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Author Topic: Dermak the SkyPirate  (Read 603 times)

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Offline Mr BadGuyTopic starter

Dermak the SkyPirate
« on: July 20, 2014, 09:59:28 PM »
I'm new here so far, but found that one of my responses to a prompt left someone requesting for a bit more. So here it is so far, the story of Dermak the SkyPirate. Hopefully you enjoy.

on his way down he threw several smoke bombs. As he landed, the low gravity of the system they were in helped to soften his fall. There was rumor to be plenty of valuable technologies on board, along with some delightful pieces of jewels. He paused as the smoke cloud wasn't destroyed, no one had emerged from the outside. He listened and then stepped through. "Som'in's off mates.." He heard no reply, and looked back and forth. No one else was there. He couldn't see through the smoke, and something felt terribly wrong.

Dermak stepped through the smoke and ended up at the bottom of several gun barrels. He threw his hands up, knowing that he was taken. He looked back and forth and only saw soldiers. No pirates. He sighed, and then dropped the sword, gun, unstrapped the other gun on his side and then undid his buckle on the front of him, which dropped the gun on his back to the floor. He looked back and forth at the officers, and noticed a particularly smirk expression amongst most of them. "Pirates are so greedy.." An officer went behind him and cuffed him, and brought him down under the deck. "Your friends sold you out."

Dermak looked up at them. "And you are just going to let the rest of them go?" He had no sympathy for traitors. After all, he had a fat bounty on his head for a reason.

The officer grinned and turned his back. "Way ahead of you. You'd better hope they have a nice time in the abyss." Dermak heard an explosion, and sat back with a smile on his face. Aint No rest for the wicked...


Dermak leaned back in his small cell, striking up a tune from his throat, the gentle humming an attempt to drown out the muffled screaming that came through the skyship's hull. Even though he felt that they deserved it at the time, he was no sadist and didn't enjoy the sound of his former friends, cabinmates, and fellow raiders falling to what would be their eventual deaths. No one knew what was at the bottom of the Abyss, or even if there was one. All they knew that once you dropped too low, there was no escaping the seemingly infinite void.

The pirate waited a few minutes until he could no longer hear the noise. His humming stopped, and he smiled. He went out to the bars and looked back and forth. Only one guard at the end of the hall. He leaned back, and rolled up his sleeve to reveal the outline of a box on the underside of his arm. He pressed his thumb to the side of it and the box popped off to the side, revealing an opening in his arm. It was merely a hatch, a small opening. He wasn't all that he seemed. There was a few gears and wires under his skin, along with a small, nonmoving metal piece. A lockpick. He put the hatch back down and took off his shirt to reveal a few other similar lines on his back and stomach. He took another peek out the bars, the guard was gone, and his perfect chance to escape was now.


First, Dermak took off his handcuffs, which allowed him to shrug his shirt from his wrists. He kept them handy, half tucked into his belt. He stretched out a bit, and tapped the base of his spine to bring up the case from his back, positioned with a handle at the top where his neck was. It was a 'Just In Case' sort of thing. Just in case someone got in his way. He took another quick look and then began to pick the lock of the cell. A loud alarm sounded as soon as the door opened and he sighed. "Looks like this just turned into a prison break." He noticed a few other prisoners, none armed, and no weapons in sight. "Never mind." He heard footsteps, and he ran towards the exit.

Five guards entered into the brig, swords out, pistols ready at their sides. They ran down, straight to his cell. They found it empty except for the shirt on the floor. "What the hell?" One of them picked up the shirt, and looked at the lock. "He's gone!" Then the door to the exit slammed shut, and locked. They were locked in. "No worries! I have a key!" They ran back, and the leader of the group reached towards his key ring... which wasn't there.

Dermak tapped on the door with a grin. "Should think to look up with such a roomy ceiling." He hummed, and tossed the keys on the ground. They were only for that room, seven keys. Six for each of the cells and one for the door. He had been posed on top of the rafters, waiting for them to leave until the glitter of keys caught his eye. He had grabbed them, from above and behind, and then swung out from the doorframe to keep quiet. But the alarm was still ringing. Dermak bit his lip and grabbed the handle behind his neck, hearing more footsteps.

That's all there is so far. Thanks to syk for encouraging me to continue past the first section-

Offline Emma20

Re: Dermak the SkyPirate
« Reply #1 on: July 29, 2014, 12:00:41 PM »
That was a good story, i really liked it :)