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Author Topic: Seeking Plot-Driven Roleplays (F Looking for M)  (Read 698 times)

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Seeking Plot-Driven Roleplays (F Looking for M)
« on: July 18, 2014, 11:52:53 pm »
I just came back from a year-long hiatus, and I am looking forward to roleplaying here again. c:
I've been craving roleplays lately, hence why I returned, and I thought of a few plots that I might be interested in playing. However, I like collaborating with people to create plots, and I like hearing other people's ideas - so feel free to PM me with your own ideas if you decide that you'd like to roleplay with me without necessarily using my ideas.

PLEASE NOTE: I'm not currently looking for a roleplay high on sexy time, right now I'm more inspired to do a plot-driven high fantasy ordeal that won't have the characters exactly 'close' for a good long while (though once they get there, I'm game for a nice romantic scene). If you are looking for a female to play sex with, then I suggest that you move on. I'll probably loose inspiration fast for that kind of roleplay, and I don't want to be ditching partners left and right. While I DO like a good romance, I don't want roleplays to be completely romance-based. Kapish?

Three more things before I start with my ideas. First, please contact me through PM if you want to do something, don't post here (I like to keep everything neat and tidy). Second, please read my On and Offs. It isn't that long, and it outlines everything I expect from a good RP partner. Thirdly, I generally prefer to play by thread. I generally reserve PMs for chat, and I don't really like taking roleplays off-site.

Now to the part you people are probably the most interested in. The ideas.
I'll say this again; I am willing to work with my partners to create a new idea, setting or plot - if you have your own and think that you want to try a roleplay with me feel free to send me a PM and we can talk.
These ideas are also only creative bases, if any of these inspire you we can bend and work with them to create something that we'll both enjoy.

Items with a strike through them are taken.
Items that are in red mean that I am willing to make multiple of them, if people are interested.
Items that are in navy mean that I am only really looking for one roleplay with that specific idea.

Available Plots

Quest for Silverlight (Medieval Fantasy/Abilities/Action/Humanoid)
In a world high in magic, a map that leads to a mystical object has been found. Called 'Silverlight', this object will supposedly bring the bearer eternal youth, and grant them the power of the gods. Bounty hunters have cropped up from all around the universe (characters can be anything from furries to angels - I just prefer things to be humanoid), aiming to find this treasure. Two characters, also bounty hunters, set out on Silverlight's trail; most likely rival hunters. Somewhere along the way, they meet - and for whatever reason, decide to hunt together. Facing obstacles of all kinds, and having to watch their backs for rivals, the characters will have to stay alive. (This could go all sorts of ways, we can collaborate on what obstacles and other things that we can put in. There could also be more than just two characters - there could be rival teams, or anything else.)

Shaking Ground, Steady Hand (Fantasy/Elves/Action/Humanoid)
The world is divided into two very distinct factions. Those who live in the forest, and those who reside out of it. The two almost never interact, living in mutual fear of one another. There was likely once a war between them, and now they all live on strict orders not to interact. One day, Character A - a dweller who lives outside of the forest - ventures into it - maybe by accident, maybe on purpose -, encountering animals and beings they have never before seen. Eventually, Character A is trapped and secured by the woodland elves, who strive to keep the safety of the forest. Character B is one of the said elves, and encounters Character A and interacts with them as their captor. (This is mainly just a setting - so we can figure out what happens from here on outwards and think of a plot. Also, more than two characters can be involved, it was just easiest to explain with two.)

The Planes of Black Sand (Medieval Fantasy/World-Building/Action/Humanoid)
In a medieval fantasy world, two forces have been battling - the force of good magic, and that of the bad. For centuries, they have been at balance, but a tip of the scale has begun to become prominent - and the magic of good has started to loose the battle. As a last ditch attempt, the 'white' magic reaches out to a select bunch of people (be it nobles, those who bear magical power, anything that we can think of) in a dream. For whatever reason, the dream collapses just after the people introduce themselves, and they are jolted back to the real world. They might sense that there was something special about the dream and try to seek out the others in it, or they might stumble upon each other by accident - but they manage to get together. (I do have some ideas as to what can happen after this, but I'd also like to discuss this with anybody who might be interested.)

WIP/Work In Progress Plots

Coming Home (Medieval Fantasy/World-Building/Action/Humanoid)
I want to do something based off of this song here;
This is highly un-thought out, but I love the song and I think some interesting possibilities could arise. This could even go the route of a noble/royal going away before coming home, and their adventures when away. Again, I haven't thought about this very much - hence it is in the WIP section.

That's all for now! I humbly thank thee for reading.
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