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Offline ChiarraTopic starter

« on: July 12, 2014, 06:06:54 PM »
I'm currently craving some pet play with bdsm mixed in and I don't care how often you post.  But if you aren't going to post for a while, please let me know.  Or if you lose interest in the role play, let me know that too.  I'm willing to listen to any ideas you have and feel free to talk to me too out of character.

All I ask is decent spelling and grammar and at least one paragraph and we'll be okay.

Things I am not into, in a nutshell:  Bestiality, vore, torture, scat, water sports.  A full list is in my sig so please check that out.  Anything on my maybe list, just ask.  Anything on my no's is an absolute.  Everything else is a go.


  • Melody is the type of person who doesn't accept help until it's too late.  So, when she loses her job, then her home, she's forced out onto the street.  Your character is driving by and sees her sitting out on the side walk in the rain and offers her a place to stay.  In no position to refuse, she accepts and her position from house guest turns to house pet.  How fast or slow the transition is is up to you.
  • Melody and her significant other have decided to make the next move and move in with each other.  Only, you're character has a dark secret that they've kept from her.  When they first saw her, they just thought of her as a potential pet and only dated her to keep up appearances.  Now's the time to finally get the pet they've always wanted.
  • A variant on the first idea:  Your character saw Melody as someone who would make a wonderful pet once trained.  Taking her on a few dates to learn things about her, your character finds out that she is alone.  With all her friends and family left behind for this new life she's taken, your character takes her home either then by getting her drunk, or after a few dates.  Then comes training time.
  • Your character is super rich and Melody is in huge debt with your character.  They give her an offer to stay in debt and struggle trying to pay it with money, or she can pay for it with her body.  Turning her into a pet as payment for her debt, she'll be free to go once the debt is paid, but will she want to leave?
  • Melody has a dull life.  Living on her own and working to pay bills, she doesn't have much of a social life.  So, when she get's a day off, having nothing better to do she decides to clean out the attic.  Surprisingly, she finds an old lamp goes to wipe some of the dust off.  Out comes a genie, your character, who has been lonely the past few centuries.  Melody makes a wish for her life to be different, and the genie twists the wish around so that Melody would be sucked into the lamp to become their pet.
These ideas are all I have right now.  I'd be more than happy to take any of you're ideas if you have them.  Just send me a message.
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Offline ChiarraTopic starter

Re: Pet play wanted (Sub F for Dom F/Futa)
« Reply #1 on: October 19, 2014, 05:05:02 PM »

Offline ChiarraTopic starter

Re: Pet play and bdsm wanted (Sub F for Dom F/Futa/Male)
« Reply #2 on: November 02, 2014, 11:25:47 AM »
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