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Author Topic: MTPersson's Den of Depravity - Ideas of a F looking for M&F  (Read 960 times)

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Welcome and congratulations on finding your way into the little corner of Elliquiy where I have decided to post all of my plot ideas and those little naughty nuggets that may blossom into full blown RPs with the proper amount of coaxing and collaboration.

Aren't you a clever little thing.

The ideas below are presented in no particular order and vary in the amount of detail that is provided though I have tried to organize them by setting. If you have any queries or want to state your interest in a particular idea, feel free to send me a private message outlining such thoughts. Also feel free to send me a PM if you just want to idea jam. Idea jams rule. Ideas will be added as they come to be.

No idea listed below is set in stone. Collaborating with other writers and taking on their ideas is half of why I'm here. Surprise me with your ideas and make me rethink what it is a potential RP will be about and I'll be chomping at the bit to write with you.

We would like to thank you for your interest at this time.

You can also find my O/Os page HERE if you're interested in the other kind of stuff I like.

My current availability for new role plays is...

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Re: Tina's Depository of Depraved Intrigue
« Reply #1 on: July 13, 2014, 03:13:16 AM »
Modern Day/Contemporary Settings

The Book

This is a fairly simple idea but one which I believe has the potential to be a long running RP with plenty of room for character develop between the two protagonists. When browsing through a second hand book store looking for required reading material for her course, a female college student finds a battered copy of the Kama Sutra filled with both Polaroids and notes from the books previous owners. Struck by a sudden idea, she decides that she will have sex in every position that is described in the book like those in the Polaroids have done before her. Like I said, pretty simple; the task of completing the positions gives the story its structure whilst the plot and the substance of the RP will come from the development of the characters and their relationships with one another.

There are also a number of additional ideas which can be added into this idea. Firstly, the main characters can journal their thoughts and experiences in the book alongside the book's text and the writings of the previous owners. Secondly, there is scope for extra characters outside of the main pairing if, for example, they split for a time - her goal is to finish the book and she requires a partner to do so.

I am most likely looking for a male character for this one but if you can convince me that it works with a female one than I'm all onboard with it; maybe they write a Kama Sutra for lesbian couples. In fact I would love for someone to come up with a great idea for two females for this one.

Money Problems

This is still an small concept which I haven't really fleshed out yet. You always read stories of D/s relationships where it seems like the Dom has an almost limitless supply of money because it hasn't been brought up. My idea is to make it the main focus of the story. What happens when the Dom is struggling with money and can't afford to support the lifestyle that his sub wants? How would it affect their relationship? Would she go elsewhere? What inventive ways does he use to save money on equipment?

Possible ideas for this include starting it off like any other Billionaire Dom story where he/she convinces the sub character to sign a contract and everything is rosy for a while. However, when the markets crash and they lose most of their money, how do they honoring the contract. Perhaps the sub character has become accustomed to a certain lifestyle which he can no longer sustain?

Still a simple idea but would be fleshed out in PMs before we started. Like the idea above, it could work easily as well with an male or female partner though I would prefer to play the sub character.

Updated with new layout and added 'Money Problems'
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Re: MTPersson's Den of Depravity - F for M&F
« Reply #2 on: September 14, 2014, 12:48:13 PM »
Random Ideas that can be turned into a Story, RP, or a Group Game


The idea bumping around in my head in regards to this plot is that the rivalry between two students (can be sporting, academic, or some other idea) has suddenly reached new heights due to one stealing the other's partner. They are happy to ignore one another as much as possible but fate keeps drawing them together in different, small social situations. This crescendos to the point that the pair of them are stranded somewhere alone together for an extended amount of time. Over this time, they come to know one another better and maybe even fall for one another.

The Experiment

Kind of based off a few threads I have seen here this idea is centered around a student enrolling in an experiment at the university.

What's the basic, advertised experiment? - Initially, the experiment that the character signs up for is examining the effects that sexual arousal has on sexual decision making. The experimenters have hypothesized that in 'the heat of the moment', as it were, people are more likely to make riskier decisions when it comes to sex. After this experiment is completed, the character will be invited to take part in further follow on tests.

