be a massive undertaking Germany solidifies its hold on Western Europe, and the Soviet Union frantically attempts to prepare for the time when Germany will turn its eyes to the East and they will be forced to defend the Motherland.

March 1943

March 5th: Germany initiates Operation Barbarossa, thousands of German soldiers storm across the Soviet Border and their campaign shows no signs of being stopped

March 23rd: With news of the war in the East hope begins to form in occupied Europe that the Allies will choose this time to strike and liberate Europe from the Nazis. This hope breaths new life into many organized resistance movements within Nazi occupied Europe.

Once the city of lights, love, and art, Paris is now the central headquarters for all German occupation forces within the Western European Mainland and is second only to Berlin in it's importance to Germany's chain of command. Under the Nazis and their puppet French government Paris has turned into a nightmarish vision of soldiers, guns, tanks, jackboots, and Nazi banners. The sight of SS and Wehrmacht troops walking the streets of Paris is now a common one. The sounds of raids on the houses of 'anti-party agitators' can be heard in many corners of the city on an almost daily basis.  And  news of the disappearance of anyone but the most staunch Nazi supporter can only mean that they will never be seen or heard from again.

In the time that they have occupied Paris, the Nazis have turned it into a city of the fearful ruled by evil.

Ok, so the basic premise of this idea is that our characters will be members of a resistance movement in Paris, France. The story will follow as they join the resistance, fight the Nazis and possibly eventually aid in the liberation of Paris itself. The game will include lots of action, suspense, street combat, and intrigue. Additionally it will include the presence of many 'wonder weapons,' and other super technologies that both the Nazi's and the Allies have created.

Life Among The Romans
Setting:Ancient Roman
Time: Roman Republic Era
Elements:Slavery, Servitude, Training, Possible Romance, Possible Non-Con, Roman Orgies
My Characters: The Dominus, Other supporting characters
Your Character(s): The Slave, Other supporting characters

It is the height of the Roman Republic and an excellent time to live within The Republic for, assuming you are a Roman, it is a time of previously unknown prosperity. Rome is uncontested in her power and security, her enemies tremble in her presence, and her allies simper at her feet in the hopes of avoiding her wrath. New slaves are brought to and sold within Rome's cities each and every day. These unlucky men and women, many of them captives of Rome's many wars, are now faced with a terrible future of utter servitude where even they are little more than property with no more rights than a simple beast of burden. Forced to toil, suffer, and die for the pleasure, service, and entertainment of their Roman masters.

Within the city of Ostia Antica, the name Lucius Flavius carries much weight within certain circles. He is a man known for his modest wealth, for the quality of the services he provides, and for his dedication to the practice of his trade. He has a good reputation with his customers and is considered a rising threat by his rivals. He is a lanista, a trainer of gladiators, a seller and buyer of flesh and death. Today he finds himself in the central market, eying the slave auctions for anything that fits his needs. Of which there are many.

Lucius finds himself in need of a new servant for the household, after his wife had one of their previous slaves executed for insolence. He is also looking for a new 'toy' for his son, a young man of 17 who's predations of the Villa's serving girls are quickly becoming more and more frequent, and as always he is seeking new bodies to throw into the arena. He doesn't know why, but something makes him believe that he will make quite the useful purchase today...

This is my idea for a game set in an Ancient Roman household, I would be looking for someone to play one of the slaves that my character purchases today. It should be noted, that the setting we will be playing in will be slightly altered from factual Roman civilization in that female gladiators will be somewhat more common than they actually were in real life (though still not as common as their male counterparts). As far as what your character is purchased as, I'm open to just about any position, she could be a future gladiator, or a house slave, or some other position.

Anyone interested in this game should be prepared to also help me play the minor/supporting cast of characters we will need to really make the Villa feel alive.

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Time: Future
Elements: Action, Adventure, Romance, Danger, War
Your Character:The Reporter
My Character:The Military Personnel She Meets

The year is 2437 and mankind has advanced very far from his first days when he marveled at fire and knew nothing of the lights in the sky. He has found ways to prevent eradicate the worst of possible diseases, he has learned to create clean efficient energy for himself, and he has even found a way around of of the limitations placed on him by Einstein. Thus allowing him to reach out and touch the lights in the night sky that he once could only wonder at.

