The Wild West in search of gunslingers (F for M)

Started by Calla, July 14, 2014, 06:31:36 AM

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…the title says it all!  I am craving some serious Western plays!  If the ideas tickle your fancy…check here......then shoot a personal message!

The War Between the States would end, but the men like Jesse James, William Bunny or McCarty aka Billy the Kid, Doc Holliday and Butch Cassidy would begin another on the West.  Many would find their riches in bank and stage coach robberies, instead of their return home to the fields.  Life either ended in gunfire or with the slinger disappearing and resurrecting with a new identity as a productive citizen, sometimes a lawman himself or even a politician.   

A reformed gunslinger…earning enough riches, Mister Reformed, begins his life into the world of an honest man, (his history your choosing) leading into the life of politics.  As he chases the Governor seat, his party ever worried that he is a bachelor and where women may not vote, they still influence their husbands. 

How would one remedy the situation... by ordering a mail order bride or maybe someone else does out of a joke either way he is stuck with her.  Things aren’t always what they seem and the bride ends up being a reporter from New York doing a story on life as a bride in the West.  Her editor thinks the story would be better if it were true and promises a huge paycheck at the end.  Chasing her own riches she goes along with it throwing caution to the wind.  Both pasts begin to unravel as they discover who each other really is.

…the Wild West also brought on the likes of Belle Starr, Pearl Hart, and Kitty Leroy.  Outlawing was not limited to men.  In fact women could and would become just as deadly.

A Gunslinger finds himself joining forces with a woman rather…

A.)  He robs a stage coach unbeknownst to him that a very famous stage coach robber is on board and he has interrupted her plans to rob the very same coach, just different approaches.  Finding the tables turned as he stares down the barrel of her weapon…the two decide to split the money and join forces.

B.) He was hired through a third party to rob a coach before it passed through town, as it carried a large amount of money.  If successful his boss would give him more jobs with much more pay.  His partner in crime would join him there,  as the coach rounds the bend, the secretive partner has not joined him.  He chooses to go forth with the plan just minus the partner, holding up the stage he learns his boss is a…woman and on board.

The stories are open for discussion and allow for your input.  I would like that the stories while romantic and in some instances comedic, be action filled as well.