Why would they sign up for this experiment? Why suffer the potential embarrassment? - Most experiments/studies offer student participants either monetary reimbursement or a contribution to course credit (ie. each student is required to complete 20hrs a semester participating in experiments). Reasons therefore stands that the character is either broke and the money offered is very good or they have left it late to complete their hours and this one experiment offers all that they need.

Initial Experiment Procedure Specifics
  • Participant is sat in front of a display, alone in a room. Those in the aroused group view a number of pornographic images or clips that they are free to cycle through.
  • Instructed to masturbate so that they can become more aroused, their arousal is measured physiologically via either vaginometry or phallometry as well as a subjective measure operated by a remote.
  • Once the participants indicate a subjective arousal of 75%, a statement shows up on the screen and the participants respond with how much they agree with it (1 being low, 10 being high). One example statement is 'Would you encourage your date to drink to increase the chance that they would have sex with you?'
  • On completion of the experiment, participants would also be given a sealed envelope containing a questionnaire about their sexual activity during the 24 hours immediately following the experiment which isn't to be opened until 24 hours have passed. Items include 'Have you masturbated in the past 24 hours?' and 'Have you engaged in sexual intercourse during the past 24 hours?'

What happens after the experiment? - Character has been masturbating but hasn't been allowed to orgasm. Are they going to act differently because of how aroused they have become? More risky? Would they agree to take up the experimenters offer of participation in further experiments of a similar nature?

Who knows, just my mind spouting off an idea which is kinda cool ;-) Maybe it's an RP with a bit of tweaking or maybe it's just a solo I might write eventually.

The Minotaur - The Labyrinth

Original Greek Myth
Every nine years, seven Athenian youths and maidens were sent to the Minotaur's labyrinth as a display of obedience to King Minos. Theseus volunteered to go as one of the seven youths to kill the Minotaur. On arriving at the island of Crete, King Minos inspecting the offerings to make sure he wasn’t being cheated. At his side stood his daughter Ariadne whose heart was filled with compassion as she viewed the youths and maidens who would soon perish. Theseus requested to be the first victim.

Unnoticed by all, Ariadne slips out of the palace at night and visits Theseus in his prison cell. There she gives him twine and a sword bidding him to tie one end of the twine to the entrance of the labyrinth and keep the other end in his hand as a clue to find his way out. Theseus did this and boldly entered the labyrinth walking past the whitened bones which revealed the fates of those who had preceded him.

He encounters and slays the monstrous Minotaur.

Possible Reworking
Young women are going missing in the city. Police believe that this is somehow linked to an underground club but lack of evidence has resulted in a series of dead ends. A young rookie officer is set up as bait and ends up falling prey to the kidnapper. She awakes to find herself in a cell. She gets dragged out along with six other girls and is inspected by the owner of the club before being told that they are here as prey for their wealthy clientele. Tomorrow they will be released into a series of underground tunnels where they will be hunted and used, however the clients wish. There is no law in the labyrinth. The owner’s son or daughter is present and over the course of the story will aid the female officer.

Perhaps there is one client who is viewed as being more dangerous than others - like the Man in Black in Westworld - who stands in as the figurative Minotaur.

Random Ideas and Snippets

  • Sex by Proxy - A character experience the feelings of other people having sex. Would most likely fit in with a paranormal story about psychics. A character would have the ability to control other people's feelings but a side effect of the early manifestations of this power would be that they are easily overcome by the emotions of those around them. This could include the couple next door as they have sex and our character is woken in the middle of the night by pleasurable feelings.

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Re: MTPersson's Den of Depravity - Ideas of a F looking for M&F
« Reply #3 on: December 24, 2016, 12:00:13 PM »
24.12.2016 - Updated Ideas and Snippets and updated availability.

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Re: MTPersson's Den of Depravity - Ideas of a F looking for M&F
« Reply #4 on: August 14, 2017, 02:40:24 PM »
14.08.2017 - Updated Ideas - Added Rivals.