However despite all his progress and all that has changed, there are still many aspects of man that remain the same and may very well never change. There are still men who seek dominion and control over the lives of others, and so to gain this control call themselves leaders and form their tribes, there is still conflict between one tribe and the next. The only things that have changed are that now the tribes are much bigger, and they call themselves governments. At this point the largest such government by far is the United Earth Federation. The U.E.F. was formed by the largest and most powerful nations of Earth at the advent of faster than light travel as a means for humanity to present a united front against whatever lay in the darkness of space. It's laws and morality were based on the consensus of it's founding members. Those who were unwilling to join this new alliance found themselves economically and culturally ostracized from the rest of the world. Over time these so called 'Separatist Nations' found themselves in a position where there was no real hope of maintaining their autonomy.

But that changed with the advent of terraforming technology. Now a sizable percentage of of the worlds man had explored could be colonized. The few remaining 'separatists' petitioned the U.E.F. for rights to colonize some of these worlds in exchange for their holdings on Earth and promises of allegiance and fealty to the U.E.F. In the eyes of the 'separatists' this was a last chance to avoid eventual assimilation by the U.E.F. For it's part the U.E.F. was glad to see the 'separatists' go and was more than happy to to allow them to colonize and control the least viable of the worlds where colonization had been deemed possible... So long as the taxes from said colonies continued to be paid.

For over a hundred years that has been the state of affairs for man's little corner of the universe. Earth has served as the trade center and seat of government for a system of prospering colonies. But for the past several decades a storm has been brewing. The colonies originally founded by the 'separatists' have come to no longer fear the wrath of the U.E.F. ever since their founding these colonies have only loyal in name alone. Now whispers of secession, and even the the possibility of unified rebellion can be heard. The stage is set, all that remains to be seen is which colony is the first to attempt independence, and what will happen after that.

Ok, so with the setting above in mind. This is the story of beginning of a string of rebellions by the several colonies, some individually and some collaboratively, as seen through the eyes of a young female reporter from the U.E.F. Who has now turned into a war correspondent and is imbedded with several different units of the U.E.F. military from conflict to conflict and campaign to campaign. I'm looking for someone to play the part of our female reporter while I play the parts of the military personnel and media staff she interacts with. This game would be highly story driven with action, drama, conflict, suspense, and the opportunity for smut in the form of romance and possibly the occasionally  non-consensual situation. 

On The Run!
Setting:Post Apocalyptic
Time: Near Future
Elements: Action, Adventure, Romance, Danger, Violence, Survival
My Characters: The Driver/Assorted NPCs
Your Character: The Passenger/Assorted NPCs

He did his best to focus on the roar of the engine, and the feel of the wind whipping through the open window of his car. Anything that would help distract him from looking the rear view mirror and the sight of what had been the thriving settlement of Deep Wells, before the raiders had hit, before the gunshots, the screams, and all the other sounds of human savagery had filled the air...

He'd been lucky and seen the growing dust cloud on the horizon early enough to get to his ride, get it started, and haul ass out of the town just as the raiders were beginning to enter it. In the short time he had to make his escape he had ignored the people of the settlement, leaving them all to their own fates, well all but one of them anyway. As this thought crossed his mind he looked over at the girl in the passenger seat.

She had been someone lucky enough to be near his car when he was starting it, and something about her had made him open the door and tell her to get in if she wanted to live. She had, and he'd gunned it as soon as she was sitting down. Now, as they both fled the raider band that had laid Deep Wells low they had to find a way to survive on the run.

This idea is basically the story of two post apocalyptic survivors as they try to make their way in a harsh, and uncaring world. I'm looking for someone to play the part of the female character (and some npcs) while I play the part of the male character (and other npcs) The game will ideally contain lots of action, car chases, romance, and just general Road Warrior style post apocalyptic goodness.

Surviving The Wastes
Setting:Post Apocalyptic
Time: Future
Elements: Slavery, Post Apocalyptic Earth, Survival, Non-Consensual Situations, Possible Romance, Possible Action & Adventure.
My Characters: The World Around Her
Your Character: The Survivor

The Wasteland, The Cursed Earth, The Great Desert, whatever you want to call this place it all means the same thing. The world is dead, and all that's left is its corpse, and the scavengers who survive off it. No one remembers the specifics of what transformed the world from what it was so long ago to the sun baked hell it is now, all we remember is that two great warrior nations found themselves at odds and this disagreement eventually led to conflict. It was this conflict which sparked an inferno of destruction which consumed the entire world. To seek to know anything more is simply a waste of time. Similarly, don't ask what year it is, because in truth it is no longer known, and even if it was it would not matter.

All that matters now, in a world filled with roving bands of savages, starvation, disease, and mutated monsters is survival.

They told her not to leave the safety of the bunker, that there was nothing waiting on the outside other than misery and suffering. But she hadn't listened to their words, instead she had decided to venture forth. She had gathered her possessions and set forth to make a life for herself on the outside....Sadly that had not worked well so far, it was barely her second night outside and she had already been captured by a band of slavers, stripped of her belongings, and placed in chains she was now in quite a bad situation. The slavers spoke of taking her to a nearby settlement for sale. Would she find some way to escape and survive on her own in the wastes? Or would her life become one of surviving the harsh life of a slave?

I see this story as going one of two ways. Either our main character manages to somehow escape and the story then follows her attempts to make a life in the harsh wasteland. Or she does not and she has to find a way to cope with and endure the life of being a slave in said wasteland. OR potentially a combination of both of these elements. This idea is up for some discussion and interpretation/changes.

Seduced By The Dark Side
Setting:The Star Wars Universe
Time: Just After the Clone Wars/Early Empire Era
Elements: Jedi/Sith Training, Falling to The Dark Side, One on One Combat, Possible Romance, Possible Non-Con, Battle of Wills
My Characters: GM Roll & Possibly a Sith Lord
Your Character: A Jedi Knight
It has been little over two years since Order 66 was initiated, the Jedi were all but wiped from existence and The Clone Wars were decisively ended. In the time that has passed since those fateful events a republic has become an empire, a chancellor has become an emperor, and a society of freedom has become one of horrible oppression. The Great Jedi Purge is still taking place,for the newly crowned  Emperor Palpatine goes about solidifying his control of the Empire he ruthlessly seeks to eliminate any potential threats. Such as any surviving Jedi.

For those who once considered themselves the guardians of the republic it is a time of fear, suffering, and constant danger. The Jedi are quickly becoming all but extinct as they find themselves hounded by imperial forces, bounty hunters, and even common criminals. Those few Jedi who remain are now forced to hide, run, and fight for little more than their very survival. It is an existence that is as trying on one's spirit as it is on one's body. The constant fear, and sorrow are more than enough to tempt many of these few survivors to turn to the shadows, and to hide in The Dark....

Ok, so this is my idea for a Star Wars game set in the years immediately following the rise of Palpatine the story would focus around a female Jedi and her struggles to survive in a hostile galaxy. What I'm looking for is someone to play our heroine while I play the characters she interacts with. As far as the specifics of who she is, I'm open to just about anything provided that she is an original character. This would be a game focused primarily on a strong plot and story supported by smut (as opposed to the other way around). It would attempt to explore just how far someone can push themselves to keep living. As well as possibly portraying the slow fall of a Jedi from The Light Side to The Dark Side of The Force.


Setting:Star Wars Universe
Time: Old Republic or Empire Era
Elements: Combat, Bounty Hunting, Suspense, Action, Danger, Possible Romance
My Characters: A Bounty Hunter
Your Character: A Bounty Hunter

The life of a bounty hunter can be one of excrement, adventure, fame, and riches. But it can also be one of constant danger, and near ceaseless loneliness. Maybe that's why she'd taken him on as a partner? Because it sure wasn't his reputation, he didn't have one. He was inexperienced, unknown, and at this point little more than an amateur. Despite all these things she had still agreed to allow him to work alongside her, to help her track down those beings with prices on their heads, and to even split the bounty they received. She'd watched him practice a few times, he seemed to have potential, maybe he'd be useful. Maybe they'd even get along... or maybe he'd just wind up with half a dozen new holes in his body the first time they tried to catch someone. Either way there would be something in it for her, she'd either have someone to watch her back, or she'd get his gear once he 'didn't need it anymore'

Ok, for this one I'm looking for someone to play a strong character alongside my own strong male character. The basic premise of this idea is that a skilled, somewhat veteran, bounty hunter takes on a partner who is somewhat new/inexperienced. I currently see the experienced bounty hunter as being the female of the two, but I'm open to negotiation on this and it isn't exactly set in stone. I'd like the game to focus on the budding relationship between the two as they develop into friends, or possibly even more than that. With that having been said this game will ideally not be a rush to smut, but rather will take its time working up to it. I'd like to also have quite a few scenes involving the actual capture/elimination of targets, as well as the negotiation of payments, etc.

In Less Than Twelve Parsecs...
SettingStar Wars Universe
Time: Empire/Rebellion Era
Elements:Adventure, Gunfights, Smuggling, Escapes, Possible Romance, Chases
My Characters: A Smuggler, Various NPCs
Your Character: Another Smuggler, Other Various NPCs

You know they say a good smuggler can handle just about anything, they can fly through asteroid fields, play tag with nebulas, and they can land their ship on just about anything... So long as the price is right. Smuggling has been around since the days of the Old Republic, if not even longer than that, and as long as there is someone trying to tell someone else what they aren't allowed to sell or buy smuggling will stay around. Now and days under Palpatine's Galactic Empire, with it's strict laws and taxes, being a smuggler can be more profitable than ever before. There are mountains of credits waiting to be made for anyone who has the courage and skill to carry things most people wouldn't into places that most people would never go.

That's not to say that it's easy pickings, there are lots of risks. From bounty hunters, to Imperial authorities, to the 'average' dangers of space there are lots of ways for a would be smuggler's career to end sooner than expected. But in order to really make it in this galaxy you have to be willing to take risks...

This idea has a pretty simple premise, we would both be playing smugglers within the Star Wars universe, the game would take place in roughly the same time frame of the original trilogy (perhaps starting a bit earlier than they did though) and would follow our characters as they attempt to make their way in the galaxy. I see the game as containing lots of opportunities for interesting combat scenes, fun foot, vehicle, and space chases, as well as a more in depth exploration of the seedy underworld of the Star Wars universe than the movies provided us with. I also see the possibility for a budding romance between the two main characters. I think, that given the right approach this game could be quite long lasting and filled with a nice amount of variety. 

Cut Off
Setting: Warhammer 40,000 Universe
Time: Grimdark Future ;D
Elements: Survival, Hard Choices, Intense Combat, Life on the Run
My Characters: Male Loyalist & Hostile NPCs
Your Character: Female Loyalist
Hadrian IV is a world in revolt. Over the past three days several Chaos cults across the planet have risen up in a coordinated strike aimed at breaking Hadrian IV from the rule of the Imperium. Amongst those to rise up against the Emperor are the vast majority of Hadrian IV's planetary defense force, as well as many of the world's noble families. The few remaining loyalist forces are scattered across the planet, surrounded, and quickly becoming overrun. With the rebels already in control of most of the planet it is now only a mater of time until these few bastions of Imperial authority also fall. The fate of those loyalists left on planet seems dark indeed. These men and women must now find a way to survive and escape Hadrian IV, or risk death at the hands of the slaves of Chaos.

Ok, so this is my idea for a game set in the Warhammer 40K universe. I'm looking for someone to play a female loyalist opposite my male loyalist as they attempt to survive on a world that has recently fallen to a Chaos rebellion.  The story would detail them attempting to constantly stay one step ahead of the forces of chaos on the planet while ultimately trying to find a way off planet before they are caught. As far as who our characters are, I'm pretty open to just about anything. They could both be members of the planet's PDF forces, The Adeptus Arbites, the female could be a Sister of Battle, honestly I'm very open to whatever combination of backgrounds we feel meshes best.

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Consorting With Darkness
Time: Medieval Fantasy
Elements:Seduction, Dubious Consent, Repressed Desires, Bondage, Dominance, Submission
Your Character:The Consort
My Character:The Monster

Short Setting History
Before the Time of Unification, when the civilized peoples of the world were fractured and weak with their cities and towns little more then flickering candles in the greater darkness, there was The Black Night. The Black Night was a time in which the world was ruled by darker things. When no one was safe from the monsters that stalked the land. It was an age when one village might be ruled over by a vampire lord, the next might be under the curse of a foul necromancer, and the third would likely be plagued by some other monster of the darkness. For generation after generation the greater part of the known world existed in this hellish state. In this reign of blood that seemed destined never to end.

Thankfully this nightmare, as all nightmares do, eventually came to an end. One by one the civilized towns and cities of the world allied with one another during what we now know as the Time of Unification. With time this alliance became a single nation, The Empire. United by a common desire for peace and safety from the forces of evil the people of The Empire gathered their strength. Finally, when the time was right While the creatures of evil still warred among themselves this new alliance gathered it's strength. Eventually, when it was strong enough, The Empire set out to free all peoples from the darkness that enslaved them. Decades of war soon followed, with the unified Empire slowly yet surely spreading to all corners of the map. Peacefully absorbing any group that wished to join, and ruthlessly eliminating any that would threaten their way of life. Until finally all the land had been saved. The monsters of the Black Night had been slain, their victims set free, and the world brought to a state of peace.

That was the beginning of the age in which we now live, of the Age of The Empire...

As long as anyone could remember the old castle that overlooked the village of Lyrandale had always been that place to the townsfolk who lived in its shadow. The sort of place that parents warned their children to stay away from. That even the bravest of men refused to explore. The village's eldest members speak of how in the time of The Black Night, before The Empire came to free Lyrandale, the castle had once been home to the darkest manner of monster... The dreaded vampire. If the stories are to be believed a powerful vampiric lord had called the castle home. Surrounded by others of his kind, and their wretched servants, the unnamed lord had exercised undisputed rule over the surrounding lands. Preying upon the people at will in a reign of blood that seemed destined to never end. That was until the armies of The Empire arrived and forced back the darkness. Slaying all the things which lurked in the castle and allowing the people of Lyrandale to finally stop fearing the night. As the years upon years after that day passed the castle remained abandoned. Little more than a slowly crumbling testament to a darker age.

Now however something has taken up residence in the castle. First livestock, now villagers, have begun to go missing. The night is unsafe once more, and so word has been sent to the local lord. Help has been sought. The Empire has dispatched a hunter, the night will soon be safe again.

Ok, so this is my idea for a hunter vs monster type story. Basically I'm looking for someone to play the roll of the hunter opposite my vampire/werewolf/necromancer/etc. The story is actually pretty open with regards to where we want to take things. Perhaps it's an adventure story with your character slaying their way through the castle until finally facing off against the monster? Perhaps its a more evil tale with your character having bit off more than they can chew only to become captive and find their captor slowly corrupting them? Maybe its a dark romance with your character discovering that there is more to the monster then meets the eye? Hell maybe it's a comedy with someone being put off by inappropriate furniture caressing? Either way I'm craving playing some kind of dark fantasy monster/creature. If this basic concept interests you, then lets hammer out some details and see what we come up with!

Captive Of The Horde

Time: Medieval Fantasy
Elements:Capture, Non-Con, Slavery, Gangbangs
Your Character:The Captive(s)
My Character:Members of The Horde

The city of Alomir had been a secure, and peaceful, place for generations. Despite being small, Alomir was still considered quite safe by the people who called it home. Their city was not along any important trade lanes, nor was it particularly large, and it boasted very well constructed walls. All of these things combined to mean that Alomir enjoyed a position of being just a bit too big for small bands of marauders to threaten yet the city was also too small to be worth the effort for any legitimate military force to assault. And so as the years passed, kings ascended and fell, wars were won and lost, Alomir remained relatively undisturbed by it all. Secure in the knowledge that all they had to do was swear fealty to whichever king, or queen, or wizard won the occasional wars that sprouted up within the countryside and they would continue to endure.

Alomir should have known better. It started with whispers, little more than rumors really. Stories told by half drunk mercenaries in the dim firelight of a tavern. There was a new force rising to the East. A massive orcish horde hell bent on nothing more than conquest and war. They had supposedly already sacked several cities in the East and were expected to march West. The people of Alomir were blissful in their ignorance, unwilling to listen even as the whispers became warnings and the warnings became screams. Eventually the city's leaders woke up one morning to find banners flying on the horizon and agents of the horde already skulking through their streets.  The orc horde had arrived to Alomir and it was all but too late to do anything about it.

There was no siege, nor truly even a battle. The massive horde easily broke through Alomir's defenses, scaling the walls and smashing the gates before anyone even rightly knew what had happened. In the space of a single day the city was conquered and its few survivors were in chains.

Ok so this is a pretty simple idea, I'm looking for someone to play the part of a former citizen of Alomir who now finds them self captured and enslaved by the orcs who have conquered their city. The story would follow their trials and tribulations as they are used and abused by members of the horde. Pretty straightforward and simple but I think there is room to explore quite a few fun scenarios involving fantasy races/creatures/etc.

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